Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
laughing assmonger warlord permabanned member sock Ahanata Today Never
assface fistmouth sock Ahanata Yesterday Never
whirlddragonnn "i will lick the tears off your face as i strangle you" threats towards more joking.You're not wanted here Ahanata Yesterday Never
Daedalus mod/lop bashing, advocates violence/disrespect towards women,ban evasion, threats. this forum doesn't need your type Ahanata Yesterday Never
robomont threats...sleep it off Ahanata 03-26-2017 Today
arbaralcarric spam Ahanata 03-26-2017 Never
ommyander spam account FreeFlow 03-25-2017 Never
AhuwahZeus SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 03-23-2017 03-23-2019
your worst nightmare no socks please Ahanata 03-23-2017 Never
Friday Joe Obviously a ban evasion sock account FreeFlow 03-21-2017 Never
EliteWhites GenuineArticle sock stick to your main nick... silversides 03-21-2017 Never
El pato Sock of banned member Balut54 silversides 03-19-2017 Never
Heretic 1 Sock of banned member Balut54 silversides 03-19-2017 Never
Quackhead Sock of banned member Balut54 silversides 03-19-2017 Never
killistic bissel bane evasion...wait til tomorrow for original ban expiration Ahanata 03-19-2017 Never
Tittyfish ban evasion/sock Ahanata 03-18-2017 Never
UnderabridgeAtthereeveR ban evasion/sock Ahanata 03-18-2017 Never
Godzirra de Chewbaca Defense ban evasion/sock Ahanata 03-18-2017 Never
dany212 spam Ahanata 03-17-2017 Never
Kamalayka Banned User 'Hairy Naked Man' sock... silversides 03-07-2017 Never
Dark Vaper Banned User 'Hairy Naked Man' sock... silversides 03-07-2017 Never
1Veteran09 spam Ahanata 03-06-2017 Never
HedyJudith Spam Katz 03-02-2017 Never
Morton Haywood spamn Ahanata 03-02-2017 Never
Ross Eric James Austin(1001) Sock account stick to your main nick... silversides 02-28-2017 Never
alakakan spam Ahanata 02-27-2017 Never
The Black Night Brags again that he 'took out people' FreeFlow 02-25-2017 Never
Francis Thackeray Spam Katz 02-21-2017 Never
҉Munchaab҉ Ban evasion or troll. Idk. Katz 02-19-2017 Never
oberon Mindblock sock. Stick to your main nick please. Katz 02-19-2017 Never
Return of the Munchaab banevasion Disturbed 02-18-2017 Never
Easyhomeshopping spam Disturbed 02-17-2017 Never
ayah69 Kitchen Bot... silversides 02-17-2017 Never
Engelbert Fartstink Fartenstinker silversides 02-17-2017 Never
Munchaab 4Life banevasion Disturbed 02-15-2017 Never
Ghost of Munchaab banevasion Disturbed 02-15-2017 Never
Stick To One Account <--- you said it FreeFlow 02-13-2017 Never
osiris Sock account stick to your main nick... silversides 02-10-2017 Never
taker of souls Sock account stick to your main nick... silversides 02-10-2017 Never
ezrin Sock account stick to your main nick... silversides 02-10-2017 Never
gabbing Sock account stick with your main nick... silversides 02-10-2017 Never
Cyttorak Sock account stick to your main nick... silversides 02-10-2017 Never
zozo Sock stick to your current nick... silversides 02-10-2017 Never
Dragon Turds Spammer Mother Mary 2.0 02-10-2017 Never
AstroJohn Stick to one account please. Disturbed 02-10-2017 Never
CAPSLOCKSCREAMER sock account. Disturbed 02-10-2017 Never
David Ufomania1 They are telling me it is not really dave so banned as a pshishing nick... silversides 02-09-2017 Never
marioskid 1) Spammer 2) I think it is illegal silversides 02-09-2017 Never
rojo212 Spam Katz 02-09-2017 Never
CasheMeOusside Stick to one account please. Disturbed 02-06-2017 Never
edward02 Kitchen Bot... silversides 02-06-2017 Never 14-0 Falcons 7 mins to Gaga E Amore 02-06-2017 Never
robeeread SB LI test E Amore 02-05-2017 Never
finaldayfinalhour Stevie... silversides 02-05-2017 Never
You'reCursed Lord Steven Christ silversides 02-05-2017 Never
