Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
DennisClarke Spam PopEye Yesterday Never
Fowhneta Spam PopEye Yesterday Never
Forbidden_zon Spam PopEye 01-17-2022 Never
NickyNiks09 Spam PopEye 01-17-2022 Never
ftlpz Spam PopEye 01-13-2022 Never
lisalinabi55 Spam PopEye 01-13-2022 Never
RINA23 Spam PopEye 01-13-2022 Never
MilkyF Spam PopEye 01-13-2022 Never
alexwarrior Spam PopEye 01-12-2022 Never
AkaRasty Spam PopEye 01-12-2022 Never
ScottLinn Spam Strange Candy 01-11-2022 Never
justkidlori7 Spam PopEye 01-03-2022 Never
Broklyn9 Spam PopEye 01-03-2022 Never
Mulihancic Spam PopEye 01-03-2022 Never
linkinpark0578 Spam PopEye 01-03-2022 Never
James Racism - Homophobia - Antisemitism - LOP bashing - Mod bashing - Inability to abide by societal norms - Incorrigible - Forum pest PopEye 12-31-2021 03-31-2022
Carolinmartha Spam PopEye 12-28-2021 Never
MaxPinS Spam PopEye 12-27-2021 Never
Uther Spam PopEye 12-27-2021 Never
ReturnToMonke Sock of misterrmetokur - Link/Site spam PopEye 12-20-2021 Never
misterrmetokur Link/Site spammer PopEye 12-20-2021 Never
Stanley_Santiago Spam PopEye 12-12-2021 Never
Ronald Swanson Sock of troll account Strange Candy 12-09-2021 Never
FreedomDaily Link/Site spammer PopEye 12-05-2021 Never
NU Troll account. Strange Candy 12-04-2021 Never
christense Link spammer PopEye 12-02-2021 Never
Ay-thang-yaw Racist/Stalker/Troll PopEye 11-30-2021 Never
Winston Racist/Stalker/Troll PopEye 11-30-2021 Never
TEN HI-YA-YA! Racist/Stalker/Troll PopEye 11-30-2021 Never
Imperial Kleagle Spam Strange Candy 11-29-2021 Never
FiddlerOnDaHood Troll spam. Strange Candy 11-29-2021 Never
corduroy "You're a nígger-lover who should be beaten for your beliefs. Níggers aren't even human" silversides 11-28-2021 Never
VictoriaLady Sock of Victoria35, IceCop, Ace34, Victoria23, Arctic, IceMan34, IceMan1986 PopEye 11-28-2021 Never
KingsX Idolizing Hitler and Nazis - Again Old Whatshisname 11-26-2021 Never
Beyondism TOR/VPN Stalker & Racist troll - Sock of stalkers Slytherin, seamonsters, Timothy Hunter - "Why do you nīgger-lovers keep on deleting my post?" PopEye 11-26-2021 Never
Yareca Tag team spam PopEye 11-24-2021 Never
Cotibef Tag team spam PopEye 11-24-2021 Never
CernHag Weird nonsense spam Strange Candy 11-24-2021 Never
mulockmic Link Spammer PopEye 11-18-2021 Never
Flamebringer60 First post: "how many goats have you f**ked or sucked off today, not counting your mom or dad?" PopEye 11-13-2021 Never
Redlicorice She's done, she hasn't changed, still harassing the staff and members. Strange Candy 11-08-2021 Never
julialo Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
georgen Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
barjamon Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
archi1491 Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
MarkUltra Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
JasonGraham Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
Magnoliayy Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
Bumerang Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
marythomus Link spammer PopEye 11-06-2021 Never
chrome yellow Spam Strange Candy 11-05-2021 Never
Crome Yellow Spam Strange Candy 11-05-2021 Never
howe Link spammer PopEye 11-04-2021 Never
TimothyGrikh25 Link spammer PopEye 11-02-2021 Never
Roharim Link spammer PopEye 11-01-2021 Never
Slytherin TOR Stalker - Sock of stalkers seamonsters, Timothy Hunter PopEye 10-30-2021 Never
Timothy Hunter TOR Stalker - Sock of stalker seamonsters PopEye 10-30-2021 Never
seamonsters TOR Stalker PopEye 10-30-2021 Never
Millii Spam PopEye 10-30-2021 Never
