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Why the Power of Mind Over Matter is Important
The 14 most bizarre statues in the world
How Reintroducing Once Eradicated Giant Tortoises Has Restored an Island's Ecosystem
Russia steals revolutionary US engine design
$55 Per Gallon of Premium Gasoline in Fliderstadt! Look at These Insane Gas Prices In Germany and Other European Nations
Just One ($150 Million) Seat Remains on Space Adventures' 2015 Lunar Flyby
New Virus Could Target Iranian Atomic Sites
Replacing Batteries May Become a Thing of the Past, Thanks to 'Soft Generators'
Giant statue of Amenhotep III unearthed in Egypt
Leaving Las Vegas: Mansion Foreclosure Pain Spreads
Chernobyl: four ways it continues to have an impact
Patients who enter hospitals are at high risk of potentially deadly infections or medical mistakes
Grandsons Effected By Old Pregnancy Drug 40 Years Later
Submarine Tech Reaches For Ocean Record
Malcolm X: Who was the man behind the legend?

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