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The Elite Torture Children & Drink Their Adrenalised Blood
LoP Guest
lop guest
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02-17-2019 10:15 AM


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RE: The Elite Torture Children & Drink Their Adrenalised Blood
I don't remember if I mentioned that these are fractals in spirit. They fractal then do this stuff.

I can sense it sometimes ie get the attacks. I don't discuss some things it is dealt with because I know the spirits. They feed on the aspect of it. You can probably guess what it is based on their activities in general and on here. Its "bread" but they are not sheep. The actual sacrifices are in place as mentioned in the bible. Meaning they make them to do this in some cases through the numbers magic they do to feed Baal I would guess.

Its the Hindu mythology that shows all the little guys being slaughtered. Type of cloning. Internal host thing. Baal lower eve middle Isis top but all basically one thing different aspects. The flesh made manifest.

These are few spirits in many propagated by hive through spiritual luciferianism...there are princes but they change. Its illusion to fight them by identity in flesh.
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