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Get Smart! Epispde 52
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Get Smart! Epispde 52
This is an older post of mine from another forum around 2006, some of the links are probably fuqued, but thought I'd post it here.

Get Smart! Epispde 52
I suspect that many of us, including myself, won't be old enough to remember the television show "Get Smart!" starring Don Adams as Maxwell Smart or Agent 86. It was a James Bond spoof of sorts, a clever blend of action and comedy and quite successful for it's time. I've seen re-runs of the show through the years, and quite enjoyed it. The name of the show is fairly ironic however as the Good Guys were called Control, the bad guys were Kaos... that in itself is pretty profound given the espionage premise of the show.
On Febuary 18, 1967, NBC aired episode 52 entitled "Smart Fit The Battle Of Jericho". Frank Lloyd Joshua operated a KAOS front posing as a construction company called the Joshua Construction Company which seemed to have a history of their High Rise buildings exploding. Max Smart infiltrates the construction company and discovers that KAOS is using explosives in the actual construction of the buildings themselves.
Construction of the World Trade Center began in 1966. This episode aired just 197 days after the WTC ground breaking.
Around the time this episode aired, the producers of the show (Leonard B. Stern, Jess Oppenheimer, Jay Sandrich, Burt Nodella, Arnie Rosen, James Komak)
have said they were directly contacted by the CIA who were very interested in where they were getting their ideas from.

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
-David Rockefeller
It is interesting to note that David Rockefeller was the force behind the design and construction of the world trade center.
Rockefeller Brainchild
The World Trade Center was conceived in the early 1960s by the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Development Association to revitalize the seedy radio row dominated by electronic stores. Chase Manhattan Bank chairman David Rockefeller, founder of the development association, and his brother, New York governor Nelson Rockefeller, pushed hard for the project, insisting it would benefit the entire city.
Here's another interesting tid bit about the show in general...
Just for fun, here's one passage from Spy Television regarding Get Smart and the CIA:
" . . later revelations about the show’s connections to the real espionage community were as humorous as the intentional comedy. In August 1966, the U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps invited Get Smart cast members to entertain at its 19th Annual Convention Banquet. According to Donna McCrohan, network publicists asked that photos be cleared for public release, and real spies posed with Adams and Feldon for gag shots (89-91). But the earlier clearance was revoked, and the photos could never be used. Agents demanded the negatives of the film and a letter stating the negatives had been given over. The letter was written with a carbon, but the carbon had been reversed. One operative confiscated the carbon paper and burned it in an ashtray. Equally unusual was a revelation by a former CIA operative that his agency was concerned that Get Smart’s writers occasionally came too close to reality, especially the Cone of Silence which they in fact had created. The agency considered sending the producers a list of areas to avoid, but elected not to as they feared such a list would result in a parody of their effort."2
Very likely. After all, a prime directive of Buck Henry, Mel Brooks, and the other creators of Get Smart was to satirize a profession they felt was idiotic. Some true-life encounters could have indeed easily been inspirations for Get Smart scripts. For example, both governmental and industry representatives came to film sets when they were either hopeful that some gadgets might be useful in the field or when they feared, as with Get Smart, Hollywood might have stumbled onto gizmos actually in use.
Creepy enough, now check this out...
Quote: part of their plot, Kaos was constructing government office buildings in Washington, D.C., and waiting until the office buildings were fully occupied to detonate the explosives with all the workers inside. They were purposely underbidding all the other contractors because Kaos was subsidizing the company so that they could get the government contracts, even at a loss. A German Baron who owned an explosives company that supplied the Germans in WWI and WWIII was supplying the explosives. Joshua told Smart that all Kaos had to do was shoot a bullet at the bricks to initiate a chain reaction detonation of the explosives to bring down the whole building (a miniature version of 9/11). At the end of the episode, the Chief and Max are at the site and the Chief asks, "Where did you put the nitroglycerin?" Smart replies, "Oh, don't worry, Chief, I put it in a safe place. I put it in the cement." The workers were just mixing the cement then. I could swear that the first time I saw the episode, the show then closed with a big explosion. But the second time I saw it several months later, the show ended less dramatically, with Smart and the Chief realizing that the building would still blow up when occupied.
In the concrete... The concrete that mysteriously pulverizes itself during the collapse and has been the subject of so much debate...
[Image: nt_dust_aerial2c.jpg]
It is very difficult to get much information about those involved with the creation of the "Get Smart" TV series. It turns out it was produced by a company called Talent Associates, which was formed in 1948 by David Susskind. Previous to this, he was a talent scout for MCA. According to Dr. John Coleman (1996) MCA has always been an arm of British intelligence, MI6, and the Committee of 300.
Episode 52 was written by Arne Sultan, interestingly, all his episodes showed the puzzle pieces for the commercial breaks. Despite being a major player in the entertainment business, his personal life is pretty obscured.
I don't know how accurate this statement is but jeezus...
Further research uncovers that Yamasaki was a favorite architect of the Bin Laden family patrons, i.e. the Saudi royal family.
On this link, about halfway down the page, this guy has done some calculations that make alot of sense to me...
Now I will list some questions that have gone unanswered in my mind from the beginning. You undoubtedly have some of your own, but these are some I had that only the explosive concrete theory can answer thus far. I will attempt to explain them later in the paper.
Why did the second building that was hit end up being the first one to fall?
Why so little debris? As already proven, it should have been a lot higher than "a few stories."
Why no chunks of concrete found? Eyewitnesses and photos document that no significant-sized pieces of concrete were remaining.
Why so much dust? A normal building collapse, even with controlled explosives, does not generate such tremendous quantities of dust. Experienced witnesses said there was "incredible" amounts of dust (see description below).
Why were remains of survivors so vaporized? This should not have happened if the building simply collapsed from a fire.
What is the cause of the "WTC cough?" Doctors still have no clue as to what caused it. Dr. Prezant says, "It's a persistent cough,...a sore throat, and interestingly enough, accompanying GI irritation." (Zucker, 2001)
I know it sounds crazy, but then again does it sound so crazy? What sounds crazy to me is THAT MUCH concrete turning itself into micron sized dust because of fire. Ah well, regardless, episode 52 was one hell of coincidence if nothing else given the premise of the show.
According to the bible (Joshua 5:13-6:27) it was the first battle of the Israelites during their conquest of Canaan....
Safely escaping the city the two returned to Joshua and reported that the "whole land was melting with fear".
Note also that Fit is also an old past tense for fought, in other words the title of this episode is possibly more aptly "Smart Fought The Battle Of Jericho".

