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Fat Men Last Longer
Phoenix Mars Lander finds surprises about red planet's watery past
College Course Preps Pupils for Zombie Apocalypse
eBay wins a round in court against Craigslist
Massive Cache of Iraq War Docs to Be Published by WikiLeaks
The link between aspartame and brain tumors: What the FDA never told you about artificial sweeteners
The Weaponisation of Culture – Part 4 – Divide and Rule
'Mind-Reading Machine' Turns Thought To Words
Three in 4 Americans Hit By Cyber Crime
Army Turns to Lasers for Copter Defense
Fears of a Decline in Bee Pollination Confirmed
House ripe for Republican takeover, latest polls find
Iran says it is self-sufficient in gasoline: state TV
Bird flu jumps to pigs
Toilet tours a new movement in Berlin

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