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Cuomo is a loser and everyone should laugh at him
The Obamanation
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02-14-2019 02:50 PM

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flip Cuomo is a loser and everyone should laugh at him

Quote:Bottom line: Trump’s tax reform put an end to the immoral practice of allowing high-tax states like New York to force the rest of the country to underwrite their bad policies. Before last year’s tax reform was passed, up to any dollar amount, you could write your state taxes off of your federal taxes. As of this year, though, the state tax write-off amount is capped at $10,000, which means the wealthy are now feeling the full bite of blue state tax policies, and they don’t like it.

Quote:The big change in the tax reform was the long-standing deductions have disappeared. For a person who makes a million dollars a year, they are now paying $40,000 more come tax time. For the person who makes $10 million, it’s costing them $400,000 a year.


You mean they closed a loophole, and the rich are actually starting to pay some taxes? Cry me a river.

Quote:Is this all Cuomo can do? Whine about Trump? Whine about the Trump tax cut? Whine about a state that has much lower taxes than New York? Blame, blame, blame…

Note what Cuomo is not talking about: fixing the problem, which would require lowering his state’s taxes, most especially New York’s obnoxiously high 8.82 percent income tax rate, one of the most punitive in the country. For the record, Florida’s state income tax is exactly ZERO.

RoflchuckleRofllol rofl2

I can't wait for the inevitable austerity. The cell phone zombies will march through the streets of NYC, Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany as legion. It will be chaos. There will be looting, pillaging, and burning. I will be laughing the whole time.

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The Obamanation
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02-14-2019 02:54 PM

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RE: Cuomo is a loser and everyone should laugh at him
He wants his welfare state but he wants everyone else to pay for it!

The same BS that has toppled every other failed socialist state. New York is spinning the drain and about to get flushed.

When the austerity hits the sheeple still won't wake up. Expect them all to vote Cuomo and Occasional Cortex back into office when they promise them more free stuff.

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