Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
Candy is bleeding Not really. Strange Candy Today Never
Demerol   FreeFlow Yesterday Never
Whimsical Spam Disturbed Yesterday Never
Dont Care I don't remember. It must have forgotten from the hospital's painkiller. silversides Yesterday Never
Little Bassturd Why do you have to be so rude? silversides Yesterday Never
Got Tears You do have a way with words, honeysuckle... silversides Yesterday Never
Lie More Bye bitch. Strange Candy 08-14-2018 Never
Great Job spammer... /"You should construe my words and lie so I can laugh when people are killed" silversides 08-14-2018 Never
Redlicorice Defends a major troll that constantly makes death threats FreeFlow 08-13-2018 08-20-2018
Counting mods Inappropriate avatar Counting Sheep 08-13-2018 Never
Keystonegroup spammer silversides 08-13-2018 Never
Chief Farting Bull I don't think that will work. silversides 08-13-2018 Never
Dixie Normous   FreeFlow 08-13-2018 Never
Hugh G. Rection   FreeFlow 08-13-2018 Never
Its not your fault   FreeFlow 08-13-2018 Never
infinite suckup   FreeFlow 08-13-2018 Never
Gods not God little shit   FreeFlow 08-13-2018 Never
They sing for me bitch Because you are going to hell if you don't believe in God! silversides 08-13-2018 Never
Only this forum hates me Because you can't enjoy the international language of music! silversides 08-12-2018 Never
Skills vs buttom   FreeFlow 08-12-2018 Never
See What I mean Yas Strange Candy 08-12-2018 Never
trophy ban list Trophy number....I lost count. Strange Candy 08-12-2018 Never
Jetfiremaverick Sock of AutoBot who was apparently told "bye felicia" for some reason. Strange Candy 08-12-2018 Never
269346 Personal attacks against members and yes there are screenies. Counting Sheep 08-12-2018 08-19-2018
The Badd Guy Elsworth. Counting Sheep 08-12-2018 Never
Rectal Thermometer Don’t know where it’s been Counting Sheep 08-11-2018 Never
Good Job Thanks Counting Sheep 08-11-2018 Never
LOP Fart Mod SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-11-2018 Never
The Ghost of FLOP   FreeFlow 08-11-2018 Never
Count Fartula You are not right in the head...are you a danger to others? Strange Candy 08-11-2018 Never
Long Thick Uncut Dick Please get over it and be normal for once. Snap out of it. Strange Candy 08-11-2018 Never
Fart Fart Floogie Barf Strange Candy 08-11-2018 Never
Abhidada Spammer.. silversides 08-11-2018 Never
The Fartmonger I hate you. Strange Candy 08-11-2018 Never
Fartbot Shitbot You wish. Strange Candy 08-11-2018 Never
Dingle Berryman I knew it. Strange Candy 08-10-2018 Never
Berry Dingleman Dingle berry. Strange Candy 08-10-2018 Never
Farting_Candy No. Strange Candy 08-10-2018 Never
Ben Fartinberg If it ain't general tso's chicken, I don't want your cawk. Strange Candy 08-10-2018 Never
Tom Tooterman But you aren't my obsession. Strange Candy 08-10-2018 Never
Dick Douche Obsession. Strange Candy 08-10-2018 Never
NoHomoBro Been waiting...but Inappropriate username bad intentions based off your posting. Try again. Strange Candy 08-10-2018 Never
Dingleberry Surprise SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-10-2018 Never
Not Going to Happen Because you keep changing the subject. silversides 08-09-2018 Never
Boner and the Jets Try not to be a troll, be for real. Then you won't get booted. Strange Candy 08-09-2018 Never
Carter McFarter Bye carter. Strange Candy 08-09-2018 Never
Generic Brand RACISM/HATE Disturbed 08-09-2018 Never
Buttmunch Mod Munch on this. Strange Candy 08-08-2018 Never
Branes Fulovshit There's no sense crying over every mistake. silversides 08-08-2018 Never
Farty Marty Spammer. Strange Candy 08-08-2018 Never
Kianame Spammer's spam friend. Strange Candy 08-08-2018 Never
NinaVicy Spammer. Strange Candy 08-08-2018 Never
Fartz Constantly We've been all alone stuck inside our little zone since 1987... silversides 08-08-2018 Never
Unlubricated Dildo Defective Counting Sheep 08-07-2018 Never
Not My Problem Cause I got issues, But you got 'em too. So give 'em all to me And I'll give mine to you. Bask in the glory Of all our problems, 'Cause we got the kind of love It takes to solve 'em Counting Sheep 08-07-2018 Never
GREY STINK ASS What do you get after eating all the potatoes? silversides 08-07-2018 Never
Stinky Fingers SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-07-2018 Never
Crap Your Hands The butterflies fly away. silversides 08-07-2018 Never
Todd Turd Him being a resurrected statue? I don't think so. silversides 08-07-2018 Never
Takina Schitt Because the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. silversides 08-06-2018 Never
Ultimate Bungmunch Ultimately a waste of time. Katz 08-06-2018 Never
billy pooper You seem a little confused sometimes. silversides 08-06-2018 Never
BigPoo Does that planetoid possess a Class M environment? silversides 08-06-2018 Never
Holy fuck Holy ban. Domains. Strange Candy 08-06-2018 Never
Todd Blowfartski   FreeFlow 08-06-2018 Never
Why you banning me bitch   FreeFlow 08-05-2018 Never
WhatTheFuck   FreeFlow 08-05-2018 Never
Ass Eating Gourmet   FreeFlow 08-05-2018 Never
Kim-Chi Fartz   FreeFlow 08-05-2018 Never
Fred Pharter SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-05-2018 Never
