Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
тролль No socks please Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
Labi1995 spam Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
RedRob No socks please Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
Sexy Skinny Dirty No socks allowed. Disturbed 04-14-2018 Never
Peaceful Sage By own request... Sorry to see you go... silversides 04-11-2018 Never
6StringDream Pending account deletion. Per own request Disturbed 04-10-2018 Never
Birdman92 What is Voldemorts snake called. silversides 04-10-2018 Never
from Beyond Zika spam Disturbed 04-05-2018 Never
BobGodwin Spqm Disturbed 04-02-2018 Never
eogabi98 Spamming only one source. Bot like replies. Disturbed 04-01-2018 Never
boanca1997 Spam Disturbed 04-01-2018 Never
OG (Orgalorg's goat) תות No socks please Disturbed 03-29-2018 Never
FoodLover spam Disturbed 03-26-2018 Never
kisley123 Spammer... silversides 03-25-2018 Never
TheInstigater Enough with the sock accounts. Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
George Jones Sock Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
winelovergary spam Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
STOP BANNING ME Sock Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
I Love O'Douls Enough with the sock accounts. silversides 03-23-2018 Never
GrillMasterG no socks Disturbed 03-22-2018 Never
GoatManX Enough with the shtick and sock accounts. Disturbed 03-22-2018 Never
dee0 spam Disturbed 03-21-2018 Never
HerbertTheGoat spam Disturbed 03-21-2018 Never
Pink_Locust spams only 1 site, does not reply. Disturbed 03-20-2018 Never
chris2k4 Fraud silversides 03-20-2018 Never
TheCatLady Sock games Disturbed 03-20-2018 Never
cullen2k4 Spam Disturbed 03-15-2018 Never
albert2k4 Spam Disturbed 03-15-2018 Never
The Comedian Spam. Disturbed 03-13-2018 Never
casify spammer... silversides 03-13-2018 Never
Mr. Hyde Pending account deletion. Per own request Disturbed 03-11-2018 Never
gholam22 Everybody hate Voldemort, I don't understand... Are you a fan or something? silversides 03-11-2018 Never
JailMate30 It works. Counting Sheep 02-22-2018 Never
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