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
I look at it like this, if you have ever played the card game Spades for example, if you have a trump card in your hand, you can play it at any time really but you don't have to play it until it behooves you to do so. I'd say the extraordinary convienence of the terror related exercises that day presented the best time to play that trump card. I'm not saying it was done in a day of course, but if you had that card for forty years that's plenty of time to pick the moment or build the suit in your favor.
As to what other buildings might have similar features, god only knows. One of the links I posted, I think it was this one, goes into some detail on that speculation.
I'm fairly certain though that major urban areas generally require access to core columns and such specifically for the placement of demolition charges in the event that the building should need to be demolished in the future, which isn't quite the same concept, but it's a creepy thought nonetheless.
I found this interesting as well though I couldn't source the quote...
Before the dust had settled on September 11, the mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani, and Kenneth Holden of the city s Dept. of Design and Construction (DDC), contracted 4 major construction management companies to begin the removal of the debris from the World Trade Center.
Three of the four major companies involved in the clean-up are foreign owned: AMEC, Bovis Lend Lease, both headquartered in London; and Turner, a subsidiary of Germany's Hochtief.
Only Tully Construction of Flushing, New York, is a truly American-owned company. Peter Tully, president of the company, was, notably, the only person willing to speak openly with AFP about his work at the WTC site....
Think of the thousands of file cabinets, computers, and telephones in those towers -I never saw one everything was pulverized, Tully said, Everything that was above grade above the 6th and 7th floor disintegrated it was like an explosion.
Tully Construction specializes in concrete. AFP asked Tully if he had ever seen concrete pulverize as it did at the WTC. No never, he said.
Tully Construction has seen ALOT of concrete.
AMEC is another Company involved with both WTC and the Pentagon, they just renovated the section of the Pentagon that was hit before being contracted to WTC clean up...
The London-based firm AMEC, ranked by Engineering News Record magazine as the world's largest firm , oversaw the actual management of the debris removal at both the Pentagon and the WTC.
AMEC was the only construction company working at both disaster sites, the company's website says, AMEC is managing Hudson River barging operations to transport the rubble from the entire WTC site to a landfill on Staten Island and to steel recycling operations in New Jersey.
AMEC had just finished the renovation at the Pentagon when it was called to manage the removal of debris there and at the World Trade Center....
AMEC had just completed a project to strengthen and renovate a section of the Pentagon, Wedge 1, when the building was attacked. The damaged area is between Wedges 1 and 2.

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
Quote:Tully Construction specializes in concrete. AFP asked Tully if he had ever seen concrete pulverize as it did at the WTC. No never, he said.
The micronic pulverization of that concrete is one of the big if's in alot of the equations I have seen dealing with the related energies of the WTC collapses. It would take an enormous amount of energy to pulverize that much concrete like that, an amount of energy that just isn't there in the weight or momentum of the collapsing rubble. It's probably one the most overlooked, yet significant pieces of evidence in support of Controlled Demolition IMO.
And while yes it may be just cooincidence, I find it highly unlikely the 1960's era CIA walks onto the set of a television show to investigate cooincidences.

Let's entertain this theory, if for naught else but to rule it out...
Observation- The Unprecedented Collapses of the Twin Towers produced abnormally fine concrete debris. No plausible explination for this dust has been put forth so far, and the energy required to pulverize that much concrete into micronic particulate is not present or accounted for in current collapse models.
Hypothesis- The Concrete supplied for the construction of the Twin Towers of the WTC complex was an anomolous mixture designed to somehow potentiate a controlled demolition.
Now what?
Some Pics...
[Image: CONCRETE-06-IMAGE.jpg]
[Image: table_1.html]
[Image: 09112001_wtc_tower_collapses_small.jpg]
[Image: wtc_collapse1B.jpg]
[Image: aeparesponse2.jpg]
[Image: 0004.jpg]
[Image: wtc_9_81.jpg]
[Image: southcorestands.gif]
I know it sounds crazy but then again, it's not as crazy as some other theories being put forth. I linked to this site earlier in the thread... It's a must read to really get a good start on this theory...
I'm not sure I understand the chemistry involved regarding the conversion of CaCO3 to CaO, but it goes into alot of detail about half way down the page, but he made alot of sense to me in saying "The production of calcium oxide from calcium carbonate would cause a drastic reduction in volume of material due to the release of carbon dioxide gas."

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho... I just read through the bible's account of Jericho recently and there were 'spies' in the city of Jericho who came out to Joshua's army to report the goings on, I suppose it's entirely possible that some of the spies could have been ancient mortar mixers. The impenetrable walls of the city of Jericho were brought down by shouts and trumpet blowing as Joshua's army circled the city. Ironic title for that episode considering the plot.
he said something to the effect, don't worry chief, he had put the explosives in the concrete, at the end of the episode.
Interestingly, I read somewhere in researching this thread that the last bit of the episode was re-edited to exclude the explosion scene in later airings of that episode. If indeed it was re-edited, that's odd that they would cut out the climatic explosion at the end. Edited because of Network objections, or perhaps it was too close to reality for comfort.

I don't know a great deal about concrete, but it would seem entirely plausible to me that concrete could be mixed with something to cause a instability or a critical failure under certain conditions or provocation. Indeed I think that is precisely what happened at Jericho, no real miracle, just simple resonant harmonics and some. It sure would go a long way towards explaining the complete pulverization, indeed atomization of all that enormous amount of concrete, I have yet to see a definitive alternative explination and the energy to do that just isn't in the official equations. With the exception of the lung problems and the haunting imagery of the dust clouds, that concrete has been completely, officially, ignored.
In my own research I was somewhat surprised to find that in dense urban areas, alot of larger buildings were/are constructed with easy access to support columns and the like to allow for controlled demolitions in the event that the building would need to be removed at some point in the future. However we're talking access though, not actual demolition devices themselves. Creepy stuff there In Nothing We Trust, thanks for posting it.
Given the Bin Laden's ties to the US through Saudi Defense Contracts and the like, it's really creepy stuff.
I read that apparently the original episode when it first aired, ended with an explosion, which was edited out in later airings. I haven't been able to find any further information to confirm or deny this though. I've yet to find anyone who remembers if the original airing had an explosion or not. If it did, I wonder why in the world they would edit that out in subsequent airings unless perhaps the little visit from the CIA during the production of the show had something to do with it.
I wish I could find somebody who remebered the original airing of that episode though, if it was edited out it probably won't be included in a DVD collection.
Also another interesting episode included something about a "Cone of Death" or something to that effect, that one is supposed to an example of real technology which was 'exposed' by the show and caused some concern within the intelligence community. I don't know the episode number of that, but I remember reading about that when I was researching for the thread.
Frank Loyd Joshua... Jericho... Creepy stuff considering the obvious reference to architecture and the tumbling walls of Jericho.
Looks like if there was an explosion in the original airing it has indeed been edited out.

More on that toxic dust in the news today...
The first is from the New York Times, a major news outlet...
New York Times
Rejecting ’06 Finding, Report Says Detective Didn’t Die From 9/11 Dust
New York City’s chief medical examiner has concluded that the death of a city police detective who worked hundreds of hours on the smoldering debris pile at ground zero after the Sept. 11 attacks was not caused by exposure to toxic dust there.

