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Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
Joshua Flynn
lop guest
User ID: 17323
02-13-2011 07:06 AM


Post: #1
Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
Note: please don't quote this post!. It is extremely lengthy. Write a generalised reply - I will know what you mean!

Forward Mention:

This was originally designed with the "other place" in-mind, before receiving additional modifications for another forum. Apologises if any links are broken/get modded. Although I politely ask the moderators don't so the information can remain fully intact, as it's quite important!

To help the post's length (so it doesn't appear as a wall of text), I've broken up the various sub-sections into hidden sections so you can just open/close the sections you're interested in.

I wanted to say, I wasn't sure whether or not I should post these details. I didn't want to cause any kind of panicking and rash decisions as a result, however, I didn't want to leave anyone in the dark of impending trouble either.

Apply common sense!

Expand the following sections to read more about them:

TL;DR (Short-hand version)

Magnetic field causing extreme weather. Extreme weather has nothing like it on record. Extreme weather destroying crops. Food prices going up. People rioting. Governments preparing. Food shortages.


Original Theory Section [How I reached the conclusion.]
[Note: If you've already seen my thread/theory on "the other place", you don't need to read this bit.]

Sometime earlier I started a discussion speculating on the nature of headaches and mass animal deaths.

As noted here [with supporting reasoning, links, logic and summarised conclusion - full information for skeptics].

I had observed all the animals that died ['mysteriously'] were all migratory animals.

Further observation was all these animals had magnetic sensing abilities.

Information showed that the magnetic north pole was off.

In the case of the fish, the magnetic navigational error (beaching whales etc) was sufficient to cause death.

In birds, it was contributory, but not the main cause of death [as will be explained below].

The magnetic field of the earth (see here for supporting links) has been shown to influence the climate.

Likewise, so does the sun's magnetic field. [ and the CME, likewise.]

This has been altering our climate to these sudden extremes we have been seeing, introducing sudden and changing pressure fronts.

This is how the birds died; as they rose into the air ([Graphicthe blackbirds in Arkansas were noted at 1,500ft via weather radar [StormRebel verifies this]), the weather's changing pressure front caused alternobaric vertigo (difference in ear pressure from one side compared to the other) in the group. Suffering from vertigo and hindered magnetic navigational abilities, the confused birds crashed back into the ground, unable to stablise, as though dropping from the sky.

Other animal deaths (not noted in above link list) were the result of impaired magnetic navigation abilities (fish, whales - creatures with magnetic sensing abilities [EG migratory species]), environment (gulf of mexico - oil spill) or climate temperatures, depending respectively on circumstance.

However, the mass animal die offs are now the least of our worries.

They signal something, far, far worse. They are the indicators that there is something horribly wrong with our weather system.

This extreme weather system in turn is destroying our crops.

And this in turn increases food prices.

Triggering protectionism, causing  stock buy-outs, and further increases in prices.

These prices will cause people to panic and riot. History will show you [distressing wording] the desperation measures some went to.

But this is something you can see happening for yourselves, context and [additional] links provided below.

However, it is vital you keep calm and cool about this, that you don't panic.

Severe Weather Section:



Sri Lanka:

South Africa:

New Zealand:

Saudi Arabia:

Egypt and Israel:

[River Elbe]
[River Danube]


Britain [Note: Bursting point - though both Wales and a region near me have flooded]:

[Super Snowstorms]
"snowbanks in some places were already so high that drivers couldn't see around corners. In Washington, hundreds of thousands of customers lost electricity, as heavy snow toppled power lines."

"he season's first major snowstorm will sweep across the U.S. central Plains and western Midwest early this week, dumping up to 12 inches of snow"

"Queenslanders are being urged to prepare for the worst as two powerful cyclones threaten to batter the flood-ravaged state."
[As you might not be aware of, this was written prior to cyclone Yasi/Anthony. Yasi, being the first Catagory 5 cyclone, just further demonstrates this point.]
"CYCLONE Yasi has been upgraded to Category 5, and is now expected to hit right on high tide, increasing the potential for mass destruction."