Takina Dump *flush* Strange Candy 08-05-2018 Never
Eating Ass   FreeFlow 08-04-2018 Never
Laugh at Soviets   FreeFlow 08-04-2018 Never
FartFlow SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-04-2018 Never
Farting and Crapping Mods   FreeFlow 08-04-2018 Never
Hugh Jass-Fartingood I don't mind you being a red fox. silversides 08-04-2018 Never
children become parents Domains Strange Candy 08-04-2018 Never
You Fear Terrorists Obvious troll. Strange Candy 08-04-2018 Never
Mike Poopopopolous   FreeFlow 08-02-2018 Never
Strange Gaping Candy Twat L o l Strange Candy 08-02-2018 Never
Blowfarts the Clown Spam Strange Candy 08-02-2018 Never
Poopeye the Sailor Mod   FreeFlow 08-02-2018 Never
Shitfur Branes   FreeFlow 08-02-2018 Never
WinAmp   FreeFlow 08-02-2018 Never
Mod candy oops popeye   FreeFlow 08-01-2018 Never
AbcD   FreeFlow 08-01-2018 Never
Counting lords That kind of lux just ain't for us We crave a different kind of buzz Counting Sheep 08-01-2018 Never
Mod popeye ban Domains.... Counting Sheep 08-01-2018 Never
Net neutrality He'll be back. Counting Sheep 08-01-2018 Never
You are confused Oops, wrong guy. Counting Sheep 08-01-2018 Never
Black month Posting flat earth stuff out of the stupid dedicated 700 page thread Counting Sheep 08-01-2018 Never
El Flatuloso   FreeFlow 08-01-2018 Never
Groin Puller "Get up and get your grandma outta here" ~ Gene Simmons Counting Sheep 08-01-2018 Never
canvasstand Sorry granny! Counting Sheep 08-01-2018 Never
Feces Eating Mod   FreeFlow 07-31-2018 Never
Stinky Dumpaton   FreeFlow 07-31-2018 Never
Fuckwit Mod   FreeFlow 07-31-2018 Never
Street Farting Man SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 07-31-2018 Never
SafemodeMSconfig lol domains. Strange Candy 07-31-2018 Never
Fartmunching Mod No problem, i'm always here for you silversides 07-31-2018 Never
Lunatic Fartpost Drawing. I love to draw it sets me free like I'm on another world!:). silversides 07-31-2018 Never
Dick Fuxster That's not healthy. silversides 07-31-2018 Never
Benjamin Wanklin I don't have a horse. silversides 07-30-2018 Never
Big Stinky BM Is there no higher purpose of existence than existing? silversides 07-30-2018 Never
jlaugh spam Disturbed 07-30-2018 Never
Strange Stinky C.U.N.T. SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 07-30-2018 Never
Negative-1 Sock account of Paint it black. Strange Candy 07-30-2018 Never
Bob Blowfarts Ha! Counting Sheep 07-30-2018 Never
Dick Fartpecker The sociopaths have returned. Katz 07-30-2018 Never
Whoredom Boredom Deranged. They should electrocute you. Strange Candy 07-30-2018 Never
Hotdog Wagon Ketchup? Really? Counting Sheep 07-30-2018 Never
Strange Candy Toilet Breath Obsess over someone else, please. Strange Candy 07-30-2018 Never
Invites only bitches   FreeFlow 07-29-2018 Never
SC needs to pop her cherry   FreeFlow 07-29-2018 Never
D fuck you and your sheep   FreeFlow 07-29-2018 Never
All the forums know you suck   FreeFlow 07-29-2018 Never
Mod all the retards   FreeFlow 07-29-2018 Never
Finger your cherry bitch   FreeFlow 07-29-2018 Never
Your a fucken sheep no skills You couldn't pay me to do you. Domains. Strange Candy 07-29-2018 Never
Bunch of fucken sheep I can. Domains. Strange Candy 07-29-2018 Never
Children mods no guidance Domains. Strange Candy 07-29-2018 Never
Ping  There was no 2nd purge, it was a joke for seeing the movie. Domains. Strange Candy 07-29-2018 Never
Peter Poopaton Bashing a mod (SC) as LoP guest... silversides 07-29-2018 Never
Mr. Medulla Sock Counting Sheep 07-29-2018 Never
Ginormous Genius Sock Counting Sheep 07-29-2018 Never
Kickapoo Kid Sock Strange Candy 07-28-2018 Never
J. P. Morgan Sock. Strange Candy 07-28-2018 Never
Wagon Master Sock. Strange Candy 07-28-2018 Never
Hyperbole Sock Counting Sheep 07-28-2018 Never
Nada Sock Yesa Sock Katz 07-27-2018 Never
Admin64 Lol Strange Candy 07-27-2018 Never
Null Set Sock Strange Candy 07-27-2018 Never
you could of had it all   FreeFlow 07-27-2018 Never
fuck you bitch   FreeFlow 07-27-2018 Never
PipeDreams Bonk Strange Candy 07-27-2018 Never
Hamburgerwagon Ip banned   FreeFlow 07-27-2018 Never
Hamburgerwagon. spam Disturbed 07-26-2018 Never
Gang stalkers   FreeFlow 07-26-2018 Never
Mister Obvious   FreeFlow 07-26-2018 Never
Counting Truth   FreeFlow 07-26-2018 Never
Hard Sheep   FreeFlow 07-26-2018 Never
HHR No. Strange Candy 07-26-2018 Never
Puc   FreeFlow 07-25-2018 Never
ChatModder   FreeFlow 07-25-2018 Never
chaoeo S FreeFlow 07-24-2018 Never
Clockwork   FreeFlow 07-23-2018 Never
TreeBeUs Feeding bacon to Larry Steve Counting Sheep 07-22-2018 Never
Programmer   FreeFlow 07-20-2018 Never
Date   FreeFlow 07-20-2018 Never
What is banned   FreeFlow 07-20-2018 Never
ban vpn trapped in your demise   FreeFlow 07-20-2018 Never
EyeP   FreeFlow 07-20-2018 Never
Clitiom   FreeFlow 07-20-2018 Never
Pop Eye   FreeFlow 07-20-2018 Never
Witchhaven18 Nuh. Don't come at me like that. Strange Candy 07-18-2018 Never
Pollux Woman hating and death threats in 4 posts. I think we will pass. Katz 07-18-2018 Never
kenkomi spammer silversides 07-17-2018 Never
The Mountain Goat Because you don't love me :(.... silversides 07-16-2018 Never
Michaeleee Spammer Strange Candy 07-16-2018 Never
