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Israel preparing to welcome the antichrist
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02-20-2019 07:40 AM


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RE: Israel preparing to welcome the antichrist

"Here is basic flow chart of what was done on behalf of Trump to get him elected:
I'm not going to mention the media time and jew gold because that is just comically obvious to anyone with more than 2 neurons to rub together.
Primaries -
1. bribe/blackmail evangelical megapastors
2. social media blitz
3. other controlled opposition candidates making trump look like outsider
General Election
1. social media, Q, R_Donald, & why Trump sucks off Jared to this day
2. emails and the enticement/disposal of Seth Rich (black cube)
3. Israel lobby making sure no one ever released the real goods on Trump before the election (not including info that would also implicate the tribe like epstein); most of this relates to Trump's dealings with organized crime in NYC and Atlantic city. Also a bunch of degen sex stuff but everyone into power is into sexual power over others so once again you run into mutually assured destruction with that."

"The CIA manipulates journalist through bribery, blackmail, and assimilation. The NSA does so by investing money and sending alumni to start/work for certain companies. CIA has in-q-tel but it's pennies compared to what NSA has spent doing this. Remember NSA has a SIGNIT collection mandate that extended to American citizens long before 9/11. Forum culture is viewed as SIGNIT. The disruption operations on different forums are largely privately sponsored by individual advocacy groups. Some disruption operations are however CIA/Mossad/GCHQ operations I would say those are the big 3 disruptors."

"Depends which one I would say CIA is an organized crime syndicate top to bottom while others the root is only at the top of the pyramid.
>Can you elaborate on how their blackmail gathering racket works?
Sure, basically since the 90's Israel has been manipulating the evangelical community in the US in order to swing public opinion for Israel further after the anti apartheid movement wrecked South Africa. The Mossad saw how important religious leaders were to ending apartheid in Africa and pursued with far more vigor than before access and control to/over certain religious groups. Billy Graham was Israel's point man in the US on this. I could write a short story on this topic so can you ask a more specific question about this or a series of more specific questions I am after all autistic."

"Jared is being groomed to be the next Ronald Lauder/Kissenger i.e final boss lvl jew just below banking families. He will be given position as Sec of State if Trump wins 2nd term. Notice how Kushner runs all "bipartisan" efforts it is because Kushner is the power behind the throne. Kushner came to Trump with an offer from uncle Bibi to help make him POTUS using Israel's existing network of friends/influence. Jared makes bad business decisions because he is a silver spooned very sexy lady who has never worked for anything or suffered a consequence in his life. To be fair he made some average business decisions too and was making them as a 20 year old running a multibillion dollar real estate empire. Jared is the source of all the cancer killing the administration from within because he is global jewry's point man.
More detailed/specific question are helpful as I am autistic."

"One of the most juiciest pieces is Seth Rich.
Seth Rich was enticed by a Mossad operative claiming to be from wikileaks who had previously volunteered on the Sanders campaign where Rich was approached and assessed as a potential target to infiltrate the DNC server organically. Rich collected data and transferred hard copy to individual claiming to be from wikileaks who then terminated Rich and sent the data to wikileaks via their anonymous submission method on one of his devices posing as Rich. Rich communicated with the person who claimed to be from wikileaks as if the person was his drug dealer so when Rich wanted to meet to talk it looked like he was buying drugs. This is why cops think it was robbery gone wrong because according to Seth's phone he was in that park to "buy drugs" they assume he was robed for drug money which is why they ignored his personal belongings not being taken. In reality Mossad killed Rich after enticing him to plant a collection device on a terminal with administrative access to the DNC servers."

">I am interested in the structure of the organization. Those who are handled, handlers up top and those that handle the handlers. With that in mind, questions:
Conspiracies don't work like a phone directory or big box store. The names and information of the people involved isn't open source information even to other aspects of the organization. This is known as compartmentalization and is kindergarten lvl opsec. Basically there is not a TV pastor with over 100,000 parishioners that these people do not completely control some via blackmail most by simply keeping the gravy train running.
>How are handlers usually recruited? Is a bigger agency (CIA/NSA/FBI) responsible for some of their members?
People who do the most backhanded sh*t like corrupt entire religious communities do not work directly for governments they are often people who begin work for governments or are recruited by them and then after their potential is realized are then brought out of actual governmental organizations into the real deep state. No employee who collects a paycheck does the dirtiest dirt. They love to take unstable and greedy people with aptitude or borderline psychopaths like myself. For example I have extremely high IQ but failed the personality test for a high level clearance because of potential psychopathy. After this I was approached to work on a non government project.
>>How are they manipulated to retain their position? Many people come "speak out" against numerous political figures and then get killed afterwards. Has there been such incidents here?
They tie up several loose on occasion but for most people involved the pay or the literal high from having actual and I mean actual power over other people is too corrupting an influence to ever turn back.
>Who handles the handlers?
The money i.e a group of about 300 families that own the central banks about 50% of them were antisemetic slurs initially another 15-20% have now been mischlingnized and some lines have gone extinct. Most families are same ones who held power after end of Napoleonic wars.
>The legacy question. How does the blackmail racket sustain itself and recruit more members as old ones go into retirement?
Most people recruit and train their replacement to fill a detailed position and non specific/leadership positions there is just a constant flow of people who like money and power more than their own dignity. There are now a lot of sh*t tier goy families that fill these roles of interface between the actual elites and the people; the Bushes, Clintons, and now Trumps are all examples of this. (Ivanka will be made POTUS one day if she isn't exposed). These families are fine with crumbs i.e a few billion/hundreds of millions and the perception of power/status among the prols."

More at link
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02-20-2019 08:12 AM

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RE: Israel preparing to welcome the antichrist
going to Jerusalem today chuckle
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