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You pick political sides you're creating an enemy!?
LoP Guest
lop guest
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02-12-2019 07:05 PM


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flip You pick political sides you're creating an enemy!?

And it's like this political systems purposely trying to divide our minds and half from left to right with this democrat-republican b*******and they act like they can't get along while they divide the country than the rest of the country's going to hate each other and wipe itself out because these dumbass leaders that are supposed to be leading can't even agree on anything to lead their own f****** country so what's the point of having them there!?
I'm tired of being in the middle of their stupid f****** War while they use everybody and abused everybody just to push and steal everything from us you all should be too I wonder when they'll be a revolutionary change to get rid of this dumbass Stephan murdering bulshit so we can actually get something that's real and true??!
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blind prophet
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02-12-2019 07:12 PM

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RE: You pick political sides you're creating an enemy!?
Didn't check the link, seems "reading her email" seems suggestive though.

But this has been going on for a long time.

Remember all the stuff going on with that Florida shooting the Trayvon case?

There was almost irresistible language, thoughts, beliefs bombarding the minds of people every single day. All day. Media bombs. Was really hard for people not to pick a side.

Followed up with Black Lives Matter enticement. Again same sort of rhetoric that agitated people or made it almost irresistible to pick a side.

OWS, same sort of vibes.

Tea Party, same sort of clash.

Everything always lassoed back into a paradigm of control.

Seldom hear things about the FED for example.

The latest one is immigration. Which will never be fixed as it is an avenue to extreme surveillance and lack of privacy. Europe getting hit pretty hard by immigration too. All intentional to take away freedom of people long term when enough strife happens.

We never get more free, government always gets more powerful.

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[Image: 300px-Anarchist.svg.png]

Roll the bones
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