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AMERICA: Dulce AFB Insider Interview *COMPLETE* - will take an hour or two to read
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Why the Dropa?

Grey writings say that suring a much earlier Greys civil war, that a group left for another
remote area so to follow a different doctrine. These people somehow also interbred
with Humans; the Dropa. We do not know much about them.


So anyhow, between 1940 and 1979 a whole new world would come about throughout
all of New Mexico, but especially in Dulce. Many of the things we discovered down
below would trigger a new wave of thinking by the military and the government. And
through our new relationships, we would make exponential leaps in various technology

Colonel, after that entire episode of hostilities, how could any diplomatic contact
emerge with those inhabitants?

When there is something highly prized at stake, diplomacy always has a way of
emerging. It took two years after the fighting, but by the end of 1942 it happened. This
came through a persistent level of attempts to communicate and to understand just
who they were and what they were doing down here.

Because of the war, the whole New Mexico plateau had changed and heavy importance
was being placed on the Atomic development work. Aside from that, on-going analysis
and reverse-engineering of certain artifacts taken from the caverns had already begun.
A new team from Muroc was created and a two-part installation was built.

First, they worked to establish communication with the inhabitants, and secondly it was
to learn as much as they could to cover every aspect of the inhabitant’s language and
technology. But before beginning, to maintain the integrity of the find and to add some
level of consistency, the original commanding officer of the Muroc expedition and the
science team created him, they all remained on the project. But everyone else was let

All other soldiers were either re-assigned or honorably discharged under strict
confidentiality; those who posed potential problems from either mental or emotional
instability from the event were sent to the brand new National Naval Medical Center
in Bethesda, Maryland. And others who showed an unwillingness to keep secret what
they had observed were sent to Portsmouth Naval Prison on charges of
insubordination (posing an immediate threat to National security).

Colonel, why not use Army facilities for these men?

I asked the same question to my self when I read this. The answer is because Bethesda
was brand new facility with a new staff of select individuals operating the most state-ofart
medical facility. And it had a novel system on how to handle psychiatric patients,
utilizing whatever means necessary to attain results. Portsmouth was used strategically
because of its close proximity. There may have been more, but this was all that I could

When the reassignments and disbanding was all said and done, according to the report
only two men were ever charged with anything, but almost no one was ever sent to
prison. But however several men from Muroc did end up at Bethesda.

What was happened at Dulce after the disbanding?

Once the new team was in place, they created a permanent facility on the upper level.
We would have begun to develop on the lower levels, but the potential for hostilities
remained, and quite frankly we had trouble integrating our equipment with their power
sources. They were too different. So we built up conventional means of power using
generators and the like for years until we finally learned how to tap into their sources.
Later when we refined our own nuclear methods, we implemented the use of compact
Micro-Reactors to power our facilities.

But back at the very beginning of this new phase, by the end of 1943, everything was
shifting in our favor. The linguistics experts had made a breakthrough with the tablets.
And with the ability to now translate the alien language, this inevitably shifted focus to
the equipment. And many new discoveries were being made upon attaining an
understanding of the alien language.

For instance, the blinking lighted cables found throughout the upper level were
discovered to be data transmission lines, using what we now call fiber optics. We also
learned that the ‘electronic typewriter and immense television screens’ were actually
alien workstations (predecessors to modern computers), and there were various types
of advance lab equipment (medical and scientific) that had been long abandoned by the

All of these left idle for possibly hundreds of years. But for what reasons would remain
anyone’s guess for some time. It was much later on when we realized that it was due to
their inability to cope with the surface environment, especially the sun and the aridity
outside the caverns. When we postulated over why they didn’t move, the answer was
that they couldn’t. Their whole society is firmly established within the caverns and
recreating another similar area in a more preferable humid environment was no loner
an option for them. They’ve become victims to exposure over time, weakened and
dependant upon the systems they have in place. They can and do come out at night,
but conditions must be right, and it is only for a select few who can tolerate the surface.
We’ll get in to discussing the Greys a lot more, later. But for now I’m going to jump back
to details about the Facility.

So an expert engineering team was formed, and put to task on the equipment, trying to
make it all work. In each room, there were labels upon labels placed on every piece of
equipment to serve as translation. The engineering core spent two solid months
becoming experts in the alien language. They not only learned the alien alphabet and
numeral system, but the symbols as well.

You see, the alien language placed as much importance on its symbolization as the
alpha-numeric aspects of their language. There is a strong use of "ideograms" or
"hieroglyphs", characters that represent words. Lots of symbolism used throughout.
Thus, we learned so much of the language so quickly because they brought in three
linguistics experts, one from France and two from England who were renowned in their
ability to understand Sumerian cuneiform inscription. And without a doubt, this was in
fact cuneiform.

Using existing knowledge, they managed to make major breakthroughs. Lots of what
they found in the upper levels, on hundreds of metal sheets (tablets), those inscriptions
would serve as a primer creating a root base to unlock and translate the ancient
Mesopotamian tablets taken from abroad, giving clues to much about the inhabitants
and the earth’s ancient civilizations.

At first the translation devices (funded and created by the U.S. Army) and its team of
scientist, facilitated communication with the inhabitants; thus beginning the process of
sending couriers dangerously close to the 3rd level to deliver messages. Several
incidents involved short exchanges of hostility, but mostly out of posturing with no one
ever getting injured. After several months, permanent liaisons were stationed on levels
1 and 2 and regular communications were made. Immediately the inhabitants began to
make offers to create an accord with us. This would be for organic resources they
required, in exchange for segments of their technology. And this is when we first
learned that there was a biogenetic experimentation program taking place, for purposes
of sustaining their population.

We would come to learn much more about this later on. And not all aspects of this
work were acceptable to us. This was (and still is) one matter that had never been fully
resolved. But with the ability to now communicate we were able to make progress.
This ability to talk was indeed monumental.

Incidentally, the translation devices we created simply fascinated the inhabitants, the
Greys. Almost to the point where we felt their enthusiasm was over our primitive
attempt at communicating with them. And it was… Thus they slowly began to replace
our primitive devices with their own sophisticated translation technology.

Colonel, can you please elaborate on the relationship aspect?

Yes, relationships. This was a hard one for many to swallow. The fact that these things
are among us, and have a deeper and greater history than we do creates problems for
many. Understanding that while we, humanity, was in its infancy simply learning to talk
while at the same time these other advanced civilization were among us is a difficult
proposition to accept. Some people upon learning this new “truth” could never accept
it. You have to understand, what we learned down in those tunnels turned everything
we ever knew (or believed in) upside down regarding religion, geo-politics, and our so
called advances in science and technology.

Nothing was as it seemed any longer. Some men could take it for what it was worth,
and others fell apart. You needed to have a strong constitution and an ability to resolve
certain things with yourself, upon learning this new truth.

The truth being that we are not alone?

Yes, exactly. That we are not alone in this universe or on this planet; and that there is
intelligent life much like us living beneath the Mesa and walking, even working and
living among us right now. Do you really think that Humanity was willing to accept this
in 1943? Well, I can tell you right now that some of the strongest and firmly grounded
individuals I could have ever known fell apart.

You see, this “truth” held disastrous implications to those with strong religious beliefs.
It caused many good men to commit suicide, and many more to become insane from
their inability to grasp the enormity of the implications behind these revelations.

Between 1943 and 1945 the Dulce discovery would be officially classified, finally making
its way back to Washington under extreme prudence and secrecy to just a very small
select group of people. But even then, it still took planning and preparation before any
data left the tightest of inner circles within D.C.

In 1947 Secretary Forrestal (James Vincent Forrestal) was part of the original group of
men to learn “the truth”. Shortly thereafter, during 1948 and 1949 his physical
condition and mental stability steadily declined. Those around him commented on his
growing paranoia. I personally speculate that upon learning “the truth” he simply could
not resolve the new knowledge with his devout Catholic beliefs.

Imagine a man, who throughout his whole life believed in one strong religious doctrine
would later be told that much of what he knew really correlated to the events of an
alien societies interaction with humanity over tens of millennia? How do you think a
man like this would take such a message? Not very well, let me tell you.

In any event, the catalyst to his end came upon a meeting between him and Air Force
Secretary Stuart Symington. Something was said; something leaving the already
paranoid Forrestal emotionally devastated. Making him feel even more vulnerable …
augmenting his paranoia to knew heights.

On May 22nd 1949 at two o’clock in the morning Secretary Forrestal “fell to his death”
from a small window located on the 16th floor; at least that’s the official explanation,
but those who knew him well, they feel strongly that he jumped or was thrown to his

Look, this story about Forrestal is well known, but the point is those who had trouble
dealing with this information paid a heavy price.

Did this sort of circumstance occur with any other high profile individuals?

Oh yes. There were others within the government who also met an unfortunate
demise. Today when I read papers from so-called UFO experts or listen to conspiracy
theorists talking about Dulce or the UFO phenomena, even about what (they think) they
know about aliens … well, I cannot help but ponder how wrong almost every one of
them is.

What intrigues me the most is that some of the people; the ones very close if not ‘exact’
in their facts about Dulce, who came forth, are now dead. And for me personally, I
sometimes wonder “how the hell did they know?” Were they at Dulce or Muroc during
1940? Were they a part of the operations leading up to 1979?

I wonder because no one except a very small group of people ever came close to being
correct about the truth. Why, because you had to have been there in one of a few
highly specialized capacities under an umbrella of classification. Even as far back as
1940 and during operations leading up to the 1979 event I investigated, not many
people inside the Dulce resource pool ever worked anywhere else for their entire career
after they were indoctrinated to that facility. Once you were there, that was it. Same as
with high profile jobs at LANL; where do you think they adopted this practice from?
This whole pattern of secrecy began with incidents like [83]
Aztec, Roswell, and Farmington, but which began with San Antonio.

San Antonio, Texas?

No. San Antonio, New Mexico. That’s where we first encountered the Grey’s ability to
perform flight. We had already established relations with the inhabitants, but the San
Antonio event is a key period in time that almost made the situation, and our
relationship, come to an abrupt end; over the concealment of their flight technology
from us.

You see, we had known about the advanced level of their technology from the Muroc
Expedition’s original discovery and subsequent excavations of equipment, but no one
had suspected that this was where any craft were being housed, and used. When we
detonated the atomic bomb at the Trinity Site, this triggered a whole slew of activity
which we had not anticipated from the inhabitants.

Immediately the very next month, we recovered and detained an Eloah, I mean a Grey,
among several others who were dead at a crash site; a crash which was spotted earlier
by a B-29 from nearby Alamogordo. After that event, everything changed with regards
to how we conducted engagement with the inhabitants.

Do you remember how I told you that in the 1950s we had been shocked at their ability
to resume flight?


Well here is why… We later learned that it was our microwave based radar technology
that posed an extreme danger to their craft, causing what was described as a “reactive
electro-magnetic firing anomaly”. You can look up [88]
Project Diana if you want the

specifics on how that worked. But whatever this was, it triggered their craft’s internal
electrical systems to chain-react, compromising the structural integrity of the craft,
specifically their power source. That is what brought down the craft over San Antonio.
And the technology would lead to several more disastrous crashes.

Lightning, as many speculate, had nothing to do with the crashed ships recovered all
over New Mexico at that time. The inhabitants chose to fly during storms to remain
concealed from our Radar, but we always knew.

So until we could normalize relations with the Greys, we took an aggressive stance
against them, utilizing our Radar system as a weapon to prevent them from flying all
over the place causing panic. There were more incidents (crashes) that occurred in
Socorro, Roswell, Aztec and we recovered all of them; but not before them showing
their stubbornness and resolve with a damned air show above Farmington.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Colonel, what about Roswell, and are these the same beings who crashed in Roswell?

Yes, and Roswell was no lone accident. There were many occurrences throughout New
Mexico at the time, beginning just after we began our atomic development and testing.
And it was because of this that they began to fly about with regularity. It scared the hell
out of them that we had split the atom and created this devastating weapon. And yes,
these are the same beings recovered at Roswell.

But you also mentioned the Austra Albus. Do they have a role in this?

No. The Greys are responsible for all abductions, tracking implants, incidents of lost
time, crashes, and mutilations. The Austra Albus represent a human group now. These
are the elitist groups who run organizations that in turn run everyone else. You and me,
we are all their slaves, yet you probably don’t even realize it. But I’ll talk more about
them later.

Of course, let’s go back to when you were at Dulce.

Yes. Let me take you back to 1979, the whole reason why I was brought to Dulce in the
first place. We had arrived, the people were all about but contained so that we could
perform our job and let them go back to the surface via the LANL access point.
Remember, there had been a heavy altercation just 48 hours earlier and we had been
briefed on the plane, given lots of documentation on Dulce. We’d effectively learned
the history and operations of the facilities all at once. We were headed to TA-D1,
specifically the hangar on level 1 at the “Rio Arriba Scientific & Technological
Underground Auxiliary”.

After setting up a station in a room somewhat deeper into the facility but adjacent to
the hanger area, we began to take in people and conduct interviews; performing “the
initial”, following our regular protocol. We would administer the agent provided to us,
and to my god dammed surprise not a single person fought the pill. No one dared ask
what it was for, they just took it. That surprised the hell out of me. It was reported to
us that some contractors developed an acute stress reaction after taking the pill; it was
shock. So we knew then we had our work cut out for us.

The administered agent was a high dosage of propranolol hydrochloride, an agent to
help combat the effect of traumatic events such as what had just occurred in the Dulce
facility. No side effects were observed, so we conducted exit interviews accordingly and
by the second day (at mid day) we cleared everyone for release. The Lieutenant
Commander filmed every interview and made still photos of everything and everyone.
I remember noting that the security division watched our work very closely and
monitored our handling of the contractors. But aside from that we were thanked at the
end, and told that upon our return to our respective bases that we would be contacted.
We were there for two days; during breaks I would take walks, unescorted. I saw so
many rooms, labs, and I remember the corridors being exactly as how the 1940 Muroc
soldiers had described them in the briefing documents. But there were obvious
improvements, and none of the archeological type pictures I had drawn in my mind
were there any longer. No dusty machines, no alien symbols, no signs of anything.
Everything was brand new and nice.