Rectum Reporter SPAMMER GREY LENSMAN 02-04-2017 02-04-2019
dainamulen spam Disturbed 02-03-2017 02-03-2019
Munchaab Forum Bashing/Promoting Other Sites/Ridiculous Allegations Disturbed 01-31-2017 Never
Hailstorm Volcanisharkiccane whirldragon sock...use your original acct Ahanata 01-30-2017 Never
أدعو إلهي This is an English forum :/ Katz 01-29-2017 Never
Nagger Inappropriate user name silversides 01-29-2017 Never
FUCKYOURSELFSHITSPAMMER Inappropriate Katz 01-29-2017 Never
Katz Crotch Fever really? bye Ahanata 01-29-2017 Never
Jennifer Anuston Poo Spam Katz 01-29-2017 Never
Lou Stools Poo Spam Katz 01-29-2017 Never
Lord of the Farts poop spammer... silversides 01-28-2017 Never
vailx Spammer... silversides 01-27-2017 Never
Local Farter Inappropriate user name silversides 01-26-2017 Never
Spiddyproductions Inappropriate user name E Amore 01-25-2017 Never
LibTurd Inappropriate User Name/TOS E Amore 01-25-2017 Never
انه رجل تمتص Innapropriate user name. E Amore 01-24-2017 Never
LOP Fart Mod ** Ahanata 01-22-2017 Never
Marklishuai Video game ad spammer... silversides 01-21-2017 Never
Walking Schlong .. on his voluntary walk away from LOP FreeFlow 01-19-2017 Never
ILuvUX spam Disturbed 01-18-2017 Never
القاتل الكلبة spam Disturbed 01-18-2017 Never
Homicidal Maniac Inappropriate Username silversides 01-18-2017 Never
Sleipnir ban evasion. Banned till we can reach an agreement. Disturbed 01-17-2017 Never
The Wankmeister SPAMMER GREY LENSMAN 01-17-2017 01-17-2019
sudawirat spam Disturbed 01-17-2017 Never
derispaka25 SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 01-16-2017 01-16-2019
Pete Wheat Constant trolling/ Poop thread spammer E Amore 01-16-2017 Never
worlddragon 187211 Evading ban... E Amore 01-16-2017 Never
Lick My Asshole Clean Don’t be ashamed of who you are. That’s your parents job. E Amore 01-16-2017 Never
A Mod With No Brain Some people need to open their small minds instead of their big mouths. E Amore 01-16-2017 Never
Lunatic Buttmunch Spam Disturbed 01-15-2017 Never
Twerkholio ban evasion Disturbed 01-15-2017 Never
Goldsharkdragonwolfsnail spam Disturbed 01-15-2017 Never
Resting timetravelface Ban evasion silversides 01-15-2017 01-15-2018
Haymazing Cthulhu Ban Evasion. Katz 01-14-2017 Never
whorleddragonnn ban evasion Disturbed 01-12-2017 Never
Goldenplague616 ban evasion Disturbed 01-11-2017 Never
F**KFACEWORLDDRagon *-* Ahanata 01-11-2017 Never
WWhirledraGGonn spam Disturbed 01-11-2017 Never
Whorleddragonn spam Disturbed 01-11-2017 Never
MassiveAssAmmassedDragon ban evasion Disturbed 01-11-2017 Never
FUCKYOUDRAGON Wouldn’t it be awesome if MTV had a show called “16 and Applying to Colleges”? E Amore 01-11-2017 Never
whirlllrddragnnn ... E Amore 01-11-2017 Never
Whirlddragonnnn ... E Amore 01-11-2017 Never
Whirldddragonnn Ban evasion using sock/In risk of getting permabanned on main acct. E Amore 01-11-2017 Never
durgaprasadzone I’m stuck between a rock and someone I want to hit with it. E Amore 01-10-2017 Never
syed87925 pr0n spam Ahanata 01-09-2017 Never
arivaro34 spamn Ahanata 01-09-2017 Never
__halt_compiler() Surf Nazi E Amore 01-05-2017 Never
true spam Disturbed 01-05-2017 Never
false spam Disturbed 01-05-2017 Never
VictorKnight spam Disturbed 01-04-2017 Never
Adolph Shitler BM Spam Katz 01-03-2017 Never
huynh995 SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 01-01-2017 01-01-2019
billy pooper Inappropriate Username silversides 01-01-2017 Never
ConsistantFlatulence Inappropriate Username silversides 01-01-2017 Never
Elcyrus Banned member cyrus... silversides 12-31-2016 Never
AldrichGold Spam Katz 12-30-2016 Never
El Flatuloso Spam Katz 12-29-2016 Never
Peter Poopaton poop spammer sock silversides 12-29-2016 Never
Pepe LePoop username inappropriate Ahanata 12-29-2016 Never
