Banned Member List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
Damrod "No calls for violence against anyone.." , Abusive towards other members. Counting Sheep Today 06-20-2018
Retard 01 No socks please silversides Today Never
Man From Orion Abusive PMs. PMd me first, then progressively got aggressive about females, then accused me of things trying to turn it on me. I warned not to PM me, did anyways. Proof will be shared in mod forum. Strange Candy Yesterday 06-21-2018
In Nature Mod abuse. I was helping them out with an issue then they got aggressively rude with me in PM. Strange Candy Yesterday 06-21-2018
Bill   FreeFlow Yesterday Never
You are intp children FU   FreeFlow Yesterday Never
Loved   FreeFlow Yesterday Never
The dream   FreeFlow Yesterday Never
Loosey Fur Pending account deletion FreeFlow 06-17-2018 Today
269346 No Racism, Antisemitism + Hate Counting Sheep 06-17-2018 06-24-2018
Autobot Bye Felicia! Counting Sheep 06-17-2018 Never
Virgin mods means D is a pedo A before e, except after c. Counting Sheep 06-17-2018 Never
You started this shit /shit Counting Sheep 06-17-2018 Never
Messiah64 Domains sock. Strange Candy 06-16-2018 Never
Some dead people suck Some live people blow Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Virgin and sheep judge us Judged as Domains. Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Sheep trying to control gods baaaaaah Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Has D even had a virgin Callout on OP's mother Counting Sheep 06-15-2018 Never
Don't worry Be happy! Counting Sheep 06-15-2018 Never
Go to bed you're leaking pssssssssssssssshhhhhhhttttttttttttt Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
virgin mod show some respect SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-15-2018 Never
Agreed You are a disgusting being. Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
frank furrs Furrmains. Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Path Finder Dermains. Strange Candy 06-15-2018 Never
Strange Phartz Seek help. Strange Candy 06-14-2018 Never
Counting sheep Banned me Seems to be Domains. Strange Candy 06-14-2018 Never
₵racкer ȷacк Until Admiin says otherwise for " America is a white nation, everything built of it's foundation was from white men. Black's came here to steal whites jobs for their masters. If you don't like this fact and don't like America then go back to Africa. " Counting Sheep 06-14-2018 Never
God needs a button "God" has a button, it's called Hell. Strange Candy 06-14-2018 Never
master of this domain Thankfully it's NOT this one. Strange Candy 06-14-2018 Never
hackers banned threw sheep   FreeFlow 06-14-2018 Never
I pity your dox   FreeFlow 06-14-2018 Never
better be ontime   FreeFlow 06-13-2018 Never
Niamod Ban evasion Disturbed 06-13-2018 Never
Sniamod You think I'm an astral alien silversides 06-13-2018 Never
Mr. Nutzinturd   FreeFlow 06-12-2018 Never
Gawdawful Strange   FreeFlow 06-12-2018 Never
Strange Mod SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-12-2018 Never
Odd Candy SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-12-2018 Never
I love perm bans So do I Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Suck candys fingers Unwanted sexual advances, sir I am going to need you to step away from me and eat this ban spray. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
take a number Take a seat. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
licked after smelling finger Nope Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Lick me No thanks. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Ban my ip don't want my time Did you ever get that tp? Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Canada oil Domains sock. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
No dick ready to lick   FreeFlow 06-11-2018 Never
9 to balls . Katz 06-11-2018 Never
Eustace Mufflns Username taken Katz 06-11-2018 Never
Invites only Dermains Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
Natural nuts Peanut grave. Strange Candy 06-11-2018 Never
FF D SC my new team   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
Guess who   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
virgin rubs   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
Dreamdoor Close the door, this isn't a barn. Strange Candy 06-10-2018 Never
its our party and we'll ban if we want to. Strange Candy 06-10-2018 Never
looking for the key   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
netherland ip forced to login   FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
Netherlands Ips same as below FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
mystro sh st FreeFlow 06-10-2018 Never
Netherlands ISP touchy touchy Strange Candy 06-10-2018 Never
Strange Butt Gas Spam Disturbed 06-09-2018 Never
FU bitch Bleh FreeFlow 06-09-2018 Never
Stop what bitch Stop sucking too hard, you'll turn inside out. Strange Candy 06-09-2018 Never
Isp candy bans Wouldn't be a problem if you stopped. Genius. Strange Candy 06-09-2018 Never
Dick hair Now is not the time. Strange Candy 06-09-2018 Never
Night Rider Ride into the night, domains. Be as free as a derpy deer. Strange Candy 06-09-2018 Never
