Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
Shit Sandwich Spam Disturbed Today Never
Sergeant Stinky Spam Katz Today Never
Corporal Cornhole Poo Katz Today Never
Private Poopstains spam Disturbed Today Never
Elizabeth abuse of the report function... silversides Yesterday Today
Flatulent Uncle Sam Spam Disturbed Yesterday Never
Lesbian Farter Spam Disturbed Yesterday Never
Dick Browncock I don't call them anything because they aren't smart. silversides Yesterday Never
Limburger Farts Spammer... silversides Yesterday Never
Special Kinda Stupid Stupid is, as stupid does Ahanata Yesterday Never
Mack multiple sock accounts Ahanata Yesterday Never
President Jimmy Farter . FreeFlow 09-24-2017 Never
Stink-O-Rama Spam Disturbed 09-24-2017 Never
Bob Bungmunch SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-24-2017 Never
Counting Farts I think, therefore we have nothing in common. Counting Sheep 09-24-2017 Never
Billy Goat Being an adult means going to the grocery store and paying a ton of money and still having nothing to eat. Counting Sheep 09-24-2017 Never
Jennifer Anuston Nope. Counting Sheep 09-24-2017 Never
Felcher D. Belcher Wearing white after Labor Day Counting Sheep 09-24-2017 Never
Fartanata Stinking up the forum Counting Sheep 09-24-2017 Never
Fartlyn Jenner Gaseous Clay disapproves Ahanata 09-24-2017 Never
Flatulent Earther . FreeFlow 09-24-2017 Never
Pyle O'Poop Scooped Counting Sheep 09-24-2017 Never
Steaming Bedpan Raptured on the 23rd Counting Sheep 09-24-2017 Never
Local Farter SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-24-2017 Never
Mcn Spam Disturbed 09-24-2017 Never
Fartopotamus Spam Disturbed 09-24-2017 Never
The Blind Trout Crap Katz 09-24-2017 Never
Count Crapula Crap Katz 09-24-2017 Never
Grunt and Flush Crap Katz 09-24-2017 Never
Forest Dump spammer.. silversides 09-24-2017 Never
Gen. Colon Bowel SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-23-2017 Never
Horny O' Plenty Stupid name for a stupid troll Mother Mary 2.0 09-23-2017 Never
Crotch Fungus SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-23-2017 Never
El Farto de la Blossom's nice to have fans, but no Ahanata 09-23-2017 Never
Stinky SBD SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-23-2017 Never
Horatio Fartblower * Ahanata 09-23-2017 Never
Dick Cox spammer silversides 09-22-2017 Never
Diagnosis Flatulence spammer 8th grader Old Whatshisname 09-22-2017 10-06-2017
Ola2 Spam Disturbed 09-22-2017 Never
Cock Throbin SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-22-2017 Never
Papa Boner spam Disturbed 09-22-2017 Never
Jack Offerman spam Disturbed 09-22-2017 Never
Rocket Man (Fart Version) Spam Disturbed 09-22-2017 Never
Franky D. Wanky spam Disturbed 09-22-2017 Never
Dick Fartwell fart trolllio Ahanata 09-22-2017 Never
Farty Fartbum SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-22-2017 Never
blueasabird poo spammer sock silversides 09-21-2017 Never
Dick Poopschutte spammer silversides 09-21-2017 Never
Madame L'Pooptard SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-21-2017 Never
StarMan Fraud Attempt as LoP Guest silversides 09-21-2017 Never
Cornhole the Clown SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-21-2017 Never
Iva Rectalich butt child spam silversides 09-21-2017 Never
Sam G SPAM. "Global Real News" YouTube channel spammer. silversides 09-20-2017 Never
LOP's Most Flatulent Mod SPAM Katz 09-20-2017 Never
Adolf Shitler SPAM Katz 09-20-2017 Never
