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New project aims to upload a honey bee’s brain into a flying insectobot by 2015
We’ve Already Passed the Tipping Point for Orbital Debris
NEW 4-Mile Long Oil Slick Near BP’s Gulf Oil Well
3-D Printer Company Seizes Machine From Desktop Gunsmith
Chinese Hospitals Introduce Hands-Free Automatic Sperm Extractor
California Gas Stations Shut as Oil Refiners Ration Supplies
CNN takes money from foreign dictators to run flattering news stories about them
US agencies seize 686 websites
Chinese hackers have control of US power grid
Mars rover Curiosity finds signs of ancient stream
In America, Journalists Are Considered Terrorists
Ingesting Poison – Dioxin Found to Cause Disease for over Three Generations
Voyage Reveals 'Planetary Scale' of Plastic in Oceans
Research on Attention Sheds Light on the Unengaged Mind
Scientists Move to Create Genetically Modified Camels for Pharmaceutical GM Milk

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