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The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
lop guest
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11-13-2012 04:06 PM


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The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
by Russell Scott

As some of you reading this may already know, this is the 4th entry in the " FAKE!" series. My other entries include exposing Storage Wars, Auction Hunters and Pawn Stars as 100% staged "Reality-TV". To date; my articles have been read by hundreds-of-thousands of readers. I have received supportive letters, angry letters, threatening letters, but never a let[/hide]ter from any of the production companies that represent these programs, no they wouldn't dare.

They wouldn't dare expose themselves to the scrutiny of the media as the legitimacy of these shows is unquestionable; they're totally phony.

American Pickers is no different.

Con't @
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Wolf Pup
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11-13-2012 04:09 PM

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RE: The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
This was posted like last week. Are you a bot?

"When life hands you a lime....."

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lop guest
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11-13-2012 04:09 PM


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RE: The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
Obviously.. If they had any blls they would buy the entire facility where they go.. instead of nitpicking petty little crap..

"I will offer you 19.5k for everything."
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11-13-2012 04:09 PM

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RE: The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
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lop guest
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11-13-2012 04:23 PM


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beermug RE: The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE! sisters husband jack is an antiquer, ( most of his stuff is just junk) but she called the show...and they came out and filmed at his farm. There was no pre show negotiating, and the day they came they didn't buy anything, but it was great publicity for jacks business.....

whats so 'fake' about that? ...except that EVERYTHING dealing with TV is f*ckin what else is new...
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11-13-2012 05:19 PM

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RE: The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
tv is fake..whaaat. oh stop.
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11-13-2012 05:39 PM

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RE: The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
A quick reply. I am an antique dealer in upstate NY. The American Pickers were calling around looking for someone with a barn of interesting stuff. I sent them to a friend who is also a picker and has lots of stuff. They send out scouts first, then if the picking is good, they send the American Pickers with crew.


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― J. Richard Gott III, Time Travel in Einstein's Universe: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time
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lop guest
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11-13-2012 06:35 PM


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RE: The History Channel's American Pickers is FAKE!
ha ha f*ckin ha...I contacted sis about this and now for once, ( on this stupid ass site) I can confirm without any doubt that the orig poster is full of shit....hahahahahahah...bunch a california hippy dumbasses...

here's the reply from sis when i questioned her about their experience with the pickers...

Not how things went w/us. I did contact them thru their website initially
hoping to entice them here and the production company responded thru facebook. We became 'friends' and I sent a collection of some pictures I took to show a sampling of the kind of stuff Jack has. - Several weeks later - they contacted me to say they wanted to send a couple 'scouts'. One of the scouts has appeared on several episodes and has been referred to by Frank as their 'mentor' [the guy that
keeps telling Frank he overpaid for his collector cars]. We REALLY liked
this guy (he's in the Chicago area) and have kept touch. He's been back a couple times to buy from us.

After they had been here - it was another couple weeks or so before we heard that we had been selected. I believe there is a team that includes Frank & Mike that look at all the stuff the scouts bring back to the table. We did NOT get a check.

On the day scheduled for filming - the guys drove down from Chicago in
their van [yes, followed by several additional vehicles - I believe there
were about 10 people total involved in the production including Frank &
Mike] - on their way they did stop at a place of interest -
free styling as they call it. Bought some stuff, but did not film at that
location - although, sometimes they will if the place is really interesting.

At our place - yes, it was somewhat staged, but they do actually come in and do the picking - nothing was pre-selected [although we had discussed w/the scouts a few items that would most likely be of interest]. Not to say that is what they bought. They actually did spend a bit - maybe $1400???? Total.
Someone on the production crew keeps track of all the offers they make that we accept and we were paid cash before they left. They probably filmed something like 8 hours that was edited down to the 15-20 min. TV spot. Not everything they bought made it on TV. While Jack and I really enjoyed our first contact w/the scouts [much more genuine and NO cameras] - Frank & Mike are the real deal - nice guys, a little stressed by all the brew ha ha assoc. w/television - but not the fake scenario you suggested from your email.

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