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Billionaire Bankster Breaks into Obama's Cabinet
First permanent English settlers in North America turned to cannibalism
VIDEO: Flightglobal expert analyses Bagram 747 crash sequence
Shooting nuclear waste into the sun? ‘Space disposal’ considered by Obama commission
Is Apple's SIRI Learning from Us or Spying on Us?
Google’s Spymasters Are Now Worried About Your Secrets
CNN - If You're Not Doing Anything Wrong Why Should You Care If They're Watching YOU?
Mozilla may take legal action against company behind FinFisher for masking surveillance virus as Firefox
Sweet Suicide: Sugar Deadlier than Drugs and Just as Addictive
Plastic bags, tape, broomsticks used to fix San Onofre leak
Saturn's Enceladus "Emerging as the Most Habitable Spot Beyond Earth in Solar System"
Is Barack Obama, Monsanto’s man in Washington?
Don’t let the bed bugs bite!
China hits back with report on U.S. human rights record
Witness Gives Details of His Role in BP Oil Spill Cover-up

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