There were Navy officers, Marines, Air Force and Army people crawling all over the
place. It seemed like Pentagon City. Everything was as it had been written about in the
briefing documents, but in the back of my mind all I wanted to see was an inhabitant. I
just had to see one of these beings.

A security division officer, who I had befriended earlier upon my arrival when I gave him
a cigarette, he took me aside and asked if I wanted to see the lower levels of the
installation. I guess he knew that I would probably never visit this facility again. But
because I was there, therefore meaning I was vetted and trustworthy, well he took me.
I was in disbelief because I was unsure if we would even be safe. But he seemed okay
with it, so I was too.

At first all I could see was this immense warehouse type area with round entrances
leading to corridors that seemed to be apart of the natural environment. The concrete
floors were polished so well that they almost seemed like glass. The floors were
amazing how they had this unbelievable reflective nature about them. I remember
thinking, why would they need floors like this? I mean, I’d never seen anything like it.
Hell, I wasn’t even sure they were made of concrete; I just assumed they were.
We approached one of the corridor entrances, one which was closed; several others
were opened, and from the long distance I swear I could see desert-like mirages on the
ground leading up to them. The heat emanating near the corridor entrances must have
been great. I was wondering if I’d even be able to withstand walking into one. And just
then, as if he knew what I was thinking, he told me to not worry about the heat; that the
corridor we were entering would have a lower and tolerable temperature. He also
warned me that what I was about to see would test my resolve, so now was the time to
change my mind if I had any reservations about going in.

He asked me, “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” I said yes. I told him
that I read the briefing documents and that I was sure of it.

As we approached the entrance, he spoke in to an intercom requesting entrance. They
responded asking him to swipe his card and to look into the camera. Using an access
card with a magnetic stripe, and allowing his face to be scanned, he opened the door.
Two large vertical doors pulled apart revealing a long dark cavern with an extreme low
level of lighting. Glowing in a muted but fluorescent lavender color there were lights
along the bottom and top areas of the wall.

The almost glass-like floors extended into the corridor. We passed many rooms that
were empty; I saw chairs, screens, and glass panes with writing on them – used like
chalk boards – the writing was in both English and in the Cuneiform script that I had
read of in the briefing documents. The writing appeared exactly like the samples I saw
in the report.

He said we had to walk about a quarter mile down the corridor, but once there we
would see something very interesting. He also said that by the time we were halfway
there, that ‘the inhabitants’ would know we were approaching. He told me to keep my
composure and to remain calm. He said that the best way to approach this was to do so
without any fear, and to think if this engagement under the premise of scientific
learning. “Just remain calm with whatever you see, okay?” he said to me. “It will be
worth it, trust me.” he continued saying.

He said that this corridor belonged to a group of non-combative inhabitants who chose
to live and operate on level one, under the full oversight of the human population. They
had forgone any rights to any treaties, signed years before, for the privileges and
benefits of working closely with the human contractors. He said they are called Greys.
Btu I knew that already from the reports I read.

He told me that there are no name designations, only Universally Unique Identifiers
called a UUID for each one of them. He said that because they do not use names, but
how the facility requires identification of all level 1, 2 and 3 workers, that they hired a
federal contractor with a software development team to develop a tracking system
specifically for the Greys. What they created was the ‘UUID’. It is a unique system
consisting of 32 hexadecimal digits, represented by 5 groups, concatenated using
hyphens; the sequence was 8-4-4-4-12 for a total of 36 characters; 32 digits and 4
hyphens. I thought to myself, “How does this guy remember all of this?”

For added security, the UUID is also coupled with a facial pattern recognition system
also using algorithms developed by … IBM. He pointed out that the corridors always
have two entrance systems, one depicting a Grey in silhouette and another depicting a
Human. He said that they use a bar code system which the UUID value is converted
into, thus allowing optical scanners to read them at the access points. The Greys also
have to go through facial recognition at each access panel.

Humans use the magnetic stripe card system, and the Greys use the bar coded system.
He says they have to, because the epidermis of the Greys possesses a magnetic quality
that wipes the cards clean.

So what I learned was that this one group of Greys represents the first dissident team to
have ever wandered up to level three requesting asylum from the others. You see,
there are four levels below three, 4-5-6 and 7. That is their domain. We do not ever go
down there.

He said that one thing we have learned over the years is that there is a definite
hierarchy down there and that they have a strict code of conduct amongst themselves,
enacting very severe laws punishable by death. We have found scores of dead Greys
discarded at the Level 3 entrances over the years, with marks of torture or by a single
blast wound to the head which must be their preferred method, or someone’s.

My guide continued to talk, “By the way, when the shit hit the fan a couple of days ago,
when the firefighting broke out in Level 3, these Greys were the first to fight back and
help us contain the situation. We know that we can trust them so we allow them to
carry their own weapons for security and protection against their opposition. We don’t
control their traffic, if they can sneak below to the lower levels and conduct business we
allow it. They seem to have connections down there for resources, materials, minerals,
etc. They have proven to us that they can be trusted, so that’s why we give them so
many liberties. These Greys do not ever perform work on humans or other Greys.
These Greys appear to simply be a scientific researcher contingent who limits their
studies to plants and a few select species of mammal, fish, reptile, birds and insects.”
As we walked, he stopped and looked me and asked me a question, “Do you think you
can guess what animal they use the most?” I responded, “Monkeys?”
He replied, “Are you serious, is that what you think, monkeys? No, they like mice.
Almost 90% of their work revolves around the use of lab mice. Hell, we were a bit
surprised when we learned they ate them.”

I asked, “They eat the mice?” to which he responded, “Well it’s not really eating as
much as it is extracting proteins from the mammary glands. They’ve created a specific
line of transgenic mice, able to produce proteins free of contaminants which they
consume as food. We’ve seen them do it. They take the extractions concentrate them
into a powder form, and mix it with purified acid casein and kappa-casein made from
cow’s milk.”

I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there unable to think past the picture in mind.
He went on, “They did this for several years, but a short while back they also began to
create other lines of protein producing animals, because the mice producers are limited
to just the females, as male mice do not have nipples. They prefer to extract the higher
concentrations of glandular proteins from the nipples or nipple area. Again, we simply
don’t know why that is, and there are lots of other areas about the Greys that we are
still learning.”

I couldn’t help myself, “You mean Grey areas?” I quipped with a smile. “Funny…” he
responded. We had finally made it to the entrance of a room; after looking in the
camera and swiping his card the door opened. He politely knocked on the wall allowing
whoever was in there to know that we had arrived.

I could immediately sense a level of respect coming from the officer towards the
resident of this room. As we walked in he told me to not touch anything, and to try to
remain calm and collected. The room was long and thin, there was lab equipment
everywhere. Two lines of metal tables separated by glass panes going down the middle;
these were writing surfaces much like a whiteboard. I could see that these glass writing
surfaces were heavily used.

I cold not believe what I was seeing. The glass was completely transparent, appearing
normal, meaning you could see through the glass. But the writing from the other side
would not show through on this side, and it was the same from this side. Some how the
writing would only show on the side of the glass it was being written on; unbelievable
technology I thought, and obviously not ours. The same glowing purplish light from the
corridor was also used in the room. The lighting was very low, even the computer
screens had low lighting.

Keep in mind that this was 30 years ago, there were no PCs or Macs, but this room had
flat panel screens, and technology so advanced that it look like what I can only describe
as laptops, specifically Tablet PC technology.

Anyhow, the officer had gone ahead of me as I lingered near the entrance. A few
minutes later he came back with a 4 foot tall Grey dressed in a white lab coat. He had a
black lanyard worn around his neck with a bar code on it. I couldn’t believe it. There
was damned IBM logo right there in front of that badge; I know this sounds stupid, but
that damned logo made that whole visit just seem totally surreal. One would never
think that something so well known, something so heavily branded would be tied to
something so alien.

I then realized that I was focusing on the damned badge and not the Grey. My heart
was pounding. I am sure that my actions were seen as rude. The officer must have
noticed it as he quickly called out to me as if to wake me from a dream, “Major!?”
I snapped out of it. I composed myself and extended my hand to greet the Grey. He
simply nodded his head and made a clicking sound. “There is no need to shake hands
with Greys, they don’t get the gesture” the officer informed me. “Nodding politely is
what they prefer; in fact they do not like to be touched.”

Just then the officer held up a slim writing apparatus, “We communicate using these
pads which can translate our languages into theirs; you can choose to see script on the
pad viewer, and it can also output the translated language via audio; in English, French,
Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages.”

I looked at the pad and saw that it resembled a slimmed down version of an etch-asketch.
Expect it was black, very shiny and had a keyboard on a lighted glass screen. I’d
never seen anything like this before. I watched as the officer would type in a question
and out would come a phonetic representation of his query in the clicking language
made by the Grey. This was simply unbelievable.

I looked for an IBM logo, but there wasn’t anything of the sort. No, this was their
technology; it was just far too advanced for us to have created at the time.
It makes you wonder just where the hell all the advanced technology we use today
comes from, right? Well guess what … I would later learn that all the technological
innovations seen in this supposed great exponential shift in humans would come
directly from the Greys themselves.

Have you ever heard of Phil Corso?

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Philip J. Corso … Lieutenant Colonel Corso? Of course I have. I read his book.

Well it was Corso who was in charge of the extraction of technologies for purposes of
reverse engineering. All of it, coming from all the recovered ships/craft at crash sites,
and from the artifacts we recovered from the Greys during the Muroc Expedition. Fiber
optics, integrated circuits, laser technology, and the jump directly into “GEN II” night
vision allowing us to discard all earlier and antiquated image intensifier technologies
which we made on our own.

People argue over his claims, like Night Vision, that’s bullshit, and he was right. GEN II
night vision, specifically SUPERGEN, is what directly resulted from what we learned
through the Greys. Not the damned night vision devices being developed by the
German Army in 1939. Please listen, and please listen closely because this has to come
through correctly.

The powers-that-be are conducting a successful campaign through disinformation, lies
and by maintaining a tight grip on the truth about certain technological advances (we)
have made. And they are keeping this truth away from the general public; How? By
effectively painting Col. Philip J. Corso as a liar when I know he wasn’t a liar, as does the
Department of Defense who knows he isn’t a liar. I read the truth; I saw the very
records that prove he was telling the truth. So just let me clarify two things up front for
you, and get them straightened out once and for all.

Let’s talk Night Vision first, since everyone claims that he was lying about that
admission. It was from the Greys, that we learned what a "micro channel plate" was.
And it was from the Greys that we learned what the numerous physical principles of
“micro channel plate” operation were.

They showed us, in a lab, at Dulce, exactly how to use the interaction of photons in a
channel of a “micro channel plate” to produce a ‘charge pulse’ of electrons, and how to
couple plates together making an “x-ray image intensifier”; and yes, this is technology
that we later made ourselves, but mainly through the use of Grey technology. Corso
was not even involved at this point!

So back in the late 1957 we had already made working prototypes; and this technology
which the world thinks came about in 1970s, was actually already in existence and in
use by special military units and intelligence operatives all of who were under strict
orders of confidentiality. We were already there. Corso knew that our Night Vision
technology had rapidly advanced and that it wasn’t done through human ingenuity and
hard work.

And just how did Corso know about this? That is because when he was appointed as
head of the Foreign Technology desk of Army R&D, it was his primary job to pay visits to
the Greys, and to pressure them for information on their technology.
But prior to Corso it was Frank Wisner, Sr. (OSS, CIA) who was in charge of dealing with
the Greys. His real OSS specialty, aside from propaganda, was dealing with ex-Nazi’s to
attain their technology; much in the same manner as he did with the Greys. He was
already conditioned for the role.

And it was Wisner’s team that realized the Grey eye-coverings gave them the ability to
see at night, that’s what prompted the rapid development of SUPERGEN. Army R&D
abandoned German ingenuity regarding Night Vision at that exact moment. We leaped
ahead of the Germans with regards to this technology at that point.

I don’t know why, but Wisner committed suicide in 1965 using one of his three sons’
shotguns, and he was buried at Arlington as a naval commander, his wartime rank. And
any real reason behind Frank Wisner Sr.’s suicide has never been provided. But why was
Wisner involved with Greys?

You need to ask yourself this, “Just how did Wisner Sr. get his position as the initial
negotiator with the Greys?” The answer is simple; he already knew of the Greys well
before the Muroc expedition had ever made their 1940 discovery. The apples don’t fall
from the tree, and now Wisner’s eldest son, a well known CIA operative himself also has
ties (very close) to this whole Grey affair; in fact, strong speculation out of our
intelligence is that one strain of the Wisner line from Germany is Austra Albus

And a solid clue to the reality of the Wisner family being an Illuminati lineage is this,
Wisner Jr. (the eldest son) is a Trustee of the ‘Rockefeller Brothers Fund’ (An
organization created and run by members of the Rockefeller family … known Illuminati.)
And he is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

In 1959 Wisner was sent to London, and for two years there was no real dialogue with
the Greys until Corso arrived in 1961. Another Corso tidbit is this … Project Horizon was
not a feasibility study to live on the moon. It was a plan to recover Grey technology on
the bases already there, which they created thousands of years earlier before having to
abandon them. Our astronauts can tell you all about this, because they’ve seen the
Grey bases on the moon. And yes, Corso had direct involvement with Project Horizon.
So, beginning with San Antonio when we recovered dead Greys in these damned
wonderful little biological suits that they wore, we hit pay dirt all over New Mexico. The
suits in addition to their craft (in pieces mostly) gave us Grey technology in our hands.
And the suits had more technology integrated to them, which had practical military
application; and they held more importance than most any of the things we discovered
except maybe their downed craft. If you are wondering how we got our hands on so
much, it was the microwave bursts from our Radar which was devastating to their flying
disc technology.

