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What's your favorite beer?
Bad girl beer girl
lop guest
User ID: 442232
05-22-2019 09:20 AM


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RE: What's your favorite beer?
molson  Wrote: (05-22-2019 03:49 AM)
Bad girl  Wrote: (05-22-2019 03:42 AM)
Molson, darlin'

Gotta a guest.

Be back in a bit.

Keep drinkin!!chuckle

Pardon me, but I need to get up in 6 hrs. m'dear. Hafta catch up another time. Hugs
Catch ya in the nether sweetie.

Thanks for the PM! See ya around

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lop guest
User ID: 423126
05-22-2019 09:39 AM


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RE: What's your favorite beer?
molson  Wrote: (05-22-2019 02:55 AM)
Bad girl beer girl  Wrote: (05-22-2019 02:49 AM)
chuckle Hugs

Whatcha cookin', good lookin'?

Shaved roast beef au jus onna crispy sub bun with swiss cheese 'n mustard and little au jus bowls for dippin'. chuckle

At least you didn't add curtains with that roast beef... Ndrgktts
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User ID: 501936
05-22-2019 09:43 AM

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RE: What's your favorite beer?
Coopers sparkling ale and their stout ain't bad neeva.

[Image: 548671_273609259408485_967342574_n.jpg]
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Bright Bart staff
User ID: 476071
05-22-2019 02:37 PM

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RE: What's your favorite beer?
For a hot summer day outside I'd recommend Gose Cuervo if you're near Asheville NC. If you are truly adventurous and looking for more than just a refreshing cold beer on a hot day get a decadent Golem.

Both are on tap at Wedge Studio Brewing.

[Image: q3O9KV6.jpg]
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