Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
Plymouth Fury Find a new forum. to annoy Old Whatshisname 11-23-2020 Never
Domains Insults-- typical domains stuff Old Whatshisname 11-21-2020 12-21-2020
Hydro Fobick Mr Sock entropy 11-19-2020 Never
#1 Doomologist Enough with threats and personal attacks. Take some time off. Extended for continuing attacks to mods. entropy 11-19-2020 11-26-2020
nilsont Spam Disturbed 11-18-2020 Never
LeonardHamilton Spam Strange Candy 11-18-2020 Never
Marchik22 Spam entropy 11-18-2020 Never
Mulchefye No socks please. Disturbed 11-11-2020 Never
Bon Jon Gifofthings/Pacman sock. Strange Candy 11-11-2020 Never
Jon Bon Gif/Pacman sock. Strange Candy 11-11-2020 Never
EzraPfund Eustace sock. Strange Candy 11-09-2020 Never
Mr. Nifty Spam Disturbed 11-08-2020 Never
Psyclops the One-Eyed Shrink You couldn't understand the way I feel.. silversides 11-08-2020 Never
Paddy O'Schitz Spam Disturbed 11-07-2020 Never
Jim Phartz Spam Disturbed 11-07-2020 Never
LOP's CIA Operative Gave new Borat Movie bad review entropy 11-07-2020 Never
Kim Chee Spam, couldn't even use your actual butt? mouth farts are lame. Strange Candy 11-07-2020 Never
Whazzup? Insults, threats to Mods Old Whatshisname 11-07-2020 Never
Sniffles the Clown Spam Disturbed 11-06-2020 Never
Lord Stinkbottom Because I'm bored. silversides 11-06-2020 Never
Fred Flinstoned Spam Disturbed 11-06-2020 Never
P.C. Peking Spam, also, wasn't sleeping "at the switch" was off irl like every other normal human being. Strange Candy 11-06-2020 Never
Dick Schlong I don't have any problem, stop saying that. silversides 11-05-2020 Never
Sherman Tank Spam Strange Candy 11-05-2020 Never
Beaver Cleaver Spam Strange Candy 11-05-2020 Never
Official Trumptard The leader of North Korea seems to want war pretty bad. silversides 11-04-2020 Never
dmelrick Spam Disturbed 11-04-2020 Never
Ugly Stinky Candy Because you are annyoing. silversides 11-03-2020 Never
White Lives Matter Spam, inappropriate username. Strange Candy 11-03-2020 Never
Cornholius Spam Strange Candy 11-03-2020 Never
Strange Sexless Dingbat Spam Strange Candy 11-03-2020 Never
Strange Ugly Broad Spam Strange Candy 11-03-2020 Never
Pound Puppy Spam Strange Candy 11-03-2020 Never
TheSockMan_LOL Racist guy that makes a lot of accounts. Strange Candy 11-02-2020 Never
Owo I'm sorry Organic but you can't have two accounts. Strange Candy 11-02-2020 Never
IceMan34 Sockadoodle. Strange Candy 10-31-2020 Never
Loot Shoot Scoot Spam Disturbed 10-28-2020 Never
John Mop Do you like the sun or moon, more? silversides 10-28-2020 Never
U.R. Very Ugly Spam. Strange Candy 10-27-2020 Never
Gamma Ray Spam Strange Candy 10-27-2020 Never
I.M. Gassy Song of Healing reversed. silversides 10-27-2020 Never
SheepsterOne No mask, no service. entropy 10-26-2020 Never
An Underling NO WIRE HANGERS! entropy 10-26-2020 Never
Marco Schitman I don't know, stop confusing me. silversides 10-25-2020 Never
Harry Paratestes Are you sure? We have been speaking for the past few minutes. silversides 10-25-2020 Never
Colon Cleanser I just don't share the same view. silversides 10-24-2020 Never
Hugh G. Rection huge mistake Ahanata 10-23-2020 Never
I Rule You Spam. Strange Candy 10-23-2020 Never
We Hate You Spam. Strange Candy 10-23-2020 Never
Suck My Bawls Spam. Strange Candy 10-23-2020 Never
Stable Genius Lasted too long Spam. Strange Candy 10-23-2020 Never
Tom R Keys Tomarky sock evading ban entropy 10-22-2020 Never
