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The pointless decay of Brasília
LoP Guest
lop guest
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03-17-2019 07:41 PM


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The pointless decay of Brasília
As children we "learn" things in school. None of these things help us with our lives as we live them. They do not teach us how to care for our bodies, how to care for ourselves, how to survive in the world. They show us pictures of cities, and tell us these things are good. Once or twice a week a man tells us we are bad, and we should suffer for it. They show us pictures of them killing people on the television, and tell us those are bad people. We are bad people the minister says. When do they come to kill us? And, when we die, is heaven a crumbling Brasilia, a vast empty airplane that never takes off.
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03-17-2019 08:06 PM

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RE: The pointless decay of Brasília
I'm definitely NOT sending my kids to school in Brasilia!
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