Lady Googoo Gaga gross trolling Ahanata 09-20-2017 Never
Miss Turd Runner ... FreeFlow 09-19-2017 Never
Herr Biscuit spam Disturbed 09-18-2017 Never
Baron Von Flatulence SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-18-2017 Never
Dr. Frankenschlong Spammer... silversides 09-18-2017 Never
Skid Marky Mark spammer silversides 09-18-2017 Never
Rip Van Wanker SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-18-2017 Never
The Booger Man Spam Disturbed 09-18-2017 Never
Mike Ropenis Spam Disturbed 09-18-2017 Never
JoJeE Inappropriate garbage. silversides 09-18-2017 Never
dirtylungs By own request... Ask for account deletion... silversides 09-18-2017 Never
Lou Skunt Pffht FreeFlow 09-18-2017 Never
Yes! Gawd Lawdy! I'm CUMMMING! Kind of obvious Mother Mary 2.0 09-17-2017 Never
24-Hour Boner Inappropriate user name, inappropriate thread content silversides 09-16-2017 Never
Ben Dover Username not acceptable. Disturbed 09-16-2017 Never
Edible Undies Poo Katz 09-16-2017 Never
Angela J Allen Spam Disturbed 09-16-2017 Never
Hugh Jass Spam Katz 09-16-2017 Never
Thurston Howell the Turd SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-16-2017 Never
Dick D'Boner Spam Disturbed 09-16-2017 Never
Katz In My Pants SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 09-16-2017 Never
Urine Stained Mattress Spam Disturbed 09-15-2017 Never
justintimberlake clearly hates LOP...why were u here again? Ahanata 09-15-2017 Never
MotherLiberty spam Ahanata 09-13-2017 Never
geezel spam Disturbed 09-13-2017 Never
RAGE lop bashing/mod bashing Ahanata 09-10-2017 Never
Superpooperman Spam Disturbed 09-10-2017 Never
Frau Pussyphart spam FreeFlow 09-10-2017 Never
Utopia Spam Disturbed 09-10-2017 Never
vicky spam Ahanata 09-09-2017 Never
Poopeye the Sailor Spam Disturbed 09-08-2017 Never
Mr. Wet Farts Spam Disturbed 09-08-2017 Never
Katz the Wanking Fart Mod Inappropriate Username Katz 09-07-2017 Never
Katz Splatz Inappropriate Username Katz 09-07-2017 Never
Lunatic Fart Mod Inappropriate Username Katz 09-07-2017 Never
Bada-Bing Bada-Bung Poo Spam Katz 09-07-2017 Never
Huge Boil On Bum Spammer... silversides 09-07-2017 Never
paata55 Spam Disturbed 09-07-2017 Never
Alice Spam Disturbed 09-05-2017 Never
Art Yt spam Disturbed 09-04-2017 Never
4Rsercom spam Ahanata 09-02-2017 Never
Hillary's See You In Tee racism and usename not acceptable Disturbed 09-01-2017 Never
Anonymousd Spam Disturbed 08-30-2017 Never
ShooterWins spam Disturbed 08-29-2017 Never
New news spam Ahanata 08-29-2017 Never
Real N Spam Disturbed 08-28-2017 Never
kristiawati Spam Disturbed 08-27-2017 Never
somewhitedude ban evasion Disturbed 08-27-2017 Never
ejubaba Spam Disturbed 08-27-2017 Never
Uriel A Spammer... silversides 08-27-2017 Never
fastguy Spam Disturbed 08-27-2017 Never
Adamasam spam Disturbed 08-26-2017 Never
Global rn Spam Disturbed 08-26-2017 Never
mmogonba2017 spam Disturbed 08-26-2017 Never
Ejumi Spam Disturbed 08-26-2017 Never
JohnHunter89 SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-24-2017 Never
Uriel Spam Disturbed 08-24-2017 Never
Greatguy Spam Disturbed 08-24-2017 Never
elbe Soam Disturbed 08-22-2017 Never
okwe YouTube spam Disturbed 08-22-2017 Never
JamesPerez spam Disturbed 08-22-2017 Never
hebziber Spam Katz 08-22-2017 Never
Light spam Disturbed 08-20-2017 Never
Dick Bungmaster * Ahanata 08-20-2017 Never
Flatulent Caveman Spam Disturbed 08-20-2017 Never
Aunt Pussyfart Spam Disturbed 08-20-2017 Never
190lbsMan sock Ahanata 08-19-2017 Never
Uncle McTurdpants Spam Disturbed 08-19-2017 Never