[Weather report:]
Joe Bastardi, Weatherman for [Video] [WORTH WATCHING!]
"I believe the long-term climate is turning cold over the next twenty to thirty years"
"Something is going on, alright? Something bigger than you, and me, and all of us together - is going on - when you see something, you haven't seen before!"[2]

[2]This is coming from a professional weatherman, checking weather archives that date back many years.

Severe Weather Summary:
The point of highlighting all of this, is to show the current state that the entire earth is in, and what types of conditions the crops are trying to grow in. With such extreme conditions notably everywhere, there is a good chance crops will not grow at all, and our previous production supply has already been dented by other disasters.

Crops Destruction:

India, cash crops planted, forcing food prices up
"But his major worry is skyrocketing prices of vegetables and pulses. "Earlier, the village was self-sufficient as people used to grow different crops and vegetables. But now everyone follows the trend" [of planting cash crops - crops not typically usable as food].

India, Pulse crop ruined:
"the record-breaking cold wave which has destroyed 50% of Madhya Pradesh's pulse crops last month"
"This is a matter of concern considering the state accounts for 42% of the national supplies" [in India]

U.S. crop stockpile thins (google cache addition as Yahoo seems to have removed it for some reason):
http://no url shortners/5rrdv3e
"The United States, long the breadbasket to the world, is expected to confirm on Wednesday that its grain stockpiles are the lowest in years"
[Note it says stockpiles - it means they are running out of reserved/stored food!]

$370 Million Florida crop losses:
"The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has estimated 2.5 million cartons or cases of fruits and vegetables were lost during December — not including processed citrus. Officials said another 4 million cartons of produce are expected to be lost before the end of March"
[It's unclear if the $370 Million includes the 4 million carton loses or not - but if it doesn't, the cost will go up by more than twice the amount (2.5 + 4).]

Food shortage in Kenya:
"The food shortage will get worse in pastoral and marginal agricultural areas, a report says."
[They are having to reallocate food from other areas, again, depleting stocks]

Cyclone causes food shortage in Vanuatu:
"Most crops have been destroyed and many families face a difficult six months without adequate food or incomes."

Cyclone in Australia destroys food crops:
"VICTORIAN consumers face price rises of more than 70 per cent on basic vegetable and fruit items such as broccoli, cauliflower, nectarines and grapes because of flood damage."

TASMANIA lost a quarter of its vegetable crops to last week's floods:
"Farmers are forecasting losses of more than $1 million as the state begins to count the cost of the deluge."
"Onion, potato, lettuce and bean crops have been destroyed."

Mexico [AND THIS IS BIG! 80-100% of crops!]

"Mexico loses 80-100% of crops to freeze, US prices to skyrocket"
"which are having an immediate impact on prices at US grocery stores with more volatility to come"

Crops Destruction Summary:
Highlighting the current elements of crop destruction (not counting older ones, like those seen in Russia and other places during the middle of 2010 - Russia, a major grain exporter, had the worst in 1000 years!), demonstrates that the crop destruction from extreme weather is already in effect! And this is only the first month (of this year, but it's long been in effect prior)! This shows that there is a logical link of causation already established!

Note that this is a domino effect: When crops are destroyed in a region, people rely on crops from another [the US relying on Mexico for example]. And another. Pushing up prices...

Food Prices Section:

UN Food price index hit:
"According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) its food price index hit an all-time high"

Food prices rising, hitting consumers:
"The federal government is predicting that average food prices will increase up to 3 percent this year, but the cost of some things already has begun moving much higher."
"Beef was up 6.2 percent"
"Pork jumped 12.9 percent"

[Note: meat is a acculative, as grain is typically used to feed animals]

Food prices reduce dietry budget, Sudan:
"Prices seem to be rising gradually, but every week something jumps. Today, it's chicken. Last week, two kilograms of chicken cost me Dh22. Now it's Dh27; that's a 23 per cent rise"
"Fires in Russia, a heatwave in Argentina and floods in Australia, Pakistan, Laos, Cambodia and Canada have all affected the price of grains, fresh produce and legumes."

Shift in rand looks set to rise food prices, Johannesburg:
"But as the rand's strength deteriorates we could soon be in for a massive food price hike"

Food Prices soar as EMs stockpile:
"Food prices are soaring once again, spurred by emerging countries stockpiling stapleslike wheat and sugar in a bid to calm their panicking populations."

