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Battle of Tenochtitlan
LoP Guest
lop guest
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08-14-2019 01:35 AM


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RE: Battle of Tenochtitlan
some paradoxes in history are not easy to solve
you cannot judge the Aztecs as "evil"
their cosmogony was totally different than you can understand
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Kaat Naat, the Questioner
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08-14-2019 05:28 PM

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RE: Battle of Tenochtitlan
After a decade in this particular soup, three points stand out.

1. The Spaniards were on a mission from God. Some god, anyway, who had plotted and fought long to retake the Peninsula from the Moors, and then to make the invaders extremely lucky, and the invaded oblivious to what they could have done. See: battle of Otumba, near Teotihuacan as it happens. Would be interested to hear about your specific channelings.. Graham Hancock had quite a set of his own, on ayahuasca, before starting the War God trilogy. The Maya are another story.

[Image: War-God-Vol1-UK.jpg]

2. The Aztecs were, are, and will remain a terrifying group of rapacious cannibal carnivores who trade in other people's blood for power for themselves, like many other vampiric elites throughout the world. The essential difference is they made it the mainstay of their thinking and doing, which would short-circuit any culture. Seems it requires periodic resets, and even in Castaneda's books ("The active side of infinity"), it is mentioned that this was only the latest of many upheavals. For geographical and economic reasons a bit long for this post, Mexico does subhuman industry really, dangerously well, because the many mountains keep people separated into fanatic tribes. Tezcatlipoca is a very slippery, subversive conception of divinity that has the habit of making people turn on each other, and that is hardly dead, or even sleeping. See: the news today, under demonic dwarf AMLO (he killed his brother when both were children, 'happens' to many politicians here).

3. There is much to be rescued, and that's why I'm on it. Very glad to see the interest, thanks for everyone's contributions.

They will find many armies to test them, but none to resist.
They will come in their shining ships to conquer and destroy,
Barbarians of gold and feathers and serpents of fire.
-Aztec Century-
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Son Calenda,Grupo Juarez
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