plaintain Nonsensical spam. Strange Candy 10-22-2020 Never
Definite AE Troll Spam. Strange Candy 10-19-2020 Never
Ding-Dong Daddy Spam Disturbed 10-19-2020 Never
Wrecked 'Um Spam Strange Candy 10-19-2020 Never
Ice Station Walrus I don't have my favourite character in Teen Wolf. silversides 10-18-2020 Never
Grunter Biden proxy warrior/sock entropy 10-18-2020 Never
skydiverjoe Personal attacks entropy 10-18-2020 Never
Disturbeded Spam Strange Candy 10-18-2020 Never
Candy Cornhole Spam Strange Candy 10-18-2020 Never
Dingleberry Planet Spam Disturbed 10-17-2020 Never
Vowel Movement Because I don't like you. silversides 10-17-2020 Never
Lance Boyle Yes but we can talk about many others things! silversides 10-17-2020 Never
natoshajacobs A pack of 12 on Amazon is 35.04 entropy 10-17-2020 Never
Lick My Balls Clown Licking the windows that have already been licked. entropy 10-17-2020 Never
LOP Censorship Patrol Licking windows entropy 10-17-2020 Never
Automatica Excessive Karening. entropy 10-17-2020 Never
Registered_User_420 Spam Disturbed 10-14-2020 Never
Anesta Krautz Spam Disturbed 10-14-2020 Never
Nicotine Fit Spam. Strange Candy 10-14-2020 Never
Kismy Astor *covers your eyes with my hands* Guess who...? silversides 10-13-2020 Never
Oring Poopopopolous Because everything is never quite what it seems. silversides 10-13-2020 Never
Oring Poopopolous Spam Strange Candy 10-13-2020 Never
Dick Balls I'm speechless... silversides 10-13-2020 Never
The Rectum Wrecker Putting a cap in this before he becomes a pain in the ass. entropy 10-13-2020 Never
Takina Schitt Spam. Strange Candy 10-13-2020 Never
Star Wars: Revenge of the Shit Spam. Strange Candy 10-13-2020 Never
OrgasmicMoaningWhore Spam. Strange Candy 10-13-2020 Never
Strange Entropy Spam. Strange Candy 10-13-2020 Never
Dick Trickle Troll. Strange Candy 10-13-2020 Never
Wharf Rat Trolling. Personal attacks. Disturbed 10-12-2020 Never
Relish Liver SOCK Old Whatshisname 10-09-2020 Never
No body pacman/gif sock. Strange Candy 10-08-2020 Never
Aunt Vag Spam Disturbed 10-04-2020 Never
Freckle Face Spam Disturbed 10-03-2020 Never
Eye Ching Once testing starts, I'm required by protocol to keep interaction with you to a minimum. Luckily, we haven't started testing yet. This will be our only chance to talk. silversides 10-03-2020 Never
Tanya Tang Spom. Strange Candy 10-03-2020 Never
Claude Balls Spim. Strange Candy 10-03-2020 Never
Eat Shit Witch Spum Strange Candy 10-03-2020 Never
Mod Shitfore Branes Four Strange Candy 10-03-2020 Never
Mod Shitfer Branes Lazy spam Strange Candy 10-03-2020 Never
Mr. Gothic lol finally got caught by the boss huh? Strange Candy 10-03-2020 Never
Canned Laughter It applies to the remixes and alt language versions too. entropy 10-02-2020 Never
Sweet in the Seat Spam Disturbed 10-02-2020 Never
Boing 747 Spam Disturbed 10-02-2020 Never
White Privilege Sock account silversides 10-02-2020 Never
The Incredible Me Breaking forum format / Trolling Forum owner silversides 10-02-2020 Never
Death Be Damned Life Spam Disturbed 10-02-2020 Never
The Big Grunt Spam Disturbed 10-02-2020 Never
Marco Is An Idiot Spam Disturbed 10-02-2020 Never
Kramit the Frog AE troll. Disturbed 10-02-2020 Never
alamin299 spammer silversides 09-29-2020 Never
Old Candy Ass I don't wish to be killed, but I do wish things were different. silversides 09-26-2020 Never
Strange Dumbass Broad attacks on just about everyone here Old Whatshisname 09-26-2020 Never