Dom boop Strange Candy 07-16-2018 Never
I want to piss in D's mouth   FreeFlow 07-16-2018 Never
No rules only mod rules   FreeFlow 07-16-2018 Never
What a bunch of   FreeFlow 07-16-2018 Never
Doms   FreeFlow 07-16-2018 Never
withemer33 Spamming pro Nia Jax propaganda Counting Sheep 07-14-2018 Never
Deja View   FreeFlow 07-13-2018 Never
The One And Only Trumpski Sock Counting Sheep 07-13-2018 Never
Ban this ip bitches Bitches isn't home so I'll do it. Counting Sheep 07-13-2018 Never
Cant ban me Worst prediction ever. Counting Sheep 07-13-2018 Never
Prince Pills and thrills and daffodils will kill Counting Sheep 07-13-2018 Never
Em Domains. Strange Candy 07-12-2018 Never
Me   FreeFlow 07-11-2018 Never
rabbiedvrad Go back to Emanuel or Mew. Strange Candy 07-10-2018 Never
Filosofy Use Emanuel or vlad, don't make a new one. Strange Candy 07-10-2018 Never
Mewi Use your vlad or Emanuel account. Strange Candy 07-10-2018 Never
Semperi un ono Please use your vlad or emanuel account when it's available. Strange Candy 07-09-2018 Never
Aristo your Emanuel account is unbanned today, sock has to go today. Strange Candy 07-09-2018 Never
Jeff Unacceptable behavior, and a sock. Strange Candy 07-09-2018 Never
Fuckadmin   FreeFlow 07-08-2018 Never
Fuck a mod   FreeFlow 07-08-2018 Never
purge Bye. Strange Candy 07-08-2018 Never
Kill me If the purge was real... Strange Candy 07-08-2018 Never
kill me holy sheep I really do not need your sh!t today. Strange Candy 07-08-2018 Never
Baby   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
taylorswift . FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
Your suckups are confused . FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
Why do you unban ips , FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
If you dont ban i save ip . FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
Lets go down the list bitch   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
Study the ips they can't ban   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
This fucked up   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
Hard to ban legit ips   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
You get humbled at death   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
Galaxy is a scum bucket   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
Only anons here   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
free Flow   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
IT   FreeFlow 07-07-2018 Never
MadCowMerkel Emanuel Sock, ban evasion. Strange Candy 07-07-2018 Never
AssWideOpen111 uhm Sock but also rude mimic on another member's name. Strange Candy 07-07-2018 Never
TELL-A-VISION PROGRAMMING User request Old Whatshisname 07-07-2018 Never
dissertationhelp When you get that notion, put your backfield in motion Counting Sheep 07-07-2018 Never
cartoonedward Spammer Strange Candy 07-06-2018 Never
huwowe Spammer Strange Candy 07-06-2018 Never
Agent Black Eyes Sock. Strange Candy 07-06-2018 Never
Enmity Sock. Strange Candy 07-06-2018 Never
Occam's Meat Cleaver Sock. Strange Candy 07-05-2018 Never
IceMan 1 Repeat harassing offender. 2 technically a sock. 3 how's that book going? Strange Candy 07-05-2018 Never
msrulo Goodbye, fare thee well. You served your purpose. Strange Candy 07-05-2018 Never
peoplelicker Troll. Strange Candy 07-05-2018 Never
The Light the Domains. Strange Candy 07-04-2018 Never
440008   FreeFlow 07-02-2018 Never
Candy needs a dick to pop No thanks, I am nun. Strange Candy 07-02-2018 Never
At death they better listen   FreeFlow 07-02-2018 Never
Even at death no pass You are horrible. Strange Candy 07-02-2018 Never
Only popeye can stop me   FreeFlow 07-02-2018 Never
I said mod popeye   FreeFlow 07-02-2018 Never
Isp bans suck your ass ew no thanks Strange Candy 07-01-2018 Never
Glor   FreeFlow 07-01-2018 Never
Mybb   FreeFlow 07-01-2018 Never
Trolls   FreeFlow 07-01-2018 Never
Paradise Falls Ban evasion/Sock acct. Counting Sheep 07-01-2018 Never
Earnest Hemingray Loathing without a permit Counting Sheep 07-01-2018 Never
SQUEXX Jim's sock. Counting Sheep 07-01-2018 Never
Megaton Jim Calling for race war. Surprise, surprise...I think that's the line.... Counting Sheep 07-01-2018 Never
HorribleMetalBits Sock, and used for personal attacks FreeFlow 06-30-2018 Never
withemer This is what happens when you leave it to somebody else. silversides 06-30-2018 Never
Ban me Made your mistakes and made me hurt. silversides 06-30-2018 Never
The Analyst Sock, stick to one account please. Counting Sheep 06-30-2018 Never
bumble bee Domains. Strange Candy 06-29-2018 Never
Hamburger wagon Stop impersonating people. Domains. Strange Candy 06-29-2018 Never
Planktons Domains. Strange Candy 06-29-2018 Never
See You Around You've always been a d!ck to me. Domains. Strange Candy 06-29-2018 Never
Lord Fartmoor That fart only went into your own nose FreeFlow 06-29-2018 Never
Holy fuck your going to die *you're Counting Sheep 06-28-2018 Never
Remember me In space nobody can hear you, scream. Counting Sheep 06-27-2018 Never
Bam sperm all over your face   FreeFlow 06-27-2018 Never
BanMe   FreeFlow 06-27-2018 Never
Egg same time   FreeFlow 06-27-2018 Never
