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DNA CryptoCurrency
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: kaput
02-13-2018 06:42 AM


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DNA CryptoCurrency
Not sure why we haven't done this or looked it at. But essentially DNA is like a block-chain code of amino acids that encodes you as a person and locks your soul and your character to your person.

It let's you interact with others (even swapping block-chain segments if you will when being intimate) and also keeps your person protected from being usurped by the consciousness of another person. You cannot be them, they cannot be you.

So why aren't we correlating DNA to everyone having a proper and ordained place in this world?

I posit that EVERY single person on this planet should be able to issue a crypto coin of their own that is BACKED by their own genetic code.

THEN, you set the value of every single ICO to 1. 1 to 1. 1 person, 1 coin.

NEXT, you create wealth for ALL, by having every single person invest in every other person on the planet.

I'm not an economist or businessman, so of course we would have to work out the math of the model before going forward, but it sure as hell makes sense to me.

If you have 7 billion people on the planet, that's 7 billion crypto coins. Each person would be a billionaire. They would be their own bank. Which in turn should also lead to each person essentially being their own nation. Everyone should get a plot of land, establish their "nation" so to speak, by establishing their homestead.

Cities should just be abolished, there is just so much wasted overhead having that size and scale of infrastructure. Everything should be decentralized and modularized, and when you need to scale up a resource for something, you simply do that by engaging as many people as are needed to accomplish something.

I know I know this utopianism never pans out, but dammit the potential for blockchain to finally change things for the better is right on our doorstep, and I can't help but feel like if we just modeled it after our own natural body and our relationship to the planet and the creatures on it, that it should really help to smooth out some of the inequities in this world.

IDK, just another crackpot internet dreamer, what does the LOP say. Derp, or herp?
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Open Your Eyes
lop guest
User ID: 1337
02-13-2018 06:45 AM


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RE: DNA CryptoCurrency
Maybe in a 1000 years

Humans are not designed to self manage in that capacity just yet
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 1337
02-13-2018 07:00 AM


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RE: DNA CryptoCurrency
Open Your Eyes  Wrote: (02-13-2018 06:45 AM)
Maybe in a 1000 years

Humans are not designed to self manage in that capacity just yet

Well we better start learning or we won't make it another 100 years, let alone 1000.

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