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Communist College Professors & Their Slave Complex
Cracker Jacks
lop guest
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02-14-2019 07:37 AM


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Communist College Professors & Their Slave Complex
I come from state that didn't have slavery since this country was founded. College campus communist professors like to act as slavery back then in the US was the worse thing in the world.

Get the f*#k out of here. If you were a slave back then , you were feed, and had a roof over your head. Never having to worry about bills, or where your next meal was going to come from nor the elements. You had all that sh*t given to you and all you had to do was pick cotton

Black slaves never had to work 15 hour shifts in harsh factories or coal mines to still feel hungry by the end of the day.

I'm tired of hearing white southerns put there white guilt upon my shoulders. f*#k you and f*#k your fake ass house [email protected]@ers who the rest of us whites have to deal with in America today.

Main reason I couldn't stand the frigg, to many southern Dixie trash.
Strange Candy staff
Horror Doll Ghuleh
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02-14-2019 07:55 AM

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RE: Communist College Professors & Their Slave Complex
Then go to your forum, because we don't like your threads here either. Blink

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[Image: MZGTZxv.png]

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