Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
Manosteel Childish threats Bright Bart Today 04-25-2019
Meedoo376 Spam Strange Candy Yesterday Never
fastmoney969 Spam Disturbed Yesterday Never
bigleftboob2 Troll, possibly, someone else who knew blb take a look at their postings? Strange Candy Yesterday Never
Ice1986 spam Disturbed 04-18-2019 Never
syys spam Disturbed 04-18-2019 Never
(.)(.) Spam Disturbed 04-18-2019 Never
Lunaspam Spampost Making threats/demands, Reilly. Strange Candy 04-18-2019 Never
Spam Spam Disturbed 04-18-2019 Never
yrty sodium nitrite Bright Bart 04-17-2019 Never
KrossWill Spam Disturbed 04-17-2019 Never
gsfs   FreeFlow 04-16-2019 Never
inconspicuous lop'er Spam Disturbed 04-16-2019 Never
jrit idiot.. silversides 04-15-2019 Never
xydy Spammerly Strange Candy 04-15-2019 Never
RiskyPob Not ok to make accounts mocking members. Strange Candy 04-14-2019 Never
Henn Hyperlink spammer Strange Candy 04-13-2019 Never
jdjc Spam Disturbed 04-12-2019 Never
spambot 5000 Spam Strange Candy 04-12-2019 Never
so confused Spam Strange Candy 04-12-2019 Never
AI programmer Spam Strange Candy 04-12-2019 Never
Grateful Spam Strange Candy 04-12-2019 Never
afsh Spam Disturbed 04-11-2019 Never
Galaxyworld spam Disturbed 04-11-2019 Never
CupidStunt Per own request Disturbed 04-11-2019 Never
Dirty harry Spam Disturbed 04-11-2019 Never
cncn Crossed the event horizon Bright Bart 04-10-2019 Never
vzvh spam Disturbed 04-09-2019 Never
GregNixon HBW sock Disturbed 04-09-2019 Never
dvdv spam Disturbed 04-07-2019 Never
eyee    FreeFlow 04-07-2019 Never
eyte Spam Disturbed 04-06-2019 Never
yujianfacai9 korean spammer FreeFlow 04-06-2019 Never
helloworld2 Give it up FreeFlow 04-06-2019 Never
LunaticAce32 Spam Disturbed 04-06-2019 Never
palomalil011 Reported you to the police for offering faked passports FreeFlow 04-06-2019 Never
aywy Your inability to remain on one topic. silversides 04-05-2019 Never
poiuuiop1234 Spam Disturbed 04-05-2019 Never
zgzy Spam Disturbed 04-04-2019 Never
sdkfjlsdkjf Spam Disturbed 04-04-2019 Never
new romantic guy1 Disgruntled LOP basher. silversides 04-03-2019 Never
Get Brian Now Reilly Strange Candy 04-02-2019 Never
Reillylylyly spam Disturbed 04-02-2019 Never
Disturdbed spam Disturbed 04-02-2019 Never
Strange Gandy spam Disturbed 04-02-2019 Never
RiskyBob Spam Disturbed 04-02-2019 Never
arcadia Reilly Strange Candy 04-02-2019 Never
LOPCatDude Reilly. Strange Candy 04-02-2019 Never
lifi lowfi Strange Candy 03-31-2019 Never
marcus2019 "lop is the scum of the internet" orly? constant bait posts, then trashing lop. Smells like a troll. Strange Candy 03-30-2019 Never
yqeu That spammer dude. Caught him warming up. Strange Candy 03-29-2019 Never
jterez26 Saw a werewolf at the bus stop this morning. Or possibly just a very hairy guy. Either way, the silver bullets worked. Bright Bart 03-28-2019 Never
ytu Dissing Britney Spears Bright Bart 03-28-2019 Never
xhdd spam Disturbed 03-27-2019 Never
Jack's Box   FreeFlow 03-27-2019 Never
Captain Philip needs soap FreeFlow 03-27-2019 Never
xbyr   FreeFlow 03-27-2019 Never
Shsh Spam Disturbed 03-25-2019 Never
dyyr   FreeFlow 03-24-2019 Never
uyt Spammer. Strange Candy 03-24-2019 Never
tyu Stay away. Strange Candy 03-24-2019 Never
wsx_ Spam. Strange Candy 03-24-2019 Never
ysud I laugh when I ban you. Strange Candy 03-24-2019 Never
wsx777 Spameilly Strange Candy 03-24-2019 Never
xse Reilly. Strange Candy 03-23-2019 Never
yeyy Spam Strange Candy 03-22-2019 Never
Member Upgraded to AE troll list, congrats. Strange Candy 03-22-2019 Never
member2 Sock, and outed as an AE troll. Strange Candy 03-22-2019 Never
Big surprise Multiple account troll showed his true colors. Strange Candy 03-21-2019 Never
Donate More Why did you make a new account? Sock of Big Surprise Strange Candy 03-21-2019 Never
Rick91 Also reilly. Strange Candy 03-21-2019 Never
twqt I don't think anyone deserves to feel pain. silversides 03-19-2019 Never
GayRudolph spam Disturbed 03-19-2019 Never
rewq spam Disturbed 03-18-2019 Never
Fukunova Requested permban, on top of spreading lies about people on lop, the management, and lop in general ALL THE TIME. Continues to bully, and constantly complain. Allow me to fulfill your request, and show you the door. Strange Candy 03-18-2019 Never
Josey_Wales Sock account. Seriously Damrod? Nice try though. Strange Candy 03-16-2019 Never
qmwn Spammy Strange Candy 03-16-2019 Never
Turd Purse spam/sock account Disturbed 03-15-2019 Never
uuru Spammer Strange Candy 03-15-2019 Never
jekh spam Disturbed 03-14-2019 Never