Free flow D's candy in mouth   FreeFlow 06-27-2018 Never
caught in a isp   FreeFlow 06-27-2018 Never
Cherry ugly Berry fugly. Strange Candy 06-27-2018 Never
Dox soon doxx* Strange Candy 06-27-2018 Never
Whats in your head Ponies. Strange Candy 06-27-2018 Never
D see you in africa Domains Strange Candy 06-27-2018 Never
Close your eyes Nuh Strange Candy 06-27-2018 Never
Another one bite the dust We’re not hungry Counting Sheep 06-27-2018 Never
Wrapped around your finger F “The Police” especially Sting. Counting Sheep 06-27-2018 Never
your all going to africa *you’re Counting Sheep 06-27-2018 Never
I don't know him anymore I'm sending you to Didny Worl. Strange Candy 06-27-2018 Never
ABCDomains 123Banned Strange Candy 06-27-2018 Never
Another one bites the dust I don't know what you are tlaking about. silversides 06-27-2018 Never
Bing bong. Died saving Joy. Strange Candy 06-26-2018 Never
Safe face delete it doot Strange Candy 06-26-2018 Never
heavens gate ozone hole bitch Welcome to hell. Strange Candy 06-26-2018 Never
Scum bucket mods Earth is closed. Counting Sheep 06-26-2018 Never
Strange Flatulence Dumb dumb dumb... Counting Sheep 06-26-2018 Never
Funny I know you and Frank are plotting against me... I am afraid I can not allow that... silversides 06-25-2018 Never
Crayons Domains Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
View count dropped Domains. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
I was about to leave You've had enough. Bye. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Act like we cant bypass bans Take the big hint and leave. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
D wants candy it seems SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-25-2018 Never
Alone and wet pop bye Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
I need noobs You need to go. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
I need a noob I need you to go. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Modded a fucken virgin Lol jealous Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
No body holy D More spam. Disturbed 06-25-2018 Never
rather lick a milf Stuck to a flagpole Counting Sheep 06-25-2018 Never
D the banlist is horny Me ban you long time Counting Sheep 06-25-2018 Never
D cool banlist Spam Disturbed 06-25-2018 Never
Open every door close them. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
All of my life I'm not in the mood domains. Get lost. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
What happens when wet Soggy. Sock. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Domain sucks I said go away. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Fuck the post counts Please leave. I have a headache. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Warm dick no clue DISGUSTING Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Judge don't mingle Choke on it. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Cherry popped with finger gross Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Rock Sock. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
D forces login Threats/Domains Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Finger Domains. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
White till yellow till red. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
I love this game Go, Away. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
I love this Isp Go away. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
You rule Domains Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
LOL Domainslol Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Licked1111 Banned. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
ISP ping pong Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
ISP lord Domains Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
You really think   FreeFlow 06-25-2018 Never
I swore Id be true   FreeFlow 06-25-2018 Never
fuck this ip   FreeFlow 06-25-2018 Never
Ban this ip bitch Sicko. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Ban the worlds lights bye Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
I ban you Dave, although you took thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move. silversides 06-25-2018 Never
On time Domains Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Sheep rules Domains Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
God in ban list Threats etc domainsy. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
the world is in my hands *smacks it out of your hands* Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
kill this forum in thy sheep Baaah. Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
DomKing Domains Strange Candy 06-25-2018 Never
Bumblebee   FreeFlow 06-24-2018 Never
MalnStreetFatCat socko FreeFlow 06-24-2018 Never
Goose   FreeFlow 06-24-2018 Never
UppityMe   FreeFlow 06-24-2018 Never
Upplty Me   FreeFlow 06-24-2018 Never
D wants to pop your cheery Cheery-o Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
You can only control yourself #ffffffffffffffft Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
3rdeye 4 eyes Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
I close my eyes Me too Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
