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43,381 Viruses Found in Sewage, Many Unknown to Scientists
4 generator failures hit US nuclear plants
11,000 California parents refuse basic vaccinations for their children
Unmanned X-47B Begins Envelope Expansion Tests over Edwards
Yeti's existence in Russia 95 percent proved
DARPA Harnessing “Crowd Wisdom” to Develop New “Perch and Stare” Robot Spy Drones
California Dream Act Signed into Law
World’s Total CPU Power: One Human Brain
How does one drive a 340-ton boulder into Los Angeles?
Internet Surveillance Concerns Growing
Five short videos that provide sharable introduction to GMOs for your friends who need to know
Feds threaten California medical marijuana dispensaries with prosecution
GAO: poor security procedures put sensitive government data at risk
IRS ruling strikes fear in medical marijuana industry
Crunchy crickets going mainstream

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