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Deception Services: Company Offers To Create And Maintain Webs Of Lies $54 per lie $19 per month to maintain it
Yuan hailed as the new world reserve currency
Data Analytics Firm Developing Sarcasm Detection App
Senate Headed for Filibuster Showdown
Montana Enacts Law Prohibiting NSA Spying
Probe reveals predatory lionfish living deep in Atlantic Ocean
Google Plans Wearable Computer For Dogs yes Dogs
What the Shake Up at DHS Could Mean for the Nation
NYPD releases toxic gases on non-consenting guinea pig citizens in subway 'attack drill'
ECHELON Today: The Evolution of an NSA Black Program to Intercept Everything
Worms regrow their decapitated heads, along with the memories inside
Scientists have proposed a radical new model for the make-up of the Earth's core.
Scientists Create Artificial Human Chromosome
Fossils Discovered of Strange Knobbly-Skull Reptile
Chernobyl at Sea? Russia Building Floating Nuclear Power Plants

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