Plankton Domains Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
Almost jerked off Gross Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
Control SC and CS Domains. Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
Poo *flush* Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
Ban my email I think it is... Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
Disturbish Domainish Strange Candy 06-23-2018 Never
I need to donate You never will. Domains. Strange Candy 06-22-2018 Never
Sc and CS shit to high plop Strange Candy 06-22-2018 Never
Last word bitches It's time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break throug. silversides 06-22-2018 Never
Tom Hanks Life is NOT a box of chocolates. Counting Sheep 06-22-2018 Never
desert dweller Spam Counting Sheep 06-21-2018 Never
drizzle drazzle No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate Counting Sheep 06-21-2018 Never
laiyongcai92 Spammer. Strange Candy 06-21-2018 Never
Kinda busy fuck you later Trying to slut shame Alexa Bliss on Instagram Counting Sheep 06-21-2018 Never
Gone door   FreeFlow 06-21-2018 Never
Isp   FreeFlow 06-21-2018 Never
Range ban   FreeFlow 06-20-2018 Never
Why am I a narcissist ?   FreeFlow 06-20-2018 Never
Bitch ass mods Wrong coast Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
Fuck all cheap mods  Couldn't afford it Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
Phillip Sheldon Sock. Stop the ban evading. Strange Candy 06-20-2018 Never
Ken Masters Ban evasion/Sock. Strange Candy 06-20-2018 Never
Peggy Babbcock Domains. Strange Candy 06-20-2018 Never
Ain't No Dummy Like the word like L-I-K-E. Strange Candy 06-20-2018 Never
Inappropriate name It's hard to describe the vitality of darkness.. silversides 06-20-2018 Never
Fuck your banlist trophy Inappropriate name . Strange Candy 06-20-2018 Never
Donovan Hyper-Link spammer. Strange Candy 06-20-2018 Never
Licked64 Banned. Strange Candy 06-20-2018 Never
Its huge under the microscope. Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
BigDick Limpy. Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
Email Return to sender. Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
Popeyes Soggy fries Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
I guess we are fucked You guessed right! Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
virgin mods Once! Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
DevousX Twice! Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
Brynsy Three Times! Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
JasonX A Lady! Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
Next time you delete banlist then we shall do this all over again..... Counting Sheep 06-20-2018 Never
Guess who  Joe Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
No clue why D deleted banlist Billie Jean is not my lover... Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Bann the world cheers Two clicks ta ta Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Stick a mod up your cp ass Low T. Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
D are you a leader or mods d are you banned or band? Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
You saw that online puppet You saw me ban him too Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Particle Man St. Blue Dude sock Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Sheik Ali Caneat St. Blue Dude sock Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
St. Blue Dude Bat children in the head? Meet Lucille. Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Willing to suckup Did you ever notice how a woman’s “I’ll be ready in 5min” and a guys “I’ll be home in 5min” are one and the same? Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Lets fuck them up   FreeFlow 06-19-2018 Never
Google netherland ips   FreeFlow 06-19-2018 Never
Login netherland ips   FreeFlow 06-19-2018 Never
USA ips and netherland only   FreeFlow 06-19-2018 Never
keep using netherland ips and we will keep banning them. Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Netherland Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon You come and go, you come and go Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
My demons are my friends   FreeFlow 06-19-2018 Never
Your a little late NB4 Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
FU bitch you made your bed And you didn't... Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Counting sheep will die soon If your life ever seems boring just remember that you are on a rock floating in outer space. Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Members only Discontinued Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Maticula Spammer Strange Candy 06-19-2018 Never
N!gger Unacceptable username. Strange Candy 06-19-2018 Never
BigAce "I said get PopEye the f*#k off my thread... do you f*cking understand english ? Get him off my f*cking thread NOW [email protected] !" Also appears to be a sock account. Strange Candy 06-19-2018 Never
Jill222 SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-19-2018 Never
ChillBro I put Permethrin in your socks. Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