Inflation to rise due to oil and food price rises:
"A RBI official reported that the surge in the prices of oil and food on the domestic and global front would have a significant impact on inflation."

Record food prices inflame poor:
"Record food prices might fan social unrest (like in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt) and fuel inflation beyond North Africa, delegates at the World Economic Forum said yesterday"

World Leaders warn on rising food prices:
"The next economic war or conflict can be over the race for scarce resources , if we don't manage it together"

Food prices cause rioting:
"Unrest is starting again. Three people were killed and 420 injured in protests over milk and flour costs in Algeria this month."
[Indian] "Opposition parties have said they plan nationwide protests."
"Governments from Beijing to Belgrade are boosting imports, limiting sales or releasing stockpiles to curb food inflation."

[Note: The release of stockpiles is BAD - it means we're already using our reserve supplies.]

Food Prices Summary:
Denoting the food prices increase, shows the first symptom that the depletion of crops and stock supplies has already begun taking effect! It demonstrates that those in power of the food prices have already begun to take notice of the food losses.

There have been unverified reports of even government agencies buying up food stocks [this was unverified at time of writing, but is clearly verified later on]. This establishes the next link in the chain of causation of a domino effect disaster.

The key thing to bear in mind when taking this into account, is that food export/import is globally linked, and could easily cascade from one country to another as they implement anti-food loss strategies [EG hoarding] and protectionism.

Anyone who studied the pre-empt [Weimar Republic Germany] to WWII, food supplies during, and the state of the world after, will have a good idea of the scale of the impact that both an increase in food prices, and a decrease in currency value (both dollar and euro) can have.

The [pre-mentioned] link below demonstrates how the domino effect could easilly occur:

As countries stockpile, other countries panic, and switch to protectionism economics. Then problems arise...

Food Riots Section:

Food Riots a strong possibility:
"Agriculture ministers from Europe, Africa and Canada warned Saturday of dire consequences, including riots and social unrest, unless action is swiftly taken to improve food security and tackle price hikes."

Algerian food riots:
"The protests were triggered by a sudden hike in food prices. Staple items such as flour, sugar and cooking oil increased in price by an average of 30 percent in recent days."
[Note: I was once queried why food riots in Algeria mattered: poorer countries are usually the first sign in the pipeline of problems, and you don't want to wait until it gets local - it's too late then.]

Tunisia and Algeria see riots:
"Meanwhile, two people were killed in riots linked to food price increases and unemployment (this might sound familiar to the condition of other nations!) in Algeria."

[Note: Whilst the below link not related to this section, it is relevant, as per the summary:]

Shops hit by snow and panic buying:
"In some supermarkets there were long queues and empty shelves as shoppers began to panic buy amid fears food supplies would not reach stores in time"

Food Riots Summary:
The impact of rising food prices is already being felt in some countries, with the articles - snow panic buying included - demonstrating how people may easily and largely react if a food shortage were to occur.

The problem with talking about doing real-time buying in a food shortage is that large numbers of people have the exact same idea! Human nature is inherently unpredictable at best, and trying to fight your way amongst a crazed [possibly armed] mob (intent on doing the same thing) to get to a store to get some meagre food supplies is not only highly dangerous but can easily prove self-defeating - people can easily take said supplies off of you out of desperation. At this stage, it's too late.

Noted Preparations Section: (That is to say, groups already preparing in lieu of this)

Food hording by governments is pushing up prices
"hastily taken decisions by governments to mitigate the impact of the crisis, have actually contributed to or exacerbated the crisis and aggravated its impact on food insecurity"

FEMA buys up enough meals to feed 7 Million people, with a shelf life of 36 months [New Madrid 'Faultzone']
"meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations"

FEMA makes kids' game for preparation for survival of everything from earthquakes to...alien invasions?[1]
http://no url shortners/4lsz3dy
[1] Seriously. It does.

Even the government expects something survivable to occur (ruling out expectations of YellowStone erupting). What strikes me as odd is the location of food supplies near the anticipated problematic zone - if a disaster were to occur there, then it could also destroy the food supplies and camps.


