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Dreamliner Nightmare: Boeing 787 Evacuated Due to Smoke in Cockpit
CIA Destroys Terror Interrogation Evidence -- and Justice Looks Away
Carnival Splendor Fire: 4 Other Cruise Ship Horrors
British deny George Bush's claims that torture helped foil terror plots
Hack of Google, Adobe Conducted Through Zero-Day IE Flaw
Citing iPhone Ruling, Xbox Defendant Says Mod Chips Are Fair Use
Former NASA Director Says World Trade Center Towers Were Felled by Controlled Demolition
The dictator with a Royal warrant: Why HAS Prince Andrew been to Kazakhstan six times in seven years?
Nanogenerators grow strong enough to power small conventional electronics (w/ Video)
Scientists Turn Skin Cells Directly Into Blood Cells, Bypassing Middle Pluripotent Step
Republicans bribing Joe Manchin to switch parties
1,800-Year-Old Roman Multitool
Online Execution? Artist straps himself to electric chair, users decide his fate
German anatomist now selling bodies online
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) generates a 'mini-Big Bang'

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