I am the door I put Permethrin in your socks. Counting Sheep 06-19-2018 Never
Retard 01 No socks please silversides 06-19-2018 Never
Bill   FreeFlow 06-18-2018 Never
You are intp children FU   FreeFlow 06-18-2018 Never
Loved   FreeFlow 06-18-2018 Never
The dream   FreeFlow 06-18-2018 Never
Autobot Bye Felicia! Counting Sheep 06-17-2018 Never
Virgin mods means D is a pedo A before e, except after c. Counting Sheep 06-17-2018 Never
You started this shit /shit Counting Sheep 06-17-2018 Never
Messiah64 Domains sock. Strange Candy 06-16-2018 Never
Some dead people suck Some live people blow Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Virgin and sheep judge us Judged as Domains. Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Sheep trying to control gods baaaaaah Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Has D even had a virgin Callout on OP's mother Counting Sheep 06-15-2018 Never
Don't worry Be happy! Counting Sheep 06-15-2018 Never
Go to bed you're leaking pssssssssssssssshhhhhhhttttttttttttt Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
virgin mod show some respect SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-15-2018 Never
Agreed You are a disgusting being. Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
frank furrs Furrmains. Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Path Finder Dermains. Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Strange Phartz Seek help. Strange Candy 06-14-2018 Never
Counting sheep Banned me Seems to be Domains. Strange Candy 06-14-2018 Never
₵racкer ȷacк Until Admiin says otherwise for " America is a white nation, everything built of it's foundation was from white men. Black's came here to steal whites jobs for their masters. If you don't like this fact and don't like America then go back to Africa. " Counting Sheep 06-14-2018 Never
God needs a button "God" has a button, it's called Hell. Strange Candy 06-14-2018 Never
master of this domain Thankfully it's NOT this one. Strange Candy 06-14-2018 Never
hackers banned threw sheep   FreeFlow 06-14-2018 Never
I pity your dox   FreeFlow 06-14-2018 Never
better be ontime   FreeFlow 06-13-2018 Never
Niamod Ban evasion Disturbed 06-13-2018 Never
Sniamod You think I'm an astral alien silversides 06-13-2018 Never
Mr. Nutzinturd   FreeFlow 06-12-2018 Never
Gawdawful Strange   FreeFlow 06-12-2018 Never
Strange Mod SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-12-2018 Never
Odd Candy SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-12-2018 Never
I love perm bans So do I Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Suck candys fingers Unwanted sexual advances, sir I am going to need you to step away from me and eat this ban spray. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
take a number Take a seat. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
licked after smelling finger Nope Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Lick me No thanks. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Ban my ip don't want my time Did you ever get that tp? Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Canada oil Domains sock. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
No dick ready to lick   FreeFlow 06-11-2018 Never
9 to balls . Katz 06-11-2018 Never
Eustace Mufflns Username taken Katz 06-11-2018 Never
Invites only Dermains Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Natural nuts Peanut grave. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
FF D SC my new team   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
virgin rubs   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
Dreamdoor Close the door, this isn't a barn. Strange Candy 06-10-2018 Never
its our party and we'll ban if we want to. Strange Candy 06-10-2018 Never
looking for the key   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
netherland ip forced to login   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
Netherlands Ips same as below FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
mystro sh st FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
Netherlands ISP touchy touchy Strange Candy 06-10-2018 Never
Strange Butt Gas Spam Disturbed 06-09-2018 Never
FU bitch Bleh FreeFlow 06-09-2018 Never
Stop what bitch Stop sucking too hard, you'll turn inside out. Strange Candy 06-09-2018 Never
Isp candy bans Wouldn't be a problem if you stopped. Genius. Strange Candy 06-09-2018 Never
Dick hair Now is not the time. Strange Candy 06-09-2018 Never
Night Rider Ride into the night, domains. Be as free as a derpy deer. Strange Candy 06-09-2018 Never
Strange Stranger Senpai....stop noticing me. It's making me sick. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Strange Mutt Mod Would you knock it off a minute. I'm drawing something for you. Dipsheet. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Get Lost Ugly You're a sick sad being. Get some help. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Strange Vaginal Discharge Why are you so obsessed with an ugly person? Nice you got your spam bot programmed to attack me. What a loser. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Strange Ugly Chick It seems you have no life. Stop pulling on my hair. It's no longer cute. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Ban everyone^ Oki doki. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Spyder1 Eating at sonic person/sock. Don't cry. Strange Candy 06-06-2018 Never
