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More than a million people die every year from air pollution in China
The shifting landscape of the New World Order and the approaching cashless society
All 104 Nuclear Reactors Currently Operational in the U.S. Have Irreparable Safety Issues
Deadly levels of radiation found in food 225 miles from Fukushima
Debtors' prisons alive and well in U.S.!
WATCH: Navy Laser Destroys Drone
The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America
Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts
To Hack Health Care Costs, Employers Can Now Track How You Grocery Shop
UFOs Are Flying Near the NASA’s ISS Every Day
FBI Uses Stingray Tool to Track and Listen In on Cell Phones Without Warrant
North Korea's young leader must be allowed to claim small victory in order to avert a crisis nobody wants.
Pope orders Vatican officials to tackle child sex abuse scandals
Loch Ness monster expert to reveal findings
The High Cost of Cheap Meat

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