Hamburgerwagon That was it for me. Hasn't changed. Decision made, done. Strange Candy 03-14-2019 Never
269346 Outed as a malicious other place troll. Strange Candy 03-13-2019 Never
davidjohn Spammer. Strange Candy 03-12-2019 Never
ann12 Spam Disturbed 03-09-2019 Never
alice434 Apple hyperlink spam. Strange Candy 03-09-2019 Never
ysae Because you're not very nice. silversides 03-05-2019 Never
syey   FreeFlow 03-05-2019 Never
Super Conservative Something is wrong with this one, smells like a sock + spreading lies about a mod. Mega mod bashing. "lack of intelligence and left wing nut job" liar. Strange Candy 03-04-2019 Never
Yadadasayin Hidden forum troll, spamming, attacking, spreading lies. Say bye to your account, you're not even using it. Strange Candy 03-03-2019 Never
xjax Spam Disturbed 02-28-2019 Never
qwqh   FreeFlow 02-28-2019 Never
Dipshit Sock. Strange Candy 02-25-2019 Never
jfhd   FreeFlow 02-25-2019 Never
Todd Sock. Strange Candy 02-24-2019 Never
Say Spam Bad spammer Strange Candy 02-24-2019 Never
svdh Bye spammy. Strange Candy 02-22-2019 Never
hayw spam Disturbed 02-22-2019 Never
aggs spam Disturbed 02-21-2019 Never
vzbz spam Disturbed 02-21-2019 Never
yweu you don't even own yourself FreeFlow 02-18-2019 Never
vnbz O Reilly ? FreeFlow 02-17-2019 Never
aghs   FreeFlow 02-16-2019 Never
zbnx Weirdo spammer Strange Candy 02-16-2019 Never
[email protected]   FreeFlow 02-15-2019 Never
xxvn 100th account FreeFlow 02-15-2019 Never
JohnieDaniels spam Disturbed 02-14-2019 Never
bbzx That spammer dude Strange Candy 02-14-2019 Never
wgzg Spa. Disturbed 02-13-2019 Never
qtya "recoil" "isis" "right?" spammer dude Strange Candy 02-13-2019 Never
yandexja1990 Self serving spammer Strange Candy 02-12-2019 Never
dute spam Disturbed 02-11-2019 Never
tqtu That weird spammer multi account dude Strange Candy 02-11-2019 Never
ywey spam Disturbed 02-10-2019 Never
shhd Crazy spammer dude Strange Candy 02-10-2019 Never
qruu 'I hope soms people get killed' - Oh reilly ? FreeFlow 02-09-2019 Never
diyp spam Disturbed 02-08-2019 Never
Victim Status Iran spam Disturbed 02-07-2019 Never
Not Reilly Sock Disturbed 02-07-2019 Never
diit "right?" spammer Strange Candy 02-07-2019 Never
Not so Hawt Pocket sawk/sock Strange Candy 02-07-2019 Never
Hawt Pocket Sock Disturbed 02-07-2019 Never
jeey Spam Disturbed 02-07-2019 Never
helloworld Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
asdf Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
yuio Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
je thread Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
Reilly Mr 1000 socks FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
outnabout Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
lief Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
James Cook Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
Jc Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
bona fide gangster Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
oiuy Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
ken Reilly sock FreeFlow 02-06-2019 Never
Strange Candy the Moron uhm FreeFlow 02-05-2019 Never
GroundbreakingClue2 Ebola spammer Strange Candy 02-04-2019 Never
Roddy2 ban evasion sock FreeFlow 02-03-2019 Never
Never What Again "pro-isis" "ni66ers" spammer Strange Candy 01-31-2019 Never
Jew$ Love Killing Spam Disturbed 01-31-2019 Never
Victim Status Jew Spam Disturbed 01-30-2019 Never
Victim Status UK Fat "ni66er" spammer Strange Candy 01-30-2019 Never
Ksrk Fine and you? spammer Strange Candy 01-30-2019 Never
Victim Status Recoil   FreeFlow 01-30-2019 Never
djshad Spam Disturbed 01-29-2019 Never
laks Spam Disturbed 01-29-2019 Never
Donovan Spam Disturbed 01-28-2019 Never
Femini$t$ 4 Rape Spam Disturbed 01-28-2019 Never
uhhh   FreeFlow 01-27-2019 Never
srabko Hyper link sneak spammer. Strange Candy 01-26-2019 Never
Fat Chicks Matter You matter not FreeFlow 01-26-2019 Never
bsnx Because I mean nothing to you. silversides 01-26-2019 Never
ssar Spam Disturbed 01-25-2019 Never
kbbn It's that weird spammer again Strange Candy 01-24-2019 Never
abbn "recoil" zionist blah blah spammer weirdo Strange Candy 01-23-2019 Never
Kill Zionists Sorry guys I was tending to my real life. Spam/abuse. Strange Candy 01-23-2019 Never
TheEarthIsFlat Sock account, circumventing time out. Strange Candy 01-22-2019 Never
Hilson Robot voice youtube spammer. Strange Candy 01-22-2019 Never
Sawz Dis Spam Disturbed 01-21-2019 Never
Tommyhillz Nigerian YouTube spam Disturbed 01-20-2019 Never
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