Contradicting a New Jersey pathologist who had found the death “directly related” to ground zero dust, the medical examiner, Dr. Charles S. Hirsch, acknowledged that “foreign material” had been found in the lungs of the detective, James Zadroga, but insisted that it had not come from the trade center site.
And then this from a more obscure new source...
Zadroga's Family To Meet With ME Who Said Death Not WTC Related

October 19, 2007

The family of a police detective who died last year is set to meet with the city's medical examiner today, after he concluded that the detective's death was not related to his hundreds of hours spent at the World Trade Center site.

In a letter to the family of Detective James Zadroga, Dr. Charles Hirsch acknowledged that foreign material was found in Zagroga's lungs, but says that he is certain that the material was not from dust inhaled at the World Trade Center.

The finding contradicts that of a New Jersey pathologist, who said the 34-year-old Zadroga's death was directly related to World Trade Center dust.

Zadroga's father insists both he and his son developed a cough after working at the World Trade Center.

"There’s so much evidence showing that he was sick from the world trade center and now here they're trying to discredit his name. The guy was a hero that's all we ever ask of them to recognize him as a hero,” said Zadroga’s father Joseph Zadroga.

The family had asked the city medical examiner to review Zadroga's case in a bid to have him officially listed as a victim of the September 11th attacks.
How can pathologist simply 'conclude' that the dust that DID cause his death didn't come from WTC, especially given that his symptoms developed then? Sounds like somebody doesn't want their dust scrutinized perhaps, or do doctors just conclude things like that all the time in high profile cases?

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
personally think I'm on to something with this, but I'm nowhere near conclusive yet. There's just something about the concrete vaporizing like it did that didn't seem right at all and none of the current collapse models even mention the energy required for that kind of pulverization. Then of course we have the seismic data from Palisades...
[Image: kim-wtc-1.jpg]
that many have claimed were consistent with underground detonations, and the angular cuts in the steel cores, cuts that we were told were part of the cleaning up process (debunkers fail to see the rescue personnel in those pictures which seems to me to date the photos long before any clean up started). Just a few of the MANY things that just don't add up regarding 9-11.
Whoever it was was awful eager to report it...
maybe too eager lol...
[Image: 15201.jpg]
In the show, CHAOS had already destroyed three buildings. That made me wonder about the unimpacted building 7... which of course fell straight down in what we're supposed to believe is a fire related collapse.
[Image: ats50244_wtc-7-small.gif]
Two questions, first is, 'Do we know Exactly what time it was when Larry Silverstien actually said his famous "Pull it" line?' Second question is do we know the exact time which the BBC broadcast thier live feed as pictured below...
[Image: ats60985_hmmmm.jpg]
Obivously you can see Building 7 has not yet collapsed, yet the live reporter and the teletype beneath her are reporting that hit has. It would be interesting to know if Silverstien's decision to 'pull it' preceeded the BBC's broadcast (it is my understanding from what I've read, that the otherwise meticulous chaps have since 'lost' the footage?). If it did precede this broadcast, was it time enough to load up the graphics and report it?

The show also mentions that Jericho Construction had ties to the Germans during both world wars, after the weird anachronism about Reagan and Grable. His VP later of course was George Bush, and given the history of Prescott Bush and his financial ties to Harriman, Thyssen, IG Farben and the like, that struck me as another weird cooincidence.
From his first marriage to actress Jane Wyman, he had two children, Maureen and Michael. Maureen passed away in 2001. In 1952 he married Nancy Davis, who was also an actress, and they had two children, Patricia Ann and Ronald Prescott....
As president of the Screen Actors Guild, Reagan became embroiled in disputes over the issue of Communism in the film industry; his political views shifted from liberal to conservative. He toured the country as a television host, becoming a spokesman for conservatism. In 1966 he was elected Governor of California by a margin of a million votes; he was re-elected in 1970.
Prescott... wonder where he came up with that name?
I don't know why the mention of Reagan 'dancing with Grable' bothers me in that episode exactly, except for the fact that I don't believe in cooincidences, and I've worked on enough film sets to tell you that nothing in front of that camera, particularly in a Big Budget production like this was for it's time, is there by cooincidence. Reagan went on to become president, obviously, and his VP was a creepy little man eyebrow deep in covert operations and with family ties to germany in WWII.

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
I have an audio copy of an interview with Laffoley, I think it's the one you linked to earlier, if I can find it I will convert it to a mp3 and upload it. I've been digging through google trying to find a link to the Reader's Digest bit you mentioned, I did find a several of these on google, but so far they all seem to be using the same quote...
At the bottom of that page there is a link to another forum that says "In the early 1970's the Readers Digest ran a story, that said explosives would be built in to the WTC Towers to facilitate their eventual controlled ..." but oddly there is no cached version and the text google snipped for the search results is now gone from the page it links to.
The Readers Digest ran a story during the WTC construction stating explosives would be built into the buildings to facilitate their eventual demolition.
The same quote is found on Pravda...
and on Reddit...
There are several other forums this is mentioned on but I think it is against the TOS here to link to other forums(?), however I am as of yet unable to locate a copy of the original article or an original source for that quote. My grandmother has a pretty extensive collection of Reader's Digests, I will see if I can't dig through them and come up with something.
Unrelated, but it looks like Reader's Digest has recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy as well.
I knew that Nelson Rockefeller had worked with the National Security Council but their supervision of CIA operations, to the extent of calling it the 'Planning Coordination Group' was new to me ...
Nelson Rockefeller and company were the ones that pushed the construction of the WTC complex to begin with. Throw Kissinger and god knows who else in the mix and a false flag operation is business as usual for these guys, and long term globalist agendas are their modus operandi.
Interesting that he worked with Eisenhower so closely, Eisenhower probably had a good idea of what was happening and who he was dealing with, something I think he regretted towards the end and he tried to warn us on his way out of office... Too bad we didn't listen then.
I've not had the time lately to dig into this as much as I would like, it's a pretty interesting thread though and I'm glad somebody is reading it. Great catch with the Upshot/Grable bit, another cooincidence to add to the list for that episode considering that particular device would have likely been the precursor for the SADM, or special atomic demolitions munitions.
[Image: 2325c4d7ed86.jpg]
Don't know about the demolition plans, a google search turned up an ungodly wall of unrelated 9-11 material... I do know that large urban areas, even then, often require leaving 'easy access' to core columns for future demolition. The actual blueprints were kept under wraps for years after the attack, odd considering most building plans are public domain.

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
Tower Blueprints

Surviving Evidence of the World Trade Center Attack

The blueprints to the Twin Towers and Building 7 remained off-limits to the public for more than five years after the attack, despite the fact that the buildings were built with public money and that the engineering drawings of public buildings are supposed to be public information. 1 Incredibly, the team of engineers from the ASCE that conducted the only investigation of the building "collapses" before Ground Zero had been cleaned up lacked access to the buildings' blueprints -- at least until they signed waivers that they would not use the evidence in a lawsuit against the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 2


Whistleblower Releases Blueprints

In March of 2007, an extensive set of detailed architectural drawings of the World Trade Center became public through the actions of a whistleblower.
what do you make of the elevated Tritium levels detected in the WTC debris at Fresh Kills landfill, 700 times what was anticipated, even after months of decontamination i.e. being sprayed down with water and exposed to heavy rainfall? Proponents of the official story seemed to have settled on exit signs, which is ridiculous considering those specific signs were removed in the 1980's.

