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Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
Spooky Mookie
lop guest
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02-21-2018 09:48 PM


Post: #1
Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
Go to Comments Section Dated February 15



I have legitimate questions and if they are offensive that is not my fault. There are legitimate observations that raise serious questions about the official story. There was no motive or evidence to support that Adam Lanza ever harmed anyone.

If there were murders then it was likely done by others and Lanza was set up. People that knew Nancy Lanza from when she first arrived said she never spoke of shooting AR-15s and never saw any such guns or interest in guns PERIOD. If Adam got startled by the sound of the door bell or weed whacker how could he function at a shooting range ?

Pre-emptive disinfo warning disclaimer:

I chose to list the most compelling valid issues, facts and discrepancies associated with the Sandy Hook School Shooting incident. There is a great deal of disinformation out there most of which is intended to discredit the entire reporting efforts of those investigating Sandy Hook.

Two of the most significant erroneous reports are that Nancy Lanza was really Ann Hadad and that an FBI Sniper (sloppy sniper) on news footage was really David Wheeler. I never believed teh Ann Hadad theory at all but I totally believed the Wheeler = FBI Sniper until the Aldenberg video raised substantial doubts.

The best related debunking Ann Hadad – Nancy Lanza videos are as follows by Betsy McGhee

David Wheeler – FBI Sniper

By Unenslaver

First there are serious contradictions in the police statements- so egregious that the ramifications are life and death resulting from the failure of Newtown PD to follow active shooter protocol. Why was there no accountability? Has a single law enforcement official come forward and described the crime scene ?

Second – and among the most compelling evidence that this entire incident was a staged drill – there is dash cam footage of numerous police breaking for lunch at 12:08 and having a literal tailgate party in the middle of the crime scene while the nurse and secretary are still missing and armed suspects are reported at large in a purple van yet police are expending resources going to Shoprite and Costco for snacks and drinks ? HERE IS THE VIDEO EVIDENCE – does this look like a massacre crime scene ?

Third – the children appear to be constructs created from pictures of other children. A forensic expert, James Appleton, concluded that Avielle Richman was really Lennie Urbina. Others suggested that Noah Pozner was really younger pictures of Michael Vabner. When you consider that we have never seen videos of Avielle and the Richmans or Noah and Lenny then you have to consider the valid plausibility of those issues. These could be easily debunked yet we have never seen any video. After Mr. Appleton’s analysis was made public his son was relentlessly harassed on Twitter on Christmas eve through Christmas.

The class picture appears to be a blurred compilation of photoshopped pictures and the teachers head is cut off ?×401.png

Adam Lanza’s picture was definitely photoshopped and disseminated to the media by 12:30 pm on 12/14/2012 – how could that be if not planned in advance?

News articles and photos of victims were uploaded on the internet months in advance ? Believe me I don’t like the situation and I have not bad motives other than expose the truth and honor my oath but there are too many serious questions about the validity of the official story. I know and see many people in town and stand with them on line at the stores. I sat right next to some of the victims in Edmond Town Hall and elsewhere- I told you that a member of my household is good friends with the surviving spouse of one of the adult victims SO YES I DO NOT FIND THIS EASY BUT THE QUESTIONS IN THE EVIDENCE ARE COMPELLING!

Why have the Lanza autopsy photos not been made public ?

Numerous police entered through the broken glass window yet most of the glass remains in the frame – especially the lower section which you would expect be completely gone – source – CSP File 22 Assorted Files –Walkley scenephotos.pdf 42/760)

1. Kaitlyn Roig fit 15 kids in a bathroom?

2. Nurse and secretary evaded detection for 4 hours in the office closet despite at least 4 sweeps of the building by the FBI and others ? CSP File Hoffbauer Document 00025074

3. State Police place a portable toilet in the middle of the crime scene by marker 502 denoting a blood trail ? (source State Police file 22 assorted files Meehan parking lot pictures 10/140, 11/140)

4. Trooper Mathew Bell said the shooter was wearing a white t-shirt and green pants yet the photo evidence has the shooter in all black ? Document 00011399

5. Adam Lanza was 6 feet tall and 112 pounds and the shooter’s pants were size 32R ? and underwear were sized as medium ? (source – CSP File 22 Assorted Files -Walkley-shooter’s clothing.pdf 50/89, 82/89)

6. TSP Guerra said that MSGT Cario decided to take pictures of the children before checking their vitals for survivors ? (source CSP file Guerra’s statement 00093048)

7. No medivac helicopters ?

8. Witnesses contradicting their stories some right within the same interview – Sue Short said she picked up her son and the a minute later she said her son was not there because her husband picked him up.