Roland McDoland Bathroom bandit sock... silversides 12-28-2016 Never
Captain Colon Bathroom bandit silversides 12-28-2016 Never
jungwan kitchen bot silversides 12-28-2016 Never
Lattitude ban evasion...sock Ahanata 12-27-2016 Never
planetpissdragon Username not acceptable. Disturbed 12-26-2016 Never
WorlddragonPOPE spam Disturbed 12-26-2016 Never
Worlddragoningthing Merry Merry...sock somewhere else Ahanata 12-26-2016 Never
Lion81186 Sock akerting ban. silversides 12-25-2016 Never
Horseherder 1 Banned user 'balut' averting ban silversides 12-25-2016 Never
Duck100 Banned user 'balut' averting ban silversides 12-25-2016 Never
Master Threadender Banned user 'balut' averting ban silversides 12-25-2016 Never
vorlddragon " Ahanata 12-24-2016 Never
worllddrragon " Ahanata 12-24-2016 Never
whirlledraggon permabanned member...sock Ahanata 12-24-2016 Never
oscillatingdragon permabanned member sock Ahanata 12-23-2016 Never
vvorlddraggon666 spam Disturbed 12-23-2016 Never
Fibonacci is 85%true you make this too easy... sock acct Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
VVorlddraggon "" "" Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
worlddraggonn permabanned member ..sock Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
WhirlyTwirly DeathDragon permabanned member...sock Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
whirlydragoning permabanned sock...racial slurs of ones own race doesn't make me racist. a slur is a slur Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
whirlydragon666 permabanned member and racial slurs Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
Fatz spam Disturbed 12-21-2016 Never
WVVORlldDragon Permabanned member sock. Katz 12-21-2016 Never
Poop Spammer Inappropriate Username silversides 12-21-2016 Never
wvhirleddragon spam Disturbed 12-21-2016 Never
whatevercopters permabanned member sock Ahanata 12-21-2016 Never
Goldeninfection perfection permabanned member.sock Ahanata 12-21-2016 Never
Woman of Wars permabanned member...sock Ahanata 12-21-2016 Never
wworlldragon permabanned member..sock Ahanata 12-21-2016 Never
vvorleddrragon permabanned member sock Ahanata 12-21-2016 Never
whirlydragon spam Disturbed 12-21-2016 Never
Remus N. Cremus Inappropriate Username silversides 12-20-2016 Never
Goldenplague Worlddragon permabanned member sock Ahanata 12-20-2016 Never
matamerah Kitchen Bot... silversides 12-19-2016 Never
HeirOfLiberty Account made to harass a registered member... silversides 12-19-2016 Never
wwhirlddragon spam Disturbed 12-19-2016 Never
sakira2 spam Disturbed 12-18-2016 Never
Wank Me Off Spam Disturbed 12-18-2016 Never
Feces Eater spam Disturbed 12-18-2016 Never
Drislynn Schitz spam Disturbed 12-18-2016 Never
VVworldragon Spam Disturbed 12-18-2016 Never
british bloke Spam Disturbed 12-17-2016 Never
Mercury3Magician Sock account stick with your main nick... silversides 12-05-2016 Never
Soul. ditto FreeFlow 12-04-2016 Never
.Soul. permabanned member Ahanata 12-04-2016 Never
Sjax Old dead sock account... Stick with your main nick... silversides 12-03-2016 Never
-RazriN- Pedo accusations. Disturbed 11-19-2016 Never
The Big Boner inapproprite username silversides 11-17-2016 Never
Sukh Dharam Singh Stick to one nick when you get back E Amore 11-10-2016 Never
The1x Threats made as LoP Guest silversides 11-07-2016 Never
Hoosier Daddy Sock evading ban E Amore 11-02-2016 Never
Jormungundr GoldenPlague, vvorldragon sock...whyyy? Ahanata 11-01-2016 Never
Worthlesspigspecies obvious troll account.. inappropriate username silversides 10-30-2016 Never
Balut54 This the effect you were looking for? E Amore 10-24-2016 Never
Randpaul4prez Sock E Amore 10-24-2016 Never
Lunatic Outhouse Sock E Amore 10-24-2016 Never
