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Five unsolved ancient mysteries
Thousands of Homeless People Live in Shantytowns at the Epicenter of High-Tech, Super-Rich Silicon Valley
Google acquires Boston Dynamics, one of DARPA's favorite companies
All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
83 Numbers From 2013 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe
Alligators, Crocodiles Use Sticks To Lure Prey, New Research Suggests
Google open up users' archives of Gmail and Calendar for downloading
Astronomers discover planet that shouldn’t be there
Volvo Car Group is starting a pilot project with self-driving cars on public roads in Sweden
Sucralose’s (Splenda) Harms Vastly Underestimated: Baking Releases Dioxin
McDonald's: Your Chicken McNuggets May Have An Unexpected Surprise
Tylenol can kill you; new warning admits popular painkiller causes liver damage, death
Researchers Finally Show How Mindfulness and Your Thoughts Can Induce Specific Molecular Changes To Your Genes
Beating China's Car License Plate Lottery System: How Some Are Getting Around Beijing's Restrictions
The IRS And SEC Want To Snoop Through Your Email Without A Warrant; Don’t Let Them

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