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Geneticist Claims Proof – Starchild DNA Not Human
Mid-Size Asteroid Won't Hit Earth in 2013, NASA Says
LRO Sees Apollo 15 Rover Tracks
NASA Rocket Barrage Will Light Up Mid-Atlantic Coast
Europeans boast of meat substitute breakthrough
Police Crash Their New Drone Into A SWAT Tank During Police Photo Op
Titanic Sunk by "Supermoon" and Celestial Alignment?
37 Smart Uses of Salt for Non-Toxic Cleaning Purposes
More FBI Terrorism: LulzSec Leader Works for the Bureau
Navy to place breath-test machines on all its ships
FCC Considers Granting Police the Authority to Shut Down Cell Phone Networks
Know your Anonymous from your LulzSec
Japanese Researcher Crafts Violin Strings From the Silk of Three Hundred Spiders
USA #1? 40 Embarrassing Things That America Is The Best In The World At
DARPA’s cheetah robot breaks legged robot speed record

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