Another aspect you might be able to shed some light on is the odd loss of radio communication on site immediately preceding both the collapses of WTC1 and WTC2, would a push plate type detonation of a SADM change the radius or shape of the resulting EMP sufficiently to cause interference on the surrounding ground level but not an electrical overload?

Been trying to find a free copy of the episode, but so far youtube is the only one I've found and it's apparently $1.99 to watch it lol

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
I thought you would enjoy this link as well...

I would venture to guess that they typically wait until fire/rescue and retrieval operations are over with though, wouldn't you? If you take a look at your pics, those are emergency responders taken long before the Loizeaux crew started cutting beams and hauling off debris....those beams were cut for sure.
...the only folks who were initially privy to the recordings (of Ladder 15 and Battalion Chief Orio Palmer communicating ) were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements or gag ordered due to them being somehow relevant to the impending trial of Zacarias Moussaoui or fear over some esoteric legal liability of the Port Authority.
'immediately preceding'... 'up to moment of building collapse'... not sure I see the issue you have there, but there again this is something that was widely reported at the time and typically attributed by OS cheerleaders to the collapse of the North Tower's radio tower. Never mind the pyroclastic dust clouds that by some estimates eliminated as much as 1/3 of the mass of the buildings, seismic recordings from Pallisades, countless eyewitness accounts of explosions, toasted metal frames and cars, or the strange electrical light shows reported in buildings in the immediate area as well.
All of these very unusual, unprecedented oddities can all be easily explained by the use of SADMs, however It seems to me that Occam's Razor only applies if it fits the status quo.
I'm pretty sure pulling survivors out of rubble comes before standing on top of them to cut up core columns.

I also seem to recall that only a few photographers were officially allowed on the site, so it shouldn't be too difficult to date those photos as other people were being arrested or having their cameras confiscated. Also recall that folks were being arrested for having Geiger counters or radiation detectors there as well... how odd.
Absolutely, there were beams cut during the cleanup. However there wasn't as much cutting as there might have been thankfully, as most of the columns were already severed into nearly transportable sizes. I remember Loizeaux or one of those creeps commenting on that during the clean up. Lucky for them I guess.
I said I recall one of the clean up mooks discussing how the columns had been cut into easily transportable sizes and 'lucky them', by which I meant they apparently fell to the ground in a handy foot print collapse in conveniently sized transportable pieces. Excepting of course the 600 feet laterally ejected material from the initial blasts... er collapses.
And... There only a few photographers that had clearance to be on the site, regular joes snapping pics were being arrested and having their cameras confiscated. Should be easy enough o date those pics considering eh?

The notorious exit signs were known to have been removed during renovations long before 9-11. The entire site was littered with tritium, in the basement of building 6 for example, water samples were taken by the Department of Energy on 9/13 and they found tritium there as high as 55 times background readings. That's after a thorough decontamination that estimates as much as 4 million gallons of water being used on the site and not counting what would have been released and dispersed in gaseous form. That's just building six's tritium, mind you, let alone what was tested at the freshkills landfill MONTHS later. I won't even get into the samples collected and tested by the USGS on Sept. 17 and 18 that found cesium, uranium, thorium, barium, strontium, yttrium, rubidium, molybdenum, lanthanum, cerium, chromium and zinc... etc. ad nauseum. Strontium was detected in levels as high as 3000 ppm, and I don't think many watches or gun sights would explain that, would they?

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
It's all about perception I guess. How much Strontium do you reckon gives cause for 'human concern'? How about 30.7 ppm of Thorium on one girder, would that be cause for human concern? 7.57ppm of Uranium in girder coatings... it's not just tritium, it's a soup of isotopes that are far above beyond what was anticipated.
I hate 'maths', but ok let's do some. 4 million gallons of water minus tritium devided by gaseous dispersal and add that number to the same DOE officials that earlier that year had maps of Iraq laid out at the energy policy meeting that year, then add cesium, uranium, thorium, barium, strontium, yttrium, rubidium, molybdenum, lanthanum, cerium, chromium and zinc and you still end up with a headache at 5am.
Look at the pics, does that look like the first fire related collapse of a steel framed high rise in the history of modern construction to you?
I'm not a 'truther', I'm just a regular joe. I'm not selling any books or producing the latest documentary on 9-11 for $19.95... I just don't like bullchit flavored kool aid, and if I can keep other people from drinking it, so much the better. Besides, what is the opposite of 'truther' you reckon? Always got a kick out of that particular ad hominem, what sickness of western propaganda could cause the word truth to become some kind of insult lol.
...the dust cloud spread five miles. Yes I know what test the photo came from, I used it because it was a KT yield device and because of it's placement underground which produced a similar pyroclastic type dust we saw at WTC.
A circular area of the desert floor five miles across was obscured by fast-expanding dust clouds moving out horizontally from the base surge, akin to pyroclastic surge...
The only thing any of us have to 'lose' here is ignorance. Rather than quoting the source, as it is pretty extensive, I am going to post a link for you. You can read it, or you can ignore it, but it will help you understand a little more about the levels of different isotopes the DOE found and how the correlation of those levels indicate a fission reaction. I would quote the text here but it's pretty extensive and I'm curious to see what, if anything, you come back with from it...
A burning polystyrene flapping about in the breeze isn't really a comparison to an office building fire though is it? Yes plastics produce a black smoke, you flap it around in the breeze and low and behold, you're right it isn't starved for oxygen. You put it in a largely intact office building that has to draw air in through openings... well you're not going to agree with that though are you? Let's see your flapping piece of polystyrene melt structural steel in a giant heat sink frame and keep it at temperatures exceeding 1500 degrees for two months after it's been sprayed with 4 million gallons of water.
They don't have to actively suppress anything, here's one example of how it works...
Online Persona Management Services, brought to you by CENTCOM. One person, ten accounts all flagging and starring themselves, it's not hard to imagine how that gets out of hand particularly when they focus their efforts on a specific site like ATS for example, to quote the video linked, "it creates a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with it's own objectives". That's just one little itty bitty facet of the world's most effective and prolific propaganda machinery. The media doesn't have to be complicit, they just have to read the script and sound convincing (which is their job description to begin with).
* molten steel, hot spots that 1500 degrees over a month later, after being sprayed with millions of gallons of water.
* I've never known a flash of light to go through concrete, have you? Interesting light shows in the wiring of neighboring buildings though.
* Countless reports of explosions. Would you know what a SADM sounded like if it were set off in a building?
* I suggest you look up the seismic data from Pallisades NY for 9/11
* Shaped charges. Click back a couple pages.
* Yes there was fallout.
* Again, Pallisades...
* No mushroom cloud.
[Image: 2325c4d7ed86.jpg]
The Sedan Nuclear detonation test didn't have a nice pretty mushroom cloud either, but it was pretty real.
* Plenty of evidence if you don't get your information from talking points laid out for you on a debunking flow chart.

