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White privelige no it's $ privelige
Travel assistant
lop guest
User ID: 414963
04-15-2019 07:47 AM


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RE: White privelige no it's $ privelige
Thinking for yourself and publicly voicing your thoughts is a dangerous step in modern societies .fear for others in your family is a big detractor .I have no immediate family which is a plus.amongst other assets of free thought and thus free speech.
Ultimately we have allways been cowed and unless we reach a critical mass the system as we know it will continue.
The elites see a tipping point coming and are fearfully.
Very few give up privilege voluntarily.
Spike Milligans book Adolph Hitler and my part in his downfall come to mind.
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Travel assistant
lop guest
User ID: 414963
04-15-2019 07:50 AM


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RE: White privelige no it's $ privelige
Thinking for yourself and expressing these thoughts are two different stages.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 497344
04-15-2019 09:38 AM


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RE: White privelige no it's $ privelige
Travel assistant  Wrote: (04-15-2019 06:37 AM)
White privelige is deflection $ privilege is "allways" where it has been.

I would perhaps redefine that as class privilege... in the UK if you are (white) working class (male/female) the exclusion from higher education runs back 1,500 years... and even in the modern age that grouping is still the most excluded (the only other group more excluded are the Romanies) in the UK.

In some Universities in the UK they still have 0% students from the working class (white male) group with working class (white) females only doing slightly better, as grouping the educational establishment shows it's prejudices towards the working classes and can legitimately exclude them, indeed it is a credential to prove they are addressing inequality with race to continue excluding that grouping.

The same arguments made about race and gender is true of class too, by deliberately excluding them you ensure they are trapped in poverty, ensuring they have little to no opportunities to progress and ensure they have no social mobility.. in turn you price them out of owning their own homes, or starting up their own businesses...

that is an example of how class privilege works in the modern world.. a world which revolves around a persons status, class and educational level..

These inequalities where one of the major underlying factors in the vote to leave the EU in the UK and the response then and now from the establishment is that inequality is wrong when race or gender related, while holding onto their class prejudices.

And we have not seen the class hatred of class privileges change one iota in the modern age, indeed we can argue that it has only got worse for the working classes..

We can see it clearly in the narratives and outrage at having to pay additional tariffs for their new BMWs, or French Champagne and cheeses... as if the working classes care that the wealthy have to pay more for a new car, specialty foods when their choices in winter are heat or eat....

Yes, people can pull themselves out of their situation but it is harder when the structure of society takes away their opportunities by pricing them out of the market, or by putting additional hurdles in place to take away their social mobility and penalises you for your class.. we can replace class, with race, with gender and get to the same result of a society based on inequalities...

There is certainly a privilege and it is class and wealth based...
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Travel assistant
lop guest
User ID: 414963
04-15-2019 12:27 PM


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RE: White privelige no it's $ privelige
Very well put guest 344.
So ethnic vs ethnic strife is a good thing for the upper classes as it deflects from their vaulted position.
My grandparents society and mindset was that you "knew" your place ,and very very few would dare to try and elevate themselves.
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