Bulvo Link Spammer PopEye 10-30-2021 Never
AlRoss0908 Link spammer PopEye 10-28-2021 Never
GL Rockwell Troll - User name is abbreviation of George Lincoln Rockwell - racist, homophobic and antisemitic American Nazi PopEye 10-26-2021 Never
VsdSdsf Spam Strange Candy 10-26-2021 Never
casimiracon Link Spammer PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
alexandriaj Link Spammer PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
hueycol Link Spammer PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
tagdeaxuop Link Spammer PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
Tyricores Link Spammer PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
ThirstyMarlin Link spammer PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
AnnaBerry Link Spammer PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
Victoria35 Sock of socks IceCop, Ace34, Victoria23, Arctic, IceMan34, IceMan1986 PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
Rictus Erectus Link Spammer PopEye 10-18-2021 Never
Verkindgetoriks Spam Strange Candy 10-18-2021 Never
1nf1del Enjoy your new echo chamber... entropy 10-16-2021 Never
Buck Foe Jiden Troll Strange Candy 10-09-2021 Never
Kovalainen Link Spammer PopEye 10-08-2021 Never
anonymous2021 Spam PopEye 10-07-2021 Never
Godlikerobber dailynewz365 Spammer and sock PopEye 10-06-2021 Never
Mariumakter33 Link Spammer PopEye 10-04-2021 Never
wolf001 Link spammer PopEye 10-02-2021 Never
Adriledama Link spammer PopEye 10-02-2021 Never
Brinnuss Link Spammer PopEye 09-29-2021 Never
danielborizovski Sock spam Strange Candy 09-26-2021 Never
Daily365newz Sock & Spammer - This is permabanned former members "Haisenberg" & "dailynewz365" - Spams for own website silversides 09-24-2021 Never
Haisenberg Self-serving spammer for own website silversides 09-22-2021 Never
dailynewz365 Spam Strange Candy 09-19-2021 Never
Utantendi spammer silversides 09-14-2021 Never
Ducatti Spam Disturbed 09-14-2021 Never
roarksina spammer silversides 09-14-2021 Never
banksmabel spammer silversides 09-14-2021 Never
SEPTA Trolls nli, caught many times. Strange Candy 09-13-2021 Never
Disgust Sock, and TOR troll. Strange Candy 09-10-2021 Never
fialongom spammer silversides 09-06-2021 Never
patricialob Spam Strange Candy 09-06-2021 Never
baratras Spam Strange Candy 09-06-2021 Never
Dickfore Trolling, personal attacks, username, etc etc etc entropy 08-28-2021 Never
Maricores Spam Disturbed 08-27-2021 Never
jessikabrown Spam Disturbed 08-27-2021 Never
Silver Shirt No Reason Entered Disturbed 08-27-2021 Never
Waldo joined the Klan I don't believe in that. I think some people are DOLPHIN shape shifters. silversides 08-26-2021 Never
Klavern Spam Disturbed 08-26-2021 Never
Klonvokation Spam Disturbed 08-26-2021 Never
Kloreroe Spam Disturbed 08-26-2021 Never
turnerfait Spam Strange Candy 08-26-2021 Never
Besalynus Spam Strange Candy 08-26-2021 Never
neoplatonist Spam Disturbed 08-21-2021 Never
martiscore Spam Disturbed 08-18-2021 Never
RainbowintheDark Not tomorrow either, Karen. entropy 08-11-2021 Never
Mark Baas No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate and excessive Karening. You will be happier elsewhere. entropy 08-11-2021 Never
jimmy0987 Not today Karen... entropy 08-09-2021 Never
lee0987 And take your crotch goblin with you. entropy 08-09-2021 Never
lerkabogl Too stupid even for other CT forums entropy 08-08-2021 Never
sadpomoi Sock of stupid. entropy 08-08-2021 Never
emilyomacon Spam Strange Candy 08-07-2021 Never
semirason Spam Disturbed 08-06-2021 Never
Exeter book by own request... silversides 08-05-2021 Never