So, the DoD naturally, and desperately wanted all of this technology. So we pressured
them for answers through exchanges for the natural resources they required. And when
they refused, we shut them down, refusing to allow them any access to the surface
using their craft for their life sustaining work conducted at night. And yes, we had that
level of control after the hostilities in 1940; we still do, especially when we realized just
how small their numbers were. So with the knowledge and the aggressive posturing,
after a while like always, they acquiesced to our demands.

And it was through the same eye coverings integrated with their suits that we first
noticed the assemblages of what we now understand as an “integrated circuit”.
And please try to understand this clearly … nothing on this planet even came close to
what you and I both know now as an integrated circuit at that time in history. Nothing
like that existed; and vacuum tubes and transistors were as far as we could take our
computing. This was well known that at that time there were severe limitations on
ideas. And the lie that it was us who invented this technology is nothing but a fierce
challenge from both the Private Sector interests heavily supported by the Department
of Defense.

Why else do you think it took 42 years to award Kilby the Nobel Prize? Is it a
coincidence that it came at the same time that rumblings had begun with Corso’s book
just THREE years earlier? Of course it is, and here is the reason why:
Beginning in 1955 the DoD began planning who from the Private Sector would gain
access to the Grey metalloid based circuitry designs. At the top of the list were two
known experts in this area; two men who had already shown an eagerness and an
aptitude to move away from transistor technology and over to something else
altogether. The two selected were Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce.

Jack Kilby was chosen while he was still working for Centralabs. That is right; Kilby was
at Centralabs when first contacted by the DoD. You see, Centralabs already held a
private contract with Army R&D to advance the demand for miniaturization of our
electronics. The problem was that they lacked the resources to accomplish this feat.
But they had the talent. So Kilby was simply told to move on to Texas Instruments
where a Black Budget Project had already been firmly established by Army Research and

At this same time, the DoD also approached Robert Noyce who was at Shockley
Semiconductor and together they architected a special program under the oversight of
Army Research and Development, for a promised mysterious technological
advancement in circuitry design; to which Noyce agreed. Immediately thereafter Noyce
and seven others left Shockley Semiconductor and created Fairchild Semiconductor.
Together, the most critical part of the increasing demand for miniaturization of our
electronics would be solved. Army R&D would give them the documents detailing how
specific metalloids within the carbon group, when using an oscilloscope could show a
constantly varying signal voltage (a continuous sine-wave); thus proving that a newer
better technology existed. A Grey technology far more advanced than anything we have
ever developed.

The Greys showed us that it was within our technological grasp, and that the resources
they also used came from our very planet. So should we choose to develop it, they
would facilitate the direction. And we did… Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce were both
shared the data from Army R&D. It was not a race, but the decision to allow two
entities to perform the engineering on this Grey technology was critical. Because the
DoD did not want it in the hands of only one Private Sector entity; and that decision was

Don’t believe for a second that his work did not involve what we could get through the
exchanges and sometimes heavy pressure under our accord with Greys. All of our early
knowledge was facilitated through recoveries from the many crash sites. Philip J. Corso
was a hero and we should all be thanking him for his disclosure else we’d still be using
slide rules or pocket calculators and digital watches.

And it was the Greys who introduced us to the concept of large scale network
computing. They gave us the innovative concepts which led to the development of our
supercomputers, the internet and so many other technological advancements which
came directly from their technology and uses of their technology.

And finally, it was the Greys who educated us on how to employ the infrared
electromagnetic spectrum for wireless communications. Everything that we learn from
the Greys gets trickled down into specific academic research institutions at the same
time as being sent to various private sector R&D facilities; just like Corso said it
happened. And together, they produce all the nice little technologies we now have
become accustomed to in our everyday lives, and take for granted.

In any event, welcome to the digital Age; and thank you very much Mr. Corso.
Incredible … This is going to put a whole new light on Corso, his claims and the
arguments that people have made against him. What you just said is going to force
experts to rethink this whole technological paradigm.

Yes they are, and because it is the truth. Let them dig deeper; let them find more
truths. There are many, right there in plain view waiting to be discovered.

Colonel, what else can you tell me about the Greys you met?

Well I’ve only told you about one, but do you remember the Grey I mentioned?


He is 600 years old. And from what we gather he is a young adult by their standards. In
fact, many of the dissidents are young adolescent Greys. We feel that this youth
movement is what propels them to dissent and take on newer and opposing views with
concern to their doctrine.

Also, the officer who was introducing us at the time, to my amazement told the Grey
that I would soon be joining DSD-3 and that he should learn to recognize me. I was
completely caught off guard, concerned but flattered while thinking, “What the hell is

The Grey typed furiously with one hand on the pad and out came the words, “Good,
welcome to TA-D1.” The voice coming from the pad sounded so natural and even
picked up on human inflections which I found amazing. Again, these beings were ahead
of the curve on everything technological. I kept thinking, if this Grey were to have a
name, it should have been “Sparkplug” by virtue of the fact that this creature was all
over that room moving from table to table and writing while multi-tasking and at a
furious pace.

As I watched the Grey work, I remember thinking that I didn’t know what DSD-3 was nor
did I know of the officer was just posturing to the Grey, telling him what he needed to
hear, to allow our meeting to occur. So I just went with it and paid close attention to
the officer. We walked further into the recesses of the room and the two of them
began talking about something as I just gazed at everything in quite a stupor.
I became fearful that I would forget everything that I was seeing as my mind began to
seem to shut down at times, but days later it all came back to me, thankfully so and I
wrote it all in my journal.

Colonel you mentioned DSD-3 at the beginning of our interview and you mention it
again now. What is DSD-3?

DSD-3 simply stands for ‘Dulce Security Division’ with the numeral 3 indicating three
branches of military assigned to the special security unit (USAF, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy).
DSD-3 represents an elite group of highly trained soldiers and military specialists who
operate both installation security and administration.

No marines?

Hell yes there are Marines. But they fall under the Navy Proxy. The marines are a
separate service branch within the Department of the Navy, but even though they
remain fully separate with their own distinct Chain of Command, the Secretary of
the Navy still oversees the both the Navy and the Marines.

So at Dulce, any marines that are there … are there via the same proxy under the
“Deputy for Navy” at the nearby White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) just like the Navy
contingent. And the marines at Dulce, also come directly from the ‘China Lake Naval
Weapons Center’ over in Ridgecrest, California. So there is no DSD-4, just DSD-3; but
hell, it is just a name any way.

And there is no relation at all to the Defense Intelligence Agency’s DSD-3 which is their
“General Military Intelligence Support Division”. No relation.

Can you tell me about how DSD-3 came about?

Sure. DSD-3’s history is an interesting one, because this is one of the most powerful
intelligence and security divisions in the entire world.

Initially this group was to be an arm of the CIA acting under Agency oversight; however
high-up personnel at the DoD decided that too many infiltrators were known to already
exist within the CIA. And the Dulce facility, with its super secretive nature just could not
be compromised under any circumstance whatsoever. So per a charter between the CIA
and Department of Defense, DSD-3 reports to ‘no one’.

By design, their oversight is now an intrinsic system that allows absolute total control
over its personnel, and all facets of Dulce facility’s operations. They do this by creating
an impenetrable layer of advanced secretive systems and strict protocols. No one has
ever been effective in cracking DSD-3’s code of operation, because you never know who
is an informant, or an observer working behind the facade of being a member of the
elite security division.

Their reach and influence in the global intelligence community is very powerful. And
although DSD-3 places it focus solely on Dulce, it is more than just a security force
because they are held with the responsibility of maintaining the world’s biggest secret,
at any means necessary. So it should be of no surprise that they also sponsor various
intelligence operations (domestic and global) to suppress all information about the
Dulce facility. They also regularly espouse disinformation.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Does the President know about DSD-3 or Dulce?

No. With the president cleared up to “Top Secret - Crypto 17” level access, he would
not have access to any knowledge about Dulce. Just like Area 51, the Dulce facility is so
much more heavily classified than your typical black budgeted location. It is beyond the
reach of the presidential administration, and in reality there are just a few ‘very unique’
scenarios that would ever involve the President even having to know about Dulce or

Scenarios like in the movie “Independence Day”?

I never saw it, so I do not know what you mean.

It doesn’t matter. Colonel, how deep is our understanding of the inhabitants, and do
we know where they come from originally?

Initially everything came from our ability to translate the tablets, their writings. And
today we have confirmation from the Greys themselves.

So according to the Grey historical writings, they tell us that the Progenitor race came
from another star system, Sirius. Their home world was destroyed, and in finding an
new home, Mars was the closest to their own planet. They came here. Mars was the
original place inhabited by them within our own solar system, but choosing Mars was
proved to be a major miscalculation.

After a cataclysmic event caused by an asteroid, it nearly exterminated the Progenitors;
something had also left them sick and vulnerable to the surface environment there on
Mars which had been permanently changed by the impact. Fortunately with their
technology being so advanced, they managed to leave Mars before completely dying

They had lived for several thousand years underground on Mars before leaving for lack
of resources and the dying caused by the changed atmosphere. So they ended up here,
except Earth was not an ideal location to suit their physiology; so for eons they had
corrected their genome which unfortunately for them had left them weakened and with
fewer numbers.

The Progenitors knew they were dying so they created offspring, before dying. And
their offspring did the same before they too died. The last group and Greys are all that
remain. The Progenitor lineage is now almost all human. But the Greys are another
matter all together.

The Greys have always possessed an innate inability to reproduce; by design from the
progenitors to ensure they never grow too large or powerful.

Everything must be done artificially in a lab. The Greys are pieced together using scant
genetic materials, having to renew every several decades or so, forced to produce
artificially and subsist off of the protein solutions they make from mammals.

We know that the Austra Albus thrive, up on the surface, and have successfully
interbred with Humans creating an elitist group of humans spanning many cultures and
races throughout the world, but mostly with ties to Western European countries.
Colonel what about Reptilians? I ask because there is so much written about
Reptilians with respect to Dulce.

I’ve never seen a Reptilian. But with all that I have witnessed and come to learn over
the years I can tell you that the possibility for sightings of reptile like creatures is not
without the possibility of being real.

Why is that?

In an obscure Grey historical writing it states that a Grey sub-species which possessed
reptilian traits, called the Scimitor once existed to serve as a soldier caste, but that they
are now extinct.

Scimitor; what does mean?

We do not know. The closest we can figure is that it is a loose translation of a scimitar
which is a curved blade. But even the word scimitar has unknown origins, which is again
intriguing in itself.

It says these Scimitor were normal Eloah (Greys) modified through a battery of biogenetic
splicing experiments. The outcome of which led to a bigger stronger and equally
as intelligent group of Greys to contend with. And that was a real problem. Also, it says
their outer epidermis was successfully designed to be transparent, covering a layer of
controllable unique cell formations that had special pigment properties. This allowed
them a unique and special ability.

Like a Chamelon?

Exactly; they could assume the color of their surroundings and become invisible to the
untrained eye.

But the problem was that with the very limited resources on hand to sustain the
dwindling and weakening Grey population; having a newer larger, stronger and equally
intellectually capable group to contend with was not what they had envisioned. So this
program was ended immediately to the dismay of some.

Who objected?

We believe that the Dissident Greys objected; simply because they knew that someone
had to be able to make it to the surface and not succumb to the deadly levels of the
Sun’s electromagnetic radiation that could easily kill a normal Grey. This was the first
step of reaching that Goal. The Scimitor, although stronger, were still susceptible to the
Sun’s affects as well. But even the Dissident Greys after time had passed realized that
the Scimitor posed a dangerous threat to them as well.

What is intriguing about this is that although the writings say the Scimitor are now
extinct, the dissident Greys who work with us up on Level One, say that the lower level
Greys have been secretly trying for decades to recreate the Scimitor sub-species.,
beginning when the humans took control of the underground complex.

What makes matters worse, is that some Greys have dormant recessive genes which
hold the traits of the Scimitor (some of them) … and from these they have tried to
resurrect the extinct soldier caste.

But according to some of the Greys we work with, there has been little to no success
that they know of. And there are too many problems with the existing genetic code to
make a reemergence a reality.

I know that there has been so much speculation on a Reptilian presence, and I’m sorry
to disappoint, but there simply were no Reptilians at Dulce. Although … I do know of
one possibility based on recent intelligence; which is that the newer darker element is
now working with the lower level Greys in TA-D3 to recreate these beings as Ultimate-
Soldier; a part of the ongoing ‘Black Bio-Genetic Programs’ being conducted there now.

But my knowledge extends to that of the Greys and the Austra Albus. As for reptilians…
could there be Reptilians? Sure, but I have no knowledge beyond the one tablet that
mentions the Scimitor. Sorry.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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Frigg Stuyvesant
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview

Please continue..


Cui Bono?
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Frigg Stuyvesant  Wrote: (07-29-2011 01:58 PM)

Please continue..


will do. 40 pages to go.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
How did you learn of the Scimitor?

DSD-3 needed to know of there was ever at anytime in the Grey history any groups or
types of fighting castes that represented a threat to the control structure we had.
Researching what the Greys were capable of was important. A search result in the DSD-
3 historical repository, a database which holds copies of every known tablet discovered,
turned up only one historical reference to any type of solider amongst them; the

I only ask because so many people connect Dulce with Reptilians. Colonel, can you go back to telling me anything more of the Grey’s and Austra Albus’ history; origins?

The Grey historical writings tell us that the Progenitor race is of alien origin.
We learned that the Anu was created first by the Progenitors before the progenitors
died off; unable to cope with Earth’s environment. The Progenitors also chose to create
the Elaoh (Greys) at this same time, to serve the Anu and to oversee the human slave

When the Anu became sick, they created the Austra Albus … the last direct lineage of
the Progenitors; however, as I explained before, now they exist as an Alien-Human
hybrid species. This occurred when they too (Austra Albus) began to die; so to survive
they genetically modified early humans, and then interbred with them to sustain their

The Eloah (Greys) are a complete alien genetic creation of the Progenitor species, a
mutant sub-species with NO Progenitor DNA. They were created by using genetic
material from the Progenitor home world and biological life forms discovered along the
way here; to our solar system. Later, here on Earth, the Greys themselves augmented
their genome with earth based Animal, Insect and even human genetics to try to remain
alive. All attempts to incorporate human genetics failed in horrendous genetic
mutations, so we know for certain that for years there were no Grey/Human hybrids,
only Austra-Albus/Human hybrids … until now.

