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Airline Sues Passenger Who Missed His Flight
She Man
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02-13-2019 10:31 PM


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beermug Airline Sues Passenger Who Missed His Flight
The largest airline in Germany is suing a passenger who missed the final leg of his journey from Seattle to Oslo. Lufthansa says the unidentified male passenger was in violation of the airline's terms and conditions and is seeking $2,385 in compensation. The company claims that the man booked a cheaper flight with a layover in Frankfurt but had no intention of taking the flight that made up the second leg of that journey. Instead, the man flew on a different plane from Frankfurt to Berlin and saved nearly $2,500.

This practice, known as "skip lagging," takes advantage of what is known as "hidden city" ticketing, where it can be cheaper to fly between two cities with a layover in another city in the middle of the trip. Passengers wil
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LoP Guest
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02-13-2019 10:38 PM


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horn These days
People used to mail their children too. Stamps on clothing.
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She Man
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02-14-2019 06:37 AM


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RE: Airline Sues Passenger Who Missed His Flight
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