Sheridan Spam Disturbed 08-04-2021 Never
toilet trader Troll/sock Strange Candy 08-02-2021 Never
Magawillrise Spam Disturbed 08-02-2021 Never
Orion's Belt Doesn't like it here one bit. Disturbed 08-01-2021 Never
Kloran No Racism, includes mixed race families. silversides 08-01-2021 Never
Kleagle No Racism, includes mixed race families. silversides 08-01-2021 Never
Hatred is my life Racism, anti-woman posts Old Whatshisname 08-01-2021 Never
Simon Legree Racism Disturbed 08-01-2021 Never
Malthusian Will not be going to go to an international conference on the moral principle of moral decency. silversides 07-30-2021 Never
Death to Caitlin Spam troll sock. Strange Candy 07-29-2021 Never
Where's Wally? Be gone troll. Strange Candy 07-29-2021 Never
Imperial Wizard racism Disturbed 07-28-2021 Never
Invisible Empire racism Disturbed 07-28-2021 Never
Sealand guest troll made account. Strange Candy 07-27-2021 Never
1nf1del09 Sits here until Disturbed helps owner get back into account. Strange Candy 07-25-2021 Never
Molded Solicitation. entropy 07-23-2021 Never
dutonier spammer silversides 07-21-2021 Never
baramad spammer silversides 07-20-2021 Never
Cangnagnt Spam Disturbed 07-19-2021 Never
brogdonly Spam Disturbed 07-19-2021 07-19-2023
Sadiya45 Spam Strange Candy 07-18-2021 Never
nervioral Spam Strange Candy 07-17-2021 Never
zxclord123 Spam Strange Candy 07-15-2021 Never
ghost of brixx Has new account, laying this one to rest. Strange Candy 07-15-2021 Never
bobnajera Adding excessive sugar to spaghetti sauce entropy 07-14-2021 Never
SerafinaDahn Breaking up pasta before boiling entropy 07-14-2021 Never
TuxedoMask Troll account. Strange Candy 07-13-2021 Never
BarbraIss Come back when your space hotel opens entropy 07-12-2021 Never
juliansssmith648 for spite! entropy 07-12-2021 Never
charlimoun Spam Strange Candy 07-12-2021 Never
AntonyTheOneKing Nope. entropy 07-10-2021 Never
King Antony The Great One Troll/very inappropriate Strange Candy 07-09-2021 Never
PullmanGabrielle LOTR Spam Strange Candy 07-09-2021 Never
lenemax spammer silversides 07-08-2021 Never
luckyli Spam Disturbed 07-08-2021 Never
dieprad Spam Disturbed 07-08-2021 Never
Ampalirani Spam Disturbed 07-07-2021 Never
OlivsChisi Spam Strange Candy 07-06-2021 Never
AvaMetcal Think about the stuff it's made from- wonder if it's mystery meat entropy 07-05-2021 Never
enchentim Spam Strange Candy 07-05-2021 Never
lindsywes Spam Strange Candy 07-03-2021 Never
Norman Spam Strange Candy 07-01-2021 Never
complexman spammer silversides 06-29-2021 Never
Sarahac Spam Strange Candy 06-29-2021 Never
Left wing tyranny Troll Strange Candy 06-29-2021 Never
Denverstank spammer silversides 06-28-2021 Never
anna123 After Ebola spam Karen turned into Anna, Save a can to throw at the spamma! entropy 06-27-2021 Never
karenfishers Karen spams straight from the can throw a can of soup now Karen's canned entropy 06-27-2021 Never
Ousais Spam/Socker Strange Candy 06-26-2021 Never
moodycharles037 Spam Strange Candy 06-26-2021 Never
lorenso spammer silversides 06-25-2021 Never
osd32a spammer silversides 06-25-2021 Never
Aponamed If you're running low, go to the store. Carry some money to help you buy more The tab is going to open the can The can is there to hold in the Spam entropy 06-24-2021 Never
Ultimer Spam Strange Candy 06-24-2021 Never
Harymol spammer silversides 06-24-2021 Never
Freedance spammer silversides 06-23-2021 Never
antonfrau spammer silversides 06-23-2021 Never
ShaoCan If you need a spoon, keep one around Carry a thermos to help wash it down Now if there's some left, don't just throw it out Use it for spackle or bathroom grout entropy 06-22-2021 Never