The intelligence we’ve been receiving says that the Black Bio-Genetic Programs at TA-D3
are successfully creating Grey/Human hybrids of a devastating and dangerous nature.
This is one reason I am telling you all of this. It cannot continue to happen; else we shall
all pay serious consequences of such development.

When we studied everything about the inhabitant’s history, we noticed how there was a
pervasive and cyclical pattern of evidence connecting them back to our own history;
evidence that kept pointing the inhabitants back to both ancient Sumer and to an
unknown earlier human civilization that predated anything the ancient Sumerians knew
of. Thousands and thousands of years ago there was even once a huge human
civilization who worshiped the Greys and not the Progenitors; who subsequently were
wiped out by the Progenitor offspring (Austra Albus); who became very jealous Gods.
Does that sound Familiar? It should. We have Archeological Researchers and
Theologians trying to make correlations to our earliest known histories using this new
data. And you know what? They are finding out some amazing things.

But Anthony, it was your work in particular which propelled me to contact our mutual
friend and get us introduced. In your blog you covered human-alien hybridization and
key historical references to ancient times predating known history. My work on the
Greys has led me to seek out works by experts who’ve made colorations close to what
many facts are from the known Grey history. And I like what you put together.

Is that why you sought me out, because you know of my work on Human Origins?

Yes, but more to point the Alien-Human hybridization. And if what some of what I am
saying sounds like your work, this is exactly why I sought you out. Our mutual friend, he
and I often share data, and when he showed me your work, I realized that you were the
first one to accurately piece all the data together as best as I could understand, and
equivalent to what our own people know from the Greys.

Your work is partly what drove me to do this. At one point I thought you must have
been at Dulce and had worked on this project, but now I know that you just got your
and others data to correctly match up (very closely) to the accuracy of the Dulce
historians who studied the Greys.

So … you ask me, “How deep our understanding of the inhabitants truly goes?”
Well, it is very deep and comprehensive indeed. The stories told across this globe from
artifacts and writings such as the Sanskrit Vedas, the Dead Sea Scrolls, among others …
they all tell us that these people (beings) have been known to the earliest vestiges of
modern humanity for as long as 200,000 years now.

Look at your own work. The Dogon people of West Africa descended from ancient
Egyptian lineages, who in turn descended from the other ancient Near East cultures;
and what all these people retained and described over the tens of thousands of years
are the same ‘entities’ who we find in all of our early writings across the globe.

And now with our new world, with its exponential level of advancement in technology
and weapons, everything has changed as a result; geo-politically, religiously, and even
societal. But to the U.S. government and the military, none of that history matters. Not
really. They, the inhabitants, need us and in turn, we use them. It is that simple.

And those people who struggled to grasp the enormity of this discovery, and its religious
implications, they are silenced, period. No gaps allowed in the secrecy or security of
Dulce. Nothing less than full cooperation was (and still is) acceptable over this subject.
No second chances for the weak.

Just remember what happened to Secretary Forrestal. Once underground, “no one is
safe”; metaphorically speaking.

Colonel, can you get me any copies of the Grey historical writings; is that possible?

No; I am sorry that is impossible. Everything is at Wright Patterson AFB in the Vault.

The last person to see the tablets was …

(At this point the Colonel startled by some noise coming from outside the remote
residence stopped talking at stood up. He reached behind his chair and produced a
pistol. I too was startled at that point. He motioned to remain quite as walked to the
window to peer outside. He spent at least 30 seconds looking towards where our cars
were parked. He then turned around and said to me, “It was nothing…” We then sat
back down and resumed our conversation. He placed the pistol on the table this time.
For some reason I felt secure knowing he had the gun. Still startled I forgot the last
segment of our conversation, and looked to my notes jumping to the next question I had.
But thankfully later on I would learn more about Wright Patterson AFB and ‘The Vault’.)

Is there anyone who you felt really knew about the Dulce facility, other than yourself?

Oh yes. Two people I knew of held real facts about Dulce, to some extent. They were
Paul Bennewitz and Phil Schneider. The problem is, is that they are both dead

Schneider fabricated and elaborated on his true level of involvement, but he was there.
I knew he was there because he had certain details right; things only few people would
know about. And although he elaborated about his involvement during the 1979 event,
the man was truthful of many elements in his story; although, lots of areas he discussed
were complete fabrications. He lied and I do not know why; possibly as a means of
protection by distorting some facts, yet allowing other facts to come out with super
accuracy? I just do not know. Phil was a hard one to figure out.

And Bennewitz at the very least was a simply a god damned genius caught up in a
twisted web of truth and lies leading to his death. You see, his research was truly
ingenious, netting him real results. And quite frankly, in one way or another he was just
simply too close to the truth. And unfortunately it is why he ended up institutionalized
for paranoia before dying.

What can you tell me about Bennewitz?

I personally performed a parallel investigation of Paul from the time I joined DSD-3. The
AFOSI was not the only group concerned with his discoveries. We knew of Bennewitz
because he was partly to blame over the 1979 incident. It was his interception of Grey
communications that led to fierce speculation and condemnation from the lower level
Greys leading to an atmosphere of greater distrust and anger towards the Dissident
Greys and DSD-3. Before my retirement in 1983 and before the dark element infiltrated
Dulce, there was a great level of tension over the activities of the Lower Level Greys,
and the cooperation between the Dissidents and DSD-3.

From the public perspective, everything that is known about Dulce, the whole myth
surrounding the Deep Underground Military Base there, comes directly from
Bennewitz’s personal investigations. But since that time, people have created these
crazy ideas, and subsequent stories that are completely false. But Bennewitz was the
real deal… he was a talented scientist and engineer in very many respects. He owned
Thunder Scientific Corporation, a company which manufactured high-altitude testing
equipment. And with his scientific background, it was natural that he was a highly
curious individual, but for him it involved UFO and eventually Alien research.

So in 1979 when he began researching unexplainable incidents near Kirtland Air Force
Base, no one thought much of it. Not until he began observing and filming unidentified
objects with strange light patterns departing with regularity from various areas near
Kirtland Air Force Base and the Manzano Test Range; objects of which would fly off in
the direction of Coyote Canyon, and over Sandia National Laboratories and Phillips Laboratory.

In probably which was his biggest mistake, Bennewitz contacted both Kirtland Security
Police and AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) garnering a strong interest
from both in what he was doing. Surprisingly, data from independent investigations
showed that base personnel were corroborating much of Bennewitz’s data. Before
long, Sandia representatives and additional USAF officers became involved to further
investigate Bennewitz’s films and documentation, all of which was sent to Wright-
Patterson AFB. During the interim, while all of that was going on, Bennewitz continued
to investigate area UFO phenomena through his role as an investigator with APRO
(Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization) an amateur UFO research group.

That too was a mistake on his part, which I’ll get to in a minute. But first I need to tell
you about how Bennewitz and a psychologist had been researching a story in which a
woman (Myrna Hansen) claimed that on May 5th 1980, she and her six year old son had
witnessed several UFOs descend while driving on a rural road in northeastern New
Mexico, near Cimarron to the east of Dulce. She reported missing time of four hours
and a vague recollection of being abducted.

The psychologist conducted hypnosis over a three month period, during which a very
unusual story emerged. The woman recounted how she not only had seen these UFOs
descend during the drive on that rural road, but how she had witnessed cattle being
abducted; even more strange was how she also recounted how both she and her son
had also been abducted by small aliens and then separated on to two ships.
During their abduction she claimed that they had both been taken to a secret
underground facility where they saw the cattle being subjected to mutilation and
drained of their blood. She said that she managed to escape briefly, ending up in a
room which held various numbers of vats containing what appeared to be human body
parts. In addition, she also said that implants were placed underneath the skin of her
and her son, and how the aliens held the ability to control their thoughts through these

She described being dragged out of the area she had found, with both her and her son
later being subjected through a painful process involving loud noises and very bright
strobe lights, before they were taken back aboard a UFO and flown back to the very site
where the abduction occurred.

If this sounds familiar … Like you have heard this story before; possibly over and over
again … it is because this is the first ever recounting of any events which detail activities
known about the biogenetic experimentation occurring within Dulce. Al of this coming
about because of Bennewitz’s involvement with the Hansen case and his own work on
tracking the UFOs and detecting signals and live communication from what he believed
was the Dulce facility. Of which he was correct.

Because of his research on the UFO activity, and the stories of mutilations, abductions
and implants, etc. we now have the basis for every single Dulce Base story that ever
emerged about the Facility; and them some. And it should be noted that both Hansen
and Bennewitz were giving true accounts of what actually happened. I verified this
myself in the DSD-3 electronic archival system.

Bennewitz believed Hansen’s story and theorized that the implants were used to
communicate, not control them. In addition to that, he further believed that there was
a connection to the UFOs he had been filming near Kirtland AFB. There was.
If you look at a map of New Mexico, you can see a triangle which covers this whole
hotbed of activity over the years. Point one is Holloman AFB in the southern region
along with White Sands, then you go east to Kirtland AFB, that’s point number two. And
finally, you go to the very tip of the north western corner of the state and you have the
Desert High-Terrain of Farmington, Aztec and Dulce; there’s point number three. What
you get is a triangle that encompasses Roswell, Socorro, San Antonio, Los Alamos and
everywhere else where the majority of abduction activity has taken place over the

Is this a coincidence? No. Paul Bennewitz knew the history of the down UFO crashes,
and that’s why he began tracking these events. He was beginning to make people
understandably nervous over at Kirtland AFB and within DSD-3 at Dulce. The
intelligence was coming in fast, but handling it was another matter. And of course,
everything turned against Bennewitz when AFSOI learned that he began to construct
low-frequency electromagnetic receivers that could intercept transmissions coming
from the UFOs he sighted. When he went back to the Air Force with his technology, and
new research, the AFSOI decided to refuse investigating the matter any further. But
that was a ruse as they desperately wanted his equipment.

Bennewitz thinking it may be over, continued to move forward by sending in reports to
ARPO. He also sent letters to various U.S. Senators … and … to ‘John Lear’ a highly
decorated Pilot and himself a renowned investigator of both UFOs and conspiracy
theories. ARPO would later assign a person named Bill Moore to conduct interviews
with Bennewitz. Bennewitz would eventually detail much of his research to Moore,
discussing the various films he took, the times and dates of sightings, plus the
intercepted transmissions and messages he decoded with high levels of detail; and he
would also tell how he believed that there were two alien species working deep inside
of a subterranean facility located underneath the Archuleta Mesa … constructed
through an accord with the U.S. government. He was right. Somehow, not knowing the
language, the circumstances, etc. he picked up on the fact that there were two groups
of Greys operating in Dulce.

However, what was unknown to Bennewitz was that Bill Moore was inserted through
ARPO via proxy from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations to disseminate
disinformation in order to redirect Bennewitz away from USAF research being
conducted at that time, Project Starlight, and because his work was leading him right to
the answers he sought; compromising the Dulce facility secrecy. Before DSD-3 could
take any action, we realized that AFOSI had already made enough inroads to misinform,
create paranoia and deter him from further investigation. Plus his company was
threatened; and that was something he knew he could not allow to be compromised.
He loved his company.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Thunder Scientific Corporation?


What happened with Bill Moore?

Bill Moore, at the 1989 MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) meeting in Las Vegas, stated
publicly that he was an AFOSI recruit, charged to redirect and inundate Bennewitz with
false information. Moore’s admission pretty much shocked everyone in the UFO
research community. And his admission also caused concern over the prevalence of
potential covert government infiltration of groups like both APRO and MUFON.
Anyhow, after this … Bennewitz became unstable with paranoia and had to be
hospitalized until he died on June 23, 2003. He wasn’t sleeping; he’d be awake around
the clock, until it took its toll on him and he died.

The point is this … everything you now see on the internet regarding Dulce comes
directly from Bennewitz and his original UFO research. He used his scientific
background and engineering expertise to make accurate discoveries of UFOs, the Dulce
Facility communications, and the Grey population, which prompted concern from both
AFOSI and DSD-3.

So Bennewitz is responsible for originating the myth behind the Dulce facility, I get
that now; but where does Phil Schneider fit in?

Well, whereas Bennewitz began to suspect accurately that there was an underground
installation with an Alien presence … Phil Schneider had actually been there.
When Schneider surfaced in the mid 1990s on the lecture circuit, I waited before
seeking him out because I had to be sure about this person who was talking openly
about his time at Dulce. You have to understand. From my perspective and the
perspective of DSD-3, he was literally putting his life in immediate danger by his
willingness to describe in detail anything about Dulce. And if DSD-3 could ascertain that
anything he was speaking of was ‘factually verifiable’, and to the American public no
less, well there was just no way in hell he’d be walking around much longer.
And as you probably know, he lasted for all of one year after starting his career on the
lecture circuit. But he was there; he was telling what he knew, and he paid for it with
his life. But what he said of the 1979 fight, well much of it is wrong. I believe that is
why he elaborated so much.

However, the big mystery for me is how did Schneider make it out of Dulce without
detection from DSD-3? My detachment was there in cooperation and under the
oversight of DSD-3 to make sure everyone was accounted for, interviewed and
processed. Phil Schneider’s (name) was indeed on a list of known contractors from URS
Corp, but he was not one of the processed individuals. This meant he was dead or
captured. That was the assumption.