Shitbot Fartbot Inappropriate user name, silversides 08-19-2017 Never
okpe Spam Disturbed 08-19-2017 Never
TaslimaRahman spam Disturbed 08-19-2017 08-19-2019
Assmaster Supreme Didn't verify email. Counting Sheep 08-19-2017 Never
ogwuche Yt spam Disturbed 08-18-2017 Never
web Youtube spam. Disturbed 08-18-2017 Never
amazingz spam Disturbed 08-18-2017 Never
LOP Turd Spammer Caca Katz 08-18-2017 Never
Chiddy Spam Katz 08-18-2017 Never
birdonyashoulda Doesn't like it here, only comes to bad mouth LOP FreeFlow 08-17-2017 Never
IfAwoodChuckCouldChuckWood Keep it to one account. All others will be banned. Disturbed 08-16-2017 Never
Jack Micokof spam Disturbed 08-15-2017 Never
Tudor the Turder juvenile idiot FreeFlow 08-15-2017 Never
Local Sodomite Spam Disturbed 08-15-2017 Never
Calvin Cornhole BYE silversides 08-15-2017 Never
bunch Spam Disturbed 08-15-2017 Never
King Kong Long Dong allrightym you're not really a guide to morals as it appears FreeFlow 08-14-2017 Never
Hugh Janus SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-14-2017 Never
Mr. Scat Pants ... FreeFlow 08-14-2017 Never
Robert E. Pee You can pee everywhere in your home as long you want but not here FreeFlow 08-14-2017 Never
obirikwusimon SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-14-2017 Never
jokky SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-14-2017 Never
Dick Puhler Inappropriate user name, Inappropriate post silversides 08-14-2017 Never
Princecharles Spam Disturbed 08-14-2017 Never
Odey Spam Disturbed 08-14-2017 Never
stanboy sockz Ahanata 08-14-2017 Never
i hate human children ban evading sock Ahanata 08-14-2017 Never
jormungunder oceanholder My generation’s zombies didn’t run. They walked. Uphill. In the snow. They ate what brains they could find and they liked it. Counting Sheep 08-14-2017 Never
Pope On Dope People only call and text me when I’m trying to nap. Counting Sheep 08-14-2017 Never
Brills blah FreeFlow 08-13-2017 Never
Adama spam the spam spam FreeFlow 08-13-2017 Never
samuel gofrey Spam Disturbed 08-13-2017 Never
Stanleymike Spammer... silversides 08-13-2017 Never
Dopest Popess on a Unicorn Ban evasion. Disturbed 08-12-2017 Never
Farting Bastard SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 08-12-2017 Never
Stanley Stinkfinger proxy troll + childish username Disturbed 08-12-2017 Never
Sodom E. Rapist Needs help Disturbed 08-12-2017 Never
Marvin Fartbum Whambamspamthankyouma'am Disturbed 08-12-2017 Never
stanleymike424 Spam Disturbed 08-11-2017 Never
ONYXNEWS spam Disturbed 08-10-2017 Never
edward08 spam Disturbed 08-10-2017 Never
Falco Spam Disturbed 08-08-2017 Never
punchlinenews Spam Disturbed 08-08-2017 Never Spammer! Mother Mary 2.0 08-06-2017 Never
lixiaoyao1994 Spam Disturbed 08-04-2017 Never
Filthy Skank spam Disturbed 08-03-2017 Never
The Rectum Wrecker spam Disturbed 08-01-2017 Never
Harry Nutsax spam Disturbed 08-01-2017 Never
StopGangStalkingIdiots Threats to hunt people down. Disturbed 07-30-2017 Never
Peepo Spam Disturbed 07-29-2017 Never
Radar O'Really Keeps reposting NSFW links. Disturbed 07-14-2017 Never
Cops R Terrorists! Only uses LOP to call cops terrorists. Not acceptable. Disturbed 07-11-2017 Never
dontmesswithme2 YouTube spam. Disturbed 07-10-2017 Never
Halcyon Dayz Doesn't like it here. Disturbed 07-09-2017 Never
Lakers_78 Spam Disturbed 07-08-2017 Never
Spring-heeled Jack Per own request. Doesn't like disagreeing in a normal manner. Disturbed 07-08-2017 Never