I again strongly suggest you don't panic. But it appears very likely (being confirmed by numerous sources and the logic/reasoning behind this theory) that we will be facing food shortages.

Although scientists and world leaders claim not to anticipate a food shortage until at least 10 years away, it fails to explain why the world leaders are keen to suddenly tackle the issue (same guys who were rather lax regarding the climate change accord), and why scientists are now pressuring for new [even questionable] farming methods [note: I don't approve of their suggested methods - GMO never is, and never will be, the solution to man's problems - that is to do with morals and planning!], when this concern was never shown the previous year or any years prior.

All of the above, along with information down the pipeline, leads me to conclude the food shortages will occur in a year or less. I ask people not to panic.


(Un)frequently Made Comments/Questions Section:

It can't be the magnetic field that's causing it. Surely it's CO2 emissions?

No. Common misconception. There is no proof to back up this point (as in, no correlation between the current weather and CO2 emissions). This is ignoring other notable rumours of flaws (such as NASA tampering the data).

I supplied three sources that infer the weather is not caused by CO2:
1. A credible weatherman (Joe Bastardi) noting that nothing similar has been on record before.
2. A scientific abstract correlating magnetic pole movement to temperature
3. Scientific abstract saying the sun is linked to weather. [This is a basic known thing. Water cycle, jet stream, temperature, etc]

This stance is also illogical to take given the sun rose two days early in greenland. If it's light refraction, the colour of the sun would be different, if it was icecaps (of which they cannot prove, logically speaking) then it wouldn't have risen by two days early!

Notably this disagrees that CO2 is to blame:
"Given the unknowns, it's possible that even if we spend trillions of dollars, and forgo trillions more in future economic growth, to cut carbon emissions to pre-industrial levels, the climate will continue to change—as it always has."

In conclusion: All points above indicate clearly it's not CO2. If it was so, then a CO2 computer model would have forecast this, and this wouldn't have caught people by surprise.

If you disagree, supply proof it's the case. Supply the supporting computer model for it.

America is the breadbasket of the world! We're safe!

No, no you aren't. In fact, if you look at the daily weather reports, if you check out the severe weather links - you will find that your very own nation is getting utterly hammered by massive snowstorms and severe weather fronts. Florida lost $370 million dollars worth of crops. Alone.

To put that in context, imagine 370 million as a number: $370,000,000. Now imagine an average income. Let say $40,000 [if anyone disagrees, tweak the numbers as you see fit]. Let's assume half of that goes to food per year. $20,000.

That is enough food to feed 18,500 families. For a YEAR - 3 meals, per day, for 356 days of the year. Assuming $250 for one month, that's enough to feed 1,480,000 families for a month!

You just lost enough food in a couple of WEEKS to feed 1,480,000 [one million four hundred and eighty thousand] families (4 people per digit) for a month!

Now consider, that the US crop losses are going to be even greater than this! Mexico lost 80-100 percent of theirs! Who are they going to turn to get food from? Who will the rest of the world turn to, to get food from when theirs run out?

You aren't safe. If your crops are lucky enough not to get destroyed, they will get taken by those who are without food - looters from other nations - if other countries see that you aren't sharing your food with them, they will take it by force. Either way, you lose. Don't even think you can fight the world (China alone had one sixth of the world's pop - most of which is a fighting army).

Your country isn't safe. Being complacent about the situation is not the answer.

The birds didn't die due to the magnetic field...

Quite right, which is why I mention the cause of death is "alternobaric vertigo" [unstable pressure]. I note the magnetic sensing abilities are contributory. There may be additional information that links their dizziness/unstable flight patterns with the magnetic sensing abilities.

What the animals have in common is that they have magnetic sensing abilities [EG Migratory animals]. Precisely why isn't entirely clear. Later information may refute this point.

What should I do?

Depends on the situation. Personally speaking, seek advice from a survival expert.

At minimum, have 3 months worth of food stocks on hand (Include nutrients - rice alone won't cut it. You'll need a variety of canned/tinned goods etc). Be sure to plan food storage with the fact the electricity will not be functional (so you will need some way of storing it and cooking it off grid).

