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Hand-reared baby gorilla gets new surrogate mother
Albrecht Bear
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05-25-2021 10:23 AM

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Hand-reared baby gorilla gets new surrogate mother
Quote:An infant gorilla that has been hand-reared at a UK zoo now has a surrogate mother after being abandoned by his mother.

Western lowland gorilla Hasani, who was born in August last year at Bristol Zoo Gardens, was cared for by keepers after his birth mother, Kala, struggled to look after him.

It meant a six-strong team taking it in turns to be with him around the clock for seven months during which he needed feeding up to eight times a day.

[Image: 43396571-9614965-image-a-1_1621901736712.jpg]

Two months ago, keepers reintroduced him to his mother hoping that she would be able to care for him.

Curator of mammals Lynsey Bugg said: 'We really wanted to get them back together and give Kala another chance to look after him.

'Once Hasani was sufficiently mobile and physically ready for it, we felt the time was right to try them together again.

'But despite Kala being very keen to begin with, over time she continued to show the worrying signs of not being able to cope.

'We really tried everything we could every day over several weeks but in the end we had to accept that it wasn't working.'

After a week's break, keepers turned to 16-year-old Kera to see if she could take on the role of surrogate mother.

Ms Bugg said the introductions began with Hasani and Kera limited to touching through an open partition that Hasani only was able to move through.

Keepers stayed close by and on hand but were able to progress to giving them full access to each other after a few days.

Eventually they left the two of them together and watched on TV monitors from a different part of the gorilla house, ready to step in if things did not go well.

It is the first time Kera has looked after an infant.

[Image: 43396563-9614965-image-a-3_1621902126407.jpg]

It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right. - Winston Churchill
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Strange Candy staff
Cracker Casserole
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05-25-2021 10:27 AM

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RE: Hand-reared baby gorilla gets new surrogate mother
aaaw super sweet. I'm glad they helped create such a union. No baby should be without loving parents.

[Image: v9wz05Q.gif]
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lop guest
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05-25-2021 11:39 AM


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unsure RE: Hand-reared baby gorilla gets new surrogate mother
What if aliens hadn't changed the facial look of the apes when they created humans from them...

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