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Tourist Deaths in Dominican Republic
LoP Guest
lop guest
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06-12-2019 04:51 PM


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RE: Tourist Deaths in Dominican Republic
It is potentially a rogue actor poisoning people wether on purpose or just filling the booze they just stole with some crap in the cleaning cart.

What is also concerning is the official response that this is all some type of coincidence.

Wouldn't an appropriate or more usual response be to over respond and assure everyone this is being dealt with in order to keep people pouring money.

Makes me wonder who is protecting murderers down there.
It honestly makes me think of of Bill Clinton bailing out child trafficking Monica Silsby from Haiti. You'd think these countries would have some type of autonomy and self respect. But no, not when you can say "you ever heard of momar kadaffi"

Not the same thing obviously but who wouldn't want to investigate mysterious deaths in your hotel, city, state?
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PC McGraw
lop guest
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06-12-2019 10:33 PM


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RE: Tourist Deaths in Dominican Republic
Logros  Wrote: (06-12-2019 03:27 PM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (06-12-2019 02:08 PM)
I would say one of the hotel servants is a serial killer.

That was my first guess as well. Someone with a motive to hate tourists, and who has access to peoples mini fridges. That's my basic profile of a likely criminal in this case.

Edit: Further I would guess a loner, someone who doesn't put a lot of work into their hair, someone who doesn't have a lot of friends or experience dealing with people. Probably female and potentially unattractive, shorter probably. My intuition would say one of the housekeepers or staff but I doubt it would be that easy because they could check who cleaned the rooms that were poisoned although a housekeeper has a key to every room they could easily have gone to a different room than the one they were assigned right? Well too much conjecture at this point hopefully I helped.

Profile-wise, poisoning is the weapon of choice for murderous women.
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