Sofa_King_Cool Sock E Amore 10-24-2016 Never
DGAF Stick to one account as requested in the past. E Amore 10-24-2016 Never
TheOneX1 ^TinMan^ sock E Amore 10-23-2016 Never
Lion Sock averting ban. E Amore 10-22-2016 Never
Shrunken Shrink Sock account stick to your main nick... silversides 10-21-2016 Never
Skyrison Didn't enjoy it here. E Amore 10-20-2016 Never
Tumbler Blatant antisemetic promotion of violence. E Amore 10-19-2016 Never
The Golden Plague "Planet Piss", "Worlddragon" Sock E Amore 10-18-2016 Never
Worlddragon Using proxies to avade ban with multiple accounts. E Amore 10-18-2016 Never
Planet Piss In space nobody can hear you p. E Amore 10-09-2016 Never
BenghaziButcher Sock + No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate E Amore 10-01-2016 Never
Heynow Hates this site, likes others better. We'll make it easy. E Amore 09-27-2016 Never
White_Man No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate. Ban extended due to disrespect of TOS E Amore 09-26-2016 Never
TRUMP_IS_PREZ Circumventing ban from upstairs. E Amore 09-18-2016 Never
Tasha Flame Sock account stay with your main nick... silversides 09-16-2016 Never
MonopHeNoob Old Sock account... silversides 09-16-2016 Never
Hairy Naked Man Inappropriate User name silversides 09-13-2016 Never
Sausage Fingers Sock account... silversides 09-05-2016 Never
El Religtardo The Shit spammer silversides 09-05-2016 Never
chris999 Tossing you out for good. Racist Nazi Crap 24/7 E Amore 08-26-2016 Never
DragonFLy11 Old disused sock... silversides 08-24-2016 Never
BlueOcean7 Sock account stay with your main nick... silversides 08-24-2016 Never
VirgoanSceptre Sock adverting ban. E Amore 08-24-2016 Never
BlueOcean Sock account... silversides 08-24-2016 Never
Sapphirei Sock account... silversides 08-24-2016 Never
Liberals Lack Logic Trump Nation sock... E Amore 08-22-2016 Never
TRUMP_NATION Bump E Amore 08-22-2016 Never
YHZDK evading ban Disturbed 08-16-2016 Never
Ace30 Leo nocte dormit E Amore 08-15-2016 Never
Bucka Dolla inappropriate username / sexual harassment of female board members silversides 08-13-2016 Never
VTCNPNTGNDSTRYR same as below FreeFlow 08-13-2016 Never
Yokazuna Consider yourself forever constipated. E Amore 08-13-2016 Never
^TinMan^ Spam E Amore 08-10-2016 Never
Sam Bottoms Spam E Amore 07-18-2016 Never
MrMisterMissedHer Requested a ban as LoP Guest... silversides 07-15-2016 Never
Cyrus No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate, Frequent violations via Proxy E Amore 07-15-2016 Never
Illearth Racism in AC E Amore 07-11-2016 Never
SolitaryMan87 Posting pro NAZI videos... silversides 07-05-2016 Never
mods are not gods Domains... silversides 06-29-2016 Never
Merchant Goy Antisemitism - Time for a new nick... silversides 06-26-2016 Never
Father Cosmic moar sox Ahanata 06-26-2016 Never
Kingdoms SMELLY SOCK GREY LENSMAN 06-26-2016 Never
It's not so Posting another members picture and making call outs silversides 06-24-2016 Never
*Isaac* Using sock accounts to attack others... silversides 06-24-2016 Never
ed spamn Ahanata 06-22-2016 Never
Agent Black Eyes Sock... silversides 06-21-2016 Never
full hater Not the kind of material appropriate for this site. E Amore 06-21-2016 Never
FallingIn Crumply sock silversides 06-13-2016 Never
Kimbor2.0 Banned member sock account... silversides 06-12-2016 Never
nastynaven Seems to be the fart spammer... silversides 06-11-2016 Never
AnthonySmith Troll Account E Amore 06-09-2016 Never
Jubilee Sock account stay with your main nick... silversides 06-08-2016 Never
pinged Spambot E Amore 06-08-2016 Never
30 secs to account Spambot E Amore 06-05-2016 Never
Crispan Varro Excessive posting of nude photos / porn silversides 05-27-2016 Never
Orange Proxytroll Disturbed 05-14-2016 Never
