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Yale Developing 'Stay Sober' Pill
Mystery 'pulsating winged being' filmed
Russian start-up claims BitTorrent-killer
Catastrophism proven dominant force in geology once again: Scientists stunned by dramatic change in seafloor in two weeks
Christian messages banned in Buffalo
The Case for Saving Your Nickels, Literally: Inflation and Metal Debasement
China Launches Campaign to Eradicate House Churches
Scientists: Reusable grocery bag carried nasty germ
FDA Seeks Prescription Drug Vending Machine
Congress To Amend NDAA To Give DoD & NSA Greater 'Cyberwar' Powers
13-Year-Old Girl Invents Lollipops That Cure Hiccups
South Korea Targets Smuggled Capsules of Human Flesh
Researcher death highlights dangers of pathogen work
What a Time to Be Alive!
Ron Paul Is Going to the Republican National Convention, and – Believe It Or Not – It’s Still Possible for Paul to Win

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