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Trump's Call to Putin Just Got a Bit More Controversial - WH Visit In The Works
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04-03-2018 05:55 AM

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Trump's Call to Putin Just Got a Bit More Controversial - WH Visit In The Works
Trump's Call to Putin Just Got a Bit More Controversial - WH Visit In The Works

[Image: 1173028-11-20180402155701.jpeg]
In this Nov. 11, 2017, photo, President Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin are seen at the APEC Summit in Danang, Vietnam.
(Jorge Silva/Pool Photo via AP, File)

(NEWSER) – President Trump took flak from critics for congratulating Vladimir Putin on his election victory during a phone call last month. As it turns out, the call appears to have been even chummier than thought. A Putin aide said Monday that Trump invited the Russian leader to the White House, though he added that no plans have been set, reports the AP. It had been previously reported that the two leaders discussed meeting in person during the call, but the White House angle adds a controversial new wrinkle give the allegations of Russian meddling in the election and the poisoning of a former spy in Britain.

Trump raised neither issue during the call. White House press chief Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed Monday that the White House was floated as a possible meeting place, though only as one of a "number of potential venues." The story surfaced thanks to comments by Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov, reports the Washington Post. “I hope that the Americans will not back away from their own proposal to discuss the possibility of holding a summit,” Ushakov said, as quoted by news agency RIA Novosti. “When our presidents spoke on the phone, it was Trump who proposed holding the first meeting in Washington, in the White House.”

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