Giannaapom spammer silversides 06-22-2021 Never
Cracker Jacks No explanation needed. Strange Candy 06-22-2021 Never
Bisi Spam Strange Candy 06-19-2021 Never
Ellina Spam Strange Candy 06-19-2021 Never
AndyE Sock Strange Candy 06-19-2021 Never
rebeccamu Spam Strange Candy 06-18-2021 Never
mila666 Spam Strange Candy 06-18-2021 Never
iusepina spammer silversides 06-17-2021 Never
Techniquest spammer silversides 06-16-2021 Never
Aligatores spammer silversides 06-16-2021 Never
swipka777 Spam Strange Candy 06-15-2021 Never
The Man 3.14 Perm toss approved, bye sugartoot. Strange Candy 06-10-2021 Never
Amos Burton FD sock. Strange Candy 06-08-2021 Never
GibsonMichel Spam Strange Candy 06-07-2021 Never
Nanzu Troll, suspicious proxy. Strange Candy 06-06-2021 Never
Velstadt spammer silversides 06-03-2021 Never
Billyjack678 spammer silversides 06-02-2021 Never
Adopteros spammer silversides 05-31-2021 Never
Fairlight99 Troll/spam Strange Candy 05-30-2021 Never
Gracious spammer silversides 05-29-2021 Never
Pedo Joe inappropriate username silversides 05-29-2021 Never
The Ghost of Brix Has new account, no socks. Strange Candy 05-29-2021 Never
Deana spammer silversides 05-27-2021 Never
MelanieLangdon Spam Strange Candy 05-27-2021 Never
Semkeluise spammer silversides 05-26-2021 Never
Mattarono Spam Strange Candy 05-26-2021 Never
Lucatiel Spam entropy 05-26-2021 Never
Broking NEWS Spam entropy 05-22-2021 Never
AnnieShemale Troll Strange Candy 05-21-2021 Never
Truth Stepper News spammer silversides 05-17-2021 Never
easyqualify Spam Strange Candy 05-12-2021 Never
Bao2 Blame "the Jews" and promote other forums elsewhere. entropy 05-11-2021 Never
insjorg Spam Strange Candy 05-11-2021 Never
nilsont3 Spam Strange Candy 05-11-2021 Never
maria.augustt Spam Strange Candy 05-11-2021 Never
SurthesAmy New Member - New Link Spammer silversides 05-10-2021 Never
Freo Banned member returned just to start up again. also Sock. Strange Candy 05-05-2021 Never
GooseWashigton Spam Strange Candy 05-05-2021 Never
WED2 Hi Karen, meet manager. entropy 05-02-2021 Never
Licksturd inappropriate user name silversides 04-28-2021 Never
KindMan Spam Strange Candy 04-28-2021 Never
66669999 This bathwater is so toxic I'm throwing the baby out. entropy 04-26-2021 Never
0011000199 Incel troll Strange Candy 04-19-2021 Never
CheesyChode Inappropriate username Disturbed 04-16-2021 Never
aabdel Spam Strange Candy 04-16-2021 Never
NotoriousTaint Inappropriate unknown taint username. Strange Candy 04-16-2021 Never
TwatWaffle Inappropriate username. Strange Candy 04-15-2021 Never
fenix33 Spam Disturbed 04-12-2021 Never
[email protected] New member, new SPAMMER. silversides 04-08-2021 Never
DogMan Troll/sock Strange Candy 04-08-2021 Never
00110001 Spam Disturbed 04-04-2021 Never
gofuckyourmom Sock: jamielee, Thor, etc. silversides 04-04-2021 Never
IceCop Racism troll/sock Strange Candy 04-04-2021 Never
Fairlight Racism Troll Strange Candy 04-02-2021 Never
AmbroseMarshall Spam Disturbed 03-30-2021 Never
MurrayYvonne Spam Disturbed 03-30-2021 Never
Oscar82 Spam Strange Candy 03-26-2021 Never
KOlja-kust Spam Strange Candy 03-26-2021 Never
JessicaBosworth Spam Disturbed 03-23-2021 Never
louie Spam Disturbed 03-22-2021 Never
Anglo_JapaneseGirl Spam Disturbed 03-12-2021 Never
shinamulliet Spam Disturbed 03-11-2021 Never
logan India Spam Strange Candy 03-09-2021 Never
RebeccaDavidson Spa. Disturbed 03-03-2021 Never
Monika Spam Disturbed 03-03-2021 Never
rossee spammer silversides 03-02-2021 Never
Arthur RU Spam Strange Candy 03-02-2021 Never
Chops Busters Spam Disturbed 02-28-2021 Never