9. Police said Hochsprung was wearing jeans yet Rick Thorn said it was an orange dress ? CSP File 00104263.pdf

10. Witnesses said the shooter wore a mask yet there was no mask in evidence ?

11. The shooter was shot in the back of the head (Glock’s most powerful hand gun) and the bullet went through the top of his hat yet there is not a drop of blood anywhere to be seen anywhere in the picture of his hat ? (source – CSP File 22 Assorted Files –Walkley scenephotos.pdf 476/760)

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LoP Guest
lop guest
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02-21-2018 09:50 PM


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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
12. The shooter was observed to be handcuffed but who handcuffed him ?

(Source CSP File Roden Document 00019631)

13. Msgt Cario stated when he arrived Newtown PD was in the hall and said they saw the shooter run into room 10 there was a volley of shots and it was quiet for 5 minutes since (Really ? did they radio any officers outside ? they did nothing for 5 minutes while the shooter ran into room 10 blasting away at the children? (source CSP File Cario’s statement document 00026724)

14. Kaitlyn Roig stating that police needed to obtain a key to unlock her bathroom door when in fact by all appearances no key was needed.

15. The school should have been in lock down for a significant time yet TFC Mathew Bell said he arrived at approximately 9:50 am and they were evacuating the children ? (Source CSP File Bells’s statement document 00011399)

16. EMTs were not allowed in the school because the scene was not secure yet they were evacuating children in the open ? They allowed Shannon Hicks to stand in the middle of the parking lot taking pictures? They allowed civilians (Mergim Bajraliu and others) to stand in the open watching the evacuation ? https://fellowshipofminds.files.wordpres...ation1.jpg

17. Shannon Hicks uploaded her pictures on December 13 , 2012 ? A day before the incident ?

18. Over the top unnecessary secrecy ? Connecticut set up a Class D Felony – 5 year prison term for disclosing information relating to Sandy Hook – to the objection of the CT FOIA Counsel Colleen Murphy. Non disclosure statements signed by demolition crew members taking down the old school ? FBI report heavily redacted ? Chief Kehoe’s statement COMPLETELY REDACTED. Captain Rios COMPLETELY REDACTED, Superbowl kids singing identities COMPLETELY concealed.

19. Lt Sinko not responding- he was on a private assignment with Officer Figol. Officer Figol responded and Sinko did not. When he finally does respond he starts driving toward the school on Swamp Rd and the TURNS AROUND – and goes to the police station first instead ?

20. Nicole Hockley did not call her husband ? He found out at work from social media ?

21. Allison Wyatt’s picture was somebody else’s picture (Lilly Gaubert ) taken without permission and published as being one of the victims- there is no rational justification for this other than outright fraud- this picture was available internationally and when did the Wyatt family or anyone take remedial action?

22. Disproportionate number of actors-performers involved- the same small group of performing arts parents are representing the total victims group.

A. The Wheelers,

B. The Phelps were interviewed either at Treadwell park or a blue screen of Treadwell park. Despite hearing that there was a shooting and they had children there Mrs Phelps stated “we did not go to the school we thought we should just let the police do their work”. Does this sound normal?

C. Nicole Hockley – acting background.

D. Jimmy Green – musician performer-also moved to Newtown just before the shooting.

E. Mark Barden is also a musician

F. Kevin Marc – photographed posing with his crying grandmother. Him and his family rolled in with 26 balloons to release and alot of hoopla. They are not from the community but rather from New Britain miles away.