Judy Wood is a joke. And the exit signs in the WTC complex were removed years before 9/11.
Loud dull roar, large boom, who knows really, but if you can find a video of a modern SADM going off in an enclosed building for comparison, then let me know and I'll post it for you. Pretty big damned boom if you ask me, oddly immediately preceeding the collapses of both WTC 1 and WTC 2.
How many 'experts' do you reckon would publicly comment on it? There was one that worked at Pallisades who said it looked consistent with an underground detonation, of course you won't find that laying around on the net now even tough it was something that was reported in the MSM at the time....
I'd say 600 feet of lateral ejection at a 45 degree angle is a pretty decent amount of 'great force'.
As much of a third of the mass of the towers was literally atomized into micron sized particulate...there's nothing on this planet aside from a nuclear detonation or a chemical reaction that would explain that pulverized concrete. The energy required to do that has never been accounted for, certainly not by NIST or the 9/11 commission.

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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
What some call hearsay, others would call eyewitness testimony, in this case, strangely, eyewitness testimony from hundreds of firefighters and the like were blocked from testifying before the 9/11 committee despite their protests. There's an extensive list of reports of explosions, I'm sure you are well aware of that. Those sounds could be attributed to any number of things, we will never know 'officially' as the debris was never 'officially' tested for explosive residue before it was hauled off under the tightest security ever given to debris (one driver was fired for stopping to eat). Criminal destruction of evidence, tampering with a crime scene, insurance fraud, conspiracy, mass murder... I'm sure there's a vested interest in making sure the explosions were attributed to anything but explosives. If you can think of anything other than explosives that would turn 90 thousand tons of cured concrete into micron sized particulate rich in radioactive isotopes, register on seismographs miles away, and leave no trace of recognizable debris from above the 6th floor, I'd love to hear your theory as fire from office furniture just doesn't do that, at least it never has prior to 9-11 or afterwards. Steel framed high rises don't collapse due to fire, it's one of the perks of modern steel construction.
I'm sure you are aware that a nuclear detonation can be shaped, and can yields as low as 10kt have been tested and produced by the US. You are also aware that you can stand behind or beside a cannon being fired without being turned to jelly, right? Why do you suppose that is?
The explosions they heard were explosions, which probably explains why the bomb sniffing dogs were pulled off the WTC site by Securacom on 9-6-2001. 'Firefighters' is pretty vague, there's a few 'firefighters' who said it was explosives planted in the building. All this has been hashed out a million times, yes there were explosives in the building. Of what type remains to be ascertained.
Quote:Heightened Security Alert Had Just Been Lifted
By Curtis L. Taylor and Sean Gardiner
September 12, 2001
The World Trade Center was destroyed just days after a heightened security alert was lifted at the landmark 110-story towers, security personnel said yesterday.
Daria Coard, 37, a guard at Tower One, said the security detail had been working 12-hour shifts for the past two weeks because of numerous phone threats. But on Thursday, bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed.
"Today was the first day there was not the extra security," Coard said. "We were protecting below. We had the ground covered. We didn't figure they would do it with planes. There is no way anyone could have stopped that."
Security guard Hermina Jones said officials had recently taken steps to secure the towers against aerial attacks by installing bulletproof windows and fireproof doors in the 22nd-floor computer command center..

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
A little less than four years after the JFK assassination was when NBC aired episode 52 of Get Smart. Recall from earlier in the thread where we discussed the fact that the CIA literally walked onto the set and wanted to know where the show was getting it's ideas from as they were apparently getting too close for comfort on some very real intelligence work....
Despite his subsequent denials, this was the Hay Day of George Bush's involvement in the CIA long before accepting a position as it's director in 1976, just a few years before before good ole Brezenski came along orchestrating the mujahideen debacle in Afghanistan with operatives like Tim Osman (aka Osama Bin Laden).
There's two reasons this is important to the events of Sept.11 2001,
George Bush's involvement in the JFK assassination and more importantly the narco-corruption behind it. Apples don't fall far from trees, though and his father, Prescott Bush, was one a very few actually tried under the Trading with the Enemy Act for his involvement with Harriman Nazi bankrolling and his son, well let's be nice... None of this is terribly shocking but it gives you an idea as to what kind of folks you're dealing with.
This video establishes motive, pure and simple. If that doesn't curl your toes enough, dig around in the largely unknown and poorly understood multi-billion dollar BCCI fiasco. Take your pick... and remember that George Bush and Bill Clinton were so intimately involved in this fiasco they shared the same lawyer, which isn't really surprising either, considering this...
[Image: clintyng.jpg]
Not really all that fascinating if you overlook presidential assassinations, sponsoring terrorism, and drug money laundering, but in the context of 9-11 you may notice these very same names, flight schools, and places being repeated in the 9-11 narrative. This was the cabal that was in place and running our intelligence agencies in and around the times that the WTC were being constructed and this very interesting, even esoteric episode of Get Smart hit the air and attracted the attention of the CIA. This goes all the way back to the 1960's.
Some particulate was in the range of 2.5 microns, and there have been estimates that as much as 1/3 of the concrete was completely pulverized in this fashion. There was a bit earlier on in this thread about the concrete possibly being formulated somehow to achieve this that I'd like to hear your opinion on.
Also in response to the endless drone of 'there were no explosions'...
I'm not the only one that has said as much...
"For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high — a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping."
-George W. Bush
The whitehouse has since removed the quote from their records, but thankfully not everyone else's.
As much as 1/3 is a lot. 2.5 Microns is atomized. Pyroclastic is very hot for concrete powder...
[Image: be568a3792.jpg]
Pretty interesting information all around but of particular interest to this thread is that about halfway through the video or so, CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer, one of the first non arab americans to be arrested under the Patriot Act, mentions that her handler tells her to stay away from NYC because the terrorists were planning to use micro-nukes and was concerned for her safety due to fallout.
Cars in the immediate are were bursting into flame, doors and door handles were popping off, something was producing iron rich micro spheres in the dust and it stayed hot for months despite millions of gallons of water... Something got really hot, or irradiated.
400,000 cubic yards per tower i.e. WTC 1 and WTC 2 was used during construction, afterwards no recognizable pieces of it were left. Many firefighters and cleanup workers very publicly remarked about the striking lack of solid materials left in the collapse, only steel, aluminum, paper and dust. Everything else was completely vaporized into incredibly fine and incredibly hot micron sized particulate.
Just prior to collapse, WTC 2 was largely extinguished, WTC 1 was full of black smoke indicating inefficient combustion. Some of the Initial estimates by the likes of Environmental Health Laboratories Inc had the fires at around 500 degrees. Is that hot enough to create iron spheres or blow car doors off their hinges hundreds of feet away? Just how does dust from a fire related collapse initiating 80-90 floors above burn cars up anyway? You're talking hot spots of up to 1500 degrees fully a month later.
But no, office furniture fires don't typically pop car doors off their hinges from 800 feet above do they?
"He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high — a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping."
-George W. Bush
I'm curious as to what explosives you think 'Mr. President' was referring to here... George Bush believed there were explosives in the buildings, and even referred to operatives placing them at specific locations to ensure the optimum casualty count. This was shortly after he told us we should never tolerate conspiracy theories regarding 9-11 so you can understand my confusion as a good law abiding red blooded American. Then of course Cheney, 'MR. Vice President' told us a missile hit the pentagon...