ngocanhiusuju Pineapple isn't a pizza topping Counting Sheep 06-06-2018 Never
FUD Elmer ? FreeFlow 06-05-2018 Never
Evading ban Evading ban/mod bashing. Disturbed 06-05-2018 Never
Kooky Candy The Addams family have disowned you. Strange Candy 06-05-2018 Never
Strangeballs Ragmeat Ew. rofl Strange Candy 06-05-2018 Never
Deep State Evading ban/Sock. Strange Candy 06-04-2018 Never
Gray Candy SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-04-2018 Never
GRAY KLANSMAN USERNAME Katz 06-04-2018 Never
Strange Fartknocker SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-04-2018 Never
Strange Groin Rash SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-04-2018 Never
Gnarf Now we come to ticks and tocks Counting Sheep 06-04-2018 Never
Hangin And here's a new trick, Mr. Knox.... Counting Sheep 06-04-2018 Never
Screwed33 You can make a quick trick chick stack. You can make a quick trick clock stack. Counting Sheep 06-04-2018 Never
Candy ban First, I'll make a quick trick brick stack. Then I'll make a quick trick block stack Counting Sheep 06-04-2018 Never
What if banned was one of us Just a stranger all of us... Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Candy button boop Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
I need to suckup Please don't. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Master of puppets I'm pulling your strings. Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Licking Try thinking. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
CHL Because you don't understand my problems. silversides 06-03-2018 Never
Ban everyone But you're my ban-senpai uguu Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Yerp D said No socks... silversides 06-03-2018 Never
Am eye banned Yes. You are. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Nobody candy I'd rather sit on a grenade than deal with you today. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Nooooope Socks on chicks and chicks on fox. Fox on clocks on bricks and blocks. Bricks and blocks on Knox on box Counting Sheep 06-03-2018 Never
Idiot Savant Rude insulting PM sent to me calling me a "very sexy lady" which I forget what that is a filter for. Byeee. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Amazing Strange Boner Trolling/stalking Disturbed 06-03-2018 06-03-2020
Little a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled muddled duddled fuddled wuddled fox in socks Counting Sheep 06-03-2018 Never
Strange Body Odor (╯°□°)╯︵ ( . 0 .) Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Dumb Candy No. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Amazing Cockboner yeesh! Inappropriate user name, but you knew that. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Strangest Candy No reason needed. Name says it all. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Boys Where do I begin? Not only another sock, but bashing/personal attack. I'm not the only one who canned your socks, babe. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Amazeballs Personal attacks, because things aren't going their way. Shame. Changed to permanent for exposing self as a troll. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Brad Nailer Personal attack on a mod. Shame. also, you have a sock...changed to permanent. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Forum A sock in a ghosttown *woosh, there goes the sock in the wind* Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Zakkery zakkk Spamming. Counting Sheep 06-02-2018 Never
Go fuck yourself Please prove you are lord voldemort. silversides 06-02-2018 Never
No Original Account D said No socks... silversides 06-02-2018 Never
Will try again banned member sock... silversides 06-02-2018 Never
Default Thread Sock. Original account, do you have one? Use it. Strange Candy 06-01-2018 Never
Lolsaplenty No socks Disturbed 06-01-2018 Never
Agreement Sock-allamadingdong. Use your first account, if you can't, do the password reset thingy. Also, antagonizing D, having a tantrum. Strange Candy 05-31-2018 Never
Lunatic Outpost No socks Disturbed 05-31-2018 Never
Nope No socks allowed. Disturbed 05-31-2018 Never
Pujari Spam Disturbed 05-30-2018 Never
Domains33 ...34... Counting Sheep 05-29-2018 Never
You can't bann me? Test Counting Sheep 05-29-2018 Never
So this ip is hard to ban? Mod bashing. Call out. Circumventing his ban. silversides 05-29-2018 Never
Candy left whois my bitch Mod bashing. Call out. Circumventing his ban. silversides 05-29-2018 Never
Ban me bitch Mod abuse etc. blah blah. Strange Candy 05-29-2018 Never
Stumble in my food steps The lights are on but nobody is home. Strange Candy 05-29-2018 Never
papaliquid Knock it off. Strange Candy 05-29-2018 Never
TrinDom Bye domains. Strange Candy 05-29-2018 Never
One Million Dollars What kind of socks do trolls wear? Counting Sheep 05-28-2018 Never
Domains. Some people just think differently. silversides 05-27-2018 Never
domains.... Because I'm sometimes arrogant. silversides 05-27-2018 Never
