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A post to the President
LoP Guest
lop guest
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05-18-2019 09:15 AM


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A post to the President
President Trump, you are making a huge mistake buy buying the war pig neocon's bullshit a nd giving them yet another war, as if they haven't had more than their time to make war, ruin millions of lives, and hold back the destiny you Mr. President was supposed to bring about....peace on Earth.

Now it looks like your legacy most likely will bring be the total destruction of the United States. As I type this there is a coalition of many countries who are going to band together and pull a surprise attack on the US from all directions, and using all the weapons available to do it. Read that one more time Mr. President.

Only you can stop this from happening Mr. President. By keeping the promise you made to the American people, that you would lead the US away from foreign wars, and we would start minding our own business, and quit invading other countries for resources or to appease the bankers and weapons manufactures.

You have a chance to be a hero! To go down in history with a legacy like Kennedy who started do the right thing and they killed him for that. A president admired and remembered for keeping his promises to mind the business of the American people instead of caving in to the elite and their neocon minions.

If you green flag this war you will be remembered with disgust for the crimes again humanity it will cause. It's not to late to stop this. This war will not make you look tuff, and strong. It will make you look like just another rich bully throwing your weight around, because you can, to feed your ego.

No war Mr. President. There has been enough war. Do the right thing and stop this, fire Bolton and everyone like him and get back on track MAGA.
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Upside Down
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05-18-2019 09:22 AM

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RE: A post to the President
Iran is NOT the enemy of the USA.

Saudi is the Enemy.

Who caused 911??

Reality are the hearts and minds of those who try.
Everything that is not illusion is confusion.

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LoP Guest
lop guest
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05-18-2019 09:47 AM


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RE: A post to the President
Nothing will happen
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