•absurdious• ban evasion Disturbed 07-08-2017 Never
Greatman youtube spam Disturbed 07-04-2017 Never
The Wankmeister SPAMMER FreeFlow 06-28-2017 Never
Cthulhu master of Worlds BAN EVASION FreeFlow 06-28-2017 Never
The Depressed Ethiopian pending account deletion (per own request) Disturbed 06-12-2017 Never
Surplus Youtube spam. Doesn't reply to threads. Disturbed 06-06-2017 Never
Juan Starr* pending account deletion (per own request) Disturbed 06-06-2017 Never
Poop With Eyes SPAMMER GREY LENSMAN 06-04-2017 Never
MysticPizza pending account deletion (per own request) Disturbed 05-15-2017 Never
going 96 in a tomato phone ban evasion Ahanata 05-14-2017 Never
Bannedacc Username not acceptable. Disturbed 05-13-2017 Never
boxbutter spotterfox Ban Evasion Counting Sheep 05-05-2017 Never
postGhost Banned by his own request... (silent1) silversides 05-03-2017 Never
whirled 211 ban evasion....again, like a slinky even Ahanata 04-29-2017 Never
Napoleon reincarnated Whirly evading a ban Mother Mary 2.0 04-23-2017 Never
Dianne LondonBridge I said last warning Counting Sheep 04-19-2017 Never
praise Spam Disturbed 04-14-2017 Never
waste of helicopter fuel SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 04-13-2017 04-13-2019
Uncle Mort Uncle Mort, Sock for banned members Cyttorak, gabbing, ezrin, osiris, Adrian Corder, Private Pyle, J.C. Dee-mon, Psycho Mantis, zozo, taker of souls, Philo Modred, Eleven Cubed, Zarathos, silversides 04-07-2017 Never
Adrian Corder Adrian Corder - Sock for banned members Cyttorak, gabbing, ezrin, osiris, Adrian Corder, Private Pyle, J.C. Dee-mon, Psycho Mantis, zozo, taker of souls, Philo Modred, Eleven Cubed, Zarathos, silversides 04-07-2017 Never
barefoot and shitfaced Sock/inappropiate profane user name, change it before you return Ahanata 04-05-2017 Never
another bluename sock Ahanata 04-05-2017 Never
optical rectalitis whirldd sock Ahanata 04-03-2017 Never
whirlddragonnn "i will lick the tears off your face as i strangle you" threats towards more joking.You're not wanted here Ahanata 03-27-2017 Never
Friday Joe Obviously a ban evasion sock account FreeFlow 03-21-2017 Never
1Veteran09 spam Ahanata 03-06-2017 Never
҉Munchaab҉ Ban evasion or troll. Idk. Katz 02-19-2017 Never
oberon Mindblock sock. Stick to your main nick please. Katz 02-19-2017 Never
Munchaab 4Life banevasion Disturbed 02-15-2017 Never
Stick To One Account <--- you said it FreeFlow 02-13-2017 Never
Dragon Turds Spammer Mother Mary 2.0 02-10-2017 Never
CAPSLOCKSCREAMER sock account. Disturbed 02-10-2017 Never
CasheMeOusside Stick to one account please. Disturbed 02-06-2017 Never 14-0 Falcons 7 mins to Gaga Counting Sheep 02-06-2017 Never
robeeread SB LI test Counting Sheep 02-05-2017 Never
Munchaab Forum Bashing/Promoting Other Sites/Ridiculous Allegations Disturbed 01-31-2017 Never
Spiddyproductions Inappropriate user name Counting Sheep 01-25-2017 Never
LibTurd Inappropriate User Name/TOS Counting Sheep 01-25-2017 Never
انه رجل تمتص Innapropriate user name. Counting Sheep 01-24-2017 Never
Pete Wheat Constant trolling/ Poop thread spammer Counting Sheep 01-16-2017 Never
Haymazing Cthulhu Ban Evasion. Katz 01-14-2017 Never
__halt_compiler() Surf Nazi Counting Sheep 01-05-2017 Never
Adolph Shitler BM Spam Katz 01-03-2017 Never
El Flatuloso Spam Katz 12-29-2016 Never
Lattitude ban evasion...sock Ahanata 12-27-2016 Never
planetpissdragon Username not acceptable. Disturbed 12-26-2016 Never
whirlledraggon permabanned member...sock Ahanata 12-24-2016 Never
