FAA will allow pilots to fly high on antidepressants
Posted: 04-03-2010

FAA will allow pilots to fly high on antidepressants

Beginning next week, it will be legal for pilots to take antidepressants on the job.
Currently pilots are not allowed to take antidepressants such as Prozac while they are working, but the Federal Aviation Administration will be lifting this policy starting Monday.

The FAA had initially put the rule in place because certain forms of antidepressants actually can make people drowsy, something that would be very bad for a pilot in charge of flying a commercial aircraft.

The FAA recognizes that there are pilots currently taking drugs for depression that would’ve kept it a secret, and says that these pilots will not be punished as long as they disclose the truth within 6 months.

“We need to change the culture and remove the stigma associated with depression,” said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt.”Pilots should be able to get the medical treatment they need so they can safely perform their duties.”
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