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LOL. It doesn't count yet.
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 501161
05-15-2019 07:07 PM


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RE: LOL. It doesn't count yet.
LoP Guest  Wrote: (05-15-2019 06:54 PM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (05-15-2019 06:51 PM)
Only if it comes with bluetooth and earbuds.

Does it mask the 800 decibels of 200' surveillance jets?

no, no...

ya gotta buy the super charged ear cell plugs for that. guaranteed! loaded with the latest 5g tech. you can probably set it to 6g or 7g if you tweek it a little more...

we'll see.


Well we got two new 5G towers in town now. One almost completed within a half mile of the house, so at least they should get good reception for the 'IOT'.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 501242
05-16-2019 10:37 PM


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RE: LOL. It doesn't count yet.
Don't think that I didn't notice the light aircraft that circled around my campsite twenty times earlier today, trying to get a good view. I have to admit that it was a lot quieter than the jet though. I almost filmed it. i bet I could have zoomed in and picked up some tail markings or the camera...

BTW, It still don't count. What are y'all going to do when I start driving a truck cross country every day of the week? It seems it will be difficult to gang stalk a truck driver that's in a different part of the country every single day of the week.

-just sayin'
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