Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
Fukunova Cross the boundaries of thought and liberate your mind. silversides Yesterday Today
Manosteel Threats... Sheppard talk... Whatever... Whoever... Drama... silversides Yesterday 12-17-2018
sonicthehedgehog Mod bashing. I don't even know why, what happened? Strange Candy Yesterday Today
Team Kill Christian$$$$ christian pudding Strange Candy Yesterday Never
Trostsky Worker Slaves Worker pudding Strange Candy 12-14-2018 Never
MI Censorship Spam Disturbed 12-13-2018 Never
B1tch Pudding BLAM! bitch puddin. Strange Candy 12-13-2018 Never
Go Test ISIS Test pudding spammer Strange Candy 12-12-2018 Never
Women 4 Ma$$ Killing$$$$$$ Inappropriate name. silversides 12-12-2018 Never
The Rock Sock. Strange Candy 12-11-2018 Never
UK Kill Christians Right   FreeFlow 12-11-2018 Never
Prostitutes 4 Zionists spam Disturbed 12-10-2018 Never
MI Malign Behavior Malign pudding Strange Candy 12-09-2018 Never
rsgoldfast2018 Spammer Strange Candy 12-09-2018 Never
UK Ni663r Slaves 66 bottles of banned on the wall. Strange Candy 12-09-2018 Never
Kill Americans Yall major malfunction FreeFlow 12-08-2018 Never
UK Fat Girlz Girlz pudding Strange Candy 12-08-2018 Never
MAGA Zion Socilist Zion pudding Strange Candy 12-07-2018 Never
UK transexual Pudding butt Strange Candy 12-06-2018 Never
MAGA Safe Space screwball FreeFlow 12-06-2018 Never
MadeleineBlair SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 12-05-2018 Never
King Anthony the Great Made a bunch of spam and inappropriate threads, clearly does not intend to really contribute here Strange Candy 12-05-2018 Never
MI Wahhabism spam Disturbed 12-05-2018 Never
UK Butt Pirate Butt pudding Strange Candy 12-05-2018 Never
Miss Cotton Bowl Cotton pudding is dry Strange Candy 12-04-2018 Never
The Necrobumper Returns Sock. Strange Candy 12-03-2018 Never
MI Transexual Transexual pudding Strange Candy 12-03-2018 Never
Restricted Area   FreeFlow 12-02-2018 Never
MAGA ISIS Funding Maga pudding Strange Candy 12-02-2018 Never
965ter86 96 pudding Strange Candy 11-30-2018 Never
andoniogonde320 Self Youtube promote spammer. Strange Candy 11-30-2018 Never
MI Spin Spam Disturbed 11-30-2018 Never
So What   FreeFlow 11-30-2018 Never
Yr libtards obsessed with race Inappropriate name. Strange Candy 11-29-2018 Never
MI6 R Cowards spmr FreeFlow 11-28-2018 Never
UK Tea Four ISIS spmr FreeFlow 11-28-2018 Never
UK Coward Because you have a short attention span. silversides 11-28-2018 Never
UK Tea 4 ISIS 4 pudding Strange Candy 11-28-2018 Never
UK Tea For ISIS Tea pudding Strange Candy 11-27-2018 Never
MI ISIS Sympathizer Sympathizer pudding Strange Candy 11-27-2018 Never
Trump Loves Prostitution   FreeFlow 11-27-2018 Never
Women for I$I$ $i$ pudding Strange Candy 11-26-2018 Never
.:TRiNiTY:. hm.... Strange Candy 11-25-2018 Never
Kill Them All Righf Righf pudding Strange Candy 11-25-2018 Never
Feds For I$I$   FreeFlow 11-25-2018 Never
Do Your Job Feds The force is not with you! silversides 11-24-2018 Never
Cops for Israel   FreeFlow 11-24-2018 Never
Soviet Socialist Educator Wishing cop deaths... / wishing rape... silversides 11-23-2018 Never
Deliverance Dang it, who let Simbi in here? Strange Candy 11-23-2018 Never
stefann Spam, had a different spam account, which is also banned. Strange Candy 11-23-2018 Never
donaldduck17 Why wasn't this person banned? Strange Candy 11-23-2018 Never
Jews are Cowards   FreeFlow 11-22-2018 Never
[email protected] SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 11-22-2018 Never
Phineas J. Pharter SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 11-22-2018 Never
Rainicah04 Spammer Strange Candy 11-20-2018 Never
Period Panties Period pudding. Strange Candy 11-18-2018 Never
Cliches for Zion Cliche pudding. Strange Candy 11-17-2018 Never
Just Observing Spam Disturbed 11-16-2018 Never
Truth For Zionist Zionist pudding. Strange Candy 11-15-2018 Never
