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Sinister Sites – The Denver International Airport
The US government is collecting DNA from kids, whether or not they are involved in criminal activity
DARPA's SeeMe Program Has Arrived
OnStar Files Patents for Minority Report-Style Billboards
'Black Boxes' In All New Cars By 2015 Mandated By 'Big Brother' Senate Bill 1813
Fossil of giant turtle found in Colombia
NASA report: 4,700 asteroids pose impact hazard to Earth
Secrets of the First Practical Artificial Leaf
Kentucky Man, Buys Out Entire Kmart Store, Donates It All To Charity
Scientists to build $1 billion city where no one will live
For Russia, Nato has started an arms race – Telegraph
Nuclear Catastrophe Imminent at San Onofre if Guidelines Continue to be Ignored
Approaching Cataclysm? A Conclusion of the Underground Bases
14 State Governors Under Fire From White House for Forming Citizen Militias Not Under Federal Control.
Department of Homeland Security Prepares to Grab DNA From Kids

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