Warhammer 40K Posting threats as LoP Guest silversides 05-14-2016 Never
TRUTH-SEEKER Posting threats as LoP Guest silversides 05-14-2016 Never
Timing Spambot E Amore 05-11-2016 Never
420 Spambot E Amore 05-11-2016 Never
Jason Godin Spambot E Amore 05-11-2016 Never
doggie Take your hate elsewhere. Disturbed 04-20-2016 Never
oberons You always take it too far, bro. Katz 04-19-2016 Never
Brownie Per own request. Because we don't do skin color pride here. Disturbed 04-17-2016 Never
ApexTVFanclub Spam. Does not reply to own threads. Disturbed 04-16-2016 Never
newsjunk You were banned before now you are banned again... silversides 04-04-2016 Never
Domains Trying to steal away the flock... Get your own people... silversides 04-01-2016 Never
alliseen Spamming the same vids like 5 times a day, cannot be cured obviously so ... FreeFlow 03-25-2016 Never
lunaticshill Sock of a banned account FreeFlow 03-22-2016 Never
LG Guest of LOP Stupid sock games FreeFlow 02-29-2016 Never
silent1 Banned by his own request... silversides 02-25-2016 Never
Punkin Drublic shitpost elsewhere Disturbed 02-12-2016 Never
Bernsfield of Mars Trolling/trying to discourage great threads. Disturbed 02-07-2016 Never
Canada Domains going for 50 postings to get into chat... silversides 02-02-2016 Never
36058 Per own request. Baby was mad he couldn't bash LOP and its visitors here. Disturbed 01-18-2016 Never
absurdious Pending deletion Disturbed 01-11-2016 Never
YoMomma Not LOP material. Disturbed 01-09-2016 Never
Igor for genital pics Ahanata 01-08-2016 Never
Vlad Endless spamming, never follows requests to stop FreeFlow 01-02-2016 Never
ElisaLam Role player or whatever FreeFlow 12-31-2015 Never
Fentanyl Alcohol Continues with hate despite warnings this isn't the forum for that. E Amore 12-24-2015 Never
F.C.F Sock account... silversides 12-23-2015 Never
MURPHY Chance/Maven Sock. Disturbed 12-16-2015 Never
sinsational FurriesRock sock... silversides 12-12-2015 Never
Sara-Ka-El she's desperately trying to 'please' full haters <--- happy now ? :) FreeFlow 10-02-2015 Never
Citizen#47 We had a choice of steak or fish. E Amore 09-16-2015 Never
Zed_Diddly Callouts and threats E Amore 09-11-2015 Never
RickRollD No Message Needed. Katz 08-27-2015 Never
wtfever Per Request :( Please let me know if/when you want this lifted *hugs* Katz 08-26-2015 Never
Jeff Awaiting account deletion FreeFlow 08-07-2015 Never
Agt. Muffins By request CourtDude 07-08-2015 Never
FurriesRock advocates dog killing. Disturbed 06-20-2015 Never
Not Skippy Skippy Sock Disturbed 06-14-2015 Never
~ta~ pending account deletion. Disturbed 06-13-2015 Never
Flower Per Own Request / Hope you'll be back! Disturbed 03-28-2015 Never
SecretGeek On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Good Fork! On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Fork On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Navion2 Take your adoration elsewhere Disturbed 07-30-2014 Never
Skip Bauer per own request Disturbed 05-01-2014 Never
Original 51:50 On request. Good luck wherever you go Galaxy 04-26-2014 Never
StillYawning goodbye Disturbed 04-07-2014 Never
SpaceMonkey On own request FreeFlow 03-16-2014 Never
noteye per request. be well. to unban follow instructions given. Geogal 02-05-2014 Never
I⊥∀NIW∩LLIʞ perrequest. happy valentines! Geogal 12-27-2013 Never
Eclectric To be unbanned at a later date, when requested. Mother Mary 2.0 12-06-2013 Never
Synthetic Has major problems with this site and would rather see it gone. Disturbed 06-08-2013 Never
Skippy Guardian sock account, stalking and asked to change nic and refused. Geogal 04-01-2013 Never
I┴∀NIW∩˥˥Iʞ spam Disturbed 01-11-2013 Never
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