domains... Because you're annoying. silversides 05-27-2018 Never
D i'm pissed cmd real ip [email protected] Katz 05-27-2018 Never
D did not ban me You chose this. Katz 05-27-2018 Never
Domtrin Don't do this. No one wins this way. Katz 05-27-2018 Never
Rocks Sorry. I told you what you need to do. Katz 05-27-2018 Never
Domains64 E-mail D directly. Katz 05-27-2018 Never
Mindblocks ohh NO not today. *various kpop dance moves* Strange Candy 05-25-2018 Never
6 mins onlline Please stop, domains. Katz 05-25-2018 Never
9 inches Inappropriate username. Katz 05-25-2018 Never
ban this ip   FreeFlow 05-24-2018 Never
You can't ban me bitch Inappropriate user name Counting Sheep 05-24-2018 Never
The gods lost sheep won Pasting 100% of quoted source Counting Sheep 05-24-2018 Never
Free speech Stop trying to scan my cloud. Strange Candy 05-24-2018 Never
Tomarrow Tomorrow you’re still only a day away Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Mindblock Sexual threats, threatening others. is this an okay reason? lol Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
amiliasmith53 Spam Disturbed 05-23-2018 Never
adibintoro Voting is NOT a waste of time. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Numeroz Spamming. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Ping cloud Intercepted via radar. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Suck my dick Slowpoke. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
ombreprom The dance is over. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Domains Abusive comments about dead mods...well I'm still breathing. Admin may reverse this if they chose. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
TacoBoy spam Disturbed 05-22-2018 Never
Macah Spamming. Counting Sheep 05-22-2018 Never
Lunatic Maniac Try throwin' your socks in the trash, before they got the holes in the feet Counting Sheep 05-22-2018 Never
Hugh Jass inappropriate username Counting Sheep 05-22-2018 Never
aSpeeDAyad Spam Disturbed 05-20-2018 Never
jackbrother9 spam Disturbed 05-19-2018 Never
sagar spammer... silversides 05-18-2018 Never
OutrayA Spam Disturbed 05-16-2018 Never
sagargkp Spammer... silversides 05-16-2018 Never
Caramel Spam Disturbed 05-15-2018 Never
ChadThundrpenis You know the drill, you already have a banned account with a similar inappropriate nick FreeFlow 05-12-2018 Never
Post Malone Spam Disturbed 05-11-2018 Never
A Goat Named Herbert Sock Disturbed 05-11-2018 Never
Chad Thundercock inappropriate username silversides 05-06-2018 Never
Johnny Cash Sock Disturbed 05-04-2018 Never
DevousX Mother No socks please Disturbed 05-04-2018 Never
Trolston Pervert and Spammer... silversides 05-04-2018 Never
Mainaleygu11 spam Disturbed 05-02-2018 Never
sankarbhau Te futueo et caballum tuum Counting Sheep 04-29-2018 Never
Real zakkery zakk imposter. Disturbed 04-28-2018 Never
tammy33 Spammer... silversides 04-25-2018 Never
Haynes Bot 1 Adios. silversides 04-23-2018 Never
mathewloyde If I procrastinated any harder right now, it would have to involve time travel. Counting Sheep 04-20-2018 Never
тролль No socks please Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
Labi1995 spam Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
RedRob No socks please Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
Sexy Skinny Dirty No socks allowed. Disturbed 04-14-2018 Never
Peaceful Sage By own request... Sorry to see you go... silversides 04-11-2018 Never
6StringDream Pending account deletion. Per own request Disturbed 04-10-2018 Never
Birdman92 What is Voldemorts snake called. silversides 04-10-2018 Never
from Beyond Zika spam Disturbed 04-05-2018 Never
BobGodwin Spqm Disturbed 04-02-2018 Never
eogabi98 Spamming only one source. Bot like replies. Disturbed 04-01-2018 Never
boanca1997 Spam Disturbed 04-01-2018 Never
OG (Orgalorg's goat) תות No socks please Disturbed 03-29-2018 Never
FoodLover spam Disturbed 03-26-2018 Never
kisley123 Spammer... silversides 03-25-2018 Never
TheInstigater Enough with the sock accounts. Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
George Jones Sock Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
winelovergary spam Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
STOP BANNING ME Sock Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
I Love O'Douls Enough with the sock accounts. silversides 03-23-2018 Never
GrillMasterG no socks Disturbed 03-22-2018 Never
GoatManX Enough with the shtick and sock accounts. Disturbed 03-22-2018 Never
dee0 spam Disturbed 03-21-2018 Never
HerbertTheGoat spam Disturbed 03-21-2018 Never
Pink_Locust spams only 1 site, does not reply. Disturbed 03-20-2018 Never
chris2k4 Fraud silversides 03-20-2018 Never
TheCatLady Sock games Disturbed 03-20-2018 Never
cullen2k4 Spam Disturbed 03-15-2018 Never
albert2k4 Spam Disturbed 03-15-2018 Never
The Comedian Spam. Disturbed 03-13-2018 Never
casify spammer... silversides 03-13-2018 Never
Mr. Hyde Pending account deletion. Per own request Disturbed 03-11-2018 Never
gholam22 Everybody hate Voldemort, I don't understand... Are you a fan or something? silversides 03-11-2018 Never
JailMate30 It works. Counting Sheep 02-22-2018 Never
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