oscillatingdragon permabanned member sock Ahanata 12-23-2016 Never
VVorlddraggon "" "" Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
WhirlyTwirly DeathDragon permabanned member...sock Ahanata 12-22-2016 Never
WVVORlldDragon Permabanned member sock. Katz 12-21-2016 Never
whatevercopters permabanned member sock Ahanata 12-21-2016 Never
Goldeninfection perfection permabanned member.sock Ahanata 12-21-2016 Never
Woman of Wars permabanned member...sock Ahanata 12-21-2016 Never
HeirOfLiberty Account made to harass a registered member... silversides 12-19-2016 Never
british bloke Spam Disturbed 12-17-2016 Never
Soul. ditto FreeFlow 12-04-2016 Never
.Soul. permabanned member Ahanata 12-04-2016 Never
-RazriN- Pedo accusations. Disturbed 11-19-2016 Never
Sukh Dharam Singh Stick to one nick when you get back Counting Sheep 11-10-2016 Never
Hoosier Daddy Sock evading ban Counting Sheep 11-02-2016 Never
Jormungundr GoldenPlague, vvorldragon sock...whyyy? Ahanata 11-01-2016 Never
Balut54 This the effect you were looking for? Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
Randpaul4prez Sock Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
Lunatic Outhouse Sock Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
Sofa_King_Cool Sock Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
DGAF Stick to one account as requested in the past. Counting Sheep 10-24-2016 Never
TheOneX1 ^TinMan^ sock Counting Sheep 10-23-2016 Never
Lion Sock averting ban. Counting Sheep 10-22-2016 Never
Skyrison Didn't enjoy it here. Counting Sheep 10-20-2016 Never
Tumbler Blatant antisemetic promotion of violence. Counting Sheep 10-19-2016 Never
The Golden Plague "Planet Piss", "Worlddragon" Sock Counting Sheep 10-18-2016 Never
Worlddragon Using proxies to avade ban with multiple accounts. Counting Sheep 10-18-2016 Never
BenghaziButcher Sock + No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate Counting Sheep 10-01-2016 Never
Heynow Hates this site, likes others better. We'll make it easy. Counting Sheep 09-27-2016 Never
White_Man No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate. Ban extended due to disrespect of TOS Counting Sheep 09-26-2016 Never
TRUMP_IS_PREZ Circumventing ban from upstairs. Counting Sheep 09-18-2016 Never
chris999 Tossing you out for good. Racist Nazi Crap 24/7 Counting Sheep 08-26-2016 Never
VirgoanSceptre Sock adverting ban. Counting Sheep 08-24-2016 Never
Liberals Lack Logic Trump Nation sock... Counting Sheep 08-22-2016 Never
TRUMP_NATION Bump Counting Sheep 08-22-2016 Never
YHZDK evading ban Disturbed 08-16-2016 Never
Ace30 Leo nocte dormit Counting Sheep 08-15-2016 Never
VTCNPNTGNDSTRYR same as below FreeFlow 08-13-2016 Never
Yokazuna Consider yourself forever constipated. Counting Sheep 08-13-2016 Never
^TinMan^ Spam Counting Sheep 08-10-2016 Never
Sam Bottoms Spam Counting Sheep 07-18-2016 Never
MrMisterMissedHer Requested a ban as LoP Guest... silversides 07-15-2016 Never
Cyrus No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate, Frequent violations via Proxy Counting Sheep 07-15-2016 Never
Illearth Racism in AC Counting Sheep 07-11-2016 Never
Father Cosmic moar sox Ahanata 06-26-2016 Never
Kingdoms SMELLY SOCK GREY LENSMAN 06-26-2016 Never
ed spamn Ahanata 06-22-2016 Never
full hater Not the kind of material appropriate for this site. Counting Sheep 06-21-2016 Never
AnthonySmith Troll Account Counting Sheep 06-09-2016 Never
pinged Spambot Counting Sheep 06-08-2016 Never