Asshole Candy Yum. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strangest Candy Spam Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strange Candy NLI Spam Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Stranger Candy Spam Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Stupid Candy Spam Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Lonely Ugly Candy Kinda sad to admit you're alone on a friday night, sorry bruh. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strange Cooter Spam. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strange Stupid Ugly Spam. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strange Ugly Hooker This is an outpost, not a corner. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strange Odor From Twat Please google gynecologist. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Crazy Muslim Bastard No thanks. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strange Stinky Skank This is not the gynecologist office. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Daddy Raped Me This is not therapist outpost. Bye. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strange and Ugly Congrats on your anal accomplishment. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Obama the Bastard Your mom still loves you, but she's not here. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
Strange Dumb Ugly Cow That's no way to talk about yourself. Strange Candy 09-26-2020 Never
fuck yu unacceptable username silversides 09-21-2020 Never
Dora Spam Strange Candy 09-15-2020 Never
liyase Now if there's some left, don't just throw it out Use it for spackle or bathroom grout entropy 09-14-2020 Never
MashedPimple23 Youtube Spam. Does not reply. Disturbed 09-14-2020 Never
Fritos Spam Strange Candy 09-11-2020 Never
Tomarky Freaking Big Idiot. Disturbed 09-11-2020 Never
tomfor Spam Strange Candy 09-02-2020 Never
[email protected] Spam Disturbed 08-31-2020 Never
ABCDEF_Jesus Creep. see his closed thread for why. history of creepiness towards me as well. Strange Candy 08-25-2020 Never
Eustace Muffins Trolling/doxxing Disturbed 08-25-2020 Never
DutchCrutch Creepy. Reposted one of my old avatars and personally insulted me. Stalker/troll. Strange Candy 08-24-2020 Never
ucfgrad2 Spam. Strange Candy 08-24-2020 Never
TheXFactor And back out you go. entropy 08-22-2020 Never
Apocalypse trolling ghost silversides 08-22-2020 Never
The Ghost of the Ghost of LOP is trolling ghost with this username silversides 08-22-2020 Never
Hartz Pork, ham, salt, water, potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrite. entropy 08-22-2020 Never
Bertram Buttram Spam Disturbed 08-19-2020 Never
Butt Burper Spam Disturbed 08-19-2020 Never
BrianJerkowitz Tuesday is here, no money for the burger. entropy 08-19-2020 Never
Dick Huge False advertising. entropy 08-19-2020 Never
El Stinko Loco Spam Strange Candy 08-18-2020 Never
Fester Bestertester Spam Disturbed 08-18-2020 Never
Dixie Normous Spam Disturbed 08-18-2020 Never
nom_de_plume Pending deletion Disturbed 07-16-2020 Never
joie sox Ahanata 07-01-2020 Never
BeelzeBoop Recruit somewhere else. Disturbed 06-12-2020 Never
D3VILSR3J3CT Using new account, didn't answer me about this one. Strange Candy 06-12-2020 Never
engineering Trying to get members in trouble with bogus FBI complaints.. Disturbed 06-09-2020 Never
baba009 spamming sock acct Ahanata 05-15-2020 Never
aq.khan01 spammer silversides 04-27-2020 Never
Xaty spammer silversides 04-27-2020 Never
John Koller spammer silversides 04-25-2020 Never