G. Colleen Deveer was dressed like an FBI Agent? pmdRyBoo1n9sTmbv4g8so7h

23. Nicole Hockley’s first story does not make sense – Based on her first story she would have been among the first to arrive at the Fire House (because all gyms in the area do not open until at least 10am hence if she was 5 minutes away from her gym when she got the news she could get to the school within 5 minutes as well) yet she said that when she arrived it was crowded with kids and parents everywhere. She later changed her story from saying that she heard the news on the way to a fitness class to she received the call at the fitness class.- see video on 20 above and 54 below

24. Joe Wasik said in an interview when he arrived at the Fire House he found his daughter – yet he is on video standing around all by himself waiting in the back parking lot on helicopter footage? If the school was already evacuated why is he standing around behind the firehouse ? First Interview with Joe at 2:02 mark See 2:32 mark on this video – he is standing in front of the ambulance by himself

25. Lt Vance told the media that the shooter was found in the hall yet the report stated he was found in classroom 10?

26. Conflicting stories on how the parents were told about the fate of their children. Scarlet Lewis said a doctor got on his knew and told her and other parents stated that the governor told them.

27. Colonel Daniel Stebbins from CT State Police shows up to a press conference wearing his parade uniform ?

28. The medical examiner was giggling multiple times during the press conference on the children’s’ autopsies ?

29. In the Newtown movie teacher Abby Clements claims to have been in the classroom until the police opened the door and the children all scattered out ? The police never would have allowed that. Furthermore we see Abby walking downtown by the Subway store while police cars flying by so she was not in the classroom as she stated. She tried to hide from the camera when she realized she was on video. Movie Trailer only

30. Andrea McCarren reported that the nurse, Sally Cox, identified the shooter as the son on a kindergarten teacher. (SHE NEVER SAID NANCY LANZA WAS A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER) Yet the nurse later denied that she ever identified the shooter and both Cox and McCarren REFUSE to further address and clarify that issue.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 1337
02-21-2018 09:51 PM


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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
31. Nobody in town ever saw the Lanza’s shooting AR-15s or 12 gage SAIGA shotguns – NAME A SINGLE PERSON WHO EVER SAW EITHER ONE WITH AN AR-15?

32. Hoboken Police and ATF both reported that the shooter was shot by police NOT dead by suicide.

(CSP File document 00151276)

33. Researcher Tim Hunter verified that the victims photographs were uploaded to an Associated Press- Reuters repository well in advance of December 14, 2012. His video production was purged from the internet. This may be a copy of the video

34. Chris Manfredonia, Lanza’s adjacent neighbor, was caught running toward Crestwood by NPD ? He said he was looking for his daughter (His daughter was reportedly in Roig’s class classroom 1) So why would he think he would find her on Crestwood ?

It was reported that his daughter is the one directly behind Roig’s right should in the magazine picture

Source References:
Manfredonia Statement – Book 5 Document Number -00014498
Officer McGowan Statement – Book 6 Document Number – 00260187
Officer Buckowski Statement – Book 6 – Documents Number 00001362

35. Children witnesses from Soto’s class said the shooter wore a brown coat – a man wearing a brown coat was apprehended in the parking lot and could not explain why he was there.

36. Nelba Marquez-Green said she was notified by a phone call and later said she was notified via text.

37. Adam Lanza smashed his hard drive but he made his bed ?

38. Avielle Richman and Chase Kowalski never had any grave markers for over 2 years and then suddenly their tomb stones appeared next to Allison Wyatt and Jack Pinto and two other children. 9RTDfGi8

39. No substantive evidence Lanzas ever went to any shooting ranges

40. Nancy Lanza drove 70 miles away to buy her AR-15 when there are dozens of gun stores within half that distance or closer ? Including Cabellas ?

41. Adam Lanza’s PHOTOSHOPPED picture was available almost immediately to the media. Who created this picture ? A youtube production identified Lanza’s classmate Kateleen Foy however that video was censored and purged from youtube.

42. Hundreds upon hundreds of parents and relatives first responders, police in helicopters and media including local, national and international media and yet we have not one second of video of any children evacuating the school. NOTHING

43. Scarlet Lewis is on new footage with a tray of Dunkin Donuts coffee at the scene -( honestly I would give her a pass on this since I need my coffee in the morning too even if my kid was a potential victim of a massacre)

44. Jesse Lewis was the only son of Neil Heislin but Jesse had an older brother named JT and his name is also Lewis ??? How did that happen – sorry Scarlet no pass for that one.

45. Social Security and FBI records indicate no deaths at Sandy Hook

46. Secretary Barbara Halstead had 5 different stories on the shooter entering the building – http://www.don't sue me bro!/forum1/message2495142/pg1

47. One person unknown and Shannon Hicks in her Fire Fighter outfit are seen on helicopter footage is seen at the back door at the Firehouse serving refreshments. See 10:06 mark on this video

Look at 8:21 on this video

48. Helicopter Video shows a role player in a conspicuous yellow shirt wandering aimlessly- he is seen later wearing a different shirt.