Medium-ish, aim for 6 months supply. Obtain items like water filters and purification tablets (be aware too much iodine [used in purification tablets] can cause hyperthyroidism). Wind-up torches, supplies you'd deem necessary etc.

Long term, aim for 1 years supply

Be sure to properly calculate how much food people eat in a day.

Bear in mind you could be facing flooding, extreme cold/extreme heat, rioting/looting mobs, armed gangs. Study knowledge on how to make full use of the environment around you.

Again, I stress ask a survival expert. Feel free to post in this thread.

I've got advice/links to more information/etc

Feel free to post advice, additional weather/food shortage links etc.

Should I move? / Where should I move to?

Way too extreme! I am not the best person to ask. I am not at all familiar with America/other locations, and this may severely impact your family or your way of living. Consult the necessary experts, use common sense and plan accordingly.

I'm already prepared

Good. Feel free to help others out, suggest tips, hints, ideas.

You may even want to group up with people and work together?

There's a broken link in this post

Please quote the specific line of text you are clicking on in the thread, and I'll try to supply a working link.

Why did it take you so long to post? This stuff is old!

Firstly, as per the 'Forward Mention', I didn't want to scare people unduly - that is to say, I wanted to check the information out, wait a few days to see if the weather maintained a consistent pattern, and see what everybody else was saying sometime afterwards. Conversely, the original post on "the other place" was pretty early (14/01/11 - DD/MM/YY). This is the same point, but expanded and in-depth to convince anyone still in denial.

This post alone took me between 6-10 hours to write/convert for LOP (manually), and to error check all the links to see if they were functioning [of which, 10+ were broken or expired]. During that time, I suffered two power outages to the laptop, and one website virus for unknown reasons [it powered down the laptop and tried to rewrite windows] - I however kept a backup and a Linux LiveCD on hand. Someone really doesn't want you guys to see this stuff.

I've had dreams about end of the world stuff

Post it! This stuff is useful to me! If you're worried about the public spotlight, see below!

I wanted to speak privately/I've got information I wish to share, but not publicly.

If that's the case you can contact me at [email protected] (if you want to bypass the junk filter, put LOP [in capital letters] in the subject header - it will be automatically rerouted pass the junk filter). Your subject header can have anything else, so long as LOP (as one word) is in there.

You're not responding! / Why haven't you replied? / Where are you?

At time of writing, my laptop got hit by a virus, and windows is no longer functional. Linux is barely functional (as it reads off a CD and the drive has a slow read time). So, as a result, I will be out a number of days until the machine is repaired. I posted because it seemed the virus was an attempt to stop me from posting this message.

Other people who've read my previous thread/theory or know more about the food shortages should be able to sufficiently answer your questions until I get back.

This isn't a hit n run thread as I wouldn't have gone to such length (6-10 hours!) to write it/error check it etc.

I hope during my time away the moderators don't find anything wrong with the thread!

I might try to check back via other means, but if I don't, there's no need for concern - my replies will be slightly later than normal.

I'm a mod. I disapprove of your post.

Okay. If there's an issue, could you kindly discuss with me [in thread] a suitable course of action? I say this because I can't edit my post (being an 'AC'), and the mod edit might alter the entire context of the post/break it - of which I'd be unable to correct or rectify, and forced to deal with the fallout as a result.

If the edit is too much, I may instead request/opt for the thread being deleted rather than risk misleading people or dealing with the fallout.

Talk with me first! You'll find I'm pretty open to ideas! I just don't like unexpected/unaccounted for changes.

[At the very least, post in-thread the changes you've made to the original post so I can assess the 'damage'.]
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Joshua Flynn
lop guest
User ID: 17323
02-13-2011 07:09 AM


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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
Unfortunately, during the writing of this post, my laptop got infected with a virus. I am currently running on a Linux LiveCD. So it's unlikely I will be able to reply to this thread whilst repairs are under-way (I will do my best however).