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
Anyways, in the two videos I posted earlier, one of the more interesting little facts you don't hear much about is the Flight School that Mohamed Atta attended has a very interesting history.
The American people were sold a story which claimed these were muslim fundamentalists, religious extremists, a claim that is muddied further by Mohamed Atta's ex-girlfriend, Amanda Keller's contention that during his flight school training at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida, Atta frequented strip bars, used coc aine and was apparently a hedonist. Amanda Keller was not named as witness to the 9-11 commission, and along with several otehr residents of the area later claimed to have been harassed and intimidated, by Florida Law Enforcement and FBI agents to prevent them from talking to the media.
Huffman Aviation....
It is interesting to note that one of the 9-11 comissioners was none other than Ben-Veniste, who defended Barry Seal, drug smuggler extraordinaire who ran coc aine into Mena AK on behalf of the famous Contras during the Bush era CIA's Iran Contra operations and was gunned down in his car with George Bush Sr. personal phone number on him. Bush actually owned Barry's plane for a while.
Also interesting to note that the flight school in question here, Huffman Aviation was owned by Wally Hillard, if that name doesn't ring a bell, then perhaps the largest Heroin bust in Florida history will....
It's also important to remember that Barry Seal was linked to Pablo Escobar, the overnight Columbian bazillionaire. That's just one of the 9-11 commissioners, Ben-Veniste. If you know your JFK history, or even Iran-Contra 'Flight Schools' should perk your ears up as well.
And here's a great read on BCCI...
Yeah, sure plastics and the like produce a thick black smoke, hey you got me there... more grey when it burns out it's fuel source and smolders like WTC 2 though, and well, hardly any smoke from the mostly contained fires of WTC 7.
But what about all that thick black smoke, do you think that has a cooling affect on flames in an enclosure which might have led to the original estimates of 500 degrees by folks that know that kind of stuff... or do you think that maybe fuel rich hydrocarbons can get so incredibly hot in a few hours that they permeate the structural grid of one of the largest steel framed high rises in the history of modern construction and cause a catastrophic collapse of accelerating debris through it's own intact understructure and into it's own footprint, three times in a row in one day and cause what, 60 thousand tons or so of concrete to turn into micron sized particulate, molten steel and hotspots for months, and leave anamolous high levels of radioactive isotopes in their wake? That's some pretty high temperatures for black smoke.
It's a rhetorical question, Yes thick black smoke actually cools fires. The excess hydrocarbons in the dark smoke absorb a great deal of radiant heat and as the smoke escapes it carries some of it away and also tends to create an oxygen poor environment for the open flames. I'm pretty sure NIST overlooked that, but it's been a while since I've read through the notes I took. I took a science class once.
I'd be very interested in your opinions as to what type of explosives Mr. President might have been talking about in that speech... and why do you suppose it was removed from the record there on metabunk, and the whitehouse. Ethically, of course it's pretty questionable, but do you reckon it's standard procedure these days to go about rewording a US President's speeches for posterity?
As to why Mohamed Atta wanted to take flying lessons, I think it's a far more interesting question to ask why he wanted to at Huffman Aviation.
The 'money' Susan Lindauerer received from the Iraqis that they tried to charge her for was for two dinners with Iraqi delegates, which was well within her job description, totaling around 90 bucks. That's how trumped her charges were.
Looking at the records, judge Michael B. Mukasey was a Bush croney who almost had a CIA asset and 9/11 whistleblower medically lobotomized over a 90 dollar dinner tab and 'secret charges'.
A trumped up trial after months of imprisonment and a lot of fancy and arguably very convenient new Patriot Act stipulations that would freak George Orwell out all the while under the constant threat of being 'medicated' despite your own substantial evidence of competence for doing your job in the first place... You can imagine the stress.
Evidence? Sure, Knock yourself out. I've already posted a video, which you apparently haven't seen yet as Ms. Lindauer says pretty clearly that it was her handler that told her about the fallout concerns.
You're aware of her own psychiatric evaluations that pretty clearly show she was mentally competent?
Do you think it is normal for the US Government to incarcerate and charge their own intelligence assets for 90 dollar dinner tabs?
She tells you the name of her handler and I've always hated doing other peoples homework for them. There's a wealth of evidence of radioactive fallout...
Not to mention that the cleanup procedures employed at ground zero, I.e. spreading wet sand, hosing down with water, requiring the removal of clothing and the like, that is pretty standard radioactive decontamination protocols.
A few years back, Rumormillnews had their entire archives wiped out so some of the original links to their site aren't working but I did a little digging and found this gem on the wayback machine. If your genuinely curious as to how this theory came about, this is a good start....
Scroll on down to where it says 'EXPLOSIVES MIXED IN CONCRETE ANSWERS ALL OF THE ABOVE', pretty fascinating read and probably something folks need to grab a copy of considering the frequent server attacks on alternative news sites like RMN.
Link isn't working because of the multiple http tags in their address. The original URL of the article is and it looks like you might have to manually search for it here. But it's there for now, enjoy!
Here's another pretty interesting read in regards to the actual construction of the WTC..
There were curious mentions of factors like the revised plans for the core not being made available until 2 days before work on the core was due to begin as well as the strange security measures inconsistent with what ordinarily were simply construction processes. This was mostly associated with the rebar having the "special plastic coating"....
The actual slowdown in construction upon discovery of the rebar coating failure, when it was revealed by the government agency constructing, and the videographers had to pry for this information (contractors revealed economic damages from un explained security measures), that there was a special anti corrosion, anti vibration resistant coating on the rebar of the concrete core structure. The coating was flammable and special precautions were to be taken, meaning the government would conduct the butt welding of the 3 inch vertical bar with welders having a security clearance prior to regular crews running the horizontal minor steel that is tied with wire.