49. Mergim Bajraliu – had a picture of him in his USA jacket posted on his Facebook page at 9:50 am on 12/14/2012. When someone pointed out on a thread that was impossible he deleted the picture

50. Gene Rosen caught rehearsing his lines on video-

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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 1337
02-21-2018 09:51 PM


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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
51. Gene Rosen’s statement in the police that the children told him their teacher was dead and yet he never called 911 ? Document 00257146

52. Student Witness Mergim Bajraliu is a proven liar At a Boston college presentation he also lies -at 4:04 on this video he claims is 40 minutes after he found his sister – this is a BLATANT LIE – They are not at the school they are at Treadwell park and he is wearing different clothes

53. Video of Vance contradicting the report which said the shooter was in room 10

54. Videos of Nicole Hockleys two different stories of how she found out about the shooting see 23 above First Story Second Story

55. AR-15 chambered in 223 had a single magazine out and safety on ? Walkley scenephotos.pdf 363/760- and 187/760 Note also bullets on scene were 5.56 and is not recommended for 223 chambered rifles so who would have sold her that ammunition ?

56. Scene evidence indicates shotgun breach round shot definitely not rifle in 223/5.56 (source – CSP File 22 Assorted Files –Walkley scenephotos.pdf 423/760)

57. ATF document erroneously reports that two children were still alive in room 10 and the died at the hospital. In Danbury the two children death certificates are Wheeler and Engel – Wheeler was in classroom 8 , Engel was in classroom 10 (CSP File document 00151276)


58. News Footage of Family Victims appears to be staged on green screen

59. The McDonnells were laughing and jovial waiting for the fate of their daughter at the Fire House ?

60. Foot Shot victim – Apparently this is Deborah Pisani (Craparo) she was reportedly taken to Bridgeport Hospital ? Much further than Danbury or Griffin ? Does this make any sense ? Also how long did they take to evacuate her ? Notice the scene is swarming with media and people ? I believe this is approximately 11 am ? How long to evacuate a gunshot victim ?

61. Gene Rosen appears in Parking lot on helicopter footage contradicting his rescue story .

62. Photographer is being harassed and badgered in a very hostile manner – see 3:24 mark on helicopter video

63. Natalie Hammond- reportedly shot in the hand by a high powered rifle and she is at a Bruins game dropping the puck shortly thereafter ? She would have been moths in rehab with that injury.

64. There were hundreds of parents, first responders on the scene and yet we see no video from private individuals and no video of any evacuation or even a single child between the school and fire house ?

65. The Newtown Bee, Andrew Gorosko, reported that an armed tactical weapons officer from another town was in the woods.

65. Police Radio Issues Anomalies – 9:49 am “shots fired 3 minutes ago…” This contradicts the report where the final shot is at 9:40 am. 9:51:28 Suspect down 9:58:25 Kullgren saying “take the life of Adam”?10:01:48 Call out for surrounding towns to send all available EMS personnel yet when they arrive they are not allowed in ? 10:08 A2 transporting ONE patient to Danbury Hospital 11:09:57 Suspects in a purple van wearing mask- wearing nun outfit

66. Celebrity Victims ? Robbie Parker throwing out the first pitch at a ball game ? Who would do this ? Did Dr Petit do anything like this after his wife and daughters were murdered in the Cheshire Home Invasion.

67. Mergim Bajraliu had parking lot picture of him posted on his facebook page by 9:50 am – when this was reported on GLP he deleted the picture https://fellowshipofminds.files.wordpres...ation1.jpg

68. No gun cleaning supplies at the house ? (source – CSP File 22 Assorted Files –Meehan suspects house evidence.pdf)

69. This nurse is hanging out all the way by Cherry Street right – there are no details public yet and you can see the subtitles show police ESTIMATING 18-20 victims yet this woman knows EXACTLY that there are 20 parents told that the kids were dead and its only 1:34 pm? She was ahead of the script I would say. The reporter says initially “ you have been crying and she make a pathetic attempt to wimper – watch it

70. Noah Pozner’s sister Danielle’s college friend explains significant discrepancies over 140 thousand views

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LoP Guest
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02-21-2018 09:52 PM


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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
71. Officer Chapman Carried Bloody Girl yet his shirt is clean ? video at the 13:42 the cop with the AR-15 appears to be Chapman who carried the bloody girl across the parking lot – his shirt looks pretty clean despite that don’t you think ? He HAS A HUGE SMILE ON HIS FACE TOO

Document 00258158

72. interview of real EMS personnel that showed up at Sandy hook and sand bagged

73. Superbowl Kids look strikingly like some of the victims – the similarities are compelling – why were their identities concealed ? Why did they send 26 ? How were they chosen ?

