Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
do Spam Disturbed Yesterday Never
Loud Sneeze Get the f**k out. Nasty sh!t. Strange Candy Yesterday 10-23-2018
Blastbeat Industries Mod bashing. Don't like it, leave. Longer ban cause I was told he said the mods should kill themselves. Strange Candy 10-17-2018 10-22-2018
☠️☥⛧∞⚡∞⛥☥☠️ See ya. Your obsession, pick it up and take it out the door. Strange Candy 10-16-2018 Never
Spades Sock. Strange Candy 10-15-2018 Never
dmm123456 Spamsy Strange Candy 10-15-2018 Never
Superficially Credible Superficial Pudding Strange Candy 10-15-2018 Never
Spam is an excuse   FreeFlow 10-14-2018 Never
19th Hole 19th pudding hole Strange Candy 10-13-2018 Never
ISIS Job Funding Women Bashing. silversides 10-12-2018 Never
Subsidized Coat Hangerz Coat pudding. Strange Candy 10-11-2018 Never
Withemer Dddddddd-dohmains. Strange Candy 10-11-2018 Never
MalachyProphecy Caught spamming anti-church stuff. condemned to a thousand hail mary's. Strange Candy 10-10-2018 Never
Spam Spam pudding. Strange Candy 10-10-2018 Never
thegospel spam Disturbed 10-10-2018 Never
via pointless spam FreeFlow 10-10-2018 Never
Asshole Cunt <--- self description FreeFlow 10-09-2018 Never
QSOURCE-X Ban evasion, spamming, LOP trashing. Disturbed 10-09-2018 Never
Dick Boner Limped out. Counting Sheep 10-09-2018 Never
Your Phucked It'll cost you more than that. Counting Sheep 10-09-2018 Never
Uk Phaggots Phaggoty Pudding. Strange Candy 10-08-2018 Never
LOP Dingleberry Mod WE TRY Counting Sheep 10-07-2018 Never
Hersey Squirter The bear went over the mountain Counting Sheep 10-07-2018 Never
King Kornhole To see what he could see Counting Sheep 10-07-2018 Never
???Middle Path??? Middle pudding. Strange Candy 10-06-2018 Never
Sucks For You Sucked Pudding. Strange Candy 10-06-2018 Never
Secret Treason Service spam Disturbed 10-05-2018 Never
Q-SOURCE-X = Qanon --> trashes LOP and mods on other sites - just stay there and don't return ... FreeFlow 10-05-2018 Never
You Will Bow spam Disturbed 10-05-2018 Never
YourModsAreFags How rude! Strange Candy 10-04-2018 Never
Qanon socko FreeFlow 10-04-2018 Never
lunaprey Suspicious trouble maker. Strange Candy 10-04-2018 Never
What Deep State Deep Pudding. Strange Candy 10-04-2018 Never
shah join Spammer Strange Candy 10-04-2018 Never
Sprinkles Pudding Jazzed up Puds Strange Candy 10-03-2018 Never
You're Kaput Puddin put. Strange Candy 10-03-2018 Never
Simple Question Spam Disturbed 10-02-2018 Never
UK Race Pimp Pudi Strange Candy 09-30-2018 Never
TwitterBook Race Pimp Pudsl Strange Candy 09-30-2018 Never
Fraud 4 Credibility Pudsss Strange Candy 09-29-2018 Never
je21 Spam. Strange Candy 09-29-2018 Never
Queen of Black Genocide Uhhmpff FreeFlow 09-28-2018 Never
"Kill Them All" SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-28-2018 Never
Moldy Pudding Puddin. Strange Candy 09-28-2018 Never
Kropek Spam Strange Candy 09-27-2018 Never
AceOfSpades Sock. Strange Candy 09-27-2018 Never
Josey_Wales Damrod. Strange Candy 09-27-2018 Never
UK N!g63Rs Puds. Strange Candy 09-27-2018 Never
Princess Halfercan Spam Disturbed 09-26-2018 Never
IAmThe1 DevousX sock. Strange Candy 09-26-2018 Never
PM Pudding Puds. Strange Candy 09-26-2018 Never
Keep Recoiling No. Strange Candy 09-25-2018 Never
Qwertzcvb Weird obsession, who is this dude?? Strange Candy 09-24-2018 Never
36.058 Sock. LooseCannon/numerodos/Numeros/36O-hell with it DUDE you have too many damn accounts!!! Strange Candy 09-24-2018 Never
1nf1del You figure out who's really stupid yet? Strange Candy 09-23-2018 Never
Fat Girl Clicks I said shoo Strange Candy 09-23-2018 Never
Ketchup Pudding doot doot get the f**k oot Strange Candy 09-22-2018 Never
Dead Baby Clicks Disgusting Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
FurriesRock Yeah, that's enough. Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
Perception Pudding Pudding obsession unhealthy Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
To Pudding Weirdo Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
stupidestfuckingpersonever Inappropriate username Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
DoktorWho Spammer Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
DennyPhantom Spammer Strange Candy 09-21-2018 Never
Spam Pudding problem 2 FreeFlow 09-21-2018 Never
FoxyLove Spam bot. Strange Candy 09-20-2018 Never
Dead Kid$Matter spam Disturbed 09-20-2018 Never
NowServingStolenValor problem FreeFlow 09-20-2018 Never
Lame Pudding Spam Disturbed 09-19-2018 Never
Mo Pudding Lame pudding. Strange Candy 09-18-2018 Never
LOP Toilet Mod Bye. Strange Candy 09-16-2018 Never
Afera Spam Strange Candy 09-14-2018 Never
WilcockDavidian Disgusting talk about D. Strange Candy 09-14-2018 Never
August11 Zoo Gardens/Nomad sock. Strange Candy 09-12-2018 Never
ConnorRK800 Casey/Greengrass sock. Strange Candy 09-12-2018 Never
Rick grimes ! Forum bashing and spamming Disturbed 08-17-2018 Never
Domains Abusive comments about dead mods...well I'm still breathing. Admin may reverse this if they chose. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
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