Flags Are Dumb Flag pole pudding. tastes a little rusty. Strange Candy 11-15-2018 Never
Fat Girlz Cant Run Fat girl pudding. Strange Candy 11-14-2018 Never
Lawyers for ISIS Lawyer Pudding Strange Candy 11-14-2018 Never
Be a Good Soviet To the mating calls of lawyers in love Counting Sheep 11-13-2018 Never
Your Contract is Void spam Disturbed 11-13-2018 Never
Morphos1759 spam Disturbed 11-13-2018 Never
BS_Flag SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 11-12-2018 Never
Strong Antifa Women Antifa Pudding Strange Candy 11-09-2018 Never
Just Being Nice spam Disturbed 11-08-2018 Never
Papers Spam Disturbed 11-08-2018 Never
Coolhandluke74 Per own request. Disturbed 11-08-2018 Never
Tacotime Sock. Strange Candy 11-08-2018 Never
Cliche Spam Excuses Cliche Pudding Strange Candy 11-06-2018 Never
HomeSweet Ad Link Spammer Strange Candy 11-06-2018 Never
RickWhoOnceRollD doxxing and call out GREY LENSMAN 11-06-2018 Never
86 Bacon Bacon Pudding Strange Candy 11-06-2018 Never
Baked Potato Toppings spam Disturbed 11-06-2018 Never
MICucks If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding! Counting Sheep 11-05-2018 Never
Strange Candy Asshole How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat? Counting Sheep 11-05-2018 Never
Papillon Spammer. Strange Candy 11-05-2018 Never
Janegan Spam Disturbed 11-04-2018 Never
Eaglewings spam Disturbed 11-04-2018 Never
MICuck Cuck pudding. Strange Candy 11-03-2018 Never
white guy Clearly something going on with this account...permanent due to suspicions. Strange Candy 11-03-2018 Never
Muh Rape Outrage Spam Disturbed 11-03-2018 Never
Muh Excuses   FreeFlow 11-03-2018 Never
Muh Pennies   FreeFlow 11-02-2018 Never
Muh Spin    S FreeFlow 11-02-2018 Never
Muh Agenda Spam. Disturbed 11-01-2018 Never
swayed Sock circumventing a ban. No. Strange Candy 10-31-2018 Never
Tattle Telling Coward How about we starve you first ..? silversides 10-30-2018 Never
38 S FreeFlow 10-30-2018 Never
48 Spam Disturbed 10-29-2018 Never
Fugly Candy lol I think I look cute while I kick you out. Strange Candy 10-29-2018 Never
Loud Sneeze Goodbye. Strange Candy 10-29-2018 Never
FBI needs I$I$ FBI Pudding Strange Candy 10-28-2018 Never
Make Excuses SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 10-28-2018 Never
What U Gonna Do One pump chump pudding Strange Candy 10-28-2018 Never
Moberg's Rum spam Disturbed 10-27-2018 Never
Fat Women 4 ISIS Women Pudding Strange Candy 10-27-2018 Never
U Fat Fat pudding Strange Candy 10-26-2018 Never
UK Cowards UK Pudding Strange Candy 10-26-2018 Never
Terrorist Job Programs Terror Pudding Strange Candy 10-26-2018 Never
You Shouldn't Lie Lie Pudding Strange Candy 10-24-2018 Never
Oroku Saki If you expect me to believe you called up your "buddy" just to come in and attack me after you did and I punished you for it...I ain't stupid. Greengrassman. Strange Candy 10-23-2018 Never
JakeMiller I knew it. Sock of greengrassman and now, oroku has been exposed. Strange Candy 10-23-2018 Never
UR Pu Seas   FreeFlow 10-21-2018 Never
U R Slaves spam Disturbed 10-19-2018 Never
do Spam Disturbed 10-18-2018 Never
Spades Sock. Strange Candy 10-15-2018 Never
dmm123456 Spamsy Strange Candy 10-15-2018 Never
Superficially Credible Superficial Pudding Strange Candy 10-15-2018 Never
Spam is an excuse   FreeFlow 10-14-2018 Never
19th Hole 19th pudding hole Strange Candy 10-13-2018 Never
ISIS Job Funding Women Bashing. silversides 10-12-2018 Never
Subsidized Coat Hangerz Coat pudding. Strange Candy 10-11-2018 Never
Withemer Dddddddd-dohmains. Strange Candy 10-11-2018 Never
MalachyProphecy Caught spamming anti-church stuff. condemned to a thousand hail mary's. Strange Candy 10-10-2018 Never
Spam Spam pudding. Strange Candy 10-10-2018 Never
thegospel spam Disturbed 10-10-2018 Never
via pointless spam FreeFlow 10-10-2018 Never
Asshole Cunt <--- self description FreeFlow 10-09-2018 Never
