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More Scientific Evidence Linking Fracking and Earthquakes
Parasite Turning Us All Into Zombies
IMF Proposes $1.40 a Gallon Gas Tax on US Drivers
A Cheat Sheet For Dealing With Police
How to prevent kidney stones with everyday foods
What Dogs Know About Us
Facial recognition and GPS tracking: TrapWire company conducting even more surveillance
Location Data Can Uniquely Identify Cellphone Users
Jay Rockefeller Wants The FCC to Regulate The Internet “For The Children”
Gallium – The Rare Metal That Melts in Your Hand and Attacks Other Metals
Meteor explodes in skies over South Africa
Is the Tea You Drink Making You Sick?
In World First, Japan Extracts Gas From 'Fire Ice' Deposits Off Coast
Bitcoin 'Glitch' Sparks 23% Flash Crash
Thousands of dead pigs found in China river

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