74. School Board Chairman , Keith Alexander, did not know about Superbowl ? THIS IS INSANE

75. Child Alexis Wasik is getting coached to stage a rehearsed interview

XX. Parents, Family and friends Anomalous Behavior- fund raising sites up, tag lines –We Choose Love, Love Wins, Green Ribbons immediately on display. I understand everyone grieves differently but I have been more distraught over the loss of some of my pet fish than these parents who just had their children murdered. How can we not have questions and concerns about this ? I have never seen a single tear from any of them not one tear from one parent NOTHING.

Robbie Parker- laughing and smiling before press conference at LDS church announcing fund raising sites-

Sotos- Vicki’s BFF Rachel Scgiavone is all smiles

At the 3:50 mark on this video the Sotos are at the Fire House giving an interview within two days of the massacre and they are all smiles with their green ribbons already on display ?

Rekos- father has ZERO emotion


Marquez-Green – photographed holding sign with her tag line “Love Wins” with Omama in background. No sadness, no red eyes- her daughter was murdered 3 days earlier ? really.


Kowalskis no real emotion

76. Over abundance of photoshop pictures – Anyone can have a picture photoshopped but it appears that the Sandy Hook victims pictures are photoshopped in excess to the extreme. Some insane examples


77. Extraordinary Similarity of Circumstances to Dunblane and Port Arthur Incidents which resulted in gun confiscation in the UK and Australia respectively.

78. Resuscitation Protocols not followed- Reported on Professor Tracy’s Memoryholeblog web site since purged from the internet-
Sandy Hook School Shooting: A Medical Practitioner Analyzes the Official Report’s Errors and Anomalies Posted on November 18, 2015 by Dr. Eowyn | 2 Comments
A meticulous and well-documented analysis of Sandy Hook by a medical professional (respiratory therapist) with over 25 years of experience, showing how the proper procedures were not followed by the first responders at the scene.

79. Crime scene pictures show windows that were shot out but the same window is also photographed perfectly intact – this is compelling evidence that the shot out windows were falsified.

Window prior to staging

Window after staging

80. Dr. William Begg claims to have been in the Emergency Room when the children victims arrived and in a Senate Hearing he evades answering questions citing HIPA and privacy rules:

81. It was reported all day that Ryan Lanza was the shooter and explained that Adam had his brother’s Identification on him- however no such item was ever identified in the evidence.

82. Officer Seabrook’s dash cam indicates that he took the longest possible route – he started on Meadowbrook – He should have gone directly across to Toddybrook instead he went all the way up rte 25 and also missed multiple opportinities to turn right and shorten the drive -including Wasserman way and other streets.

83. Lt. Sinko also went for a long whacky ride – started at rte 25 – and Swamp road headed toward the school then he turned around and went back to rte 25 and went to the police station – then the video goes out and resumes at the I-84 overpass on Church Hill rd just outside the parking lot of Blue Colony Diner where Sinko gets his food – coincidence ? Did he stop for a take out order on the way to the massacre ?

84. State Trooper Mathew Bell (I believe) stated that an easel or something was placed in the hall to block the childrens view of the murdered principal- First this was unnecessary since they told the kids to close their eyes and could have walked them out away from the front door area – also that was tampering with a crime scene.

85. News footage video shows parades of law enforcement personnel going into the school – some in military gear. Why would you introduce so much disrupton into a secure crime scene?

86. The report indicated that the shooter always wore the same clothes and the photos of his home showed that he only had white socks – so why would he suddenly buy and wear black sox which he was wearing during the attack ?

87. Lauren Rouseau’s car had bullet holes that were inconsistent with the crime scene including exit holes from her car. One hole had rust around it the next day ?\

88. Monseignor Weis was alllowed into the school and saw the blood and yet nobody was concerned about him and the numerous others contaminating the crime scene ?