There were 72 known people who had died during the altercation, and 120 who were
evacuated safely to a holding area for processing before being let go via maglev shuttle
out to the Los Alamos National Laboratory access point. So there were 23 unaccounted
for contractors who were assumed taken to the lower levels (during the hostilities) as
hostages, or were thought to be dead and also taken. This is because all levels, 1
through 3, were searched repeatedly and thoroughly. No one else was found.
Months prior to this event there were nearly 1500 employees from both Federal
contractors operating in various scientific and engineering roles at the installation, on all
three upper levels, but ‘raising tensions’ between the inhabitants and Installation
Command precipitated a decision by DSD-3 to reduce staff to safe levels until relations
could be normalized. They decided to bring contractor levels down to just 150 people,
enough people to ensure that the installation met safe operating levels. This was a
decision that saved a lot of lives.

In addition to normally 1500 scientist and engineers, DSD-3 itself accounted for roughly
100 people, and Installation Command was roughly 70 people (20 from each
participating branch, including 2-3 administrative personnel per group). The human
resources structure of those operating the facility is made up of three primary groups:
Installation Command, DSD-3, and Contractors.

So after the hostile engagement with the inhabitants, everyone who cleared processing
left the installation using the shuttle back to the LANL access point. The dead simply
could not be taken out via the tunnels, because the area of Los Alamos that acts as the
access point from Dulce is beneath TA-3, where you have Otowi and many other
surrounding buildings which have too many civilian (non-Dulce) employees. The sight of
72 body bags would never have held quiet for long. So the deceased had to be
evacuated through the town of Dulce and taken to Kirtland AFB.

I’m not sure who, but there was one representative from both the Jicarilla Apache Tribal
Police Department and one from the New Mexico State Police, both of whom were
notified. I know this, because right there at the site entrance, to my surprise, there
were two officers; one from each organization.

I suspect that they were held under some sort of secrecy accord. It had to be the case,
because I simply could not see DSD-3 giving away any details about the underground
nature of the facility. But to this day, I know that someone from each of those
organizations knows about the deceased being transported from Dulce out to Kirtland
AFB. It’s possible that they were there to ensure facilitation of transport without any
unexpected obstacles occurring.

One interesting thing that has always puzzled me is that DSD-3 had a policy of doing
absolutely nothing to ranchers and Jicarilla people upon them accidentally stumbling
upon ventilation shafts, the entrance or obscured landing pads. What that means is that
there are people who have seen portions of the facility above ground, and who were
simply let go.

I never understood why, but whatever the reason it seems to be working in DSD-3’s
favor. No one talks, ever. I believe I am the first, but I know things that are happening
there that are wrong and beyond the boundaries of what are acceptable to any human.
No one has the right to hide what is really going on there.

Colonel, does this lead us into what the reason was for the tensions that led up to the
fighting in 1979?

Yes. Since the early days in the mid 1940’s when we had established diplomatic relations
with the inhabitants, we began to conduct joint efforts to help advance their biogenetic
research by providing them with various resources they required, this was in exchange
for technology we coveted. They had explained to us, and we could discern from the
writings we discovered, that the lower levels were of some sort of ‘ancient reverence’ to
them, (so we thought).

Our agreement was that no one was to ever breach their lower levels, nothing beyond
three. Level three was as deep as humans were permitted to go. We took over the top
three levels; and they retained all rights to the lower levels.

So the 1979 event occurred because “level access” was breached; something which they
had warned us against, thus triggering the deadly outcome. And for two years
afterwards, the facility operated under the same protocols as seen at any Demilitarized
Zone to prevent any incursions and to reintroduce stability until we could reestablish

We continued to work with the dissident Greys under our oversight, and kept things to a
minimum. And later, after two years, we resumed discussions and work with the lower
level inhabitants.

What happened, why did you go back to work with the inhabitants?

The government is not in the job losing access to highly advanced technologies, or
sources of unique geological resources. So new people were trained and new protocols
were established to ensure that what happened in 1979, never occurred again. The
dissident Greys being Level 1 occupiers and not allowed back down into the lower levels
by either the other Greys or DSD-3 (for security reasons), well they just weren’t a source
of the geological requirements we needed. So diplomacy had to be reestablished with
the lower level Greys.

Did you ever learn why level-access was breached?

Yes. An incursion to level four happened for the same reason that I am telling you
everything here today. We discovered that this unknown aspect for reverence which
the Greys used to prevent us from accessing their lower levels was a lie. It was a guise
to prevent us from realizing the truth of what has been happening down there for years.
The truth being that people were taken regularly from the surface, and used for their
biogenetic experiments; research which the dissident Grey community is completely
against. But somehow someone within the contactor community discovered upon
chance that they have been actively doing this. And when questioned, it was
determined that they have been doing it for as long as they’ve been beneath the Mesa.
We operated under the belief that they conducted humane and fully transparent
experiments to overcome multiple defects in their physiology. Defects that had been
caused from miscalculated genetic transformations in their Genome over thousands of
years, from trying to adapt to earth. We authorized their research because we
understood that the genetic deterioration had caused several deadly conditions for

First was an inability to breathe oxygen in arid environments with little to no humidity;
something every human is capable of. Secondly, we learned that the intensity of our
sun carries levels of electromagnetic radiation of which their epidermis is not capable of
tolerating for even the shortest amount of time. They possess a special magnetic
property that reacts adversely to electromagnetic radiation.

One of the most desired traits among the Grey community happens to be one their
most elusive recessive genes. It is when their skin acts as an almost transparent outer
epidermal layer that allows them to possess a chameleon like trait; camouflage.
Scimitor Greys held this gene. The sun can permanently damage this trait from
overexposure. That feature, coupled with the potential for irreparable damage upon
their vision as well, which is why the corridors use the very low lighted levels created
through a harmless process of chemo-luminescence, which they discovered how to
make using natural elements from the Mesa thousands of years ago.

So the errors in their genome, causing these deadly defects, are why there are so few of
them now. There are no more than a thousand Greys left. But that does not give them
the right to abduct humans and perform experimentation upon unsuspecting humans.
That is a total violation and is illegal according to the accord signed in the 1950s.
DSD-3 had received intelligence from a rogue Grey, not a dissident but acting against the
other inhabitants that they were taking people from above. DSD-3 had heard rumors of
this for years, but they were always dismissed.

You see… the suspicion was that human captives had somehow been forcibly taken, for
many years. But it was never confirmed. Our arrival effectively ended all their
experimentation for up to twenty years. The inhabitants knew that there would be an
adverse reaction from the military and the human scientific population within the
facility had it been discovered that there was a pattern of human abductions occurring.
And we don’t know what, but by the mid 1950s, something must have transpired within
their hierarchical structure, because we noted heavy activity of flight without proper
notification to DSD-3 and without any reason being provided. This was a big mistake
and DSD-3 was not going to have any of that. So tensions arose as questions began to
be asked of them, and a larger military presence was making the inhabitants worry.
Also, we were shocked that they attempted flight. We had believed that since the late
1940s that our efforts to stop flight had been successful. Especially with the aggressive
stance we took using the Radar technology under Project Diana.

What you need to understand is that during the 1950’s DSD-3 only operated at about 40
individuals; that was it. So the inhabitants, knowing full well that the human presence
could increase at any time … well, they decided against their better judgment and
proceeded to take advantage of the small size of DSD-3, and resume the behavior
pattern of “Human Abduction”.

We now know that they had always used humans as their primary source of protein,
and that they had bred a transgenic group of captives to produce this vital life sustaining
resource of theirs.

And although the Dissident Greys had proven that lesser mammals, such as whitefooted
and deer mice including prairie and meadow voles, could properly sustain them;
many fought the notion. They had grown accustomed to human protein over thousands
of years, and abducting them was easy, sanctioned and long-established, a right given to
them by the Progenitor race that placed them there.

Despite the fact that the Progenitor race had every intention of them dying at this
location, many of the Greys refer to their early writings as doctrine. And for some
unknown reason they choose to revere the Progenitors with an unfailingly loyalty;
despite the evidence that clearly shows the Progenitors had hoped for them to die off.
The younger newer generations, of Dissident Greys, have learned to oppose that
doctrine. And as a result, they have chosen to abandon the lower level Greys choosing
to work with the Humans instead.

In the 1950’s the lower level Greys tried to resume abducting humans, but two things
went terribly wrong. First, a Sergeant stationed at White Sands Missile Range in 1956,
was found dead. His body had been mutilated in such a manner that DSD-3 knew it was
the Greys. This was because there was an eye-witness, a Major who had witnessed the
abduction by a "disk shaped" object some three days before the body was finally found
and recovered for forensic examination. The Sergeant’s genitals had been removed, his
eyes excised and his rectum completely cored out; all of this done with surgical
precision using the Greys laser technology.

It took a month, but DSD-3 increased its ranks to 70 personnel, formed a tactical squad
filled with no-nonsense soldiers, and infiltrated level four. There was a fight that lasted
12 hours; our side killed several hundred of them, and in turn we lost not a single DSD-3
soldier. The DSD-3 tactical team found a dozen bodies and tables in a lab unknown to
anyone; these people were all recent abductions. Unfortunately, no one was alive. TO
the dismay of everyone, several were just children; there was one man, and the rest
were young women.

At that time, between 1956-1957 diplomacy was completely thrown out the window.
For almost a year, there was nothing; only a dead silence, with no activity of any kind
from the inhabitants after the fighting and during the year that followed.

But then it happened, someone, some unknown person with high authority managed to
resume talks with the inhabitants and strike an accord that would allow them to work
with DSD-3 teams to capture mammals for their experiments. The brokered deal
allowed cattle (which were readily found in remote areas throughout the region) to be
the answer. No more human abductions or mutilations were to ever occur again,
period. The inhabitants agreed to this. So we began work with scientists from within
their ranks who would continue assisting our own technological advancements. That
was the 1960s.

But by 1970 they started abducting humans again. However, this time DSD-3 did not
interfere. Something had gone terribly wrong within ranks. So when I joined DSD-3 in
1980 there had already been a layer of understanding created through various dark
channels of collusion … at a much higher level.

It wasn’t that DSD-3 looked away as much as it was that they simply didn’t know
anything about it. You see, the outside forces from the AFSOI no longer reported
human mutilations to DSD-3, and by that time reported abductions were thought of as
pure nonsense from crazy people; “UFO nuts”. And this was propagated by the media.
The whole culture of America and many parts of the world had already begun to see an
amazing shift in attitudes towards Aliens and UFOs. People’s beliefs had been altered.
So with this shift, no one gave a damn about the numerous ongoing cattle mutilations at
that time either, except for the poor ranchers who were losing tons of money.
Anyhow, in 1979 intelligence had made its way in to contractors, not DSD-3, but a team
of scientific contractors who would become enraged over implications of human
captives being subjected to medical and various other types of scientific experiments,
which involved their own (contractor) involvement.

So these are the people that went down to level four, breaching protocol, thus
triggering the 1979 event. And it is not at all like Schneider or the others tell it; nothing
of the sort.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Colonel, this is by no means to show any disrespect to you, and I know its kind of late
for me to be asking this …. But how do you know all of this in such detail? I ask now,
because you say that your assignment to Dulce was for 48 hours; however somehow
you have attained so much information that in my estimation would have taken years
to acquire?

Two things would transpire that allowed me to learn all that I now know.

First, when we arrived to Dulce in 1979, the briefing documents that were given to us by
the Brigadier General came in one large envelope, containing three sets of copies. We
were told to hold on to our briefing documents until the Lieutenant Commander arrived
with his set. Upon his arrival we would return our sets to the Brigadier General; the
Lieutenant Commander and Major both did. I didn’t. Under the circumstances it was an
honest mistake.

The Brigadier General had placed his own copies back into the envelope. During the
commotion upon our arrival to the installation, no one thought to ask for my set to be
returned. Whoever the Brigadier General returned the sets to, they thought that it was
all there, because with the addition of the Lieutenant Commander’s set being given as
well, it filled the envelope back to perfect form, with three sets of copies.

Because of the heightened atmosphere and commotion, I packed mine in my bag, and
honestly I never thought twice about it until after we were gone from Dulce. I still had
my set of copies, enough to fill a whole binder with. And I held on to my set for four
long years, studying every aspect of the entire history until I retired in late 1983;
however the second and most important reason as to why I now know so much, is
because after conclusion of my original 48 hour assignment at Dulce, some three weeks
later … and upon my promotion to Lieutenant Colonel … I was recruited to work for

Jesus, you really did work for DSD3?

Yes. I spent the rest of my career at Dulce acting as a Psychological and Behavioral
Specialist and as a part time Technical Liaison between ‘Installation Command’ and DSD-
3. This gave me unparalleled access to ECHO, and ISAD the “Installation Scientific
Archival Database” plus access to the DSD-3 Personnel Database.

So when I was introduced to that Grey as a future member of DSD-3 by the officer, he
wasn’t posturing. When I retired, I left my original briefing documents from my 1979
trip in my desk back at DSD-3 headquarters.

Colonel, what level of clearance did you have?

DSD-3 personnel required a standard DoE ‘L’ Clearance. You also needed a Rhyolite
clearance to operate on ECHO. Rhyolite was a by-product and holdover from NSA
development within the original SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) development efforts; this
was for early communications software and hardware systems. ECHO emerged from
those efforts, therefore the Rhyolite clearance held firmly in place, no exceptions.
Anyone (at Dulce) with a DoE ‘Q’ Clearance meant they had access to classified nuclear
related materials from the ongoing Los Alamos related projects. People like Schneider
in engineering or scientific related roles most likely required ‘Q’ Clearance. Excavation,
Transport, Construction of any kind had to be apprised of areas which held nuclear
sensitive materials. Some DSD-3 people attained a ‘Q’ Clearance as well, but eventually
earned higher levels of Top secret Classification after various probations and
subsequent promotions.

Colonel, why do you continue to keep up on Dulce, especially details that emerge from
the internet; I am asking because I know that you do not believe a lot of the stuff that
has emerged?

Because, Dulce represented the pinnacle of my career and it is something that I would
never be able to disclose due to the nature of the facility and its secrets. I had hoped
that by the year 2000 that the disclosure of Dulce would emerge, but that never
happened. In 2001 when The Disclosure Project culminated in their event at the
National Press Club, I was there listening intently, but nothing about Dulce emerged.
Nine years later its 2010, and here we are; and still no disclosure about the Rio Arriba
Scientific & Technological Underground Auxiliary.