Welders working on the main steel couldn't be used because they didn't have security clearances. A special crew with armed escorts standing outside visual screens in the beginning of construction removed the coating from the bars, beveled the bar ends, welded the bar and x-rayed them. The armed guards were removed after suspicions were aroused.
Pretty interesting when you throw a Bin Laden Construction Group into that mix. Check the link out though, that's just a snippet.
Quote:An Excerpt from the statement of Robert L. Parish Sr.
On day, as the lead consultant engineer was in my lab talking just about "stuff", I asked him, "Sometime in future, in 50 years or so, how are these Twin Towers are going to be taken down as tall as they were going to be and as tight as land is in a crowded city, without causing fast destruction to other buildings?"
He was standing upright. He outstretched his right arm with his palm down. And said, "Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam" as he lowered his hand down one imaginary floor at a time. All the way down to the floor. I knew that we had to certify these commutators to be able to operate continuously for 50 years without service or repair as our part of the contract. He explained that as the buildings are being built, explosive charges are being incorporated into the structures at key floor joint locations. So, that when the first charges are set-off at the top floors, they will take that floor down to the next. And the charges at that floor will take it down to the next floor. This will continue all the way down. The Twin Towers will come straight down like a stack of pancakes. When the buildings get old and no longer useful or profitable to have and maintain, all it will take is a phone call to take them down.
No wonder the Port Authority was refusing to give up the blueprints and making people sign agreements not to sue them over the information.

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
Osama Bin Laden's CIA pseudonym was Tim Osman. Bush's connections are well known and the Bin Laden family was given a free ticket out of the US on 9-11 when no other commercial air traffic was allowed to fly.
Meeting Riconosciuto and Gunderson at the hotel were two representatives of the mujahadeen, waiting to discuss their armament needs. One of the two was named "Ralph Olberg." The other one was called Tim Osman (or Ossman).

"Ralph Olberg" was an American businesman who was leading the procurement of American weapons and technology on behalf of the Afghan rebels. He worked through the Afghan desk at the U.S. State Department, as well as through Senator Hubert Humphrey's office. Olberg looked after the Afghanis through a curious front called MSH - Management Sciences for Health.

The other man, dressed in Docker's clothing, was not a native Afghan any more than Olberg was. He was a 28-year-old Saudi. Tim Osman (Ossman) has recently become better known as Osama Bin Ladin. "Tim Osman" was the name assigned to him by the CIA for his tour of the U.S. and U.S. military bases, in search of political support and armaments.
Also Bin Laden was being treated in an American Hospital in Dubai just weeks prior to 9-11, and according to several French Papers at the time, was visited by CIA agents there.
Two months before September 11 Osama bin Laden flew to Dubai for 10 days for treatment at the American hospital, where he was visited by the local CIA agent, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro.
The disclosures are known to come from French intelligence which is keen to reveal the ambiguous role of the CIA, and to restrain Washington from extending the war to Iraq and elsewhere.

Bin Laden is reported to have arrived in Dubai on July 4 from Quetta in Pakistan with his own personal doctor, nurse and four bodyguards, to be treated in the urology department. While there he was visited by several members of his family and Saudi personalities, and the CIA.

The CIA chief was seen in the lift, on his way to see Bin Laden, and later, it is alleged, boasted to friends about his contact. He was recalled to Washington soon afterwards.

Intelligence sources say that another CIA agent was also present; and that Bin Laden was also visited by Prince Turki al Faisal, then head of Saudi intelligence, who had long had links with the Taliban, and Bin Laden. Soon afterwards Turki resigned, and more recently he has publicly attacked him in an open letter: "You are a rotten seed, like the son of Noah".
Salem bin Laden, Osama's older brother, was an investor in Arbusto Energy. - the Texas oil company started by George W. Bush. Arbusto means "Bush" in Spanish. Salem bin Laden died in an airplane crash in Texas in 1988. Sheik Mohammed bin Laden, the family patriarch and founder of its construction empire, also died in a plane crash. Upon his death in 1968, he left behind 57 sons and daughters - the offspring he sired with 12 wives in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. About a dozen brothers manage Bin Laden Brothers Construction - one of the largest construction firms in the Middle East. Fresh out of Harvard Business School, young George W. Bush returned to Midland, TX, in the late 1970s to follow his father's footsteps in the oil business. Beginning in 1978, he set up a series of limited partnerships - Arbusto '78, Arbusto '79, and so on - to drill for oil. One of President Bush's earliest financial backers was James Bath, a Houston aircraft broker. Bath served with President Bush in the Texas Air National Guard. Bath has a mysterious connection to the Central Intelligence Agency. According to a 1976 trust agreement, Salem bin Laden appointed James Bath as his business representative in Houston. Revelation about Bath's relationship with the bin Laden financial empire and the CIA was made public in 1992 by Bill White, a former real estate business partner with Bath. White informed federal investigators in 1992 that Bath told him that he had assisted the CIA in a liaison role since 1976 - the same year former President George Herbert Walker Bush served as director of the CIA.
Several bin Laden family members invested millions in The Carlyle Group
Interestingly, on Sept. 11, 2001, members of the Carlyle Group - including Bush senior, and his former secretary of state, James Baker - were meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C., along with Shafiq bin Laden, another one of Osama bin Laden's brothers.
While all flights were halted following the terrorist attacks, there was one exception made: The White House authorized planes to pick up 140 Saudi nationals, including 24 members of the bin Laden family, living in various cities in the U.S. to bring them back to Saudi Arabia, where they would be safe. They were never interrogated.
Ties Between the Bush Family and Osama bin Laden
The Bushes' private links to the bank passed to Bin Mahfouz through Texas businessman James R. Bath, who invested money in the United States on behalf of the Saudi. In 1976, when Bush was the head of the CIA, the agency sold some of the planes of Air America, a secret "proprietary" airline it used during the Vietnam War, to Skyway, a company owned by Bath and Bin Mahfouz. Bath then helped finance George W. Bush's oil company, Arbusto Energy Inc., in 1979 and 1980.
When Harken Energy Corp., which had absorbed Arbusto (by then merged with Spectrum 7 Energy), got into financial trouble in 1987, Jackson Stephens of the powerful, politically-connected Arkansas investment firm helped it secure 25 million dollars in financing from the Union Bank of Switzerland. As part of that deal, a place on the board was given to Harken shareholder Sheik Abdullah Taha Bakhsh, whose chief banker was BCCI shareholder Bin Mahfouz.
Then, in 1988, George Bush Sr. was elected president. Harken benefited by getting some new investors, including Salem bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's half-brother, and Khalid bin Mahfouz. Osama bin Laden himself was busy elsewhere at the time - organising al Qaeda.
The money BCCI stole before it was shut down in 1991 - somewhere between 9.5 billion and 15 billion dollars - made its 20-year heist the biggest bank fraud in history. Most of it was never recovered. International banks' complicity in the offshore secrecy system effectively covered up the money trail.
Quote:Some of these links are probably dead now...