Strange Stranger Senpai....stop noticing me. It's making me sick. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Strange Mutt Mod Would you knock it off a minute. I'm drawing something for you. Dipsheet. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Get Lost Ugly You're a sick sad being. Get some help. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Strange Vaginal Discharge Why are you so obsessed with an ugly person? Nice you got your spam bot programmed to attack me. What a loser. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Strange Ugly Chick It seems you have no life. Stop pulling on my hair. It's no longer cute. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Ban everyone^ Oki doki. Strange Candy 06-07-2018 Never
Spyder1 Eating at sonic person/sock. Don't cry. Strange Candy 06-06-2018 Never
ngocanhiusuju Pineapple isn't a pizza topping Counting Sheep 06-06-2018 Never
FUD Elmer ? FreeFlow 06-05-2018 Never
Evading ban Evading ban/mod bashing. Disturbed 06-05-2018 Never
Kooky Candy The Addams family have disowned you. Strange Candy 06-05-2018 Never
Strangeballs Ragmeat Ew. rofl Strange Candy 06-05-2018 Never
Deep State Evading ban/Sock. Strange Candy 06-04-2018 Never
Gray Candy SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-04-2018 Never
GRAY KLANSMAN USERNAME Katz 06-04-2018 Never
Strange Fartknocker SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-04-2018 Never
Strange Groin Rash SPAMBOT GREY LENSMAN 06-04-2018 Never
Gnarf Now we come to ticks and tocks Counting Sheep 06-04-2018 Never
Hangin And here's a new trick, Mr. Knox.... Counting Sheep 06-04-2018 Never
Screwed33 You can make a quick trick chick stack. You can make a quick trick clock stack. Counting Sheep 06-04-2018 Never
Candy ban First, I'll make a quick trick brick stack. Then I'll make a quick trick block stack Counting Sheep 06-04-2018 Never
What if banned was one of us Just a stranger all of us... Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Candy button boop Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
I need to suckup Please don't. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Master of puppets I'm pulling your strings. Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Licking Try thinking. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
CHL Because you don't understand my problems. silversides 06-03-2018 Never
Ban everyone But you're my ban-senpai uguu Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Yerp D said No socks... silversides 06-03-2018 Never
Am eye banned Yes. You are. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Nobody candy I'd rather sit on a grenade than deal with you today. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Nooooope Socks on chicks and chicks on fox. Fox on clocks on bricks and blocks. Bricks and blocks on Knox on box Counting Sheep 06-03-2018 Never
Idiot Savant Rude insulting PM sent to me calling me a "very sexy lady" which I forget what that is a filter for. Byeee. Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Amazing Strange Boner Trolling/stalking Disturbed 06-03-2018 06-03-2020
Little a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled muddled duddled fuddled wuddled fox in socks Counting Sheep 06-03-2018 Never
Strange Body Odor (╯°□°)╯︵ ( . 0 .) Strange Candy 06-03-2018 Never
Dumb Candy No. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Amazing Cockboner yeesh! Inappropriate user name, but you knew that. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Strangest Candy No reason needed. Name says it all. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Boys Where do I begin? Not only another sock, but bashing/personal attack. I'm not the only one who canned your socks, babe. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Amazeballs Personal attacks, because things aren't going their way. Shame. Changed to permanent for exposing self as a troll. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Brad Nailer Personal attack on a mod. Shame. also, you have a sock...changed to permanent. Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Forum A sock in a ghosttown *woosh, there goes the sock in the wind* Strange Candy 06-02-2018 Never
Zakkery zakkk Spamming. Counting Sheep 06-02-2018 Never
Go fuck yourself Please prove you are lord voldemort. silversides 06-02-2018 Never
No Original Account D said No socks... silversides 06-02-2018 Never
Will try again banned member sock... silversides 06-02-2018 Never
Default Thread Sock. Original account, do you have one? Use it. Strange Candy 06-01-2018 Never
Lolsaplenty No socks Disturbed 06-01-2018 Never
Agreement Sock-allamadingdong. Use your first account, if you can't, do the password reset thingy. Also, antagonizing D, having a tantrum. Strange Candy 05-31-2018 Never
Lunatic Outpost No socks Disturbed 05-31-2018 Never
Nope No socks allowed. Disturbed 05-31-2018 Never
Pujari Spam Disturbed 05-30-2018 Never
Domains33 ...34... Counting Sheep 05-29-2018 Never
You can't bann me? Test Counting Sheep 05-29-2018 Never
So this ip is hard to ban? Mod bashing. Call out. Circumventing his ban. silversides 05-29-2018 Never
Candy left whois my bitch Mod bashing. Call out. Circumventing his ban. silversides 05-29-2018 Never
Ban me bitch Mod abuse etc. blah blah. Strange Candy 05-29-2018 Never
Stumble in my food steps The lights are on but nobody is home. Strange Candy 05-29-2018 Never
papaliquid Knock it off. Strange Candy 05-29-2018 Never
TrinDom Bye domains. Strange Candy 05-29-2018 Never
One Million Dollars What kind of socks do trolls wear? Counting Sheep 05-28-2018 Never
