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Solar Flare: Space Weather Disrupts Communications, Threatens Other Technologies
How to Win an Election
U.S. vetoes U.N. draft condemning Israeli settlements
Video: Hummingbird Drone Does Loop-de-Loop
IBM's Watson Takes One Small Step for a Computer
DoD: Cyber 3.0 Cybercommandos
Ancient Britons Drank From Skull Cups
FDA approves Lap-Band for millions more patients
Priceless Pharaoh Statue Found Near Garbage Can
FOXNEWS Forced To Apologize On Air After Faking Ron Paul CPAC 2011 Video
German TV exposes the horrors of toxic GM soy
Exposed: Fake Chinese organics try to slip into US market
Pollution may cause rapid evolutionary change in fish
Fear, death follow Monsanto’s march to control world food supply
Physicists Build World’s First Antilaser

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