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good advice for GHOST OF LOP thread
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RE: good advice for GHOST OF LOP thread
Get the gadolinium chelated.

He was given contrast MRI's to treat the gangrene, and after that he's showing new symptoms that match Gadolinium Deposition Disease.

It's what killed my dad. That and the smart meters set on full power.

They inject that metal into you, put you in the electromagnet donut, turn the field on, and it aligns atoms in your body for photography. But there's an extra thing about gadolinium. They pulse microwaves at it, and that generates a current like putting a fork in the microwave oven.

To light up the tissues for a better photograph, like a flash bulb, loosely.

Well the problem is, the chalation agent that comes with the gadolinium uinjection is supposed to help you PEE OUT ALL THE METAL withing hours after the MRI procedure.

And it's DEFECTIVE, doesn't work. You're stuck with that crap in your tissues.

Guess what happens when a smart meter or WIFI router microwaves you?

My dad lost the ability to "get up and go" right after his smart meter was installed, and he got brain fog and other problems every time AT&T remotely turned his WIFI back on. And his blood sugar went FUBAR.

They can do a "test chelation" by injecting him with a chelation agent that DOES WORK.

A small dose, then they take a urine sample, and if they find gadolinium in the urine they design a full chelation program until they get it all out.

I'd start there.

But there's no reason to wait on diet and exercise.

Disc Golf. New Discs are $9, used ones are $5, the courses are FREE.

Doesn't seem like exercise because it's fun, and before you know it you've walked two miles, and you still want to play another round.

EHS tacos:

Microwave radiation makes you shed calcium and other minerals, and all kinds of metals make it worse. Also breaks DNA.

So for calcium, I eat canned salmon. With the bones. High in calcuim and magnesium(anti-inflammatory), healthy fat, and trace minerals from the sea.

For metals like mercury you need chlorophyll and cilantro.

So here's the basic recipe:

Open a can of salmon drain it, and fork it up. Add
Black Pepper
Chopped fresh cilantro

Chop up two bundles of fresh spinach, and one bundle of kale or turnip greens, collards, mustard greens....

Put the kale on the bottom of a pressure cooker or pot, 1" water, spinach on top.

(So the spinach flavor infuses the kale, makes it better)

Put a little spiced salmon on a flour tortilla(I used fajita sized), then load it with steamed greens so you can barely fold it over.

Adding some salsa is great, chopped cilantro is a good idea too in case the fish has any mercury in it.

The antioxidants help repair the DNA damage.

And prevent it.

Ghost might want to eat three of these tacos starting out. I did. But once I got remineralized I became satisfied with one.

And a banana. Good fiber in bananas and some potassium.

$3.can salmon
$3 spinach
$1.50 kale
$2.50 tortillas.

Mexican grocers and spice aisles have the spices cheap.

Once you get set up to make these, it real cheap, real fast, real good for you.

Just put the leftovers in a Tupperware(2, one for the greens one for the fish) and make the rest of the tacos cold.

I had a more elaborate version but each thing you add makes them more expensive and more prep time.

squeeze a lime on it...

There's ways to jazz it up.

But it's fine the simple way.

I have other recipes but why bother he ignores everything?

I'll give him some more after he tells me he tried the tacos.

There is no such thing as sovereign debt. Reinstate Greenbacks.
Tax Wallstreet Party
United Front Against Austerity
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RE: good advice for GHOST OF LOP thread
The best advice would be for him to read this thread....
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