And now, I’ve simply seen too many people die over the installation and its secrets. In
addition, I feel that the nature of the ongoing work is taking its toll on those being
subjected to the living hell they are enduring. There are people down there; unwilling
participants in a game of man and alien playing God. And I don’t like it. I never did.
Had I known, I never would have accepted the job.

During my retirement several key operatives remained in contact with me. Even today
they leverage my vast knowledge of Dulce in exchange for filling me in with new info
and goings-on at LANL and all things related to the Dulce facilities, all three of them. It’s
hard to just walk away from something so remarkable, considering all that I experienced

One thing I would learn was that by the late 80s and early 90s a new darker element
would emerge from DSD-3 and the contractors there. The whole damned place had
gone to hell in a hand basket. My sources told me that all the Dissident Greys were
killed or captured and given back to the Lower Level Grey community in exchange for
newer technologies and weaponry that we had no idea they had been developing for us.
This lure was too great to refuse for the military and especially various powers within
the Shadow Government. I was saddened to know that they had betrayed the
dissidents. Of course, I was enraged upon learning this. So I secretly began to support
Schneider despite his strange stance on the events as they really occurred. Mostly it
was because I saw him as a conduit to getting the word out about Dulce. If he could do
it, more power to him. So I met with him in Denver Colorado and gave him as much
information that I could. I could not tell him that I was a member of DSD-3; he never
would have trusted me, let alone meet with me. So I told him that I was FBI, and that I
would help him.

You met with Phil Schneider, in person?

Yes, it was August of 1995 when we met. I flew to Denver just to meet with him.
When I first approached him I asked if we could meet privately; he wouldn’t have it. I
told him that I had travelled a great distance just to meet with him. That I had heard
about his claims of Dulce and I really needed to talk to him. Once he realized I had no
interest in any of his stories regarding his father, Val Thor, the Philadelphia
Experiment or his relationship with Al Bielek … then he began to realize how serious I

I told him that I had retired from the FBI but that I was also a former “Installation
Command” officer from Dulce. I told him that after learning about certain events that I
had decided to help him. Privately I knew that I really couldn’t do anything other than
provide him with the intelligence data I had. But this could be just enough to blow the
lid off the biggest and most secretive Underground Facility in the US.

He wanted to know my name, but I wouldn’t tell him. Parts of his story were so
delusional that I had to refrain from completely trusting him; my feeling was that he was
not completely mentally stable. And I did not trust the people travelling with him,
especially this blonde woman who I could sense was not who she claimed to be. Inside I
could tell that she was an Intelligence Agent. What she was doing, and who she was
with was a mystery to me. At that time I felt that she was not connected to DSD-3, and I
just couldn’t determine who she really was.

He had begun to tell me how someone was already attempting to silence him and that
he had been followed several times. He showed me a gun that he had been carrying.
When I met him he was terrified, and trying to get him to believe me was a process all
unto itself. It took days of talking and meeting to get him to trust me, before he would
accept my data.

After one such meeting he and I were leaving a restaurant late at night when we were
approached by an individual claiming to be CIA. Once he realized that we weren’t
buying it he pulled out a pistol and began shooting at us both. I pulled my Jericho 941
and fired two shots to his upper torso and downed him instantly. At that moment Phil
understood that I had his interest and offered my full cooperation over exposing Dulce,
no matter the cost. My hope was that he would get a chance to reveal what I had given
him. But soon after he accepted my info, he turned up dead. That’s why I am talking to
you now.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Something is going on with D.U.M.B.'s -- that is for sure.

I did some surveillance at Area 51 -- a couple of times. With good binocs I was able to see large entrances to underground structures from nearby hilltops.

I have no way to know what is going on down there, but there is no need for that if it is a simple aerospace research facility. They could just park the aircraft in hangars when they wanted them out of view.

So, until an intelligent explanation is given by the authorities, I give alternative explanations such as yours, OP, a wide berth.
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
But Colonel, aren’t you afraid as well?

My life has been completely transformed. I have a new name, a new face and a new
life. My skills in intelligence have netted me favors with many powerful people over the
years. Using those favors I have constructed a whole new identity. My immediate
family has no idea that the name they carry is a fabrication of my own doing to protect
them. And my children believe that I was adopted from an orphanage by an elderly
couple whose ties extend back to Europe with people who are now unknown to us.
So you see? No one is ever going to track me down. Our mutual friend has undergone
the same type of transformation since abandoning his own work within the military
industrial complex. Within my small circle I have a few friends and a few more unused
favors. And that is why you and I are here now.

Colonel, I am glad to hear that. So is it safe to say that Schneider was not a suicide?

That was no suicide. He was silenced. When Schneider said he held a security clearance
designated as “Rhyolite”, that’s what did him in. Not because of the security clearance;
but rather, due to the implications of him bringing attention to the fact that he was even

First, it was an accurate level of clearance for a federal contractor operating at Dulce.
He worked for URS Corp and held many privileges that came along with being a
contractor at Dulce. The notion that someone would openly claim they had a ‘Rhyolite
38, Level 3 clearance’ would eventually reach DSD-3 through one of its intelligence
channels out there in the ‘World’, as they often referred to the surface. And secondly,
once they learned that his name matched one of the unaccounted for missing 23 people
from the 1979 event, this would immediately escalate within DSD-3. Because up to this
point it was assumed he, along with the other 22 missing, were dead.

So the admissions he made during his lectures, coupled with his unexplained
reemergence both caused grave concern to DSD-3; for one, because he had no reason
to flee Dulce during the 1979 event. And that is the big mystery with Schneider. He
could have simply returned (or contacted DSD-3) if he had required assistance. They
would have believed him if he had just said “he somehow escaped from a hostage
situation”, etc.

I could go on about possible scenarios how he could have ‘saved face’, made
reconciliation, and eventually resumed work through his position with no retribution
whatsoever, had he chosen to. But he didn’t even attempt to try, and instead he went
public with his story. Why, one can only speculate? And the reasons for why he would
choose to elaborate his involvement during the 1979 event, well this just made his
reemergence even more enigmatic. What was he trying to gain?

Do I think that it is it because he felt threatened? Hell yes I do. But only because the
course of actions he took backfired and someone was tracking him. Self-preservation
was not going to come from talking about Dulce; he should have known better. I felt
guilty for years that I tried to help him. But I later learned that the woman he met was
indeed a DSD-3 operative, someone who came long after my retirement and who was
unaware of my presence or new appearance and identity. I also learned that the
information I gave to him never made it back to Installation Command or DSD-3. I know
this for certain because of an insider who is still there now, and who works for my

Incidentally, on the internet one of the big misconceptions was that Schneider’s Rhyolite
clearance was not real, with even some speculation that this particular part of his story
was made up. It was not made up. He was telling the truth. That was his clearance (at
least a part of it). And that was a clearance that any engineer or scientist there at Dulce
would require if they were to use any part of the communications and network
infrastructure. All contractor activities at Dulce are under constant surveillance of DSD-
3 who utilizes a system built for Dulce called ECHO the “Enhanced Communications
and High-traffic Observation System”.

Yes, ECHO. You mentioned that earlier in our conversation. Can you elaborate on

DSD-3 uses ECHO to monitor all transmitted communication traffic (radio, telephone,
fax, network, wireless, etc.). ECHO is a system created by the National Security Agency
(NSA) as a sophisticated surveillance layer that allows DSD-3 the ability to monitor and
intercept every aspect of the facility’s electronic communication and network
infrastructure, inbound and outbound, wireless or Wired; it does not matter, everything
is covered.

ECHO is the same system that would later be integrated to all global U.S. and Allied
(Underground Installations) similar to Dulce. The Pine Gap Joint Defense Space
Research Facility near Alice Springs, Australia also uses ECHO. In any event, as a byproduct
of “NSA” involvement and use of an “NSA” communications system; federal
contractors using any portion of the secure communication and network infrastructure
would be classified under a “Rhyolite” level security clearance.

Raven Rock, Mount Weather, PARI, Mount Pony, Manzano, China Lake, Groom Lake,
Tehachapi (Northrop Pico-Rivera) … pretty much every major underground military or
contractor scientific auxiliary uses ECHO.

How in the hell would Schneider have known this detail without having been there?
And you know the “Level 3 Clearance” he referred to? This did not indicate a standing
rank or position; it literally stood for “Level 3”, meaning he had access to levels 1
through 3. And engineering contractors, like Schneider, with a geology specialization
required access to level three to receive transfers from the lower level Greys.

Okay, this is question that many people have often speculated over Schneider and his
story, “How does a Geologist end up working at Dulce?”

The geology of the Mesa, which is heavy in both black basalt rock & sulfate-rich
sandstone, also contains large deposits of metals and minerals of extraterrestrial origin,
acquired by the Greys originally from the Progenitor race when they put them there.
Some samples of which are used for fabrication into other more desirable synthetic
alloys, through after some unknown process of synthesis, are given to our military in
exchange for resources which the inhabitants require.

One synthetic alloy, with unique radar absorbent properties, would be used to facilitate
the development of our ‘Stealth Technology’. And no, Phil Schneider wasn’t crazy. And
yes, this is one detail he was absolutely correct about. He foolishly had it on display.
And as you know, it was recovered.

In any event, the facility required the knowledge from expert geologist, as they needed
to know what they were excavating or removing (usually done by explosives) before
clearing way for new operating areas or transport tunnels. Again, Excavation, Transport,
Construction of any kind had to be handled with extreme care because of the areas
which held nuclear sensitive materials.

Colonel, I’d like to try and wrap up by asking you to give me your reaction of
descriptions about Dulce as made by others. For instance, at Dulce, some have stated
that humans work on lower levels with Reptilians and Greys and that they cage
people. I take it from what you have shared, thus far, that you are aware of these
stories, but that this would be inaccurate; correct?

With regards to the levels as described in the numerous stories of Dulce which are
widely circulated, they are almost completely inaccurate. What you have to understand
is that there are many people writing false stories which again lean heavily on the data
from both Hansen and Bennewitz; that was established a long time ago by DSD-3.

And that’s why no one does anything to these people, with regards to disseminating this
nonsensical information. As far as DSD-3 is concerned, they welcome it as it provides
the perfect campaign of disinformation which they need. And, one in which they do not
have to fund. And do you know who else is happy? The AFOSI over at Kirtland AFB,
because they now have a means to dismiss every single strange report that comes their
way, and that is a shame.

(I could see that the interview was taking its toll on the Colonel; but I did not know if I’d
ever get this chance again. I think deep down he knew exactly what I was feeling, and
that if he truly wanted to get this information out that he’d have to continue on. So I
decided to remove the conversation from Greys and People and focus on other less
stressful aspects if just for short while.)

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
Does it bother you that Dulce has been associated so heavily with reptilians or

Monsters, no – why should I? The Jicarilla have their beliefs, some of which they refer
to monsters in their sacred texts.

And as for reptilians; same feeling, no - but it detracts from the reality of the Facility and
what it really happening there. I am not sure where the notion that Reptilians exist
(there) came about, but I have read some of those accounts but could never finish them.
And that was due to the story being completely made up or taking weird turns towards
religious or political areas I simply had no interest in.

What I did notice was that leaned heavily off distorting the Bennewitz and Hansen data,
taking bits and pieces of the real story; augmenting, stretching and completely remaking
into something that isn’t true. I don’t have time for that.

If these people only knew the truth of how the Greys are helping the military’s scientific
research teams conduct regular on-going Bio Chemical warfare exercises (actual tests)
on cattle throughout the region; then they wouldn’t write their Reptilian propaganda.
Again, like said earlier, if there are Reptilians they simply are not at Dulce. I’ve never
seen one near a Grey nor do I think a Grey would tolerate being near one. I know this
because the Greys, after observing them for years, are a highly isolated and secretive
community through choice, who don’t trust very easily.

Colonel, you mentioned Cattle Mutilations; what do you know about them?

The U.S. military has been propagating the use of living organisms such as anthrax, and
non-living organisms such as ricin, saxitoxin and botulinum toxin on local area cattle to
monitor the affects of these agents. They do this work regularly throughout the Four
Corners area to conduct analysis and see how this method of warfare can fare against
future human counterparts. And if you don’t that think this work is not somehow
extending to the human captives inside Dulce, then you are crazy.

It all began when we first observed the Greys abducting cattle for their sustenance
efforts. Their craft, remnants of designs created by their progenitors, have the ability to
hover silently and use a tractor beam to abduct their subjects or victims. Oh, trust me…
when we first witnessed this our military went nuts and began devising ways of using
this technology for our own purposes. And we did. Many elements of today’s Stealth
Air Craft use the same materials that the Grey’s saucer crafts are made of. But let me
tell you about the abductions.

We observed first marking cattle, selecting ones they could tell would be ready for their
process. Once they did this, we’d see them scan the area find ones they had marked
and then we would watch them take the cattle, one at a time, before they would begin
performing their work away from our view inside the craft. Once they were done and
had left, we would sometimes move in. And I can tell you this, from one excursion that I
personally went on. Immediately afterwards the area smells so damned bad of chemical
signatures that it can literally blind you.

Something about what they do creates this god awful smell; some military personnel
have been known to faint from it. The other animals like predatory creatures stay away,
insects even dye upon approaching the freshly returned carcass. Even we with our gas
masks fail to remain fully immune from the chemical odor.

Anyhow, we could see that the animals had certain organs removed, cut open by laser
or a very sharp instrument. The animals were indeed being used for purposes all their
own. We were not allowed to question it either. The local rancher community hated
this, as it cost them lots of money; practically ruining some family ranching businesses
from the repeated abductions and mutilations.

And this is why you so often would find these animals in areas inaccessible to people by
foot, usually in fields located in very remote areas. And it is also why you would find no
traces of struggle or even blood for that matter. Plus we later learned that the blood
was usually extracted from the body in addition to most of the glandular organs and
reproductive organs.