Forbidden_zone Spam Disturbed 02-27-2021 Never
Lana145 Link spam. Strange Candy 02-21-2021 Never
ChristopherHunter Spqm Disturbed 02-20-2021 Never
barneyrob Spam Disturbed 02-20-2021 Never
AmandaKY Spam Disturbed 02-20-2021 Never
Drew34 Spqm Disturbed 02-19-2021 Never
tomhardy Spam. Strange Candy 02-19-2021 Never
Billius Spam Disturbed 02-18-2021 Never
Victoria23 Racist sock dude again. Strange Candy 02-18-2021 Never
Ace34 that one racist spammer with multiple accounts Strange Candy 02-15-2021 Never
ZoeuLX Spam Disturbed 02-11-2021 Never
Gegina Spam Disturbed 02-10-2021 Never
RobiN0963 Link Spammer silversides 02-05-2021 Never
keilecpod Spam Disturbed 02-04-2021 Never
Abrahamus Spwm Disturbed 02-02-2021 Never
ioowa66 Spammer. Strange Candy 02-01-2021 Never
Woodrow Link Spammer silversides 01-26-2021 Never
christopherwatkins Spam Disturbed 01-25-2021 Never
bosurinko Spam Disturbed 01-25-2021 Never
lingtenlouifrar Spam Disturbed 01-25-2021 Never
Changepar Spammer silversides 01-22-2021 Never
Ungi Spammer silversides 01-22-2021 Never
CantBanMeImJewish Username Bait. Disturbed 01-17-2021 Never
tajavop582 No soup for you! entropy 01-14-2021 Never
Spank The Monkey By request... To be unbanned by request of course... silversides 01-12-2021 Never
OurTube Here just to promote "violent revolution" and youtube self-serve Strange Candy 01-11-2021 Never
The Ghost of Trix Started new account. Disturbed 01-10-2021 Never
NIGGERFAGGOT Inappropriate user name silversides 01-10-2021 Never
kdsdjfh Only one account allowed. Disturbed 01-07-2021 Never
Domains Being Domains Old Whatshisname 01-06-2021 Never
Chillywilly Link-only BOT Old Whatshisname 12-12-2020 Never
Mulchefye No socks please. Disturbed 11-11-2020 Never
Jon Bon Gif/Pacman sock. Strange Candy 11-11-2020 Never
An Underling NO WIRE HANGERS! entropy 10-26-2020 Never
Automatica Excessive Karening. entropy 10-17-2020 Never
Wharf Rat Trolling. Personal attacks. Disturbed 10-12-2020 Never
No body pacman/gif sock. Strange Candy 10-08-2020 Never
Kramit the Frog AE troll. Disturbed 10-02-2020 Never
Tomarky Freaking Big Idiot. Disturbed 09-11-2020 Never
ABCDEF_Jesus Creep. see his closed thread for why. history of creepiness towards me as well. Strange Candy 08-25-2020 Never
Eustace Muffins Trolling/doxxing Disturbed 08-25-2020 Never
DutchCrutch Creepy. Reposted one of my old avatars and personally insulted me. Stalker/troll. Strange Candy 08-24-2020 Never
TheXFactor And back out you go. entropy 08-22-2020 Never
BeelzeBoop Recruit somewhere else. Disturbed 06-12-2020 Never
D3VILSR3J3CT Using new account, didn't answer me about this one. Strange Candy 06-12-2020 Never
engineering Trying to get members in trouble with bogus FBI complaints.. Disturbed 06-09-2020 Never
cptspaulding Sock: jamielee, Thor, etc. Old Whatshisname 04-15-2020 Never
thor Sock, threats, x-rated insults Old Whatshisname 04-15-2020 Never
existential Scammer. Strange Candy 04-10-2020 Never
Arctic That one sock/spammer. "ginny and liv" or whatever, same as always attitude and racism. Strange Candy 03-14-2020 Never
pacman Fine, I'll do it. Gifofthings admitted sock, asked for deletion of this account. It's in a post from him so look it up. Strange Candy 03-03-2020 Never
Hamburgerwagon. Go away. Strange Candy 03-03-2020 Never
Odd_Appetizer Sock/Troll his first ip linked to ABCDEF_jesus who also made the same gross "love" posts about me so.... it's obvious. Strange Candy 02-21-2020 Never
☥⛧♂∞⚡∞♀⛥☥ He got his old account goin' again. Putting the new shell here. Strange Candy 01-25-2020 Never
Chip. Fiery Eagle sock. Strange Candy 01-21-2020 Never