30 secs to account Spambot Counting Sheep 06-05-2016 Never
Crispan Varro Excessive posting of nude photos / porn silversides 05-27-2016 Never
Orange Proxytroll Disturbed 05-14-2016 Never
Timing Spambot Counting Sheep 05-11-2016 Never
420 Spambot Counting Sheep 05-11-2016 Never
Jason Godin Spambot Counting Sheep 05-11-2016 Never
doggie Take your hate elsewhere. Disturbed 04-20-2016 Never
oberons You always take it too far, bro. Katz 04-19-2016 Never
Brownie Per own request. Because we don't do skin color pride here. Disturbed 04-17-2016 Never
ApexTVFanclub Spam. Does not reply to own threads. Disturbed 04-16-2016 Never
newsjunk You were banned before now you are banned again... silversides 04-04-2016 Never
alliseen Spamming the same vids like 5 times a day, cannot be cured obviously so ... FreeFlow 03-25-2016 Never
lunaticshill Sock of a banned account FreeFlow 03-22-2016 Never
LG Guest of LOP Stupid sock games FreeFlow 02-29-2016 Never
silent1 Banned by his own request... silversides 02-25-2016 Never
Punkin Drublic shitpost elsewhere Disturbed 02-12-2016 Never
Bernsfield of Mars Trolling/trying to discourage great threads. Disturbed 02-07-2016 Never
36058 Per own request. Baby was mad he couldn't bash LOP and its visitors here. Disturbed 01-18-2016 Never
absurdious Pending deletion Disturbed 01-11-2016 Never
YoMomma Not LOP material. Disturbed 01-09-2016 Never
Igor for genital pics Ahanata 01-08-2016 Never
Vlad Endless spamming, never follows requests to stop FreeFlow 01-02-2016 Never
ElisaLam Role player or whatever FreeFlow 12-31-2015 Never
Fentanyl Alcohol Continues with hate despite warnings this isn't the forum for that. Counting Sheep 12-24-2015 Never
MURPHY Chance/Maven Sock. Disturbed 12-16-2015 Never
sinsational FurriesRock sock... silversides 12-12-2015 Never
Sara-Ka-El she's desperately trying to 'please' full haters <--- happy now ? :) FreeFlow 10-02-2015 Never
Citizen#47 We had a choice of steak or fish. Counting Sheep 09-16-2015 Never
RickRollD No Message Needed. Katz 08-27-2015 Never
wtfever Per Request :( Please let me know if/when you want this lifted *hugs* Katz 08-26-2015 Never
Jeff Awaiting account deletion FreeFlow 08-07-2015 Never
Agt. Muffins By request CourtDude 07-08-2015 Never
FurriesRock advocates dog killing. Disturbed 06-20-2015 Never
Not Skippy Skippy Sock Disturbed 06-14-2015 Never
~ta~ pending account deletion. Disturbed 06-13-2015 Never
Flower Per Own Request / Hope you'll be back! Disturbed 03-28-2015 Never
SecretGeek On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Good Fork! On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Fork On their own request FreeFlow 01-01-2015 Never
Navion2 Take your adoration elsewhere Disturbed 07-30-2014 Never
Skip Bauer per own request Disturbed 05-01-2014 Never
Original 51:50 On request. Good luck wherever you go Galaxy 04-26-2014 Never
StillYawning goodbye Disturbed 04-07-2014 Never
SpaceMonkey On own request FreeFlow 03-16-2014 Never
noteye per request. be well. to unban follow instructions given. Geogal 02-05-2014 Never
I⊥∀NIW∩LLIʞ perrequest. happy valentines! Geogal 12-27-2013 Never
Eclectric To be unbanned at a later date, when requested. Mother Mary 2.0 12-06-2013 Never
Synthetic Has major problems with this site and would rather see it gone. Disturbed 06-08-2013 Never
Skippy Guardian sock account, stalking and asked to change nic and refused. Geogal 04-01-2013 Never
I┴∀NIW∩˥˥Iʞ spam Disturbed 01-11-2013 Never
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