Feel free to bump the thread or ask questions. When I get the laptop repaired, I will attempt to respond.
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02-13-2011 10:25 AM

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heart RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
~ Someone 1*'d this thread... I fixed that for you... ;)


Heartflowers ~ BE SAFE, Y'ALL <3: Heartflowers
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02-13-2011 10:50 AM

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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
Bump check out this thread I put up, It could help, rub it on your virus and circle your computer three times, then double take three times...and watch out for seabears....they dont like sombreros... Hiding3

May we never meet in the devils playground... dance to the punctuation of death, and the life at our feet..
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02-13-2011 01:19 PM

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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
Bump with less bullshit.

Looks like alot of work went into this. Good job
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I got no balls
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02-13-2011 02:14 PM


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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
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02-13-2011 03:09 PM

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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
My gut feeling says, that this thread should be pinned. Many thanx for real info.
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02-13-2011 03:12 PM

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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
I don't believe though, that the main culprit for that, are changes of the magnetic field, but rather some processes are too advanced, to effectively steer against it, without a bump.
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02-13-2011 03:16 PM


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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
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02-13-2011 03:27 PM

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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
The strange thing here is, that the real use of a conspiracy forum, is to have a lot of patience and to wait for some crucial info now and then every couple of weeks (or a couple of interesting posters), which will by ignored by the vast majority of people anyway - it's even far worse, to convince anyone in the world of the "sheeples", because certain conditions differ so much from their usual experiences, that even if you prove, that 2 + 2 = 4, you'll be still a nut.
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02-13-2011 03:36 PM


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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
LVPravdaFan  Wrote: (02-13-2011 03:27 PM)
The strange thing here is, that the real use of a conspiracy forum, is to have a lot of patience and to wait for some crucial info now and then every couple of weeks (or a couple of interesting posters), which will by ignored by the vast majority of people anyway - it's even far worse, to convince anyone in the world of the "sheeples", because certain conditions differ so much from their usual experiences, that even if you prove, that 2 + 2 = 4, you'll be still a nut.

I like Clif Highs take on sheeple - he calls them shombies - sheeple zombies!chuckle
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LoP Guest
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02-13-2011 04:52 PM


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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
OP, cries of food shortages have been around for many many years now. Back in 2008 everyone acted as if the world was about to end, yet we are here today and in UK, where i am located prices have actually come down.
Every now and then people come up with similar thread as yours and to make it even more viable they add a lot of links and offer proof, but at the end of the day nothing happens.
Prices go up and down. Sometimes as much as 50% but then they right themselves again.
So what is your point?
Fear mongering?
What if there was a law to say that anyone has the right to make predictions but they have to pay the price if those predictions do not come true?
What if the price was 5 years in jail?
Would you be prepared to write this post?
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LoP Guest
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02-13-2011 04:56 PM


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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
Get Ready: Food Prices To Double Or Triple OVERNIGHT

Get ready to pay double or even triple the price for fresh produce in the coming weeks after the worst freeze in 60 years damaged and wiped out entire crops in northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S.
The problem started less than a week ago, when our nation was focusing on the Superbowl and sheets of ice falling from Texas Stadium.
Farmers throughout northern Mexico and the Southwest experienced unprecedented crop losses. Now devastation that seemed so far away, is hitting us in the pocketbooks.
"We've had to double and triple some prices and consumers come in and it's quite a shock to them," said Rusty Peake, GM of Food4Less in Southeast Portland.
More Here....
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LoP Guest
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02-13-2011 04:57 PM


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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
LoP Guest  Wrote: (02-13-2011 04:52 PM)
OP, cries of food shortages have been around for many many years now. Back in 2008 everyone acted as if the world was about to end, yet we are here today and in UK, where i am located prices have actually come down.
Every now and then people come up with similar thread as yours and to make it even more viable they add a lot of links and offer proof, but at the end of the day nothing happens.
Prices go up and down. Sometimes as much as 50% but then they right themselves again.
So what is your point?
Fear mongering?
What if there was a law to say that anyone has the right to make predictions but they have to pay the price if those predictions do not come true?
What if the price was 5 years in jail?
Would you be prepared to write this post?

Your an idiot, or a shill.
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lop guest
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02-13-2011 04:59 PM


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RE: Warning! Inbound Food Shortage!
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