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Scientists uncover new evidence of the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs
Fire of Prometheus
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09-11-2019 12:29 PM

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RE: Scientists uncover new evidence of the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs
LoP Guest  Wrote: (09-11-2019 04:07 AM)
Dead plants and dinosaurs melted down to make fossil fuels. That's what they tell us.

Have any of you ever taken a science class? What happens to organic matter? 100% of the time, it breaks down to basic compounds and elements. We really have no idea where oil and gas come from. Yet scientists claim that they can determine the dates of rocks.


I can help you understand, lets start with other oils...

Are you familiar with vegetable oil?
It can burn in diesel engines and has properties between bunker fuel and diesel.
It is produced by pressing plants or seeds.

Lets look at another oil, mink oil.
It is extracted from the skin of the mink and has a preserving effect on organic materials.
It is commonly applied to leather to prevent deterioration.
A good quality leather that is well maintained will last more than a lifetime.
No one really knows how long good full grain leather will last when treated properly with mink oil and not abused.
It is known to last at least a hundred years.
The oil seals the leather and prevents decay, its sort of like tanning leather to preserve it.
If a hide is not tanned it will decay to nothing.

An interesting oil that is not commonly handled but is simple to produce is a bio crude oil.
This stuff is produced by cooking organic matter without an air source.
Basically you put something like wood into a sealed container with a metal line coming out of it on top of a fire.
The line goes through cooling and is condensed.
The container used to catch the condensate needs to be able to vent through another line so any liberated gases do not build up pressure.
The liberated gasses are flammable, and burn very similar to natural gas.
The liquid that is condensed if not passed through a moisture separator before condensing will contain water and a very crude proximity to crude oil or bunker fuel.
It smells bad, its thick and black, and burns like diesel fuel.
Whats interesting is the left over organic solids resemble coal, but are much lighter.
This leftover carbon and contaminants is called charcoal.
The next time you are at a campfire, take am old beer or soda can and stuff twigs and wood into it.
Place it on a hot spot in the fire, and when it starts smoking (really thick smoke) you can light that smoke.
You can make charcoal by wrapping some wood in tin foil with a small vent hole and tossing it into a fire.

A final thought on preserving organic material and preventing it from decaying.
Sap hardens just like epoxy resin and a flower or insect can be preserved in these materials, the specimen will show no signs of change or decay.
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