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I Voted
George Carlin: Why I Don't Vote
New Software Put On Ohio Voting Machines
Gundersen: Nuclear fuel pool started to heat up at New Jersey plant due to Sandy — They were bringing in fire pumps because of all the problems
Know Your Mushrooms
‘Trillions of dollars worth of stock certificates and other paper securities that were stored in a vault in lower Manhattan may have suffered water damage’
REPORT: United Nations Seeks New 'GLOBAL' Tax
Haiti Still Reeling From Disaster Upon Disaster
‘Flipping’ used cars a thriving industry in Venezuela
Why Election Day Marks the Beginning of the End of Marijuana Prohibition
The candidate in favor of GMOs, bankster bailouts and corporate domination will win!
ID required for all reserved train passengers
The elephant that speaks Korean
Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else
How Mormon Doctrine Shapes Romney’s World View

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