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Newfound Asteroid Will Fly Close by Earth Thursday
Link: way cool astronomical pictures and information on the Milky Way
Russia is charging the United States $55.8 million a seat for six round-trip rides aboard its Soyuz capsules
13 year old boy to attempt Everest summit
Shuttle Antenna Malfunction Hampers Post Launch Inspection
New Giant Monitor Lizard Discovered
FCC loses key ruling on Internet 'neutrality'
Einstein equations indicate possibility of black hole formation at the LHC
NASA’s Mini X-Plane Completes Initial Flight Testing ...Pictures at link
New Insects, Bacteria Uncovered in Dinosaur-Era Amber Deposit
World’s Smallest Microlaser Could Revolutionize Chip Technology
Commercial Fishing Estimated to Kill Millions of Sea Turtles
North Korea sentences U.S. man to 8 years hard labor
Fossil find: Velociraptor eating another dinosaur
At least 114 rescued from flooded China mine

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