But now it is solely the Military. The military is responsible for the largest number of
animals being killed throughout the area. And sometimes things don’t go right. On
occasion equipment would be left behind, tracks would be left visible. And even on one
occasion vials of bio agent (ricin) were left behind. That incident caused a furor with
Installation Command, whereby the whole damned detachment had to be sent out to
look for the lost vials. The military is in the business of injecting these animals with
whatever they choose. And then they wait, conduct some tests, pull samples and leave.
Even the military goes to great lengths to clear their tracks.

We on occasion will conduct these operations from onboard the Grey’s craft, but we
also perform them using helicopters as well. And I tell you this because UFOs seen in
the area are not meant for a diversionary tactic, they are used as a logistical advantage.
And it is more than just these reasons alone. The military uses some animals as test
subjects due to the exposure they receive from radioactive fallout of the many
conducted nuclear tests in the area. And I could go on about this, but the point is that
the Greys limit their activities whereas the military does not. The military is much more
active with abductions of animals, and now … humans.

I was told that in 1992 a program began to test the affects of the Greys tractor beam
technology on humans. Instead of using themselves, the bastards began taking
innocent victims. Only God knows what became of these individuals. By some accounts
through my intelligence channel I’ve heard the number was as high as fifty people taken
through this program. I sometimes think what else; what in the hell else are they
possibly doing to these poor people? Now I hope you can understand why I am trying to
expose this place.

Understood … Colonel, just a few more questions; please. I promise.

(I could see that the Colonel was becoming very agitated so, again, I had to change the
direction of the discussion to ensure his continued participation allowing me to ask a few
more important questions.)

Can you please provide me with an accurate description of the facility? People are
going to ask about this; especially knowing that the previous descriptions are from
inaccurate sources.

Level 1 is essentially a four part area.

There is a large Garage used to house the facilities seldom used HMMWV trucks.
Adjoining that area is a warehouse/hangar a very large space that is almost always
empty and there is a set of hangar bay doors approximately 60 feet wide by 30 feet
high. The only equipment in the hangar back then was six helicopters. There were two
AH-1G HueyCobras, two UH-1 Iroquois and Two Sioux Scouts; these were used to
regular patrol by DSD-3 and could be seen by the townspeople of Dulce on regular
occasions for years. I’m told that today they are using two AH-64D Apache Longbows,
which replaced the Cobras. And that the Iriquois and Sioux Scouts have also been
replaced by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

So a lot has changed since I retired. And this is the area I told you of, where the security
division officer originally took me on our way to meet the Grey working in the lab.

The upper level also houses corridors used by Greys. These areas were kept at higher
temperatures with built in humidification systems and equipped with special low
lighting to accommodate the Greys. Areas of Human scientific R&D offices were also
located in two larger adjoining corridors with environmental levels suitable for humans.
Installation Command Headquarters was located on level 1, as well as DSD-3 offices.
And there was also the Visitor Processing Center that was a set of offices next to two
specially designated elevators that went down to an area of level 3 that was the Maglev
Transport HUB.

Level 2 is multi part area much like level one, but this is the section of Dulce that is like a
small city. You have temporary living quarters for DSD-3 personnel and other military
personnel requiring stays at Dulce. There is the primary Data Center used for ECHO and
Installation Commands administrative purposes. There are also the primary scientific
labs used for the ongoing work conducted by the various teams of contractors.
Also on Level 2 is the Cafeteria which has a coffee station, salad bar, everything you
would imagine. And there is the Commissary, again having anything you could require.
These were in place because you had lots of people who needed basic everyday things.
Plus there is the Medical Ward, seldom used, except for rare work related stress, or
from typical small accidents occurring in labs. On Level 2 there is a gym with a pool with
a small steam room. So essentially you had many amenities that you would need to
placate and sustain a large population of workers. But the most enigmatic area of Dulce
is definitely Level three; a part of it at least.

On level 3 there is one corridor called Maximum Containment Corridor (MCC); this is the
real ‘Nightmare Hall’.

In the same manner that Area 51 burns off dangerous toxic waste above ground in
burning pits; we have a similar process at Dulce. When we humans create our own
genetic, biological and chemical mistakes here at Dulce, this is where they go to be
destroyed. And only a very few select individuals are allowed in, ever. Their purpose is
to dispose of any incoming rejected element, living or not.

Inside MCC there are unbreakable, high-tempered “glass containment units”, used to
serve as final holding areas for larger subjects. Also there are also class four biocontainment
cabinets used for special and careful handling of pathogenic organisms
(bacteria) and agents (viruses).

At the same time when the Leandro Canyon TA-D3 facility was completed, new ‘Black
Bio-Genetic Programs’ began. This is the development of ‘Ultimate-Soldiers’ also known
as ‘Super-Soldiers’. These programs involve conducting both Human/Grey &
Human/Animal gene-splicing experiments.

I received confirmed intelligence that one of the experiments had gone seriously awry,
creating a deadly incident leaving as many as 20 people dead, including the very two
Ultimate-Soldiers responsible. In 1993 at TA-D3 there was a mass killing of 20 people
part of a scientific contingent; most all of them Research Geneticists. Two Ultimate-
Soldier test subjects, during transport back to MCC at TA-D1 on level 3, escaped.

They were being sent back for impending termination at MCC. This is what MCC is for.
These two went berserk (naturally) and ripped the victims’ limb from limb before
snapping their necks and excising their internal organs, while some where still alive. It
was so horrendous that all activities in all three facilities were suspended for a week.
Non-Military personnel were sent home, and operations ceased until order could be
reestablished and a cover-up could be implemented. These two subjects were attempts
at creating Scimitor/Human hybrids by unlocking dormant Grey genetic markers
believed to be Scimitor.

But one has to ask, “What the hell are we thinking creating Ultimate-Soldiers?”
The last I checked we already had Ultimate Soldiers; they’re our Special Operations
Units such as Force Recon, SEALs, TACPs, Rangers, Green Berets, etc. so I ask you,
“What are they doing by trying to create some mutant killing machine?” I know from
my intelligence sources that this is exactly what the newer darker element who took
over Dulce is prone to introduce. And I’m not sure what it is, but I am told that they
justify all of this with crazy rationale to conduct these types of experiments; probably,
terrorism. But let me get back to Level 3.

On Level 3 the area where we interact with the lower level Greys are called XFER1 and
XFER2; these are the two primary transfer areas which use special heavy load elevators
to deposit or pick up a whole array of items. But the XFER area and MCC are what we
called the Dark Side of level three. Because there is a less threatening section of level
three where there were several (almost never used) meeting facilities, a cryogenics lab,
and a highly guarded Data Center used only by DSD-3.

And probably one of the most interesting places is where DSD-3 houses its detainment
area, called “Glasshouse.” It’s a jail constructed of transparent walls using the same
unbreakable, high-tempered glass, made to house as many as 100 individuals. This is
the area where the dissident Greys were housed when they first defected. After it was
established they were not a threat, they were then moved to their corridors on level 1.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
But what about the shuttles you mentioned earlier?

Yes. Finally, in the largest area of level three is the “Maglev Transport HUB”. This part
of the level is the farthest away from the transfer areas and MCC which adjoin one
another, way on the other end of level three. The contractors never see the other side,
MCC or XFER unless they have business there.

Now on this side … this area is “very clean” and resembles all the other human areas.
The level of traffic and activity in the HUB is quite busy throughout the day. But mostly
at the 5:00 AM arrival time, and at the 5:00 PM departure time.

There are six shuttles that run through the Dulce HUB; all operated by Bechtel under a
contract with Department of Energy. The initial rail system was created by Bechtel.
Later 'General Dynamics Corporation' through a Federal contract with the DoE was
awarded a no-bid contract to construct a High-Speed Rail System using Maglev
Technology. Today, unless they have changed the routes, these are the destination
points from Dulce HUB:
Shuttle A1 – Departs to Los Alamos (LANL TA-3)
Shuttle A2 – Departs to Kirtland AFB, Cannon AFB
Shuttle A3 – Departs to WSMR, Holloman AFB
Shuttle B1 – Departs to Groom Lake, (AFFTC DET-3) – Area 51
Shuttle C1 – Departs to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake
Shuttle C2 – Departs to Edwards Air Force Base (Connecting HUB)

Edwards AFB is the largest Maglev Transport HUB in the entire country, with connectors
going to more locations throughout the South, South East, and Midwest plus the East
Coast. This is in addition to also connecting to NAVBASE San Diego, homeport of
the Pacific Fleet. The Edwards AFB HUB is essential to all underground Maglev transport
and travel. The only known Maglev HUB I know of shut down, is the Presidio of
Monterey; it is very seldom used, if ever.

Colonel, what do you know about “Thomas Edwin Castello”, did he really exist? This is
what people are really going to want to know.

That story is not real. If I cannot validate the existence of Thomas Edwin Castello, no one can.

That name never appeared on any documentation or in the DSD-3 Personnel Database.
When that whole story emerged I looked long and hard at the data noting down the
various names of the principles involved. And I am telling you with all conviction that I
had my sources within my intelligence circles access the DSD-3 Personnel Database to
check; they double checked, and found nothing validating the name Thomas Edwin
Castello, or such a person ever having been to Dulce.

I even hired a Private Investigator to attempt to locate ‘Thomas Edwin Castello’ and his
supposed family (Eric Castello, son and Cathy Castello, wife) … he found nothing. This
man and his family simply do not exist.

I personally conducted an extensive independent search within the National Archives
and Records Administration database and nothing turned up. I also performed an
exhaustive search in the Social Security Administration Death Index and nothing turned
up. Finally, a search in all the known U.S. Military Personnel Locator Databases for
Castello, with him being a supposed ‘USAF Sergeant’, also turned up nothing.

However, if with a twist if strange irony … my search efforts managed to turn up a HAM
Radio operator named ‘Thomas E. Castello’ in Roswell, New Mexico. Yes, that Roswell;
very strange indeed. The problem was that the age of the Roswell subject simply did
not match with the age of our subject who was born in 1941 in Glen Ellyn, IL;
supposedly. The Roswell Castello is not the person I sought.

I also sought birth certificates from both ‘Glen Ellyn’ and ‘Wheaton’ townships in IL.
Unfortunately, nothing turned up. Although, there are many Castello’s living in this part
of Illinois, and several of whom share the same first name of Thomas; none match our
subject’s birth date, birth year, or middle name or initial. There is no Thomas E.

Wow. That is going to unsettle a lot people who threw a lot of weight behind the
story being legitimate because of this person.

Well, there just isn’t anything to be found on this person. And my sources say he never
existed. You wanted Dulce, I gave you Dulce; the real Dulce.

Can you tell me about the Austra Albus; are these the tall Whites, Nordics or
Scandinavians as people call them? You really didn’t touch on them, as much as you
did the Greys.

No, they are not Scandinavian; however, the Austra Albus are a new unique genetic
creation made through generations of interbreeding with humans to sustain their own
primary lineage going back to the Progenitors who the Greys say are their creators.

Today, the Austra Albus represent the world’s most powerful cabal of men whose
wealth is so great that they control everything; politics, religion, society, and who can
even determine wars including their outcomes. That is how powerful they are.

If you recall, the tablets found during the Muroc Expedition showed the discovery of a
second group; non-human beings … the Austra Albus. They were also known to be often
called Achromia and Illumina – names found hundreds of times. The writings show that
this human-alien hybrid is very human in appearance. And indications are that they are
the primary group in the alien periphery, because of their direct lineage to the
Progenitor race. Again, as I have said before … the Greys (Eloah) are a mutant subspecies
with no Progenitor DNA. They are a unique creation using genetic material from
the Progenitor home world and biological life forms discovered along the way here; to
our solar system.

Today the Astra Albus, now very much human in both anatomy and appearance,
considers themselves superior to everyone. And these are the Illuminati; or “the
Enlightened Ones.” They control everything.

You mentioned that they hoped the Greys would die off in the Mesa. Why is that?
According to the tablets, the Eloah (Formicidae or Greys) had been put there by the
Austra Albus. They were told that this would be an ideal home for the sub species to
thrive and to rebuild, and to recover from a disease that was plaguing them.

They Greys were dying. But in reality, they learned, somehow, that this relocation and
this new phantom sickness plaguing them, was in fact a methodical plan to eliminate
them. And that they were really sent there to die; that was the real intention of the
Austra Albus. They fooled them and brought them here under the guise that it was to
help them rebuild their species back to full strength.

The Austra Albus told them that a local healthy human population was close by and
large enough to sustain the two groups for generations, both as food and as slaves, thus
allowing them to reengineer their DNA to successfully fight off the many diseases
afflicting them; one in which the Austra Albus and Humans seemed to be immune from.
This was integral to the location’s selection. The local humans could be captured and
studied towards a cure, and the local geology provided a subterranean habitat large
enough to occupy. But what the Greys did not know, was that the virus which was
killing them was in fact a disease which the humans could (not) offer a cure for.

To survive they would need a genetically pure Austra Albus to do use as a medical
subject. And they were fast disappearing and this was something the Grey could never
hope to attain. So the Greys felt safe here, as it was isolated far enough away from
active human populaces who were already aware of and wary of the sub-species, whom
they had once worshiped as Demigods.

Through a campaign of propaganda engineered by the Austra Albus, Humans began to
see the Greys as monsters and abominations. Humans were given many false stories of
their wrong doings, secretly circulated by the Albus, of acts which included the eating of
human flesh, performing genetic creations (half-man, half-animal). But worst of all was
the kidnapping of human children for use as slaves; even though this was untrue.

So extracting the Grey from the human world was exactly what the Austra Albus saw fit
to do. If the sub-group died off; the Austra Albus, who wanted the human population to
forget about their own origins including those of the Austra Albus, could succeed. So
having the Greys remain alive meant that the memories of their true origins might linger

The Greys write that the Austra Albus needed the humans to forget about them coming
from another world. This was so that the (Austra Albus) could facilitate an easy
integration into the human world for purposes of control, wealth and servitude; in other
words, unrealized perpetual slavery.

Are you saying the Greys are the good guys?

