Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
KillTheCarnage Bashing gays. Disturbed Yesterday Today
Bailey Troll/Popeye Sock/Ban Evasion Disturbed Yesterday Never
PopEye Pending account deletion. Per own request. Disturbed 01-14-2018 Never
johnnyaintbright Stalker. Disturbed 01-14-2018 Never
johnnynotbright Stalker. Disturbed 01-14-2018 Never
Ambicatus threats. Disturbed 01-14-2018 Never
Trump Crotch Mold Golfing. Counting Sheep 01-14-2018 Never
joebuster spam Ahanata 01-13-2018 Never
Goofball_Evans Try Disturbed 01-11-2018 Never
Endeavor spam Disturbed 01-11-2018 Never
Fartwinkle the Moose SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 01-10-2018 Never
Butt Nuggets Spam Katz 01-09-2018 Never
Jesus Spam. Disturbed 01-08-2018 Never
Domo Arigato Mr. Turdboto Me too. But if people were nicer then people wouldn't need to cut themselves. silversides 01-07-2018 Never
Limburger Flatulence Why do you keep comparing the two of us? silversides 01-07-2018 Never
Romulus N. Reamass No single being can be in charge of the world but god. silversides 01-06-2018 Never
LOP Fartbot   FreeFlow 01-06-2018 Never
Bozo the Clone Spam Disturbed 01-06-2018 Never
Boner Popping Mod Spam Disturbed 01-06-2018 Never
LOP Fart Mod Spam Disturbed 01-05-2018 Never
Poopy Pants spam Disturbed 01-05-2018 01-05-2019
Wee Willy Wanker Spam Disturbed 01-05-2018 Never
Captain Dingleberry Spam Disturbed 01-05-2018 Never
Mr. Fart Monkey Oh well, that's nice to know. silversides 01-05-2018 Never
Old Fartshisname Good luck with that, I'm the president of Panem. silversides 01-05-2018 Never
Fart Bureau of Investigation constant fart threads. Old Whatshisname 01-05-2018 Never
Marcus Turdfarts spam Disturbed 01-03-2018 Never
The Great Bungholio Spqm Disturbed 01-03-2018 Never
Shithead Disturbed Spam Disturbed 01-03-2018 Never
5d8z Chinese spammer... silversides 12-19-2017 Never
Fallingdown Spam Disturbed 12-11-2017 Never
Mr. Hyde ban request granted...come back in 3 months and you better share your writing Ahanata 11-29-2017 03-01-2018
Prophet Arch Continuous women and moderator bashing. Disturbed 11-14-2017 Never
domains Spreading lies. Disturbed 11-06-2017 Never
euphoric_drifter Enough is enough Disturbed 10-15-2017 Never
FallingIn Spam. Disturbed 10-13-2017 Never
Username AKA BB Counting Sheep 10-08-2017 Never
StarMan Fraud Attempt as LoP Guest silversides 09-21-2017 Never
RAGE lop bashing/mod bashing Ahanata 09-10-2017 Never
Hillary's See You In Tee racism and usename not acceptable Disturbed 09-01-2017 Never
birdonyashoulda Doesn't like it here, only comes to bad mouth LOP FreeFlow 08-17-2017 Never
StopGangStalkingIdiots Threats to hunt people down. Disturbed 07-30-2017 Never
Radar O'Really Keeps reposting NSFW links. Disturbed 07-14-2017 Never
Cops R Terrorists! Only uses LOP to call cops terrorists. Not acceptable. Disturbed 07-11-2017 Never
Halcyon Dayz Doesn't like it here. Disturbed 07-09-2017 Never
Lakers_78 Spam Disturbed 07-08-2017 Never
Spring-heeled Jack Per own request. Doesn't like disagreeing in a normal manner. Disturbed 07-08-2017 Never
•absurdious• ban evasion Disturbed 07-08-2017 Never
Cthulhu master of Worlds BAN EVASION FreeFlow 06-28-2017 Never
The Depressed Ethiopian pending account deletion (per own request) Disturbed 06-12-2017 Never
Surplus Youtube spam. Doesn't reply to threads. Disturbed 06-06-2017 Never
Juan Starr* pending account deletion (per own request) Disturbed 06-06-2017 Never
MysticPizza pending account deletion (per own request) Disturbed 05-15-2017 Never
going 96 in a tomato phone ban evasion Ahanata 05-14-2017 Never
Bannedacc Username not acceptable. Disturbed 05-13-2017 Never
boxbutter spotterfox Ban Evasion Counting Sheep 05-05-2017 Never
postGhost Banned by his own request... (silent1) silversides 05-03-2017 Never
whirled 211 ban evasion....again, like a slinky even Ahanata 04-29-2017 Never