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
Quote:Shortly after the Saudi government publicly disowns bin Laden (while privately continuing to support him) (see April 9, 1994), the bin Laden family follows suits and publicly disowns him as well. Bakr bin Laden, the chairman of the Saudi Binladin Group, the main bin Laden family company, signs a two-sentence statement. Osama bin Laden has 25 brothers, 29 sisters, and more in-laws, aunts, uncles, and so forth. Der Spiegel will later report that in the years bin Laden lives in Sudan, Saudi intelligence minister “Prince Turki [al-Faisal] sent Osama’s mother, Hamida, and his brother Bakr to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, several times to convince Osama to abandon his terrorist activities. The visits were so frequent that Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, believed at the time that Osama was a Saudi spy.” Vincent Cannistraro, former head of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center, will say, “I tracked the bin Ladens for years. Many family members claimed that Osama was no longer one of them. It’s an easy thing to say, but blood is usually thicker than water.” Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA unit specializing in hunting bin Laden, doubts that the entire bin Laden family has severed ties with Osama. In a 2005 interview he will say, “I haven’t seen anything in the last 10 years that’s convinced me that would be the case.”
Quote:1997: Bin Laden Family Financial Connection With Osama Continues Until At Least This Year
In 2004, Osama bin Laden’s half brother Yeslam Binladin admits that he and other bin Laden family members share a Swiss bank account with Osama bin Laden from 1990 until 1997. The account was opened by brothers Omar and Heidar bin Laden in 1990 with an initial deposit of $450,000. By 1997, only two people are authorized to conduct transactions on the account: brothers Osama and Yeslam bin Laden. The bin Laden family claims to have disowned Osama bin Laden in 1994 (see Shortly After April 9, 1994), and the US government officially designated him as a financier of terrorism in 1996. Yeslam had previously denied any financial dealings with Osama at this late date until evidence of this bank account was uncovered by French private investigator Jean-Charles Brisard. In December 2001, French authorities will open an investigation into the financial dealings of the Saudi Investment Company (SICO) run by Yeslam Binladin...
I couldn't get the link to work and I imagine most folks aren't going to go throught he trouble of putting the URL into wayback's search engine so I took a couple screen shots of the pertinent text. Chemistry isn't one of my strong points though so I'm hoping someone with a little more knowledge in that area could weigh in on this...
[Image: vi568ecf17.jpg]
[Image: xo568ecf17.jpg]
[Image: tz568ecf16.jpg]
I strongly advise anyone looking into the events of 9-11-2001 to do their own research. Don't rely on anything posted by myself or anyone else for that matter. We are, for all intent purposes, anonymous to one another here on ATS. For all you know I could be some angry mujahideen operative, or you could be working at some desk on the CENTCOM payroll, so don't take anything for granted. Vett your own information and sources, ask questions and then find the answers to them on your own. There is no statute of limitations on murder cases, and killing thousands of Americans is a very serious crime with global implications... if elements of the US Government, or any of the cronies pulling the strings thereof, were indeed involved in the WTC destruction, then they aren't going to stop trying to discredit the 'truth movement', ever.
Bush never had any intention of finding Osama Bin Laden. Invading Afghanistan and Iraq on false and trumped up pretenses were far more important.
Also, aside from Semtex, RDX could also be a suspect, given the time period, there's no doubt there was plenty of military RDX heading to SE Asia at the time and some formulations of it were made with plasticizing wax that gave it a considerable shelf life and stability. Interestingly, it's also known to cause respiratory problems.
C.J. Chivers of the New York Times has a long piece today about chemical weapons found in Iraq after the 2003 invasion. A few dead-enders are now gleefully claiming that Bush was right after all. Iraq did have WMD!

This is ridiculous enough that—so far, at least—the savvier wing of the conservative movement is staying mum about the whole thing. There are three main reasons for this. First, most of these weapons were rotting remnants of artillery shells used during the Iraq-Iran war in the 80s and stored at Iraq's Muthanna State Establishment as well as other nearby sites. Murtaza Hussain of the Intercept explains what this means:

The U.S. was aware of the existence of such weapons at the Al Muthanna site as far back as 1991. Why? Because Al Muthanna was the site where the UN ordered Saddam Hussein to dispose of his declared chemical munitions in the first place. Those weapons that could not safely be destroyed were sealed and left to decay on their own, which they did. The site was neither “active” nor “clandestine” — it was a declared munitions dump being used to hold the corroded weapons which Western powers themselves had in most cases helped Saddam procure.

In other words, these shells weren't evidence of an active WMD program, which had been George Bush's justification for the war. They were simply old munitions that everyone knew about already and that were being left to degrade on their own.
Aren't they the very ones that Donald Rumsfeld still had the receipts for from when we sold them all the chemical precursors and crop spraying helicopters to use on the kurds during the Iran/Iraq war?
George Bush clearly stating that Iraq had no WMD's...
Check out the guy in the WTC 7 building in 2:30-3:38 of this video. What was OST doing there?
The U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration's Office of Secure Transportation (OST) provides safe and secure transportation of nuclear weapons and components and special nuclear materials, and conducts other missions supporting the national security of the United States of America.

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RE: Get Smart! Epispde 52
He's running around in heavy gear and a plastic hardhat, after the WTC7 evacuation order 'making sure no one else is coming downstairs' and saying he thinks they are the only ones left in the building. He identifies himself as Secret Service, then states specifically OST. It could mean an 'Operations Support Technician' or 'Office of Secure Transportation'.
Either way the guy looks taken off guard by the cameraman and something seems a little off about a secret service agent being the last guy in WTC7 when even firefighters are being 'pulled' out and crowds outside are being told the building is 'going to collapse'. I guess he didn't get the Reuters press release about the WTC7.
Apparently the guy ended up being something of an unsavory character though...
Prosecutors Say Rescuer Stole Cars Recovered At Ground Zero
CBS Raw Footage from 9/11 At roughly time marker 29:33, cut your speakers up and see if that sounds like a fire related collapse.
[Image: go568a3123.png]
Here's the seismic interpretation of that thunderous roar you're hearing in the video.
[Image: iw5693bf7f.png]
Here's seismic data from North Korea’s October 2006 test.
[Image: dr5693c00b.png]
Here's a 'normal' seismic event for comparison. Short sharp spikes are pretty telling.
There was a senator that had something to do with some missiles that had been rigged up to look like commercial aircraft right before 9/11, but I don't remember who it was, will have to poke around in my research files and see if I can dig it up. Also, right after 9/11 there was a company on EBay that listed three airliners that had been converted into elevated apartments for sale. I messaged the seller to ask them how they had gotten the planes to do that with but they never responded. I have a copy of those listings somewhere as well but it's been many years and several computers ago. Also I don't know if anyone will remember the reports of some guy on one of the adjacent buildings that was apparently seen pointing what they thought was a rocket launcher of some sort at the WTC towers during the 9-11 event, in retrospect I wonder now if what they saw was actually the aiming device for laser guide munitions. Also interestingly, the media, briefly, announced that one of the hijacked planes had actually landed and the passengers were being escorted off into secure location, that story vanished quickly but I saw that one live. Something hit the towers, but it wasn't what we were told.

Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility, nor makes any Guarantee of the Accuracy or Validity of material in this Post. Material Contained or referred to in this Post is presented for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or Factual Information.
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