Domains. Some people just think differently. silversides 05-27-2018 Never
domains.... Because I'm sometimes arrogant. silversides 05-27-2018 Never
domains... Because you're annoying. silversides 05-27-2018 Never
D i'm pissed cmd real ip [email protected] Katz 05-27-2018 Never
D did not ban me You chose this. Katz 05-27-2018 Never
Domtrin Don't do this. No one wins this way. Katz 05-27-2018 Never
Rocks Sorry. I told you what you need to do. Katz 05-27-2018 Never
Domains64 E-mail D directly. Katz 05-27-2018 Never
Mindblocks ohh NO not today. *various kpop dance moves* Strange Candy 05-25-2018 Never
6 mins onlline Please stop, domains. Katz 05-25-2018 Never
9 inches Inappropriate username. Katz 05-25-2018 Never
ban this ip   FreeFlow 05-24-2018 Never
You can't ban me bitch Inappropriate user name Counting Sheep 05-24-2018 Never
The gods lost sheep won Pasting 100% of quoted source Counting Sheep 05-24-2018 Never
Free speech Stop trying to scan my cloud. Strange Candy 05-24-2018 Never
Tomarrow Tomorrow you’re still only a day away Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Mindblock Sexual threats, threatening others. is this an okay reason? lol Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
amiliasmith53 Spam Disturbed 05-23-2018 Never
adibintoro Voting is NOT a waste of time. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Numeroz Spamming. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Ping cloud Intercepted via radar. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Suck my dick Slowpoke. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
ombreprom The dance is over. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
Domains Abusive comments about dead mods...well I'm still breathing. Admin may reverse this if they chose. Counting Sheep 05-23-2018 Never
TacoBoy spam Disturbed 05-22-2018 Never
Macah Spamming. Counting Sheep 05-22-2018 Never
Lunatic Maniac Try throwin' your socks in the trash, before they got the holes in the feet Counting Sheep 05-22-2018 Never
Hugh Jass inappropriate username Counting Sheep 05-22-2018 Never
aSpeeDAyad Spam Disturbed 05-20-2018 Never
jackbrother9 spam Disturbed 05-19-2018 Never
sagar spammer... silversides 05-18-2018 Never
OutrayA Spam Disturbed 05-16-2018 Never
sagargkp Spammer... silversides 05-16-2018 Never
Caramel Spam Disturbed 05-15-2018 Never
ChadThundrpenis You know the drill, you already have a banned account with a similar inappropriate nick FreeFlow 05-12-2018 Never
Post Malone Spam Disturbed 05-11-2018 Never
A Goat Named Herbert Sock Disturbed 05-11-2018 Never
Chad Thundercock inappropriate username silversides 05-06-2018 Never
Shakespeare Pending account deletion. Per own request Disturbed 05-04-2018 Never
Johnny Cash Sock Disturbed 05-04-2018 Never
DevousX Mother No socks please Disturbed 05-04-2018 Never
Trolston Pervert and Spammer... silversides 05-04-2018 Never
Mainaleygu11 spam Disturbed 05-02-2018 Never
sankarbhau Te futueo et caballum tuum Counting Sheep 04-29-2018 Never
Real zakkery zakk imposter. Disturbed 04-28-2018 Never
tammy33 Spammer... silversides 04-25-2018 Never
Haynes Bot 1 Adios. silversides 04-23-2018 Never
mathewloyde If I procrastinated any harder right now, it would have to involve time travel. Counting Sheep 04-20-2018 Never
тролль No socks please Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
Labi1995 spam Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
RedRob No socks please Disturbed 04-16-2018 Never
Sexy Skinny Dirty No socks allowed. Disturbed 04-14-2018 Never
Peaceful Sage By own request... Sorry to see you go... silversides 04-11-2018 Never
6StringDream Pending account deletion. Per own request Disturbed 04-10-2018 Never
Birdman92 What is Voldemorts snake called. silversides 04-10-2018 Never
from Beyond Zika spam Disturbed 04-05-2018 Never
BobGodwin Spqm Disturbed 04-02-2018 Never
eogabi98 Spamming only one source. Bot like replies. Disturbed 04-01-2018 Never
boanca1997 Spam Disturbed 04-01-2018 Never
OG (Orgalorg's goat) תות No socks please Disturbed 03-29-2018 Never
FoodLover spam Disturbed 03-26-2018 Never
kisley123 Spammer... silversides 03-25-2018 Never
TheInstigater Enough with the sock accounts. Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
George Jones Sock Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
winelovergary spam Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
STOP BANNING ME Sock Disturbed 03-23-2018 Never
I Love O'Douls Enough with the sock accounts. silversides 03-23-2018 Never
GrillMasterG no socks Disturbed 03-22-2018 Never
GoatManX Enough with the shtick and sock accounts. Disturbed 03-22-2018 Never
dee0 spam Disturbed 03-21-2018 Never
HerbertTheGoat spam Disturbed 03-21-2018 Never
Pink_Locust spams only 1 site, does not reply. Disturbed 03-20-2018 Never
chris2k4 Fraud silversides 03-20-2018 Never
TheCatLady Sock games Disturbed 03-20-2018 Never
cullen2k4 Spam Disturbed 03-15-2018 Never
albert2k4 Spam Disturbed 03-15-2018 Never
The Comedian Spam. Disturbed 03-13-2018 Never
casify spammer... silversides 03-13-2018 Never
Mr. Hyde Pending account deletion. Per own request Disturbed 03-11-2018 Never
gholam22 Everybody hate Voldemort, I don't understand... Are you a fan or something? silversides 03-11-2018 Never
JailMate30 It works. Counting Sheep 02-22-2018 Never
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