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The Franklin Cover-Up (Political pedophilia is protected)
Man From Orion
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08-13-2019 08:13 PM

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work The Franklin Cover-Up (Political pedophilia is protected)
Never forget that this current state of affairs involving pedophiles at our highest levels..
Has happened before...

Important Note: This is an early 'rough cut' version of 'Conspiracy of Silence.'
All copies were ordered destroyed, but a courageous insider smuggled this early version out.
Fu King
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08-13-2019 08:18 PM

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RE: The Franklin Cover-Up (Political pedophilia is protected)
This was the one where the Jerkoff baby fuker & drug of choice Black

Tar Heroine, Bush, Sr's son NEAL got his ass caught and we never

heard from Neal again.
LoP Guest
lop guest
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08-13-2019 11:18 PM


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RE: The Franklin Cover-Up (Political pedophilia is protected)
The Franklin case should never have been off the front pages, but it was squelched by some very powerful people. We might not be going through an Epstein episode had the investigation been continued.


In mid-1993, following the circulation of "The Franklin Cover-Up" for
almost a year, the Yorkshire Television of England sent a top-notch
investigatory team to produce a documentary on the Franklin. They
conducted a national investigation for 10 months, interviewing, filming, and documenting the Franklin story, finding new witnesses, and uncovering new evidence. Their documentary, "Conspiracy of Silence" was scheduled to be aired nationwide on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. It was listed in the national publication, "T.V. Guide".

At the last minute, and without explanation, it was pulled from the

In mid-1996, John De Camp learned through a source he is not at liberty to disclose, the events that caused "Conspiracy of Silence" to not be aired. When the show was sent to the United States, customs officials seized it and held it up as being "pornographic material". Attorneys for Discovery Channel and Yorkshire Television were able to get the documentary released.

During the last 20 years, Ted Gunderson (this writer) has been
contacted by hundreds of victims claiming corruption in the judiciary at
all levels of our government. I have noticed a tendency by Criminal
courts, Family courts, Civil courts, and Juvenile Dependency courts
throughout the United States to base their findings on disbelief of
testimony of satanic abuse, MK-Ultra Mind Control, and FBI, CIA, and
government corruption. This writer has more than 2000 pages of
documentation alone on the CIA Mind Control MK-Ultra Program

All of the details of the Franklin pedophile ring are there. The top US Gov't officials buried the facts and the story.
Hans Ocelot
lop guest
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08-14-2019 02:40 AM


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RE: The Franklin Cover-Up (Political pedophilia is protected)
Yes. You say this like you think this Epstein matter will be different. It's how politics and capitalism in America works.
silversides staff
Truth Prevails
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08-14-2019 02:45 AM

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RE: The Franklin Cover-Up (Political pedophilia is protected)
It is very strange...

A headline news story...

And then a retraction right away...


D has closed this topic before..

Since D would close it...

Sorry closed...

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