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Spiders as big as your face discovered in Sri Lanka
Teenager astounds scientists by building a DNA testing machine in his bedroom
Interspecies Telepathy: Human Thoughts Direct Rat Movements
From ABC: Alarming report of Fukushima fallout harming U.S. infants
Study Shows Aggression Can Be Predicted from Saliva Test
Law enforcement agencies monitor our most basic acts. But try assigning them a watchdog and they resist with fury.
Boing Dreamliner displays amazing agility at airshow
Escaped Scientologist Goes Public About “Cult” Brainwashing and Labor Camps
FBI to spy in real-time on web chats
Amazon Allegedly Chosen to Build Secret CIA Cloud Service
Adolescents Aren’t Having Much Sex, Despite All the Hype to the Contrary
China hit by 'animal apocalypse' as mass die-offs continue in ultra-polluted nation
Strange Sleep Disorder Makes People See 'Demons'
Workers “trying to understand scope of damage” at U.S. nuclear plant
U.S. nuclear plant suffers “significant industrial accident”

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