89. Parents were told that they were not allowed to see their dead children and nobody objected ? Is this at all reasonable?

90. TFC Lukienchuck Called the State Police and reported that he saw “boys” flying by his house. The dispatcher told him there was a shooting at Sandy Hook School. He reacts with total and utter apathy and says in a very calm voice “ok thank you..bye” No sense of urgency at all. Listen for yourself

Document 00172105- he also claims to have heard the shots from his house which is absurd especially the final shot from the Glock hand gun. There is no way in hell he ever would have heard that.

Lukienchuck states that he saw two boys skipping as if nothing happened. He saw one girl covered in blood and another girl. He checked the one covered in blood for injuries and her friend said she was ok so he told them to hold hands and go. Does this sound realistic ?

He also stated that Officer Penna indicated there were two shooters.

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LoP Guest
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02-21-2018 09:53 PM


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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
91. Adam Lanza’s hat has virtually no blood, bone or brain matter in it or around it despite that Lanza shot himself in the head with Glock’s most powerful hand gun ?Walkley scenephotos.pdf 475/760- There is a hole though the top of the hat yet no blood anywhere ? 482/760

92. Classroom signs for grade and teacher are made of cheap computer printouts ? Does this look like a top tier school to you where the taxpayers pay huge amounts for education? Walkley scenephotos.pdf 596/760- 757/760 738/760 733/760

93. Halls are completely cluttered and obstructed – look at pictures 759- 760/760 this would be a serious fire escape hazard – does this look like a functioning school to you ? SOURCE: Walkley scenephotos.pdf 760/760- Picture 754 shows a room filthy and completely empty – would crime scene pictures be taken after moving the school commenced ? 754/760

94. Parent of murdered boy (Apparently Scarlet Lewis) was home sleeping when police notified her that her son was dead. 00005500.pdf of CFS 1200704559 at of CFS 1200704559 at

95. Lt Vanghele’s statement contains inconsistencies

96. Parents were concerned about the personal belongings of their dead children in the school immediately after the shooting ? Isn’t this also a crime scene preservation issue ? 00034873.pdf from CFS 1200704559 at

97. Not a drop of blood on Adam Lanza’s shoes despite running amidst 26 dead or dying victims plus two wounded? No glass either ? SOURCE : CSP Investigation File -22 Assorted files Walkley Shooter’s clothes

98. The Largest convicted charity fraud perpetrator , Robbie Bruce, absconded initially with $70,000 and pleaded guilty to multiple felonies yet NEVER had to spend a single day in jail. Also there was virtually no outspoken objections or disgust from any family victims except the Soto family. It was reported that Bruce stated that Sandy Hook was a fraud or something to that effect but that statement was purged from the internet

While a Bronx woman, Nouel Alba (reportedly a single mother) who only scammed a few hundred dollars was sentenced to 8 months. There were vociferous complaints from victims family members .

99. Connecticut Privacy Panel members covertly inserted felony penalty for copying exempt Sandy Hook records with some members expressly stating there was no recollection of a vote on those issues.

100. Children Witnesses described the shooter as a man wearing a brown cost. A man wearing a brown coat was apprehended in the parking lot and could not explain why he was there. Not one child witness described Adam Lanza in any unredacted section. OFFICER HEIBECK FROM REDDING DOCUMENT 00040345 OFFICER SGT SIGNORE DOCUMENT 00040428

Document — Officer — Content

00001629 — VanNess — Totally redacted

00006847 — VanNess — shooter busted in-kids ran while reloading

00007407 — VanNess — Totally redacted

00030129 — Jewiss — Man in green and beige army clothes-teacher fainted and he shot her anyway, rifle

00177428 — Mudry — bad guy looked like army guy wearing green fatigues

00180063 — DeCeaser — tall skinny light skin, light brown beard that was short, green hat, shirt, camo pants, bazooka gun

00198970 — Jewiss — man all green clothing , green hat and black boots- man age of a dad

00256448 — Flynn — brown or camo shirt, brown pants, brown hat, bazooka, wearing sun glasses

00258277 — VanNess — heavy winter brown jacket, green shirt, army green pants, dark hair longer on top, no beard or mustache


102. Fomer Navy Seal and FBI Agent -attended the FOIA hearings and stated there are serious unprecedented suspicious activities associated with Sandy Hook.

