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Russia Number Stations
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Russia Number Stations
List of Russian strategic voice net frequencies on shortwave.

numbers and phonetics:
СЕКРЕТ-39 37649 ЦИКАДА 35219675 (SEKRET-39 37649 CIKADA 35219675)

Frequencies in kHz

3218.5/6930 callsign Katok-65

3756 Rostov na Donu. 72th communications center or Southern District communications center. Callsign 8S1Ch Known as Pip.

3828 Possibly Rostov na Donu. 72th communications center or Southern District comunications cemter. Callsign Alfa-45 Known as the Squeeky wheel

3950/4960 Novorossiysk communications hub

4325.9 Central Military Distrcit command center Ekaterinburg. CW Marker. Callsign Plovets-41

4410 Callsigns Kalibr 16 and Duplet 16

4462 Callsign Torez 91

4476 Vetka 31

4524 callsing Sosna-2

4590 Callsign WEGI. Messages on CW. Sends morse code message 5 to 10 minutes
before message on buzzer.

4621 Callsign WEGI. Messages in CW. Same as above

4625/6998 Western Militarty Distric command center, Naro-Fominsk near Moscow and Kerro near St. Peterburg. Callsign MDZhB also known as Buzzer

4804 Goretz-81

5095 Callsing MDV. Messages in CW.

5182 Orel. 336th Russian Radio technical regiment. Callsingn Bereza-2 With sound marker.

5292 possibly 6th joint army staff, at Sudak communication hub, Agalatovo.Callsingn Fazan-37 Sound Marker present.

Note: this information can change at any time
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