cptspaulding Sock: jamielee, Thor, etc. Old Whatshisname 04-15-2020 Never
thor Sock, threats, x-rated insults Old Whatshisname 04-15-2020 Never
existential Scammer. Strange Candy 04-10-2020 Never
luke the gook 'gook' is a racial slur. inappropriate username silversides 03-24-2020 Never
Arctic That one sock/spammer. "ginny and liv" or whatever, same as always attitude and racism. Strange Candy 03-14-2020 Never
Langdon Spam Disturbed 03-10-2020 Never
The Corona Kid You still don't get it. No. Strange Candy 03-06-2020 Never
Hamburgerwagon? Spam Disturbed 03-05-2020 Never
pacman Fine, I'll do it. Gifofthings admitted sock, asked for deletion of this account. It's in a post from him so look it up. Strange Candy 03-03-2020 Never
Hamburgerwagon. Go away. Strange Candy 03-03-2020 Never
Runebringer Spam Disturbed 03-01-2020 Never
Odd_Appetizer Sock/Troll his first ip linked to ABCDEF_jesus who also made the same gross "love" posts about me so.... it's obvious. Strange Candy 02-21-2020 Never
☥⛧♂∞⚡∞♀⛥☥ He got his old account goin' again. Putting the new shell here. Strange Candy 01-25-2020 Never
Chip. Fiery Eagle sock. Strange Candy 01-21-2020 Never
IwishUtriple7s member cali sock, same ol same ol. Strange Candy 01-03-2020 Never
⚡☥Anubis☥⚡ Ok, continually trashing lop, continuing to personally insult innocent people here when asked by D and others to STOP or get gone. Guess what? Strange Candy 01-01-2020 Never
jamielee no sox... Ahanata 12-09-2019 Never
lifeisalie no sox Ahanata 11-23-2019 Never
Very Nice Man everyone likes hamburgers...but no sox allowed Ahanata 11-20-2019 Never
Reilly wants justice Abusive and permabanned reilly posting again silversides 11-13-2019 Never
Conservative Warrior Spam Disturbed 10-16-2019 Never
Sistah pending deletion Disturbed 10-02-2019 Never
Fail Flood ..."LOP is a grooming site for mass killings"... silversides 09-05-2019 Never
Death Threats Fail Flood... silversides 09-04-2019 Never
andb9 death threats Old Whatshisname 09-04-2019 Never
Vaj Reynolds Inaapopriate user name/misogynistic posts entropy 08-31-2019 Never
Flying Cow vlad sock. Strange Candy 08-22-2019 Never
Emanuel vlad sock. Thought these were already banned... Strange Candy 08-22-2019 Never
bigkittie vlad sock Strange Candy 08-22-2019 Never
daraz "rocky road" spam sock dude or something. Strange Candy 08-15-2019 Never
djgl Spawn... silversides 08-05-2019 Never
Into the sunset No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate entropy 08-05-2019 Never
RockyRoad Sock Strange Candy 08-01-2019 Never
Reilly gets it doesn't get it yet Ahanata 07-31-2019 Never
Reilly123 Not going to happen. Disturbed 07-30-2019 Never
Colt45 Sock Strange Candy 07-26-2019 Never
Bahlaal New account that instantly attacks the forum and promotess others? Yeah ok. entropy 07-17-2019 Never
9downYELLOW Sock silversides 07-17-2019 Never
IceMan1986 Sock troll Strange Candy 07-04-2019 Never
life is a party! You're not invited. Strange Candy 07-02-2019 Never
Windy Tree Is PMing people persistently, has a weird webhost. Strange Candy 06-28-2019 Never
Gurp Sock. Strange Candy 06-26-2019 Never
cali Ok, that's enough of this account. Always hateful threatening sh!t talking. You're done. Strange Candy 06-23-2019 Never
Nay Deletion requested. Wouldn't be convinced to stay...also I think they have other accounts anyway. Strange Candy 06-22-2019 Never
Michael-AK What the hell are you doing? Strange Candy 06-20-2019 Never
