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The Truth about James Redfield and the Celestine "Synchronicity" Experience
LoP Guest
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07-14-2019 06:03 PM


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The Truth about James Redfield and the Celestine "Synchronicity" Experience
The Truth about
James Redfield and the
Celestine "Synchronicity" Experience.

Millions of people have benefited from reading the "Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield and have found a new awareness of synchronicity and spiritual energy, for which he is to be warmly thanked, but James Redfield, in his new book the "Celestine Vision", has, like all gurus, revealed his clay feet.

James, in his new book, has criticised Isaac Newton, unfairly, due to lack of information, and then fallen into the same trap himself, without seeing his own mistake - that of intellectualising things that can only be discerned in total and genuine humility (see Nature and Grace) and with a child-like attitude and faith.

It is very easy for the human "Self" to see and criticise the faults and mistakes of others, which, whilst focussing on others, keeps their focus off their "Self" (Ego) and keeps them blind to it and their own mistakes, which is why the "Self" always looks out and never in. It does this to protect itself because if it looked at itself, it would deflate by seeing the truth about itself, instead of inflate and grow by criticising others.

I am writing this article not to criticise James Redfield but to thank him and help him and the millions of people who have enjoyed his books and been spiritually awakened by them, not to fall into the same trap that he has fallen into and to simplify his/their search for him/them.

It is to be hoped that James Redfield does not react in the same way that he has quite rightly accused others of doing, in his section on paradigm, in his Celestine Vision and thereby reject my advice:-

"This is exactly what occurred in the blind allegiance to the Newtonian paradigm. Kuhn's thesis also illuminated the problem of personal investment in science, revealing the way scientists often make their careers from particular discoveries, usually at universities or private institutes, and then tend to defend these theoretical positions - seeing them as the source of their personal status - against newcomers with different ideas, even if these ideas are objectively better and more complete."

Fortunately James Redfield has, in his new book, used intellectual terminology that itself will have put-off many people from reading past the first few pages, so that they will then not be misled by the rest of the book, into believing that the fear and evil of negative energy/Darkness do not have a single supernatural source of origin, totally opposed* to God, from Whom comes the peace and love of positive energy/Light.

* the word Satan is Hebrew meaning "the Opposer".

If anyone reading this knows James Redfield personally, please get him to read this and the copy of my Book "The Way Home" that one of my students who found me, by following his synchronicities, after reading Redfield's book, as others will, has sent to him, and contact me, so that I can put him right about the things on which he is confused and mistaken, even if he is unaware of the fact himself, before he does any more damage to himself and any other "Truth-seekers" that he has previously helped to get started on their journey towards spiritual enlightenment, all of whom need to find the Truth on this site and in "The Way Home or face The Fire".

If you don't know James Redfield but know others who know him, or have read his books, please get them to access this website and read this and my other articles so they can simplify their lives, that James has unwittingly and un-necessarily complicated and hopefully James' own life for him too, as a way of thanking him for helping you to wake-up spiritually and give new real meaning to your and their lives.

First of all no-one needs to spend their time analysing every situation into control dramas and being afraid of being controlled and losing their energy and getting complexes and being obsessed with stopping people taking their energy, because there is an inexhaustible supply that does not come from plants or from other people, which is freely-available to everyone for them to give to everyone and never run out of it themselves.

No-one needs to waste their time playing these futile and evil mind-games as James Redfield suggests. All you need to do is remove your own self-interest and ego and then receive and pass-on and thereby feed everyone who needs it (and that means everyone on Earth), with the positive energy that alone will feed and heal them and the world, directly from the source of that positive limitless energy - God. As those who do so are filled themselves, to overflowing, they then likewise overflow with positivity to all and sundry and thereby draw them too to the source of that energy/Light themselves, to then do the same for others, without losing any of their own energy, because they give others only the overflow, that they are unable any longer to retain themselves, because it is a never-ending supply.

There is no spiritual energy from plants, only calories from food-plants and increased oxygen levels when you are near trees and plants, as they purify the air and increase its oxygen level, so that the body is more energised, rather than the spirit within the body. Just as a car runs better; smoother; faster; is more responsive when running on better fuel and a finely-tuned petrol to air mixture ratio, so the human body runs better on purer air with a higher oxygen to nitrogen ratio; but there is no spiritual energy from plants.

Forget all this nonsense about getting energy from plants and stealing it from others. Learn to plug into the Divine source; remove the self or ego that blocks the channel and then feed everyone you meet with as much positive energy/Light (the Force) as they need, without ever losing your own supply, unless you allow your ego to separate you from God and thereby cut off your Divine energy supply (The Force), that fills you and overflows to others, once your ego is removed from blocking the Divine-energy-flow.

All Redfield has done with his "control dramas" is to intellectualise; complicate and mislead people away from the simple truth. These spiritual Truths are hidden from the wise (intellectuals) and revealed unto babes. "In the day that they profess themselves to be wise in their own conceits, they prove themselves to be fools". "Unless ye be as little children ye will never see the Kingdom of God, or enter it", finding your Way home. JAH
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07-14-2019 06:05 PM


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RE: The Truth about James Redfield and the Celestine "Synchronicity" Experience
The other truth, it's bullshit.
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07-14-2019 06:19 PM


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RE: The Truth about James Redfield and the Celestine "Synchronicity" Experience
LoP Guest  Wrote: (07-14-2019 06:05 PM)
The other truth, it's bullshit.
This is an example of being negative and critical towards others. The world is full of people who suffer from having a negative mindset and tend to be negative by default. I think the author of this article touched on the phenomenon in it.
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