IwishUtriple7s member cali sock, same ol same ol. Strange Candy 01-03-2020 Never
⚡☥Anubis☥⚡ Ok, continually trashing lop, continuing to personally insult innocent people here when asked by D and others to STOP or get gone. Guess what? Strange Candy 01-01-2020 Never
jamielee no sox... Ahanata 12-09-2019 Never
Sistah pending deletion Disturbed 10-02-2019 Never
Vaj Reynolds Inaapopriate user name/misogynistic posts entropy 08-31-2019 Never
Flying Cow vlad sock. Strange Candy 08-22-2019 Never
Emanuel vlad sock. Thought these were already banned... Strange Candy 08-22-2019 Never
bigkittie vlad sock Strange Candy 08-22-2019 Never
Into the sunset No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate entropy 08-05-2019 Never
Reilly gets it doesn't get it yet Ahanata 07-31-2019 Never
Colt45 Sock Strange Candy 07-26-2019 Never
cali Ok, that's enough of this account. Always hateful threatening sh!t talking. You're done. Strange Candy 06-23-2019 Never
Nay Deletion requested. Wouldn't be convinced to stay...also I think they have other accounts anyway. Strange Candy 06-22-2019 Never
TimeZoned Happy to show ye out. Strange Candy 06-09-2019 Never
LiveWithNature Threatening lop for not allowing you to spam is a bad move. Strange Candy 06-01-2019 Never
How dare you I tried, but you're not changing. Strange Candy 05-30-2019 Never
llll Proxy sock/trolling entropy 05-26-2019 Never
Whackadoodle Seen enough evidence to say this is a permbanned member. Strange Candy 05-22-2019 Never
D3MONS3M3N Don't evade a 1 day ban dude...just come back tomorrow. Use your new account, this one isn't very acceptable anyway. Strange Candy 05-21-2019 Never
The Green Manalishi Using account to troll members equates to being a pest to the forum entropy 05-19-2019 Never
patent ufo Sock. Strange Candy 05-15-2019 Never
Archangel Take your antisemitism and white power crap elsewhere. Disturbed 05-13-2019 Never
pre_raphaelite Pages upon pages of thread derailment after account deletion request. entropy 05-09-2019 Never
Xenojunk Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you. entropy 05-07-2019 Never
IsraelWins Attacks on Gays and the mentally disabled Strange Candy 05-06-2019 Never
Pat Korry It was time anyway. Big Jan and whoever else you've portrayed, sock, good bye. Strange Candy 04-23-2019 Never
Hawkeye Ban evasion Disturbed 04-23-2019 Never
CupidStunt Per own request Disturbed 04-11-2019 Never
marcus2019 "lop is the scum of the internet" orly? constant bait posts, then trashing lop. Smells like a troll. Strange Candy 03-30-2019 Never
Member Upgraded to AE troll list, congrats. Strange Candy 03-22-2019 Never
Big surprise Multiple account troll showed his true colors. Strange Candy 03-21-2019 Never
Fukunova Requested permban, on top of spreading lies about people on lop, the management, and lop in general ALL THE TIME. Continues to bully, and constantly complain. Allow me to fulfill your request, and show you the door. Strange Candy 03-18-2019 Never
Josey_Wales Sock account. Seriously Damrod? Nice try though. Strange Candy 03-16-2019 Never
Hamburgerwagon That was it for me. Hasn't changed. Decision made, done. Strange Candy 03-14-2019 Never
269346 Outed as a malicious other place troll. Strange Candy 03-13-2019 Never
Yadadasayin Hidden forum troll, spamming, attacking, spreading lies. Say bye to your account, you're not even using it. Strange Candy 03-03-2019 Never
Not Reilly Sock Disturbed 02-07-2019 Never
Reilly Mr 1000 socks 02-06-2019 Never
TheEarthIsFlat Sock account, circumventing time out. Strange Candy 01-22-2019 Never
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