Dianne LondonBridge I said last warning Counting Sheep 04-19-2017 Never
Uncle Mort Uncle Mort, Sock for banned members Cyttorak, gabbing, ezrin, osiris, Adrian Corder, Private Pyle, J.C. Dee-mon, Psycho Mantis, zozo, taker of souls, Philo Modred, Eleven Cubed, Zarathos, silversides 04-07-2017 Never
Adrian Corder Adrian Corder - Sock for banned members Cyttorak, gabbing, ezrin, osiris, Adrian Corder, Private Pyle, J.C. Dee-mon, Psycho Mantis, zozo, taker of souls, Philo Modred, Eleven Cubed, Zarathos, silversides 04-07-2017 Never
another bluename sock Ahanata 04-05-2017 Never
optical rectalitis whirldd sock Ahanata 04-03-2017 Never
whirlddragonnn "i will lick the tears off your face as i strangle you" threats towards more joking.You're not wanted here Ahanata 03-27-2017 Never
Friday Joe Obviously a ban evasion sock account FreeFlow 03-21-2017 Never
oberon Mindblock sock. Stick to your main nick please. Katz 02-19-2017 Never
CAPSLOCKSCREAMER sock account. Disturbed 02-10-2017 Never
CasheMeOusside Stick to one account please. Disturbed 02-06-2017 Never
Munchaab Forum Bashing/Promoting Other Sites/Ridiculous Allegations Disturbed 01-31-2017 Never
Pete Wheat Constant trolling/ Poop thread spammer Counting Sheep 01-16-2017 Never
Lattitude ban evasion...sock Ahanata 12-27-2016 Never
WhirlyTwirly DeathDragon permabanned member...sock Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
HeirOfLiberty Account made to harass a registered member... silversides 12-19-2016 Never
british bloke Spam Disturbed 12-17-2016 Never
Soul. ditto FreeFlow 12-04-2016 Never
Sukh Dharam Singh Stick to one nick when you get back Counting Sheep 11-10-2016 Never
Hoosier Daddy Sock evading ban Counting Sheep 11-02-2016 Never
Jormungundr GoldenPlague, vvorldragon sock...whyyy? Ahanata 11-01-2016 Never
Balut54 This the effect you were looking for? Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
Randpaul4prez Sock Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
Lunatic Outhouse Sock Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
Sofa_King_Cool Sock Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
DGAF Stick to one account as requested in the past. Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
TheOneX1 ^TinMan^ sock Counting Sheep 10-23-2016 Never
Lion Sock averting ban. Counting Sheep 10-22-2016 Never
Skyrison Didn't enjoy it here. Counting Sheep 10-20-2016 Never
Tumbler Blatant antisemetic promotion of violence. Counting Sheep 10-19-2016 Never
The Golden Plague "Planet Piss", "Worlddragon" Sock Counting Sheep 10-18-2016 Never
Worlddragon Using proxies to avade ban with multiple accounts. Counting Sheep 10-18-2016 Never
BenghaziButcher Sock + No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate Counting Sheep 10-01-2016 Never
Heynow Hates this site, likes others better. We'll make it easy. Counting Sheep 09-27-2016 Never
White_Man No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate. Ban extended due to disrespect of TOS Counting Sheep 09-26-2016 Never
TRUMP_IS_PREZ Circumventing ban from upstairs. Counting Sheep 09-18-2016 Never
chris999 Tossing you out for good. Racist Nazi Crap 24/7 Counting Sheep 08-26-2016 Never
VirgoanSceptre Sock adverting ban. Counting Sheep 08-24-2016 Never
Liberals Lack Logic Trump Nation sock... Counting Sheep 08-22-2016 Never
TRUMP_NATION Bump Counting Sheep 08-22-2016 Never
YHZDK evading ban Disturbed 08-16-2016 Never
Ace30 Leo nocte dormit Counting Sheep 08-15-2016 Never
VTCNPNTGNDSTRYR same as below FreeFlow 08-13-2016 Never
Yokazuna Consider yourself forever constipated. Counting Sheep 08-13-2016 Never
^TinMan^ Spam Counting Sheep 08-10-2016 Never
Sam Bottoms Spam Counting Sheep 07-18-2016 Never
MrMisterMissedHer Requested a ban as LoP Guest... silversides 07-15-2016 Never
Cyrus No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate, Frequent violations via Proxy Counting Sheep 07-15-2016 Never