QSOURCE-X Ban evasion, spamming, LOP trashing. Disturbed 10-09-2018 Never
Dick Boner Limped out. Counting Sheep 10-09-2018 Never
Your Phucked It'll cost you more than that. Counting Sheep 10-09-2018 Never
Uk Phaggots Phaggoty Pudding. Strange Candy 10-08-2018 Never
LOP Dingleberry Mod WE TRY Counting Sheep 10-07-2018 Never
Hersey Squirter The bear went over the mountain Counting Sheep 10-07-2018 Never
King Kornhole To see what he could see Counting Sheep 10-07-2018 Never
???Middle Path??? Middle pudding. Strange Candy 10-06-2018 Never
Sucks For You Sucked Pudding. Strange Candy 10-06-2018 Never
Secret Treason Service spam Disturbed 10-05-2018 Never
Q-SOURCE-X = Qanon --> trashes LOP and mods on other sites - just stay there and don't return ... FreeFlow 10-05-2018 Never
You Will Bow spam Disturbed 10-05-2018 Never
YourModsAreFags How rude! Strange Candy 10-04-2018 Never
Qanon socko FreeFlow 10-04-2018 Never
lunaprey Suspicious trouble maker. Strange Candy 10-04-2018 Never
What Deep State Deep Pudding. Strange Candy 10-04-2018 Never
shah join Spammer Strange Candy 10-04-2018 Never
Sprinkles Pudding Jazzed up Puds Strange Candy 10-03-2018 Never
You're Kaput Puddin put. Strange Candy 10-03-2018 Never
Simple Question Spam Disturbed 10-02-2018 Never
UK Race Pimp Pudi Strange Candy 09-30-2018 Never
TwitterBook Race Pimp Pudsl Strange Candy 09-30-2018 Never
Fraud 4 Credibility Pudsss Strange Candy 09-29-2018 Never
je21 Spam. Strange Candy 09-29-2018 Never
Queen of Black Genocide Uhhmpff FreeFlow 09-28-2018 Never
"Kill Them All" SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-28-2018 Never
Moldy Pudding Puddin. Strange Candy 09-28-2018 Never
Kropek Spam Strange Candy 09-27-2018 Never
AceOfSpades Sock. Strange Candy 09-27-2018 Never
Josey_Wales Damrod. Strange Candy 09-27-2018 Never
UK N!g63Rs Puds. Strange Candy 09-27-2018 Never
Princess Halfercan Spam Disturbed 09-26-2018 Never
IAmThe1 DevousX sock. Strange Candy 09-26-2018 Never
PM Pudding Puds. Strange Candy 09-26-2018 Never
Keep Recoiling No. Strange Candy 09-25-2018 Never
Qwertzcvb Weird obsession, who is this dude?? Strange Candy 09-24-2018 Never
36.058 Sock. LooseCannon/numerodos/Numeros/36O-hell with it DUDE you have too many damn accounts!!! Strange Candy 09-24-2018 Never
1nf1del You figure out who's really stupid yet? Strange Candy 09-23-2018 Never
Fat Girl Clicks I said shoo Strange Candy 09-23-2018 Never
Ketchup Pudding doot doot get the f**k oot Strange Candy 09-22-2018 Never
Dead Baby Clicks Disgusting Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
FurriesRock Yeah, that's enough. Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
Perception Pudding Pudding obsession unhealthy Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
To Pudding Weirdo Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
stupidestfuckingpersonever Inappropriate username Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
DoktorWho Spammer Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
DennyPhantom Spammer Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
Spam Pudding problem 2 FreeFlow 09-21-2018 Never
FoxyLove Spam bot. Strange Candy 09-20-2018 Never
Dead Kid$Matter spam Disturbed 09-20-2018 Never
NowServingStolenValor problem FreeFlow 09-20-2018 Never
Lame Pudding Spam Disturbed 09-19-2018 Never
Mo Pudding Lame pudding. Strange Candy 09-18-2018 Never
LOP Toilet Mod Bye. Strange Candy 09-16-2018 Never
Afera Spam Strange Candy 09-14-2018 Never
WilcockDavidian Disgusting talk about D. Strange Candy 09-14-2018 Never
August11 Zoo Gardens/Nomad sock. Strange Candy 09-12-2018 Never
ConnorRK800 Casey/Greengrass sock. Strange Candy 09-12-2018 Never
Rick grimes ! Forum bashing and spamming Disturbed 08-17-2018 Never
Domains Abusive comments about dead mods...well I'm still breathing. Admin may reverse this if they chose. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
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