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Bank of America says it has a legal right to foreclose despite accusations that documents used in the process were flawed.
Whistleblower reveals CIA ties to illegal wiretapping in Georgia
Meet the earliest dinosaurs
The Year’s Best Fossil Finds
September Bank Foreclosures Reach New Record
Scientists Create Super Strong 'Spider Silk' With Transgenic Breed
As Chile celebrates, mine's future in question
Darpa Starts Sleuthing Out Disloyal Troops
Huge Parts of World Are Drying Up
Chile reveals timing of attempt to rescue 33 miners
Federal Judge Known for Stiff Drug Sentences Caught Buying Drugs for Prostitute
Cool Evolution Trick: Platinum Turns Baby Snails Into Slugs
Bee Colony Collapse Associated With Viral, Fungal Infection, Biologist Says
The World’s First Everything-Proof Underground Luxury Community
Unemployed find old jobs now require more skills

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