Illearth Racism in AC Counting Sheep 07-11-2016 Never
Father Cosmic moar sox Ahanata 06-26-2016 Never
Kingdoms SMELLY SOCK GREY LENSMAN 06-26-2016 Never
ed spamn Ahanata 06-22-2016 Never
full hater Not the kind of material appropriate for this site. Counting Sheep 06-21-2016 Never
AnthonySmith Troll Account Counting Sheep 06-09-2016 Never
pinged Spambot Counting Sheep 06-08-2016 Never
30 secs to account Spambot Counting Sheep 06-05-2016 Never
Crispan Varro Excessive posting of nude photos / porn silversides 05-27-2016 Never
Orange Proxytroll Disturbed 05-14-2016 Never
Timing Spambot Counting Sheep 05-11-2016 Never
420 Spambot Counting Sheep 05-11-2016 Never
Jason Godin Spambot Counting Sheep 05-11-2016 Never
doggie Take your hate elsewhere. Disturbed 04-20-2016 Never
oberons You always take it too far, bro. Katz 04-19-2016 Never
Brownie Per own request. Because we don't do skin color pride here. Disturbed 04-17-2016 Never
ApexTVFanclub Spam. Does not reply to own threads. Disturbed 04-16-2016 Never
newsjunk You were banned before now you are banned again... silversides 04-04-2016 Never
alliseen Spamming the same vids like 5 times a day, cannot be cured obviously so ... FreeFlow 03-25-2016 Never
lunaticshill Sock of a banned account FreeFlow 03-22-2016 Never
LG Guest of LOP Stupid sock games FreeFlow 02-29-2016 Never
silent1 Banned by his own request... silversides 02-25-2016 Never
Punkin Drublic shitpost elsewhere Disturbed 02-12-2016 Never
Bernsfield of Mars Trolling/trying to discourage great threads. Disturbed 02-07-2016 Never
36058 Per own request. Baby was mad he couldn't bash LOP and its visitors here. Disturbed 01-18-2016 Never
absurdious Pending deletion Disturbed 01-11-2016 Never
YoMomma Not LOP material. Disturbed 01-09-2016 Never
Igor for genital pics Ahanata 01-08-2016 Never
Vlad Endless spamming, never follows requests to stop FreeFlow 01-02-2016 Never
ElisaLam Role player or whatever FreeFlow 12-31-2015 Never
Fentanyl Alcohol Continues with hate despite warnings this isn't the forum for that. Counting Sheep 12-24-2015 Never
MURPHY Chance/Maven Sock. Disturbed 12-16-2015 Never
sinsational FurriesRock sock... silversides 12-12-2015 Never
Sara-Ka-El she's desperately trying to 'please' full haters <--- happy now ? :) FreeFlow 10-02-2015 Never
Citizen#47 We had a choice of steak or fish. Counting Sheep 09-16-2015 Never
RickRollD No Message Needed. Katz 08-27-2015 Never
wtfever Per Request :( Please let me know if/when you want this lifted *hugs* Katz 08-26-2015 Never
Jeff Awaiting account deletion FreeFlow 08-07-2015 Never
Agt. Muffins By request CourtDude 07-08-2015 Never
FurriesRock advocates dog killing. Disturbed 06-20-2015 Never
Not Skippy Skippy Sock Disturbed 06-14-2015 Never
~ta~ pending account deletion. Disturbed 06-13-2015 Never
Flower Per Own Request / Hope you'll be back! Disturbed 03-28-2015 Never
SecretGeek On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Good Fork! On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Fork On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Navion2 Take your adoration elsewhere Disturbed 07-30-2014 Never
Skip Bauer per own request Disturbed 05-01-2014 Never
Original 51:50 On request. Good luck wherever you go Galaxy 04-26-2014 Never
StillYawning goodbye Disturbed 04-07-2014 Never
SpaceMonkey On own request FreeFlow 03-16-2014 Never
noteye per request. be well. to unban follow instructions given. Geogal 02-05-2014 Never
I⊥∀NIW∩LLIʞ perrequest. happy valentines! Geogal 12-27-2013 Never
Eclectric To be unbanned at a later date, when requested. Mother Mary 2.0 12-06-2013 Never
Synthetic Has major problems with this site and would rather see it gone. Disturbed 06-08-2013 Never
Skippy Guardian sock account, stalking and asked to change nic and refused. Geogal 04-01-2013 Never
I┴∀NIW∩˥˥Iʞ spam Disturbed 01-11-2013 Never
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