103. FBI Statistics reported no murders occurred in Sandy Hook and there was no rational eexplanation for not reporting those statiiiistics.

104. FOIA Hearings were totally disrespected by Sandy Hook representatives

A. Crritical Subpoenaed witnesses were told by the Newtown Attorney not to show up to court proceedings

B. The town attorney made a last minute request to postpone a hearing so he could go on a bicycle ride while the plaintiff already paid for plane tickets and committed to travel up from Florida.

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02-21-2018 09:53 PM


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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
Other Links – Issues

Bloomberg Affiliations-

Kindergarten Teacher’s Son – The nurse initially told Andrea McCarren that the shooter was the son of a Kindergarten teacher. It was reported that a kindergarten teacher, Janet Vollmer, has a son named Scott who is the event director for Michael Bloomberg. Original video by historicalrecordsvlt was purged from youtube

This is consistent with this report that stated the Principal recognized the shooter as the son of a colleague

Cut and paste this line into GOOGLE with the quotation marks

Sandy Hook + Kindergarten teacher’s son”

Francine Wheeler- was personal assistant to Maureen White the spouse of Steve Ratner who is Bloomberg’s personal finance advisor



Interesting and thorough analysis

ABC News Coverage

CNN News Coverage

Google “Sandy Hook + fraud indicators” – Please tell me which questions are unreasonable or baseless I never concluded there was fraud I said there are “FRAUD INDICATORS”- unexplained discrepancies in the report, documentation and evidence. If someone can prove me wrong with verifiable evidence I am all ears. Can we get some clear year book pictures from the year before ? Can we get the complete clear picture of Rouseau’s class? Is there any video of Lenny and Noah ? JT Lewis and Jesse ? The McDonnells and Grace ? Avielle and the Richmans? I do not endorse or support baseless hoax or conspiracy theories (Nancy and Adam did not exists etc) I stick strictly with the facts. MY RECOMMENDATION IS THAT THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE INSPECTOR GENERAL EXAMINE ALL PERTINENT FILES AND RECOMMEND WHAT, IF ANY, REMEDIATION IS WARRANTED.
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02-21-2018 09:53 PM


Post: #8
RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
Please note that most references to youtube videos and other documents have since been purged from the internet in a very HEAVY CENSORSHIP agenda on Sandy Hook evidence.
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LoP Guest
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02-22-2018 07:28 AM


Post: #9
RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
The sleeping liberals on this website who scream "Take our guns!" should start looking into this sh*t.
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LoP Guest
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02-22-2018 07:37 AM


Post: #10
RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
LoP Guest  Wrote: (02-22-2018 07:28 AM)
The sleeping liberals on this website who scream "Take our guns!" should start looking into this sh*t.

Like luciferians and satanists pose mainly as athiests', those sleeping liberals as you call them are more than likely something called 'change agents'. Just to ponder.
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Anne Teller
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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
Most of the You Tubes videos are taken down and even the accounts have been removed from You Tube. When you see channel after channel removed, it becomes obvious that this is the most heavy handed censorship that has ever been witnessed by US citizens on the Internet. I reeks of a dictatorship. You can see where this behavior will end up if corporations are continued to be allowed this level of censorship. It's time to enforce the monopoly laws and if this type of behavior continues that is exactly what the fed up US population will do.

Do you know if these videos were uploaded to other sites? I know when Google bought You Tube (and allocated 300 million dollars to rid You Tube of fake news and then set about ridding You Tube of everything but fake news which flourishes in main stream media accounts all over You Tube) other hosting sites were set up and some of the account bounced from You Tube went to those alternative hosting sites.
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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
Get ready for some LOP censorship. The folks at the top here don't cotton to conspiracies, they would rather you read mass media and government propaganda from our leftists.

“The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free.” --Baruch Spinoza
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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
AJ, dat you? Lmao
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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
Natura Naturans  Wrote: (01-15-2019 01:12 AM)
Get ready for some LOP censorship. The folks at the top here don't cotton to conspiracies, they would rather you read mass media and government propaganda from our leftists.

then f*#k off to a site that caters to your way off thinking, shill.
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RE: Over 100 Reasons Sandy Hook was a Fraud
They do love their false flags, numbers, and rituals.
But hey, they do serve a different god, than the meek.
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