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Laser Jet Blasts Ballistic Missile in Landmark Test. Video at link
Euro continues to fall as EU fails to agree Greece rescue plan
Viruses use 'hive intelligence' to focus their attack
SETI opens up its data to 'citizen scientists'
MEPs condemn Nokia Siemens 'surveillance tech' in Iran
SDO solar observatory launches from Cape Canaveral. Click link for video
North Korea nuclear envoy to visit U.S.
Meteorite Hits Mexico Leaving 30 Meter Crater in Ahuazotepec Municipality
Ingredients for Life' Present on Saturn's Moon Enceladus, Say Scientists
Bird-from-Dinosaur Theory of Evolution Challenged: Was It the Other Way Around?
NASA poised to launch solar watchdog
Lost leviathans: Hunting the world's missing whales
Panic walking gets robot out of sticky situations
South Carolina's Subversive Registration Act goes into effect
India suspends first GM food crop on safety grounds

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