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Rockets launched towards Tel Aviv
The Ghost Of LOP
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03-15-2019 06:20 AM

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RE: Rockets launched towards Tel Aviv
My question is why do they keep letting this bull sh*t happen?

It's like a bully. Eventually one side has to say enough is enough.
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03-15-2019 06:27 AM

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RE: Rockets launched towards Tel Aviv
Archangel  Wrote: (03-15-2019 06:19 AM)
YikkaFarius  Wrote: (03-15-2019 06:07 AM)
Tell us the one about the white supremist who didn't know he was married to a Jew.

I don't know any 'White Supremacists' ding ding

I'm a God Supremacist, if you're directing that libel at me.

Zing! You really got me that time white power. I yawn in anticipation of your next grammatical critique. Are you a militant English teacher too? Break out that red ink pen of correction and give it hell you self loathing Jewish tranny sodomizer.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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03-15-2019 06:31 AM


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RE: Rockets launched towards Tel Aviv
LoP Guest  Wrote: (03-15-2019 06:17 AM)
A true leader would end this madness
You are not given thee option of a true leader
God help you

Bottom line

Top line

You <stuck somewhere inbetween
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