The future of Menthol cigarettes could be in danger
Posted: 04-03-2010

The future of Menthol cigarettes could be in danger

March 31, 2010
Yesterday and today, the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee meet to discuss the fate of menthol cigarettes, and the possibility of banning them.

Currently Menthols make up about one quarter of the US cigarette market, and if banned would be a major blow to cigarette companies.
Recently the FDA was given more power to regulate tobacco products, and wasted little time in taking steps to ban flavored cigarettes from the market.

Over the 2-day meeting evidence will be presented as to the dangers of Menthol cigarettes and then the 12-person panel will have a year to compile the data into a report complete with their recommendations.

Some studies claim that people who smoke Menthols have a harder time quitting than other smokers, but other studies debunk these claims.

In any case, when the panel hands down their recommendations, it will be up to the FDA to either agree with them, modify them or simply decide to keep things the way they are.
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