flatearthforlife Sock of Zahpee, that account isn't even banned... Strange Candy 06-10-2019 Never
TimeZoned Happy to show ye out. Strange Candy 06-09-2019 Never
Forever in debt to LOP Proxy troll entropy 06-03-2019 Never
LiveWithNature Threatening lop for not allowing you to spam is a bad move. Strange Candy 06-01-2019 Never
How dare you I tried, but you're not changing. Strange Candy 05-30-2019 Never
llll Proxy sock/trolling entropy 05-26-2019 Never
logon Sock. Strange Candy 05-25-2019 Never
hfhr Because you talk like a teenage girl. silversides 05-23-2019 Never
Whackadoodle Seen enough evidence to say this is a permbanned member. Strange Candy 05-22-2019 Never
D3MONS3M3N Don't evade a 1 day ban dude...just come back tomorrow. Use your new account, this one isn't very acceptable anyway. Strange Candy 05-21-2019 Never
The Green Manalishi Using account to troll members equates to being a pest to the forum entropy 05-19-2019 Never
patent ufo Sock. Strange Candy 05-15-2019 Never
Archangel Take your antisemitism and white power crap elsewhere. Disturbed 05-13-2019 Never
pre_raphaelite Pages upon pages of thread derailment after account deletion request. entropy 05-09-2019 Never
jeromyperkins You can't fry the taste out of SPAM entropy 05-07-2019 Never
Xenojunk Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you. entropy 05-07-2019 Never
IsraelWins Attacks on Gays and the mentally disabled Strange Candy 05-06-2019 Never
Pat Korry It was time anyway. Big Jan and whoever else you've portrayed, sock, good bye. Strange Candy 04-23-2019 Never
Skip Account Details Don't ban evade. Strange Candy 04-23-2019 Never
Hawkeye Ban evasion Disturbed 04-23-2019 Never
bigleftboob2 Troll, possibly, someone else who knew blb take a look at their postings? Strange Candy 04-19-2019 Never
yrty sodium nitrite entropy 04-17-2019 Never
CupidStunt Per own request Disturbed 04-11-2019 Never
marcus2019 "lop is the scum of the internet" orly? constant bait posts, then trashing lop. Smells like a troll. Strange Candy 03-30-2019 Never
Member Upgraded to AE troll list, congrats. Strange Candy 03-22-2019 Never
member2 Sock, and outed as an AE troll. Strange Candy 03-22-2019 Never
Big surprise Multiple account troll showed his true colors. Strange Candy 03-21-2019 Never
Donate More Why did you make a new account? Sock of Big Surprise Strange Candy 03-21-2019 Never
Fukunova Requested permban, on top of spreading lies about people on lop, the management, and lop in general ALL THE TIME. Continues to bully, and constantly complain. Allow me to fulfill your request, and show you the door. Strange Candy 03-18-2019 Never
Josey_Wales Sock account. Seriously Damrod? Nice try though. Strange Candy 03-16-2019 Never
Hamburgerwagon That was it for me. Hasn't changed. Decision made, done. Strange Candy 03-14-2019 Never
269346 Outed as a malicious other place troll. Strange Candy 03-13-2019 Never
Yadadasayin Hidden forum troll, spamming, attacking, spreading lies. Say bye to your account, you're not even using it. Strange Candy 03-03-2019 Never
xxvn 100th account 02-15-2019 Never
qruu 'I hope soms people get killed' - Oh reilly ? 02-09-2019 Never
Not Reilly Sock Disturbed 02-07-2019 Never
Hawt Pocket Sock Disturbed 02-07-2019 Never
Reilly Mr 1000 socks 02-06-2019 Never
outnabout Reilly sock 02-06-2019 Never
Roddy2 ban evasion sock 02-03-2019 Never
TheEarthIsFlat Sock account, circumventing time out. Strange Candy 01-22-2019 Never
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