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Within the next 60 days, state law enforcement agencies across the US are set to implement a new facial profiling technology
British Oil Spill ‘Worst’ in a Decade
Dark World of Aircraft Countermeasure Technology
New social network will force Google+ users to identify themselves.. or leave the site
If China Saw U.S. Stealth Copter, It’s No Big Deal
Hgh dollar repossesions: The air repo man
Court Rules Citizens Allowed to Sue Rumsfeld for Torture
The Bible’s Clash with Today’s Reality
Warrantless “emergency” surveillance of Internet communications by DOJ up 400%
Queen of the Cougars
Monsanto preys on popularity of omega-3s by developing GMO soybean that produces fake fish oil
New NASA images show what appears to be liquid water on Mars
Loch Ness Monster-Like Animal Filmed in Alaska?
Standard & Poor's faces investigation over 'possible insider trading' over downgrade of U.S. debt
Pentagon’s Lightning Gun Sold for Scraps on eBay

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