No. The lower level Greys we know today and the Austra Albus are both malevolent
species. Neither of them is good. They both see themselves as superior to humans and
have every intention of ruling us. It’s all in the tablets. But both groups have
underestimated humans. The Greys are near extinction. And the Austra Albus are
fading away.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
How much do you know about the history of the Progenitors?

Well, like I mentioned before … their writings tell us that their planet was dying and they
needed to find a colony. Our solar system had the two best options for them. All we
know is that they had a large civilization on Mars until some celestial catastrophe
occurred, sending them here to earth.

But coming to Earth would mean taking on some high levels of genetic engineering to
force quick physiological adaptations to survive here. After trying to force quick
mutative adaptations, much failure had led them to concede in creating a new successor
race with their own genetic foot print. They created the Anu who thrived for eons; and
then the original Progenitor race over time, died off.

At the time of the Anu, the Progenitors had created the Greys, which the progenitors
saw fit to serve the Anu, and then the Austra Albus. When the Anu began to die, they
did the same as their creator and made a genetically enhanced (better version) of the
Anu, called Austra Albus.

Unfortunately, The Austra Albus were handed the same fate as their progenitors. Their
modified genome began to fail them. Unexpected changes in the Earth’s environment,
mostly greater levels of radiation from the sun, began to corrupt their DNA. Their only
salvation would come through splicing their own genes with humans to produce a new
species capable of successfully interbreeding with. But the Austra Albus created many
generations of humans before finally achieving the one for whom they would accept
and be able to breed with naturally. This is the modern human.
Over time the Austra Albus would create two castes; the elite caste and the worker
caste. Today the elite caste represents a secret group of high powered, selective
wealthy elitists. And this lineage is a Alien-Human hybrid line.

So that is what you meant when you said “Homo sapiens received elements of Austra
Albus genetics for very specific reasons?”

When the Anu too became sick, just like the Progenitors; they needed to create an
offspring genetically enhanced and better suited for surviving on Earth. They created
Austra Albus. This group was a pure lineage, and was around for thousands of years
after the Anu had perished. But they too shared some strong genetic predisposition
that kept them from adapting to the Earths ever changing environment. Their last
chance of survival would be through interbreeding with the earliest vestiges of

The writings say that what resulted from the initial efforts was that they created a new
species more beautiful than their own. And this fact was important to our own
continuation. You see … the Austra Albus was an intimidating figure; very tall with super
pure gray/white skin (no color), with a vast variety of eye colors. Just like the Anu, and

Their bone structure was much more pronounced than that of the soft rounded human
appearance. The Austra Albus possessed a more linear and hardened appearance
defining their skeletal facial structure. There faces were longer and thinner, and their
eyes twice as large … not at all like human eyes. For instance, the illustrations made by
Greys of the Austra Albus, and through descriptions of their early appearance showed
that there were no visible "whites of the eye" (the sclera), just a beautiful array of light
colored irises and transparent pupils that resembled clear pools of reflective liquid.

And do we have proof of this?

Certainly, there are images on the many metallic sheets (tablets) we found. Both
images and writings showed that the Anu had many eye colors, which included violet,
gray, green, hazel, and the most common colors being brown and blue. This was in
stark difference to early humans who had a very visible sclera (white area of the eye), a
much smaller iris with only one range of eye color (very light brown to very dark brown -
almost black). And again, this is all according to the writings found.

Humans had to be genetically modified in order to create a group successful of
interbreeding with Austra Albus.

After the successful creation of the first generation of species able to interbreed, the
results produced the first true generation of people whom the Austra Albus immediately
accepted. They accepted them for their beauty and for the diversity of the appearance,
which was a striking difference to the Austra Albus who shared a strong consistent
commonality in appearance.

But in addition to the beauty was the greater level of simplicity of the new hybrid
species’ genome … which was now almost identical to their own, thus allowing them the
ability to better understand it, and to seemingly change it at will.

But despite the initial successes, the new hybrid species was not attaining the
intellectual capacity of the Austra Albus and more work would be required to elevate
their abilities. This would mean augmenting the layered structure of the new species
cerebral cortex. It took some time, but it says that they created a large enough cortex
to allow the species to grasp advanced language skills, higher mathematics and the
many sciences.

Once they accomplished this, the new species proved far more capable and even
formidable as a counterpart than they had envisioned. But still the Austra Albus was
mostly revered by all the generations of those who they had created.

The earlier created “imperfect generations” died off; as they were never allowed interbreeding
with any later generations. And this resulted in the perfected version that
they had hoped for. This later newest hybrid species they created is the modern
humans; us.

Two things occurred. One group was used for marinating the Austra Albus lineage and
subsequent ruling castes. The other group simply became a servant caste; and this is
who we represent today. The others are the Illuminati.

How are we using all of this information? And why are we, and even government
allowing someone to control them?

Okay, good question. Let me put in a way that might make sense…
I learned that right now, in Dulce, some of our research geneticists are trying to discover
the remains of one of the Scimitor Grey sub-species. This is what my intelligence
channel has told me and just one of the many reasons why I am talking to you now.
Imagine if such a group were to ever surface using Grey technology, and possessing the
intellectual capacity of Greys. I hate to think of the outcome. It wouldn’t be good for

The dark element of Dulce is attempting to gain a complete picture of the Grey Scimitor
sub-species’ genetic code (if they can obtain it) to experiment with sequencing their
DNA for these damned Ultimate Soldier programs they are conducting.

This is the kind of work they are really interested in, and are now performing…
Massive modified testosterone and steroidal injections, coupled with Extracellular
matrix for rapid healing; Genetic Brain Reconstruction of the Frontotemporal Lobes for
rapid recall and super fast mind calculations; Deep Brain Stimulation to allow selective
brain areas to be turned on or off allowing higher focus and greater brain utilization;
Brain Plasticity to allow the brain the ability to grow and adapt … even Neurogenesis, to
grow new cells.

And who do you think they are testing this on … volunteer soldiers? No! It is innocent
humans; unwilling participants in their game of playing God. That’s right; I’ve already
told you, and this is why are also abducting people now. MILABS; read up on it.
But what is sick, is that we learned this from the Greys. We didn’t invent this. And now
we accept this as a regular practice for the advancement of the military and our
“protection”; but protection from whom? God dammed it. That was always the big
problem, there was never an enemy that justified such paranoia and validation for this
disturbed work we are now involved in.

But now; today, we have a firmly established enemy who is perfect for use towards
propagating this charade; terrorists. So now this work will never cease to receive
funding, and the experimentation may never end. High powered individuals from
various administrations have been apart of this effort since the 1970’s, as have many
others in our government who partake in the windfall of dollars created through
contracting under this black umbrella of secrecy.

If you are like everyone else, you think in terms of a bi-partisan establishment, but guess
what? There is no bi-partisan establishment, there is only one, and they are controlled
through the highest of orders dating back to the very beginnings of our earliest
civilizations. The writings found throughout the caverns tell us this.

The Austra Albus have successfully infiltrated human ranks by becoming human. So you
see? With this integration of both of our genomes, they have attained what they have
always wanted; the perfect subservient compatible sub-group. While they, the
Illuminati, rule.

Colonel, where are all these tablets now; the metal sheets? Who owns the today?

Everything is deep in a vault beneath Wright Patterson Air Force Base; stored away
permanently. The nature of studying the Greys and their history was concluded during
the 1980’s and the materials have been sealed permanently; forever. An unknown
shadow arm of the United States government owns them. This group owns the
oversight of all artifacts in the underground warehouse “The Vault” at Wright Patterson
and the last person to see and work on them was an Assyrian archeologist named [97]
Taha Baqir who helped our Linguists and Computer Scientists decipher some of the last
remaining algorithmic sequences found on the Grey tablets that were unlike any of the
others ever seen before; in the sense that they contained, seemingly, the key to both
inter-dimensional portals and time travel.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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RE: Dulce Insider Interview
And then the tablets were sealed?

Yes. I don’t think they will emerge from “The Vault” unless some other major discovery
is made necessitating their use. Never count that out. As we make discoveries and as
technology emerges that we do not understand, individuals will require access to the
tablets and I know that they’ll potentially resurface.

Colonel, there are many who have studied Deep Underground tunnels, i.e. Dr.
Richard Sauder, Mr. Dennis Balthaser, and Mr. Norio Hayakawa, among others.
When we first spoke by phone you said that you’ve reached out over the years to
various people regarding Dulce. I’m curious, do you know Norio Hayakawa, and did
you ever meet him or the others?

I do not know him personally, but I know a lot about him, as I do any person whose
name comes up in circles related to Dulce. This also means I know everything there is to
know about every author, blogger, researcher, lecturer, etc. with regards to Dulce. As
you already know, I go to everything related to Dulce. So yes, as I mentioned before … I
was at the Dulce Conference he (Norio) organized in 2009 as well. As for the others, I
know of them but I have never met them. Although I did listen to Balthaser speak in

Was the helicopter at the event from DSD-3?

Yes. I was near a parking lot close to the Best Western Jicarilla Inn at 5:50 AM, sitting
with my wife, drinking my coffee when they flew directly over the building. There were
two helicopters, not one. One stayed around longer, hovering over the building. The
other circled the area then scanned some vehicles, including us before leaving. And you
better believe there was a military presence there. I can confirm that there were two
AFOSI investigators sitting there in the audience, who I personally recognized. In
addition to them, there were several recognizable LANL scientists.

What about John Lear; I have to ask about Mr. Lear because of involvement in recent
revelations about Dulce?

I really can't comment on John.

But why not, John Lear has been heavily involved in discussions on Dulce for years?
Well, because I knew John a long time ago; and I feel bad that he got swept up in the lies
behind the Castello story. John is innocent in all of this.

You really knew John Lear?

Yes, but I am not going to elaborate on the details of our relationship, other than it
occurred during my days working on Type-X events for the CIA; that’s when we met. He
was a pilot conducting CIA business, and I’ll leave it at that.

Listen … John is good American and was a hell of a pilot, and today he is serious
researcher whose only fault is that sometimes he trusts data from those who would
fabricate certain elements about matters … like Dulce.

He’s was there in Dulce in 1987, and he met with many of the principals from the
primary group of researchers and stake holders, those involved; people with historical
ties relating to the whole investigations that took place over the years. So I just cannot
fault him whatsoever, especially seeing as how he nearly killed himself almost driving off
the road and into the canyon when he was there. I read this in message board
somewhere. That just makes me laugh my ass off when I think about it. Personally, I
don’t know why the heck he didn’t just fly a plane over the Mesa plateau?

In any event, what I will tell you about John is this… He knows more than anyone could
imagine. And that’s coming from my own intelligence channel, including our mutual
friend and many others who have access to the classified government data repositories
we work from; CIA, NSA, you get the picture. And John might even have access to MJ-12
documents no one else has ever seen outside the Majestic periphery. And that’s how
important John is.

Am I saying his information Dulce is accurate? My answer is emphatically no; however,
his assumption that something is there is 100% accurate. He simply fell into the falsities
behind the Castello story. That is not his fault.

Right now John is focused on the Moon. Why do you think that is?

Because he knows that there is a base on the far side and even buildings and supporting
infrastructure visible on the near side which was all created by the Greys a long time
ago. All of it abandoned when the species began to weaken, to the point of barely being
able to leave the caverns. That’s why there is no activity but ample evidence of their
having once been there. It’s up to us now, if we really want to get our hands on this
legacy left behind.

I believe that the technology that is on the moon surpasses the level of technology we
receive from the Greys today. My understanding is that there were Greys who chose to
stay there operating the bases on the moon but that they died over time due to a lack of
life sustaining resources.

In my heart, I know that’s why John is looking to the moon so damned much. My NASA
insider tells me that John unknowingly is an acquaintance of someone ‘very important’
who I also happen to know. This is someone so important that if he were to leave us,
our whole intelligence channel would be immediately affected and at a loss of pretty
important network outside of our reach.

This person is the last remaining member of COM-12 and the most important provider
of our Moon and Mars intelligence. And that’s why he (John) is putting all his chips in
and betting on the moon as our next endeavor. Why, because he knows it is.
Try to remember what I told you earlier; Project Horizon was not a feasibility study
about us possibly living and working on the moon. It was a plan devised to recover
abandoned Grey technology on bases already there. I know that within time at least one
of our astronauts will disclose what they saw; Grey bases on the moon. And remember,
Corso had direct involvement with Project Horizon.

So whatever you do, don’t believe the current NASA administration. Our focus is not
Mars… it is in fact the Moon. The evidence is there. Why do you think that we never
point our satellites equipped with advanced photographic means at the moon? We can
take a picture of a daily headline on a newspaper in Tokyo from Low Earth Orbit, but in
30 plus years, no high resolution images of the moon exist. And there are no high-def
pictures of the far or near side either.

And the same goes for Mars. Buzz Aldrin who was the Lunar Module pilot on Apollo
11, the first manned lunar landing in history, told the world live on C-SPAN that a
monolith exists on the moon. Do you think he was crazy? Hell no! He knows damned
will that there are unexplained mysteries that exist in our universe, our own back yard
that are not natural and were created and placed in plain view for us to one day

If you recall, recently they cancelled all plans to go to the moon. Well, now you know
why. We cannot provoke others in to exploring the moon. If we stay away and show no
interest, they’ll reciprocate. But the minute we begin showing interest, they too will
begin to explore the moon and we simply cannot risk it. Imagine if an enemy state were
to acquire the level of technology, possibly a more advanced level, than we now
possess? This would be catastrophic and displace the level of order in the Geo-political

The evidence is there if you look. You can gain access to NASA Technical Report R-
277 which proves it. There is evidence that our astronauts observed and listened to
sounds coming from one of the Grey bases on the moon, if not multiple bases. There
are many ancient Grey artifacts to be discovered there. Gary McKinnon opened a can of
worms and validated the claims from people like Karl Wolf, Carol Rosin among others.
The evidence is there and I am telling you, it is real … all of it.

I was great. You loved it. [Image: 7D47_4E962234.gif]
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